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Grady Veterinary Hospital

9255 Winton Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45231
(513) 931-8675
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I found this hospital to be very caring and helpful. Our dog, Trigger has been having seizures (cluster seizures) and they have helped us get it under control. We have been very...


Our 8-year-old greyhound Derby shattered her right humerus on July 27 while running in our back yard. I called at 5:30 pm and said “I think my dog has a broken leg. Should I bring...

DX:CHF/Murmur 6/26/2016

Took my mini schnauzer there at 345a due to rapid breathing. Seen immediately (met at the door). She had xrays and lasix and given referral to cardio. I was given options on care available. I was s/w confused when I was told she needed an echo and disappointed that it couldn't be preformed there. Overall staff was caring. It is just reassuring to know I have a 24 hour vet service available. Thank you to the staff that saw us. more

Dog with broken leg forced to walk 9/12/2015

Our 8-year-old greyhound Derby shattered her right humerus on July 27 while running in our back yard. I called at 5:30 pm and said “I think my dog has a broken leg. Should I bring her in?” I was told yes. But when we were seen at about 6 pm, we were told no vet would be available until 7 pm. It’s possible that we could have gone to another clinic and been seen sooner. We arrived at about 5:45 pm. My husband went in while I waited with the dog. He said, “My wife called ahead, we have a greyhound that we need help bringing in, we think she has a broken leg.” A vet tech came out and insisted that she WALK in. I said, “Don’t you have a cart?” He looked at me as if I were crazy and said, “Dogs are usually able to three-leg it.” Neither of us could lift her by ourselves, so we watched in disbelief as she hobbled in. Could this have made her shattered humerus worse? We finally got in and were left standing in an examination room. No one suggested putting the dog on the table, so my husband knelt on the floor with her and held her up. As she stood on three legs, in pain, she grew weaker. After about ten minutes, we decided to lower the mechanical table and put her on it ourselves, so that she could rest more comfortably. When the technician took her temperature, it was dangerously high, about 107 F. Could being forced to walk across the parking lot and being forced to stand on a broken leg for at least ten minutes have contributed to her overheating? Robert spent most of the hour between 6 and 7 pm cooling Derby down, then got an x-ray. The next day, when we came to get Derby to transfer her to our regular vet, we were relieved to see two techs carrying her out. When we mentioned that another tech had made her walk, they were aghast. We sent the above as a letter to Grady. We heard nothing back from them after a month. This is our second major problem with them (they misdiagnosed a swelling in another dog's toe, saying it was just her "conformation"), so we are never going back. more

Look elsewhere! Do not take your pets here! 2/6/2013

I took my cat here on super bowl sunday because they were the only place open. He had a urinary tract problem and was all blocked up and howling in pain. They informed me that he needed a catheter to unblock his bladder and would have to be monitored to make sure he could go on his own before he could come home. I came to visit him on the second day of hospitalization and I barely recognized my own cat. He looked miserable, exhausted and doped up to his eyeballs. His cage had a warning of "will bolt" on the nametag meaning he will run away. He never enjoyed strangers or the vet in general, but I wonder what kind of trauma they put him through to get his catheter in. They later informed me that his breathing was off and he could have heart disease. This cat had no medical problems besides the bladder issue prior to this, mind you. I have no doubt in my mind that the poor treatment/and or manhandling of him by Grady's staff is responsible for his heart condition. I took him home to get him out of there that night and they gave me an assortment of pills that I was supposed to jam down his throat starting the next morning. Does this sound like the kind of treatment you want to give an animal who has been through a traumatic experience and has a heart condition? All this to the tune of over $1000 out the door. My regular vet informed me he now has fluid on his lunges and may not fully recover. It's now a waiting game to see what happens, but if nothing else Grady has lost a customer for good. Please do not take your beloved pets to these hacks. more

worst experience i have ever had 6/20/2012

I think this is the worst place ever and I will never bring another pet of mine here more

Very caring animal hospital 4/28/2011

I found this hospital to be very caring and helpful. Our dog, Trigger has been having seizures (cluster seizures) and they have helped us get it under control. We have been very nervous and concerned about his issues. They talked us thru situations and have taken very good care of him. I'm so glad we can bring him there during an emergency, especially having multiple seizures. We made them Trigger's primary vet. Sandy, Fairfield, Ohio more

Never Go Here 12/28/2010

We took our dog here on the weekend because our vet was closed. We knew she was dying and wanted to have her put down. First they tried to take her blood pressure. It was so weak, they couldn't even find it. Then they insisted on having three x rays of her heart to "make sure". then they charged for having her put sown and to be returned to us. This place is a joke. They take advantage of people in their time of need and then use the excuse that they are doing you a service when your vet cannot. They also didn't even have our dog's name spelled right on the death certificate. I will never use this place again and will make sure everyone I know, hears my story of the robbery that occured. more

Stupid Place 12/11/2010

I took my dog here because he was bleeding from his nose and mouth and my normal vet could not get the blood work back fast enough. He recommended me here for faster service. My dog was diagnosed with an immune deficiency and given steriods. The next day I brought him back because of blood behind his eye his throat full of fluid. When we arrived the vet assured me, my dog was getting better and I was worrying to much. The vet started us on another medication as well. The following morning was the morning from Hell, my dog was throwing up blood and had no energy, he could not even lift himself up to come back into the house. We had to carry him in. Then he laid on my floor and could not move, we were ready to bring him back to the vet and he passed away in my arms. I will never go back to this place. The vet we saw on Tuesday made me believe my dog was getting better and he was truly getting worse. I would never trust Dr. Grady with my animals ever again. more

