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Graham Central Station - 42 Reviews - 128 Second Ave N, Nashville, TN - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (615) 251-9593

Graham Central Station

128 Second Ave N
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 251-9593
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Graham Central Station - Nashville, TN
Graham Central Station - Nashville, TN


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Graham's is my favorite place to go in Nashville. I always have fun when i'm there!! Alot of hottttttt chicks!!!!!!!! Pros: the ladies and music Cons: crowded


while i did enjoy myself, there were still a lot of reasons i won't be going back: there is no smoking inside. this is an 18+ establishment so you can't smoke indoors. while they ...

Its the best 3/23/2011

Graham is 1 of the 1st clubs i ever went 2 n that was 10 yrs. ago! its still the coolest! more

Thank god they changed security companies 2/3/2011

When this crime occurred, the "former" security guard was still working there and was in uniform when this happened... From todays Tennessean- A former security guard and a regular customer at a downtown nightclub have been charged with raping a 19-year-old girl inside the club. According to The Tennessean, police say former Graham Central Station security guard Antonio Hamm and Marris Wynne raped the woman in the basement of the Second Avenue club on May 22. According to police, Hamm approached the woman and told her she was too intoxicated to stay and said he would escort her out of the club. He then led her down to the basement where Wynne raped her, police said. more

could be a lot better, but it's better than nothing 6/6/2010

while i did enjoy myself, there were still a lot of reasons i won't be going back: there is no smoking inside. this is an 18+ establishment so you can't smoke indoors. while they have some good songs, the selection is mostly country pop and rap. so if you are looking for rock or metal, i would suggest finding another place to hang out. the set up is rediculous. what i am used to is going to a table and writing down 3 or 4 songs and turning them in. the way its set up here is you sign up for one at a time and from across the room they let the dj know which one is next. this to me is an inconveniant system. what i do like about it is they write on a board who will be next. i can't believe that there is a bar in the world that doesn't serve pitchers of beer. talk about a rip off. after 10pm beer jumps from 75 cents to like $1.75. i can buy a 12 pack for what they charged for 8 beers. and if you drink smirnoff be ready to drop a cool $4.50 a bottle. but, i do have to admit, the staff is awesome. they put on shows and add to your performance. the biggest issue i have is with the song selection. after a few songs i was really scraping rock bottem to find something. i think this place is good for first timers in karaoke that either don't smoke or that don't mind walking upstairs to smoke. :- /. so i guess it's just not for me. Pros: awesome employed tallent and it's close to a parking garage Cons: no smoking, poor selection, poor set up, and no pitchers more

don't go unless..... 7/22/2009

Do not go to Graham unless you're a sorority girl thats looking to get banged by a 50 year old man licking his hand and wiping it underneath your skirt. (p.s. this actually happened). Cons: dirty old men, trashy girls, roofie coladas left and right more

My fav place in nash! 3/4/2009

Graham's is my favorite place to go in Nashville. I always have fun when i'm there!! Alot of hottttttt chicks!!!!!!!! Pros: the ladies and music Cons: crowded more

Graham Central Station is a great place to party I go there every week! 2/18/2009

Graham's is the best club in nashville. i live here and i have been going to graham regularly for about a year now. its upbeat, versatile and no matter what floor you are on,, its alot of fun. the beer deals are always good. and karaoke is really fun! Who doesn't wanna get tipsy and sing like no one is watchin? I love this place. Pros: fun! karaoke! beer! Cons: not open every night of the week more

Best Club In Nashville 11/23/2008

Graham is the biggest and best club in the state of tennessee. I have been going to grahamfor aboutthree years now.The bartenders are hot and the they bouncers are all cool guys. Until you do something and mess up. And no the door men do not discriminate they just don't want to let in low class thugs. Personally im thankful for it. Im all for not getting shot in the club. don't know about all you idiots complaining about them not letting your "homeboy" in. Grow up and dress like a repectful adult not like your gonna try to steal my wallett. Also do not mess up in graham they have a very strict security staff and are not gonna play games. All in all it is the best club in tennessee. Plus Heather is hotttttttttt..... Pros: Lots of people, great atmosphere, security dominates Cons: cant keep all the thugs out more

THE PARTY IS ON!! 11/18/2008

What a great place to hang. If you are single then this is the place you want to be. I love partying on the roof, you can see over the city. Is pretty cool. more

RIGHT ON!! 11/17/2008


this place is going nowhere but down hill from security to management 8/14/2008

Worst club in Nashville some of the most dumb employees there and security is not worth a red cent only thugs and people thinking they are hard i don't know but this place turned to trash used to be a nice place but now its not bur sleazy skanks and guys acting like they got something to prove. Pros: if your into sleazy women who might have stds great Cons: the whole place needs a face lift more

hmm.. 6/20/2008

This place is huge 4 levels. Every level is different. Ages range from 15-50 here. Pretty much anything goes. This place draws in underage drinkers, thugs, nasty skanks, couples, & older party people with no life. If you are too drunk you get kicked out and put on 2nd avenue for a cop to "take care of you". It's very nasty, over crowded, & too many "gangsters". Pros: Big and Setup is cool Cons: crowded, too many kids, dirty, not monitored more

Next......! 5/30/2008

Anyone over 22 should avoid this place like the plague. Went on a Friday with some friends and it wasn't just crowded it was hotter than anything in there... Bunch of tough guys thinking their it, mixed with half as many underage girls trying to look older and acting like strippers... Very few people of drinking age in this club... It seemed more like a lame teen club than anything else. NEXT......! Pros: It's big enough to be something cool if they change who they're trying to attract. Cons: Way to many underage kids.... More like a teen club than anything.. more

