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Gotham Dream Cars

75 W End Ave (at West 62nd Street)
New York, NY 10023
(212) 957-4400
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Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY
Gotham Dream Cars - New York, NY


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My wedding was this past Saturday, May 7. As a special gift to the two of us, and as a way to ensure our wedding night sendoff was unlike anything any of our guests had ever seen...


If you are a car enthusiast, prepare to be disappointed. While the marketing campaigns would make you think otherwise, Gotham needs a lot of work and TLC (just like their cars do)...

Excellent 5/12/2011

My wedding was this past Saturday, May 7. As a special gift to the two of us, and as a way to ensure our wedding night sendoff was unlike anything any of our guests had ever seen before, I contracted a rental from Gotham Dream Cars. I wanted to write you a letter to offer my opinion of the services and vehicle rendered. In a word: Excellent. I had called last month to request information, and then used the Gotham website to reserve a Ferrari F430 Spyder from May 7 until May 9. The vehicle was dropped off at my house as ordered, and I was able to immediately begin living one of my childhood dreams. I had two of my groomsmen present at the time, and when the delivery took place, both of them were speechless for several minutes. This reaction would be mirrored by many of our guests - and even a photographer - at the wedding itself. I think special attention needs to be made to the Gotham team member who delivered the vehicle to my house, Tony Staron. Tony called me when he was on his way to drop off the car and kept me informed as to when he would be arriving, and I really appreciated this. I will admit, when I first discovered your services, considering the exclusivity of the vehicles involved, I expected to be treated like a criminal and held at arm's length the whole time. Quite to the contrary, Tony was friendly and sociable. He welcomed me into the driver's seat, and stayed with me shortly to make sure I understood how to operate and enjoy the car, and really made me feel comfortable driving it. When the time came to return the car, Tony was again very attentive, and called me to make sure that the scheduled time would work for me. I never expected my convenience to be a factor in the process of delivering an exotic car, and yet Tony put it front and center. As I mentioned earlier, one of my dreams since childhood had been to drive a Ferrari. Gotham Dream Cars helped me achieve that, and the service I experienced during the process was second-to-none. As an added bonus, the wedding sendoff your car provided was also second-to-none. Many weddings end with the newlyweds disappearing into the night with fireworks, a limousine, or a horse-drawn carriage. Both my beautiful new wife and I were thrilled that ours ended with cheering guests and the satisfying roar of 500 screaming Italian horses. more

Dream cars are a real life experience 8/31/2010

I took the Gotham Dream Car Tour, but this is a misnomer because it is a real life experience. Just being able to see these beautiful cars together is a wondeful experience which stirs the blood, but driving them -- with a lot of latitude and encouragement from the guys at Gotham-- is a fantastic experience which should not be done by the faint-of-heart. The cars are beautify turned out, the staff are outstandingly professional and friendly, and the logistics and routes from freeways to state parks (with fabulous views for those who have the balls to take their eyes off the road) have great balance. Highly recommended for any car enthusiast or 'team building' session. Thank you Gotham Guys . . . it was a BLAST! more

Other Worldly 8/23/2010

Once again... The customer service, the staff, and certainly the Italia all worked together perfectly to make a lifetime memory out of a last minute decision on an ordinary weekend. I anticipate you'll be seeing more of me, and sooner than expected, as my wife has caught the Ferrari virus. I hear that it is incurable, not terminal, but thankfully treatable. Keep up the exceptional work and please thank everyone again for me. more

Life time experience 8/10/2010

Thank you Gotham Dream Cars for giving me the chance to drive one of your exotics. Very professional service, very reasonable prices and cars that everyone would like to drive. Its worth every $$$$... Highly recommend to all the car lovers? and If you don?t like cars?..hmmm? after a ride with one of these babies, I?m sure you will love em? :-))) more

Dream Car Tour 3/1/2010

Just wanted to thank everyone at Gotham Dream Cars for making my experience so great! My three friends and I have turned 50 and we thought this would be a perfect gift to mark the ocasion. The staff was very friendly, helpful and most important, fun! The cars were awesome, again a fantastic time, one we will be talking about for years. Thanks for the ride of a lifetime. more

