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Goodie Two Shoes - 28 Reviews - 1111 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX - Shoes Reviews - Phone (512) 443-2468

Goodie Two Shoes

1111 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 443-2468
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Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX
Goodie Two Shoes - Austin, TX


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Let’s face it: South Congress is the heart and soul of ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ It is whimsical, utterly unique, and well, weird. On this bustling and bright street is the cutest, mos...


This store is mediocre. Yes, the clothes are cute and cheap, but don't expect them to last too long. The store has a great atmosphere, but the staff, particularly the owner, qui...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/8/2012

Fair warning to all of the 'doesn't recommend' reviewers here. If the owner can determine your identity from your poor review she will come at you. I returned to Goodie Two Shoes after stated I wouldn't here. It wasn't an oath in blood but maybe it should of been. \r \r The owner approached me and asked if I was the girl who wrote the really ""mean"" review on citysearch and told me to ""get the f*** out."" We exchanged unpleasant words (near cat fight). They forced me to change out of the clothes I was wearing and the staff laughed at me while I walked out. Later I was messaged by an *elite* yelp buddy of hers who took her side 100% and then personally insulted me and basically put all of the blame on me.\r \r I would also suggest that everyone report them to BBB or the even the police if needed. I consider what happened to me a form of assault\r \r Its apparent that any person/employee/business person who would behave in this way doesn't give a damm about business practices or customer service. more

Not bad 3/13/2012

Decent selection, Good shoes and extras. Worth checking out if you have time and are in the area more

Everyday is a Good Day to be a Goodie Two Shoes 1/10/2011

Let’s face it: South Congress is the heart and soul of ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ It is whimsical, utterly unique, and well, weird. On this bustling and bright street is the cutest, most affordable boutique- Goodie Two Shoes! The staff is extremely helpful and always offers to start you a dressing room so you can shop comfortably and your favorite items will be waiting for you when you’re done. Whenever you try on the clothes and show your outfit to your friends the Goodie Two Shoes girls always offer suggestions as to what could make the outfit even better- leggings, a lacy undershirt, a cute waist belt, etc. If my roommate or I are ever feeling frumpy or not so stylish we turn to Goodie Two Shoes because we know there will be at least two dresses that flatter our figures, are easy are on our wallets, and make us feel cute again. I highly recommend this Austin-y shop to any girl in need of a few fashionable items to spruce up her wardrobe! more

Goodie Two Shoes 1/9/2011

This place has been an Austin spot for cheap accessories and clothes for faves are the jewelry and shoes. The inventory of shoes changes often and is always cute and affordable. However, the more common sizes (I'm an 8) get picked over pretty fast so, they are often out of gotta take what you can get. But I love the 3-for deals they sometimes have on shoes. Staff is helpful even if you try on like ten pairs of shoes and don't buy any. Similar style and pricing to Strut, and conveniently located. Way to go Goodie Two Shoes! more

Worst Austin Store EVER 1/6/2011

Let me start out by saying I'd like any support I can get. I was horrified at the service I recieved here and if you have a complaint to make or have made it already please forward it to the Better Business Bureau. They handle cases like this to make sure more customers aren't mistreated.\r \r I own 5 pairs of shoes from Goodie Two Shoes, along with many various other items, and have been a regular customer for almost 3 years. However, apparently this means nothing to the manager there. I came in one day and was mocked and laughed at by the manager. She refused to ring up my purchase because I wasn't spending enough money. Personally, I think she shouldn't be selling a necklace for $5 if she doesn't want people to purchase it for $5. As she continued to mock me, I asked her point blank ""Are you telling me to leave your store?"" and she responded with a smug ""yes.""\r I have never felt more mortified or embarrassed before. She is the most rude person in customer service I have ever met. I have worked in the service industry for over 6 years, so I always make it a point to be as friendly as possible. I know how rude customers can be sometimes and that a nice customer every once in a while can brighten a person’s day. \r I was nice and she went out of her way to be rude to me anyways. more