Savannah Jane and Sophie Blue-Skye 11/11/2010

Thanks so much to Dr. Russell and her team for taking such care of the girls. They are doing very well!! I would recommend this veterinary hospital to everyone. I have experienced other places and they don't measure up to Grady. THANKS AGAIN! Sandy Allen more

Extremely Dissatisfied 11/3/2010

In an emergency situation we recently brought our dog to Grady Veternary Hospital as it was the weekend and our vet was closed. Our vet left an after hour recording referring us to Med Vet, located on Red Bank Rd. We didn't understand at the time why we were not referred to Grady since it is much closer in proximity to both our addresses. After our horrendous experience at Grady we now understand why. There is no other way to say... we were robbed! Because the staff at Grady felt our situation was potentially life threatening they recommended a surgery in the tune of $2600.00. If we were not able to afford it they offered us a credit card application. When it was clear we wanted to look at a less aggressive option, they agreed to keep the dog for the night in the event he should take a turn for the worse, and keep him hydrated with IV fluids. We would then transport him to our vet in the morning. Though I thought it was unusual at the time, I agreed to write a check for $500.00. They explained it was a deposit and we would then be reimbursed for any unused money when we picked up our dog in the morning When my husband returned in the morning not only was he not reimbursed... they charged him an additional $100.00 and would not release our dog until he paid! We were charged $600.00 for a 9 hour stay that included two things we agreed to 1.) an x-ray and 2.) IV fluids. They clearly took advantage of a situation under duress. SHAME ON THEM! I would strongly urge against using Grady Animal Hospital for you and your pet. more

Great Animal Hospital 11/1/2010

I have taken several of my pets there and have always been very pleased with the way they have treated my dogs and me. They are very thorough and informative as well. I will never take my pets anywhere else. more

expensive 8/23/2010

paying for new building and a lot of administrative help - some snooty ones at that. more

This place sucks 7/4/2010

My first impression and expierence was not good at all. I would never recommend this clinic to any of my friends. My neighbors dog was sick. The vet took no interest in coming out to interact with me and to explain the condition of the dog. The vet tech was rude and I felt made me wait an extremely long period of time because she had an attitude. It is very bad business to treat new client that way. more

Love "our Family Dr." 4/21/2010

Grady's has been "our family Dr." for almost 50 years. Our dogs went and now this "Mom" takes her cats. I wouldn't put my girls lives in anyone else's hands. I trust Dr. Jeff and the staff implicitly! more

Vindictiveness 11/28/2009

My vet referred me to Dr. Auvil at Grady, one of only two, I think, dental specialists in town. Having just lost one cat to oral cancer, I was afraid this one might have it too. Grady refused to let me see Dr. Auvil because I had complained 4 years earlier of the compasionless care a cat of mine received there from other vets and staff the day he died. I don't know why Dr. Auvil is at Grady because he was very kind when I had taken my other cat there. And because he is there, he is inaccessible to my cats. I will never recommend Grady. I get bad vibes from there just driving by its expressway exit. more

Wonderful Care 11/25/2009

Our guinea pig, Flower, was bloated--a deadly condition for GPs, when we took her in for emergency care. Unlike most vets, Dr. Brown knew how to treat this problem because she had researched and dealt with it before. She warned us that the procedure was risky, and was very compassionate. We left Flower over night and brought her back home the next evening, good as new, healthy and even bathed. A few days later the office called to check on Flower's condition. more

great place 10/20/2008

Excellent staff, very personable and understanding. open 24 hours, 365 days/year-- I never have to worry I'll ever be stuck with mediocre care with them around the corner. They treated my pet and I very well, and the cost came in below the low estimates of another less-friendly clinic (even though it was still a costly procedure). I will take my pets here on a regular basis, not just for emergency care, and I continue to give them my highest recommendation to all pet owners. more

Compassionless "care" 11/10/2007

12-15-05: @2 a.m. took my cat in with blood clot blocking blood flow to back legs. First vet said next few days would be critical. At 7 a.m., I called in and was told my cat was given pain medication, but was not told his condition had changed. At noon, my cat was lying on his side, eyes open but unaware, rapid shallow breathing, with heart slowing (I wasn't told that) after second vet had given him maximum dose of second painkiller despite drug manual warnings. I wasn't told my cat was dying. I sat with him two hours. No one checked on him. At 2 p.m. I was told he would die in a couple hours. In shock, I stayed. Two hours later, no one having checked in on him, he seized. Third vet brought second pain medicine that I had specifically told her I didn't want. She argued with me. She left, he died. I was in tears. I went to find tech to turn off the IV machine. Waiting, I turned it off myself. The tech came in, turned it back on, I objected, he turned it off and rudely said "you're welcome." The third vet came back and said only "Are you going to have him cremated or take him with you?" No word of sympathy. I went to call a pet cemetery. When I came back, no one was there. I had to take the IV tape off my cat’s leg myself. The receptionist walked in and I said, in tears, I could not believe that place. She said "Nothing seems to make you happy." I picked up my cat and left, crying. I wrote and called Dr. Grady. He wrote back that they had done nothing wrong. more

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Wouldn't take my pet anywhere eles 7/31/2005

They are open 24/7 for emergencies. They have saved my cats life a few times. They give TOP quality care. They knew what was wrong with my kitty when another vet said I don't know take him home and wait. Well i dr. quelis at grady vet knew what to do right away and she told me that he was realy bad off but to stay hope full. From what we read on the internet about the type of poising my cat had he should ahave died or had serious organ damage but it has been ever a year and he is PERFECT. NO problems at all Dr. quelis is an amazing vet whom i can't thank enough. more
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