Worst club....ever 5/9/2008

This plays attracts the wrong crowd. Young people looking for fights. The bouncers are useless and scared of the customers...OMG, this place is so terrible its amazing. Pros: Young and easy girls Cons: Only trash goes looking for trouble more

HORRIBLE! 5/7/2008

This is without a doubt the WORST club in Nashville! It's so overcrowded it's ridiculous! It used to be fun, but I don't know what happened. It's so packed you can't walk, and I don't think they have any kind of air circulation at all. You will be dripping in sweat without even stepping on the dance floor (which you can't get on anyway b/c it's always packed). I don't think anyone over 21 is there, it's like a teen club! The bouncers cannot control the crowd. There is always a fight, and most of the time the bouncers are the ones getting beat up! Besides all that, the people who work the door discriminate! I have seen them turn away black guys in slacks and let a white guy right behind him in with baggy jeans! I'm white, and it offends me so I can just imagine how it made them feel! Oh, and did I mention they charge $10 to get in?! They should be paying people $10 who can last all night! This club is horrible! Pros: NONE! Cons: EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! more

meh 10/19/2007

Meh. Kinda lame unless you are under 21. Full of 19 year olds. The bar must not make much money at all. more

YUCK! 5/7/2007

Compared to most other cities most of the clubs in Nashville are pretty crappy. Graham is no exception. Know that in terms of the staff (whether they are good/bad, attractive/not attractive, etc) it changes greatly from year to year. Graham was my preferred choice of club in Nashville in 2004, it wasn't a great club but I could at least go and have a good time. The staff was skilled and attractive and the club goers were for the most part well dressed, behaved and attractive themselves. It has considerably gone downhill since then. I love that they have several different levels with different themes, but this place is in desperate need of a complete makeover!!!!!! It looks the same as it probably did in the 90s, but more run down! No dance club should have carpeting, especially here where there's a haze of smoke from all the cigarette and cigar smoke. The last time I went to Graham (sometime early 2007) the crowd was horrible. Way too many guys, in comparison to girls (not good for business) and the majority of girls were very trashy in behavior and dress. This type of scene always breeds fights and bad behavior. They have dance cages which are fine, but they have come to resemble stripper poles. Skimpy dressed girls dance in these cages showing their bras, doing handstands in miniskirts, etc and are surrounded by a crowed of drooling guys who, try to take pictures and sometimes try to slip them dollars!!!! Some raunchiness is always expected at a club but this place has become far too raunchy and dirty. As a woman you feel unsafe and as general club goer you may feel the need to bathe in rubbing alcohol to clean the nastiness off! Oh and as always the Dj's have never been very good. They play generally top 40 songs but they are usually last month's top 40 which happen to be the same top 40 songs they play every weekend and some songs more than once in a gets old fast. Pros: Themed floors Cons: Atmosphere...other club goers, smokey, overplayed songs more

*the absolute worst experience* 4/28/2007

This place is litterally the WORST choice you could make to "party" "chill'' or "check out" when you get to the night life area of your vacation. The workers were not organized, not attractive physically and had bad hygeine. One of the workers asked me and a friend if we could fill out job applications (we're planning a move in july) while another asked if we wanted to dance on the bar. Thinking it was an okay place at the time, we jumped on the bar..proceeding to have an okay time. In that event, six security men came and told us that we had to leave. When asked why, they simply had no answer..except "no dancing on the bar"...needless to say...this place is a waste of time. everyone needs to learn the word class there. and the rule book should be studied before they tell customers what "is" and "isn't" accepted. Cons: service, appearance inside, not treated well more

Will never go back 3/3/2007

Granted, I'm not really into clubs, but for a while this was the only one in Nashville that I would go to, and I went fairly often. Two or three times a month, sometimes more. I often brought friends who were visiting from my hometown. It has a lot of variety with 5 different levels. Each level has its own attitude, so you're getting something new at each level. However, when I had a complaint, the manager was rude and customer service was obviouly low on his priority level. I complained because there was a $10 cover charge, but they had closed off at least 2 levels. I felt this was unfair, since I had expected to experience 5 levels, and my favorite was one of the ones that was closed. If I had known this, I probably wouldn't have come in, especially at $10. I didn't want to stick around, either. So, I asked the manager to refund my payment. He refused. I didn't understand this, since I had only been there a few minutes. If I had waited an hour before complaining, I wouldn't have expected restitution. I calmly tried to reason with him and explained my position, but it was like talking to a wall. I doubt he was even listening, much less considering what I had to say. Customer service is more important to me than anything, and when the manager refused to recognize the situation, I left and haven't returned since. Pros: Lots of variety Cons: Poor conflict resolution more

Best place to dance and mingle on friday nights especially for singles. 2/2/2007

This is a good club. Very high energy and friendly people a great place to dance and shake your butt all night . This is a good party scene especially for singles and those who just want to mingle and have fun without worring about fights and arguments. The security is good and management is good they don't tolerate any non sense and stupidity. The people are great full of energy and sillyness. This club is not for extremely serious party poopers or people. Anyone who goes to this club will enjoy themselves especially on a Friday night and even on a Saturday night. Pros: A great place to mingle and have so much carefree fun. Cons: Sometimes people with bad attitudes will come in. more

Out of control crowd 12/4/2006

The crowd is out of contol and security and management seem to be letting anything go on the dancefloor. Used to be fun but lately just disgusting. Cons: Out of control crowds. Overpacked. more
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