Stay Classy, Austin 1/4/2011

Last year, my older sister moved into the city and introduced us to the wonder that is the South Congress district and a little marvel known as Goodie Two Shoes. The shoes are wonderful: durable flats, trendy Austinite type shoes and incredible boots. Clothes are well priced. I love their dresses. As a student in college, I can throw one on in the morning before class and still look (forgive my pun), classy with the help of Goodie Two Shoes necklaces and headbands. Can't beat the prices or the helpful staff. Some days it gets hectic inside (Christmas they were particularly busy on evenings), but when there are less people needing shoes from the back and at the register, staff members were more than happy to recommended belts, grab sizes up or down and even assist in looking for a Christmas gift for my sister. The point: Goodie Two Shoes is a small store with attentive employees and great merchandise at killer prices. Pros: Good clothes and shoes that keep up with trends, staff that is knowledgeable and willing to help. Cons: When things are busy, the staff is spread a little thin. Also, treat the clothes and shoes well. They will not take kindly to serious hiking, metalworking etc. (This to say that you just need to take care of them and not expect spike heeled boots to be running shoe durable.) more

Snobby Staff! 12/2/2010

The title says it all. You work retail!! Get over yourself!! more

Yuck and yuck 8/11/2010

Terrible place...clothes are cheap, owner appears to be a burnt out and worn out broad that is very angry at the world. She is nasty to customers and even threatening. Then talks about you behind your back where others can hear her. Unbelievable. Her clothes and shoes are cheap and fall apart and then she attacks you when you object to an item falling apart in 1 day. And I do mean attack. Nasty treatment to direct at people that just politely request fairness. Won't even allow you to finish a sentence. Will never set foot in there again and will tell all who will listen to do the same. Horrible, mean people. Even nasty to little children. Hope they go out of business so a worth while retailer would come in. more

Shoes - best in town! 4/22/2010

Wow! I stumbled upon this place while waiting for friends to show up at Doc's Motorworks. I have gone back again and again! Last time I was there I bought 3 pairs of sandals and 2 great pairs of spikey heeled boots. The boots ROCK!! AND I bought a pair of shoes for work (read: conservative). I get stopped on the street when I wear them. White & black swirl design with a huge RED rose on the toe. Memorable! They have mostly hip, but not just, stuff. Fun sandals, lots of colors, crazy boots. The sales? Unreal. Such as ""everything on the floor $10"" and things like that. Just don't drink at Doc's and THEN go there....or wait...maybe that's what they WANT us to do! Shop on!! Pros: Selection, price, staff Cons: SoCo - related parking issues more

Thank you, Goodie! 4/20/2010

I have been shopping at Goodie Two Shoes for about a year now, and I can truly say that Goodie's genuine staff and fabulous finds have helped me to discover myself in fashion and expression. \r \r About a year ago, before Goodie stole my heart, I did not feel fashionable or beautiful in my attire. Then, I was a 22-year-old college student who was challenged with fashion, as my lack of direction in how to dress was most apparent in my appearance, self-confidence, and attitude. I did have a personal rock ‘n roll type-style that I felt ""safe"" in, but my personal style was no longer fitting my age and was no longer giving me the ""womanly"" poise that I desperately needed. \r \r After planning my semester of student teaching for the upcoming spring semester, I realized that I needed a change so that I no longer looked like a 23-year-old high school student… but I was still lost; I had no idea where to turn for fashion advice, and I definitely did not want to cave into the stressful mall scene. That was when a friend introduced me to Goodie Two Shoes. She was walking down South Congress on a Saturday, when she discovered Goodie’s delightful existence and phoned me immediately. She knew that in the coming year, I would be teaching in a high school setting, and would most definitely need a new wardrobe and therefore, confidence adjustment.\r \r So, I took a trip down to Goodie that Sunday, and at first, I was certainly intimidated and skeptical. I shopped around and looked frozen, with my nervous skimming of the shoes and reluctant attitude to try on any clothing (or even touch the clothing for that matter). The employees must have picked up on my fear, and a sweet, “rocker chick” immediately asked what I was looking for. I shrugged my shoulders and said, ""Oh, I am just looking,"" and as my eyes quickly skimmed her appearance, I immediately fell in love with her boots: they were black and leather-looking, with sexy-studded detail across the tops. Something in me was immediately awakened, and I attribute this change and desire to find my own self-discovery of fashion to Goodie and its supportive staff. The staff member must have seen my eyes sparkle, as I murmured, ""Are those boots here?"" She smiled and kindly directed me toward the boots, and from then, I can honestly say that my fashion life and overall confidence in myself, changed immensely… plus the boots were only $32! Goodie is a charming and comfortable setting, where I always feel welcome to find my inner-most “chic-ness.” The employees are always fun, delightful, and interactive with the customers, and since my epiphany of fashion, I continually find reasonably priced, fabulous finds that fit my ""rock ‘n roll chic"" style, every time I visit Goodie. Goodie and its staff did not force me to lose my personal style, but instead, enhanced who I truly am on the inside, while allowing me to feel sexy on the outside! \r \r Thank you Goodie! \r \r Sincerely, \r \r Desi, the confident and fierce 23-year-old rock star/teacher\r Pros: Amazing staff and reasonable, fabulous finds! more