My Recent Rental (Fantastic) 2/21/2010

Just wanted to give you a compliment on my recent Maserati rental. For starters, Dimitri was great. He dropped the car off on-time, and was very professional. The car was also delivered extremely clean, inside and out. The car itself was beautiful. I loved the exhaust notes, the sound of the engine revving, acceleration and everything about the car. Jameison was also very professional. He picked up the car exactly at 10AM as promised. Also, thanks for the deal on the car. Looking forward to my next rental in week in half. more

Amazing Experience 2/17/2010

Well, now back to real life, I'm writing you to give many thanks for the amazing experience I have had there. The Ferraris were unbelievable, and the LP640 is simply savage. I'll surely will see you and some of your cars again. more

wonderful weekend drive 2/15/2010

thank you.... the machine was wonderful and the drop off and pick up with dimitri was smooth as could be.... already looking forward to another board meeting in Vermont next year and renting another machine. more

unforgettable wedding experience 2/14/2010

We just received the photos back from our wedding reception, and i wanted to thank you for all your help with the rental of the Lamborghini everything was very personable and professional at the same time i would recommend Gotham Dream Cars to anyone who may be in the market to rent an exotic car, The celebration was simply amazing but the car took the spotlight i actually was caught neglecting my wife to go talk about the car and show the car i even ruined a surprise set up by my wife for me cause i snuck out to take the car for a drive. she has since forgiven me because she knew i am a car guy when we met and always will be. Once again i would like to thank you for the service that you and your company provided me and my wife for our special evening, i am hoping to do business with gotham dream cars company in the future. Pros: perfect service, fun car, happy wife Cons: none more

After driving these cars, you may have to buy one! 9/23/2009

After our Dream Car Tour this February, and after driving the Gallardo, my husband Chuck said he had to have one. So he is the proud owner of a 2008 yellow Lambo..thanks to you! He told me to never sign him up for a private jet tour! We loved your experience. We can't say enough great things about you and your company! As a note- You might have to add a caution sticker with your advertising: WARNING, After driving these cars, you may feel such a level of excitement never experienced before that you will be forced to immediately purchase one of your very own... more

Dream Car Tour 8/27/2009

Just a note thanking Gotham Dream Cars for the most exhilarating day of my life! Vinny, Fireman Tom and John made the experience so much Fun! I truly drove my "Dream Cars!" I will work w/ you again soon. more

had fun but cars need attention 8/26/2009

did the dream tour recently. i'm a police officer and a bunch of us got together to do this.. was a lot of fun. stumbled across this site since i'm looking into renting a ferrari for labor day .. the cars did have some problems but i wont be as harsh as others. and they definetly could use a parking lot. price was definetly right. Pros: wicked fun Cons: cars had some probs more

my feedback 8/25/2009

It has been just over a year that I have been doing business with your company and I feel obligated to express to you my opinion. I f'in love it. The privilege to walk into the GDC garage and drive out in my taste of the day, a LP640 Roadster, Murcielago, G Spider, F430, Bentley GTC, and even the Saleen S7, (and yes I did drive them all) has been nothing short of the most thrilling driving experiences that I have ever had. I?m sorry that it took me 35-40 transactions to leave you this well deserved feedback but I wanted to put you guys through the test. GDC is everything that you express in your website. You have a courteous professional staff that has made me feel at home every time I?ve walked into the club house. The convenience of picking up and returning has been so flexible, (maybe you thought I didn?t realize that, but I do.) I can?t thank you enough for making each and every transaction a pleasurable one. I look forward to continuing our business relationship and the friendship that all of you guys there at GDC has offered. I will probably see you this weekend, I need to relieve some stress in the Murci on RT 80. Keep up the good work. Pros: class acts Cons: none more

