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Golden State Humane Society - 11 Reviews - 11901 Gilbert St, Garden Grove, CA - Social Services & Welfare Reviews - Phone (714) 638-8111

Golden State Humane Society

11901 Gilbert St
Garden Grove, CA 92841
(714) 638-8111
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I highly recomend this place. Took both my dogs to get all their shots there and it was very affordable. Yes, sometimes the staff is a little short w/ the people but you can only...


There is a recorded message to get information, but the person speaking, speaks too fast and not very clearly. So I waited to speak to an actual person, this person acted as if sh...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/30/2013

We have used this facility for routine services such as vaccinations. I have no complaint so far with their service. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2012

PLEASE do not let ANYONE that you know go to the Golden State Humane Society for any Vet Services!!! I am so shocked and appalled and countless ranges of furious with these people for what I experienced today! \r \r After 3 times of trying to go to this vet (closest one to me promoted as being cost-effective) I finally get in today. After 4 hours I am seen (mind you that I am maybe the 10th person they have seen) and this guy I am sure is not a legal citizen QUIZES me to get ME to diagnose my dog and I asked if we could run any tests to be sure since there are multiple symptoms. He LAUGHS tells me it is just a minor flea infection/allergic reaction and lists a few things I will need to get before I leave. The entire time he lists these he is contradicting himself and makes it clear that he is TRYING to charge me as much as possible actually JOKES about this behind my back to a nurse and gives my dog a shot and prepares my bill of $156.\r I found out the price later because I was so angry that I had to leave after hearing the last dog owner crying about her dog that had died and seeing the nurse treat her as if she were not even there: ""oh just wait over there"" not even anything remotely understanding in this woman's hard time...oh an the other girl was flat out bitchy to everyone all day. \r \r I feel like I just asked my barista to diagnose my baby. Completely and utterly heart broken that I know this place is packed down the block everyday with puppies who may be sick and in pain and it is just a low end meat market. I am sure this information will help save someone the time stress disappointment and sadness it has caused me today. more

MY Dog Almost died 4/29/2012

Took my dog in to get spayed, three days later the staples were coming apart. My dogs’ incision was open and held together from both ends by two staples only instead of the ten they had put there. Took her back in and they kicked me out saying that the vet checked the wound and it looks good and there is nothing wrong with it even though I could see the opening with my own eyes. They told me that this time there is no charge but if I bring her back in they’re going to charge me. I didn’t care what they say I took my dog to Garden Grove emergency pet hospital they looked at my dog and they couldn’t believe how GOLDEN STATE HUMANE SOCIETY first closed the wound on my the dog and second they way they treated me when I took her back in even though they know they did something wrong they just choice not to fix it. The emergency vet had to put my dog under to get all the lose staples out clean the wound and close her back up the correct way. I had they emergency vet take pictures of the wound before they did anything for my record, they also tried to call GSHS to speak to them about my dog and they wouldn’t talk about the situation. The emergency vet wrote a detailed report of very thing that was wrong with my dog due to lack of improper care by GSHS. more


I had been going here for a long time and never had any problems prior. There were long wait times, but totally worth it when you are saving a lot of money. My dog had an x-ray showing a huge mass on her back. Her lung had collapsed. I went to another vet and paid a lot of money to try and see if we could save her. Unfortunately, after surgery and over a thousand dollars, we couldn't save her. When I woke up, my dog's lung collapsed again. She was sleeping standing up when i woke up. She couldn't even lay down because she couldn't breathe. Her tongue was blue, and she was gasping for air. I made the heart breaking decision to put her down. Now since she was an 80 lb dog, the place that had done the surgery was charging $250 to get her put to sleep. Since I had already spent so much money, i called Golden State Humane Society and told them about my situation. The receptionist told me it was up to the Vet whether or not he wanted to put my dog down or not. I felt that she was in such terrible shape that he couldn't say no. BOY WAS I WRONG! I got there and got seated in the room for literally 45 minutes. Then the random assistant came in and asked me what i was there for. I told her why, and showed her the terrible condition my dog was in. She said she would explain to the vet and be back. Another 30 minutes passed, and SHE returned and informed me the vet wouldn't do it. I was SHOCKED. I told her, do you see how hard she is breathing, how she can't lay down, how her tongue is blue? She is MISERABLE. She said, ""yes i noticed but the vet said no."" I was livid. They made my dog suffer for over 3 hours (driving from huntington to Garden Grove is like a 30 minute drive each direction) made us wait for an eternity and WORSE OF ALL the Vet wouldn't even come in and explain WHY he wouldn't do it. I would understand why if her distress wasn't so crystal clear. I have never been back ever since even for shots. I spend about 500 more a year going elsewhere, but I can't go back there. I thought the treatment of my dog was completely inhumane and HORRIBLE and I am disgusted that the vet can work for a ""humane"" society. I feel the worse part was, he didn't even come in the room and explain what motive he had. And also my poor dog suffered for so much time! I ended up paying over $200 to put her down at a private vets office where she had her surgery. If you have anything routine, you can go here. Out of of principle I refuse. That was my only bad memory, but it's such a negative memory, I could never bring myself to go there again.... more