Very Cool Boutiques 4/1/2010

OK I confess, I went in for the $10 shoe sale and ended up with maybe the coolest outfit I have put together this decade. Boots, Shirt, Jacket and earrings.... all purchased over two day period from Goodie Two Shoes. Nothing I bought was over 40 bucks! I am definitely going back Pros: Unique Clothing, trendy, Reasonably Priced, Great Sales more

fun, friendly, affordable 3/25/2010

I have been shopping at Goodie Two Shoes for years and have always been able to find something fun and affordable with every visit, whether I found exactly what I was originally looking for or not. \r \r In my experiences, the owner and staff have always been more than happy to answer any questions or help find my shoe size, even if it means extensive digging in the stockroom. (I have tiny feet and employee trips to the back room are standard procedure when I shoe shop; stores with patient employees are few and far between.)\r \r I need new shoes for spring (specifically jellies like I wore when I was 8 in 1989!) and Goodie Two Shoes will be the first place I check out this weekend. Note: the lot behind the store makes it easy to avoid the nightmare that is South Congress parking!\r \r Pros: friendly service, wide selection of shoe sizes and styles Cons: quality isn't high; you're buying one/two-season trends more

Great Experience. 3/15/2010

A lot of people are saying that the employees were rude. I went today and the girls there were EXTREMELY helpful, and they were not rude at all. I'm a teenager, so I had a blast in there. They had the most darling clothes, and I can hardly find anything that fits me right and looks good. But almost half of the clothes I tried on looked good. The girls were an extreme help with me trying to find things to accessorize my new outfits with. Overall, my experience was great. AND if you spend over $200, you get this really cool plastic guitar that you can actually play and you can fill it up with water. YES, it's a water bottle! It's SO cute. And they have one in different colors above each changing room. Pros: Clothes are adorable, staff is awesome. Cons: Nothing! more

Goodie Two Shoes in Urban Dictionary 3/1/2010

Goodie Two Shoes has been defined in the URBAN DICTIONARY! Pros: Best Definition more

Mediocre 12/17/2009

This store is mediocre. Yes, the clothes are cute and cheap, but don't expect them to last too long. The store has a great atmosphere, but the staff, particularly the owner, quickly puts a damper on the environment. She has never been rude to me personally, but I have heard her mutter rude comments about customers while walking to the back of the store on more than one occasion. So yes, I do occasionally pick up a cheap garment from Goodie Two Shoes, but I understand that I can't expect much from the clothes or the staff. Pros: affordable Cons: you sacrifice quality more

this store is ridiculous. dont go here 10/1/2009

This store has the worst customer service it took almost thirty minutes of me browsing for someone to even aknowledge my presence. Saying HI how are you to a customer isnt that hard. Also all the little girls that work there more focused on letting their friends try on an outfit for each day of the week like anyone is going to notice. The shoes were okay, some were cute but good luck trying to get your size. They either wont have it or it will take you a while to even get someone who works there out of their ""dreamland"" to help you. I went in trying to find a simple nice dress for a wedding and had absolutly no luck unless i want to look like a bimbo. So thank you goodie two shoes for all your help. Pros: cheap clothes Cons: everything more