Don't expect much! 8/24/2009

If you are a car enthusiast, prepare to be disappointed. While the marketing campaigns would make you think otherwise, Gotham needs a lot of work and TLC (just like their cars do). Its run by twentysomethings and it shows. (The "Chief Operating Officer" looks like he's about 17 years old - no kidding). Customer service is sorely lacking. Cars have high mileage (over 50000 miles) and all were dirty. Condition wise, the cars were rough (to say the least). Navigation screen was broken in the Aston Martin. So is the seat, which doesn't adjust and is stuck as far forward as possible, The sensor for the top, which beeps very loudly while you are driving, is also faulty. There is NO reverse in the 60k mile Orange Lambo Murcielago. Yes, a Lambo with 60,000 miles. That's what you get. The Ferrari F430 has a Service light on. Brakes in the Bentley Coupe were completely shot (and make a loud griding noise). Almost felt dangerous. The Maserati has a nasty wheel shimmy. I had to laugh when they said things like "this is a $175000 Lamborghini". Actually, its a 6 year old $85,000 Lamborghini with 40k miles on it. The cars just do not look cared for at all. I understand it's a business, but it's such a sin to see these cars in the condition they are in. Perhaps the business at one point was in much better shape when the economy was well - perhaps the cars were in better condition, the staff more friendly and customer-service oriented. FYI - They put put a couple of dirty couches in front of a Plasma and put in one of those "all-in-one" gym things and call it a "clubhouse". Sans the cars, I wouldn't hang out here if you paid me. In the "clubhouse", their LP640 was smashed. Two F430 Spyders were both crashed. A Yellow Murcielago had its Airbag deployed. Some old Ferraris had engines and transmissions just laying around in the shop. Certainly not a place Enzo Ferrari or the guys at Lamborghini ever imagined their masterpieces would end up. I do understand it is a rental company - but its a high-end rental company. Better care should be taken of the cars, period. There is simply no excuse, especially when people are paying thousands of dollars to rent the cars. As a car enthusiast who has owned a few earlier versions of these cars, it was an absolute sin to see them like this. The location is also terrible (behind wholesale car dealers in Teterboro). Its just some garage in the middle of guys buying/selling cars. There is NO parking when you get there. Overall, in the right hands, the business could be stellar - but the feeling I got was "thanks for your cash, here's a broken Ferrari" and then "sorry, but service light means its a Ferrari" (yes, one of the guys actually said that). Don't let the advertising fool you and don't get your hopes up (like I did). Oh and be careful of the docs you sign - you'll need your attorney present - your rental fee covers 100 miles per day - anything over that and they nail you for an additional charge. Also, if you put more than 200 miles on your rental, they charge an additional fee on top of the mileage overage. (check out their website). Again, read the fine print! Oh and you have to leave a hefty deposit too (I believe it's $5000). Pros: Fun to drive exotics.. Cons: Terrible management, cars in rough condition.. more

thank you gotham! 8/24/2009

The car and your people were great. My son Phil is already asking about our next rental. We will be in Florida for 2 weeks for spring break and hopefully Phil and I will try out something else, probably a F430 or the Mercedes SLR. I was very satisfied with my first "Gotham experience", the car, the service and the people were all first class - all told it is even better than owning. We had a really wonderfull time. I have told a number of friends about it, hopefully it will generate some business for you. more

One of the most exhilarating experiences ever!!!! 8/18/2009

I've always wanted to drive an exotic vehicle, and now that dream came true, hence Gotham "Dream" Cars. I don't know where to begin. I guess it all started with a Google search, introducing me to Gotham. They are the only exotic car rental company on the East Coast with the stability, customer service, and staff of a true world class organization. The company is growing and has made the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies. I was thrilled with the customer support and attentiveness of their staff, who helped me from the rental application phase all the way through to the return delivery of the vehicle. Most company CEO's are too busy playing golf or checking stock tickers, however I've spoken directly to the CEO, Noah, more than twice as he helped me with securing my rental and addressing any questions or concerns. The day I picked up the car, boy I could write an entire novel of my night, but for the sake of being brief, i'll keep it short and sweet. I am college educated, above average looking, have a wonderful family and God-given friends, make decent money, so the only thing missing in my life was a Ferrari(and a GF, but I am single by choice!) I was given the last car available, a Ferrari F430 because the rest of the cars were all rented( I really wanted the Lamborghini Murcielago), but boy was I GLAD. I drove the car through Manhattan, and I was a celebrity, period. People gawking at every corner, stoplight, street, restaurant and club. I drove through Times Square, and everyone who rents from Gotham in the Tri-State area should definitely drive through here at least once, or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Random tourists, strangers all stopped in the middle of traffic to give me a high five, thumbs up, and even took pictures with me and the car. I could go on, but let's just say me and this car looked good together, a match made in heaven. If you want to live your wildest celebrity fantasies, then rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini from Gotham, I promise you it will be worth every single penny(ies). Moreover, not only did I have one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, it motivated me and inspired me to work harder and be more successful than I already am, as it did to all my friends who saw me drive the Ferrari. In short, will i do it again? Absolutely. But I may have to buy a DreamShare membership, because renting a Ferrari for one day is too short, but that's another story. Pros: Superstar status, non-stop attention, 24 hours of pure ecsta Cons: Not for the faint of heart or budget conscious more