Why pay more when you don't have to. 3/25/2011

When I got a new puppy I took it to a reputable vet. They did the shots etc. It cost me well over 100.00 for the first time visit. Then I got an estimate to have him neutered and the estimate was over 300.00. I took him to Golden State and they did a great job for under $50.00. Every time I need a vet, I bring my pets here. Then when my 19yr. old cat got sick I brought him to Golden State. The staff and doctor were so empathic. They were kind and considerate and knew I wasn't leaving that office with him. The Dr. gentle examined him and assured me that what ever decision I made would be justified as my Cat was old and in pain. I turned him over to the Dr. and he comforted me as did the staff. I later got a symathy card in the mail from the entire office. So not only will I go back here for the price, but they are caring professionals that only want whats best for you pet. more

Great prices for the work they do! 3/3/2011

I highly recomend this place. Took both my dogs to get all their shots there and it was very affordable. Yes, sometimes the staff is a little short w/ the people but you can only imagine the kind of people they have to deal w/ all day. Plus for the price, I could care less. A couple of months ago also took my dog to get neutered and had no problems, took him back to get stitches out at no extra charge. Great place for people who care about their pets and want to save a whole lot of money! more

I got ripped off 1/26/2011

My cat had ear mites and was itching like no tommorow.\r I called they said 15 dollars. when i left the bill was 89.00. My poor cat still itched and itched. I had to take him to a proffessional groomer to get him flea bathed and the ear mites taken care of. it cost me another 50.00 dollars. The in humane society took advantage of me and didnt do Jack Chit. I wont ever go back to this Chit hole again. They treat your animals like a car on the back lot and there overpriced, filty and nasty. check out other places if you can. dont be a sukkr more

Lost my dog 8/22/2009

Took dog in for routine procedure - neutoring, dog passed away after 3 terrible days of pain and suffering and 900.00 later in additional medical expences. GSHS refuses to acknowledge that they should have mentioned to us that our dog was not responsive and in critical condition when picked up - emergency hospital said that he was on the verge of death when he was brought in that same night of the procedure for care. Go here at your own risk. Pros: Cheep Cons: Not carefull enough more

pretty reasonable price 8/15/2008

I was referred to the clinic by a friend at first I wasn't sure if I should go there because, I have been going to GG dog & cat hospital however, for the same service it was $76 dollars cheaper then where I use to go. I highly recommend this place staff is friendly and doctors are too.. For the price you just can't beat especially if you own multiple animals like I do.. Pros: too loud Cons: low prices which is great! more

Well worth it 8/6/2008

I absolutely love this place, great prices, great doctors, great staff. There are a couple of staff members that are a little grumpy at times but hey everyone has those days. Everytime I have gone I've only had to wait 20 min. but I go as early as possible to avoid the crowd. I love this place although I did have 1 bad experience where they forgot to give my dog his anithistamine before his vaccination but they corrected it at no charge for the 2nd shot and he was all better. So other than that I love it and would recommend it to anyone. Pros: Great prices with great doctors Cons: parking is horrible and long waits if you don't get in early more

the bomb 6/23/2008

We just adopted our dog, and they hooked him up with getting neutered, shots plus micro chipped for under 75.00, so I don't really care about the recording quality per say, nor would I care if the workers were a little short with most likely some annoying questions from ?the complainer? because they were busy hooking it up for others when someone else was probably asking about the prices instead of going sitting and leaving; you know the same type of person that goes 20 in a 45, if you know what I mean.\r FYI the staff was beyond my expectations, well worth the wait, save your money for GAS and at least check them out I was totally happy.\r Pros: non-profit more

very low cost, and really quite worth it! 6/4/2008

i do agree with the other poster regarding the recorded message. it does go by a little too fast. on the other hand, i found the staff at the Garden Grove location to be friendly, funny, and helpful, and very loving towards all animals. they have quite a sense of humor, which i guess to some, may see rude. ive been to both the garden grove and long beach locations, and would definitely suggest the GG location to everybody. weve had our animals treated for vaccines, spaying, worms, even when our cat was injured. there prices are great and really affordable; making up for the wait. they dont take appointments for vaccines, so you may have to wait in line awhile, but ive found that if you can get there in the middle of the day, there isnt much of a line. if you're low on funds, and still need great care for your animals, give them a shot. its worth it! more

Re: Golden State Humane Society 5/17/2008

There is a recorded message to get information, but the person speaking, speaks too fast and not very clearly. So I waited to speak to an actual person, this person acted as if she was really being bothered by having to answer questions and unfriendly. more
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