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Golden Body Rings - 18 Reviews - 7615 Aurora N, Seattle, WA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (206) 329-5284

Golden Body Rings

7615 Aurora N
Seattle, WA 98111
(206) 329-5284
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Kurt's great. I was there last summer to get my tragus pierced and he's totally chill. He was hilarious and hospitable, professional as well. His place was clean, and I highly rec...



i'm going there today. & i'm going with my boyfriend & hopefully most of his guy friends. i reaaaally just want to get my piercing done & over with. but i dont want no perv touch...

Went there 5/8/2009

Good: He was very clean, my tongue barely swelled and I was talking normal the whole time.. Bad: My inverse got done a bit crooked and continued to become more sideways so I ended up taking it out and doing it again myself.. Improvements: I've heard he has gone out of business. He can be mean I hear but I haven't had to many bad experiences. Also he won't do surface peircings so I don't know where to go to get hipsurface done. (I'm not quite legal age). Other: I went to get my tongue done and then went back again to get an inverse belly button done.. more

Awesome 3/14/2009

Kurt's great. I was there last summer to get my tragus pierced and he's totally chill. He was hilarious and hospitable, professional as well. His place was clean, and I highly reccomend it. I'm looking to get my nape done soon, and I'll be giving him a call for his opinion and any advice. more

Great Work 2/4/2009

The piercer can come off as a little creepy, but he is harmless. He is really funny and the cleanest piercer i have ever gone to. Everyone i know that goes there is very pleased with his work and return to him for anymore piercings they want done. strongly recommended for anyone in the Seattle Area. more

Loved It 12/2/2008

I would definitely recommend this to my friends, and I have. I wanted to get my navel pierced when I was 13 but couldn't find a place. I had parental O.K. So when I was fourteen I went and got mine done at Kurt's with my dad. My friend also got hers done, without parental O.K. It is very clean inside and Kurt is very profesional. He is not a creep, just cracks jokes. Make sure you call and set an appointment, don't just show up. BTW, both of our piercings are healed and fine. more

Body Art 9/12/2008

One of the last personable interesting people in the art, rather business of peircing. Known for a long time, think others have tried to run him out of business for their own personal gain. Wish more would recognise a true beliver in mordern primitives when they see one. more

Stay away! 9/10/2008

The owner is dangerous. He is rude, obnoxious, doesn't stand behind his work, and won't hesitate to curse you out... well, actually he was yelling something about "in America..." but I left at that point because I was pretty sure he wasn't in the mood to fix anything for anybody. more

Amazing 8/24/2008

I wanted my tongue pierced BAD but nobody would do it. i read a lot of feedback from the Golden Body rings. I was scared. But the guy is really amazing, he just doesnt like people who dont care about his time. He was funny as hell though and he really put me at easy. Overall he's a funny, great guy who just doesnt like people not caring about his time. So just make an appointment and you'll love him! more

How has this guy not been arresteed 7/12/2008

come on, everyone should be smart enough to not give business to someone that does not care for the safety and dignity of children and teenagers. these stories about golden body rings are known all around the state of Washington. Someone should really do something about this. Parents should also keep a closer eye on their children, these pervs can keep their shop open because parents don't care enough. more

This Place Rocks 4/19/2008

Okay first off, I have been there twice. Once for my bellybutton, once for my tongue. And I'm going there AGAIN, for snake bites in two days. Not because the guy doesn't ID; I'm 17, have my parents okay, so i can pretty much go anywhere, but I'm going to Golden Body because he is nice, funny, and knows what he is doing. He is sanitary and safe. Yeah the place looks kinda bad from the outside, but inside its a cute little comfy place. Yeah at first he can seem like a jerk, but be nice and respectful to him and he'll warm up. This guy isn't creepy, all the little kids saying he's an old pervert need to grow up. Thats all : ) I recommend this place to all my friends. <3 - Pooty more

Ok. 3/13/2008

I went there this summer to get my friends belly buttons pierced . And no the guy is not a creep if you respect him and be nice and make an appointment before hand, dont just show up. Hes a good piercer and hes definitly knows what hes doing. Its also very sanitary, the front of the building looks run down but other than that its fine. In the back where he pierces people its all clean and he sanitizes everything. And when he says "Nipple piercings 50% off" it was just one of his jokes dont get offended. He was just messing with you. Hes a good guy, i encourage you to make and appointment and go in and get what you want pierced. more

omg 1/12/2008

i'm going there today. & i'm going with my boyfriend & hopefully most of his guy friends. i reaaaally just want to get my piercing done & over with. but i dont want no perv touchin my stomach. reading these reviews make me super scared. idk but that just me. more

hey 12/4/2007

hey...if anyone is considering going to golden body rings to get a peircing i completely incourage you. The guy Kurt is really nice, he jokes around a lot but is definetly NOT a pervert. hes just doing his job and he wont hurt you. golden body rings is probably the only professional place in Washington to get any type of piercing anywhere without a parent. it doesnt even matter how old you are. im 14 and i just went there to get my belly button done with some freinds. and i'm assuming that every girl that calls him a pervert has no idea what she's talking about, he's like 50 he's NOT flirting with you and he does not like you. at first he might come accross as a jerk on the phone...but hes way nicer in person. hes just a busy man. i'm reallllly glad i went there. :] more

age 10/24/2007

in washington i dont think it's a law you have to be 18 to get piercings. Only tattoos. I haven't gone there yet, but I was thinking of going there for gettin my tongue done with some friends. I heard the guy was kind of creepy though. more

Eve M 3/7/2007

So when i went i didn't call ahead or anything and the guy was kinda a jerk at first. The place is kinda really creepy and the door was locked when i got there, but someone opened the door. He gave me this paper with all the information about my piercing and showed me the kind of rings i could have put in if it was my first. The place didn't seem really sanitary, i didn't get an infection or anything. My friend said i was lucky, but idk. Hes deffinanatly a pervert though, i wouldn't go alone if i was a girl. Im taking freinds there though, but thats only becuz its the only place i know that doesn't ask for id. more

Kurt Curtis 1/16/2007

I got my nose pierced there about a year ago and i have to say Kurt is a creep, the first thing he said to me was nipple piercings 50 percent off. If you don't make an appointment before hand he will freak out and give you a really long lecture about how this isn't your mothers house and you cant just walk right in. He is a good piercer and knows what he is doing but i don't recommend going by yourself. more

ew 7/21/2006

The owner, Kurt, is a complete pervert. He let's young girls "do stuff" with him, and then he'll let them get whatever they want pierced for free. He doesn't even ask for an ID, so literally some 12 year old girl could walk right in and give him a or something and get her tongue pierced. That is just sick. And it's also it's a little strange that he's the only one who works there. The shop doesn't even have set hours, so you have to call ahead and ask when his shop will be open. He seems a little scary... more

uhh... 10/19/2005

So, I walk into this place and it seems like they are filling it up with unusual things because they have too much room. It doesn't seem very clean, there was a girl at the front stuffing gauze, needles, etc. into these bags and that was fine, except she wasn't wearing gloves, which defeats the whole purpose. My cousin got her nose pierced here on a trip from Jersey and she didn't have any ID. I automatically knew that this place would do it without any ID. That 's not such a great reputation. more

weird store 8/4/2005

This is a wierd store. It looks run-down, but inside has a great selection. The thing is, sometimes they are open and sometimes they are not. They do not seem to have set hours. Maybe I went that at an unusual time, but I went two weeks in a row at the same time and on one occasion they were open and the other they were closed. My advice is call ahead... more
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