430 spider 7/31/2009

big thumbs up - had to sell my 430 spider recently but the boys at gdc hooked me up with theirs for a day. sad - i wish i still had mine but what can you do -- blame the stock market. car was booked solid recently so it took a while to get a reservation but glad i did. took her out to the hamptons and cruuuuuuzed. thanx gdc. Pros: beautiful car Cons: hard to reserve more

Life changing weekend :) 7/31/2009

I rented the LP640 Roadster recently and all i can say is WOW (!!!!). I was lucky to be one of the first people to drive the car (it was basically brand new) and my weekend was officially the third best of my life (and it's only 3rd because I'm married and have a beautiful daughter ;) ;) . The car is just amazing -- i've never quite gotten as many looks on the highway as I did when blasting by in a white convertible lamborghini. It was like I was a celebrity. The staff at Gotham is top-notch. The woman who I booked the car with was professional (I'm sorry I don't remember her name but she had a british accent and was super helpful) and the guys who did the "check out" with me were friendly and professional. I asked them if they'd throw in a few extra miles but they stuck to the rules -- oh well can't hurt to ask. I had only one issue while driving and that was when a check engine light came on -- i called their roadside number and realized it was because I'd forgotten to close the gas cap completely when filling up (oops!). Fixed it and I was on my way. I was exhausted at the end of the weekend -- and sunburnt. and broke. But MAN was it worth it -- i'll probably never again get a chance to drive a $450,000 lamborghini and for the few bucks I spent, it was totally worth it. great staff, great car, great service. I'm glad I found them!! Pros: Amazing cars, great customer service Cons: I'm broke :( more

Dubious business practices 7/1/2009

I rented an F430 for a recent weekend. It was delivered to me with a fragile reversal button. I was told to "tap" the button or else it would break. Sure enough, although I tapped it later that night, the button did break and I no longer was able to go in reverse. I called as soon as company was open to discuss my options. I did not get a return call so called again after 1.5 hours. Incredibly, manager first tried to convince me to drive car without reverse button, then only offered me a Spider (no rooftop) on a day that was forecasted for downpour (which indeed did happen). I thought it was an extremely dangerous option as well as a sure bet for extra $ out of my pocket for damages to interior. He then admitted that a previous renter broke the button and refused to let Gotham fix it professionally. Instead, Gotham let the individual fix it himself. So Gotham knowingly rented me a car that had a higher probability of malfunctioning. He finally offered credit for the one day. Later I call to reschedule my credit and they proceed to tell me I need to purchase at least another weekday or weekend to get my credit. No where in the contract or website does it state this is protocol. I'm now disputing this charge. It seems like the company is taking short cuts and not exhibiting proper standard of care. Customer is being held liable for their negligence. I would be very wary of this company. Pros: None Cons: Negligent, dangerous replacement option, not honoring credit more

Ridiculously Fun! 2/23/2009

I did the Dream Car Tour and had one of the most memorable days of my life driving many of the cars I've only read about or drooled over at auto shows. The Ferrari 360 is astonishing - the funnest (and probably best looking) car on the planet. Where else can you drive 6 of the world's best cars (worth $1.2MM) on winding mountain roads for $900? I personally could not justify spending the $1-2.5K daily rate for just one of the cars, but I will be back for another Dream Car Tour when they rotate in a new generation. Pros: Cars are 1st rate - pristine and extremely well maintained. Staffers are true "car guys" - very knowledgable and relaxed. Cons: The daily rates are $$ and it is your personal insurance on the line - if you wreck a Lambo, you buy a Lambo. more
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  • Gotham Dream Cars is NYC's premier "ultra-exotic" car rental company, featuring door-to-door delivery of the world's greatest sports and luxury cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW and more.

    Our vehicles, which we own and maintain, are available for a wide variety of uses, including personal rental, gift rentals, prop cars, charity auctions, and corporate rental.

    Renting an exotic vehicle from our fleet is simple, easy, and fun. To become a Gotham Dream Cars client, you need only to fill out a short rental application which takes just a few minutes to process. Luckily, doing so provides you with a wealth of benefits that you won't find at any other rental company.


  • New York exotic car rental company provides luxury vehicles including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Porsches, Aston Martins and more.

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