I got what I wanted 6/28/2009

Went in thinking I wasn't going to find anything nice enough to wear to a wedding. Left confident with 3 new pairs of shoes and a dress. The girls seemed like they knew what they were doing and liked it. They helped but didn't bombard me with sales pitches. Later at the wedding my shoes were complimented! Thanks Girls! Pros: Lots of stuff I want and can afford. Cons: on soco more

Nothing Really Good about Goodie 3/19/2009

I have been in this store 3 times and each time has been the worst customer service experience, teach time I have brought people from out of town with me, I'm a personal shopper and I am always looking for cool things. The shoes and clothing at Goodie are cheap not inexpensive, the seams are poorly done the shoes tend to fall apart rather quickly, if you try and return anything you are treated with the utmost disrespect, The customer service at Goodie leaves much to be desired, the owner and mod squad of a retail team act like the ""cool kids in a b-movie about high school, cultivating there images while making customers wait, and when they finally do get around to helping you spend your hard earned money in their store, they make sure to let you know how much a favor thay are doing you Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: Horrible customer service and cheap forgetable shoes more

Goodie Two Shoes - Never Again 12/16/2008

A couple weeks ago I grabbed a pair of gray tights and 2 other pairs in different colors. I was last minute shopping before a night out. Got home & discovered I'd purchased 3 pairs of queen size tights. \r I went to exchange the 2 unopen pairs. The clerk wasn't sure if I could return them b/c they're considered an accessory - which are non-refundable. I asked, (nicely - b/c I thought it was reasonable), if she wouldn't mind checking with the manager or owner since they'd never been worn and were still in sealed packaging. The owner comes out with a demeanor like she just been screwed royally by her ex-husband's lawyer. Flatly, but still on the polite side, she says, ""We can't take these back. They're underwear-like garments."" I explain about picking up the wrong size, and say ""Would it be possible to just exchange since I haven't worn them?"" She gets aggravated and says, ""Great. This day just keeps getting better,"" then instructs her employee to LOCK THE DOOR (at 2:30 on a weekday!) She says, ""It's store policy, and it's written all over the store. WHY would I take back underwear?"" I say, ""Well, they're tights, and it's clear they've never been opened, and I didn't bring the 3rd pair that I did wear."" She says, ""Of COURSE you didn't. You wouldn't return underwear."" I say, ""They're not underwear, they're not worn, and I don't want cash, I just want to get something that FITS me."" I even admitted that it was my fault for picking them up in a hurry. I was careful not to curse, call her names or yell, though in my head I was ranting. Because she was SO aggressive, I said, ""I think you're having a really bad day and taking it out on your customer (i.e. me)."" She said, ""I'M HAVING A GREAT DAY. I WENT TO AN AC/DC CONCERT, AND NOW I'M SENDING OUT ALL MY GOOD ENERGY."" I felt sorry for her employee, and if that is the woman's good energy, I'd hate to feel her bad energy. Pros: cheap knock-offs of fads that will go out of style quick, Cons: TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, poorly made garments and shoes more

Not going there ever again 11/27/2008

the last time i went one of the staff was weird to me, going into my dressing room while i was not there and saying stuff under her breath and even staring me out. i told the owner and she responded with lame excuses and even at one point tried to turn it around to make it sound like i was stealing. She offered no apology for her staff's behavior even though there was no excuse for it. While shopping the last thing you want to deal with is crazy women pulling power plays on you in a retail store. Pros: parking Cons: staff is disrespectful more
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Owner Message

  • Goodie Two Shoes has dedicated staff members that make every shopping experience a fun, relaxed and pressure-free one. Located in the SoCo district of Austin, this is one store that you can walk into knowing that when you walk out you'll have great quality merchandise in hand and cash left in your pocket.

    Boutique style shopping at bargain prices. If you don't find what you need just ask to be added to their Wish List and they will try to find it for you and call you when it arrives.


  • In Short
    This store cares about pleasing its customers and succeeds with affordable prices, plus sofas and toys for accompanying spouses and children. With 20-plus years retail...

  • 8/7/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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