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Golden Bear Academy - 14 Reviews - 421 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, FL - Child Care Reviews - Phone (407) 381-4888

Golden Bear Academy

421 S Goldenrod Rd
Orlando, FL 32822
(407) 381-4888
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Today I picked up my kids and my son was really upset that I picked him up because he wanted to stay!!! I had already checked him out of the system and we were in the car! My son...


i have soooooooo many things to say about this place.the good comments on this site could only be left by employees because they are so lazy and irresponsible with the kids it is ...

do not leave your children here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11/7/2011

i have soooooooo many things to say about this place.the good comments on this site could only be left by employees because they are so lazy and irresponsible with the kids it is amazing they are still allowed to operate.the only person there who is deserving of their job is the bathroom attendant.(when shes not pushing her church on you)she told me that my child was a bad kid because she didn't have god in her heart!(shes 2) they only speak spanish to the children so if your kids aren't from puerto rico they are just outta luck.My daughter has said numerous times that the teacher pinches her and that she is called stupid white girl!!!! believe the reviews from a couple years ago.....they haven't changed. more

Not wanting to leave!!! 3/4/2011

Today I picked up my kids and my son was really upset that I picked him up because he wanted to stay!!! I had already checked him out of the system and we were in the car! My son almost cried because we were leaving! I had to speak with the staff and they allowed him stay for a while more. I ran some errands and came back to pick him up, and he was so happy he had stayed longer. Thanks GoldenBear!! It's great to know my son enjoys being there!!! more

Great Daycare 3/2/2011

My son has attended Golden Bear since he was 6 months old and will be graduating from VPK this summer. We have had a WONDERFUL experience and will recommend the school to anyone. The Teachers are kind and loving. My son has learned so much while attending the school. I feel confident leaving my son in their care... more

My baby girl 2/28/2011

My baby girl has been going to GoldenBear since she was 1 year old. My daughter just turned 2 two weeks ago. My daughter counts, knows her colors, sings her ABC's, and does a lot of art work. She is very well fed and taken care of. At the end of the day I always get a report of meals, activities, naps, and diaper changes. Security there is very good! Starting with the big empty field between the daycare and the intersection, there are two gates to get through to get in, and they have security cameras everywhere. \r Don't listen to the bad comments.. those are the first ones to get out! It's just life we have good days and bad days at home and at work! \r There is a lot of happy people at GoldenBear! more

Awesome VPK and now Awesome Before and After Care 2/28/2011

After reviewing all the bad comments it really upsets me. One of the parents can't even spell!! The staff is not rude!!! They are very friendly and helpful!! My son started going there in 2009 for his vpk year, and he was always supervised even when he went to the restroom. My son is now in Kindergarten and GoldenBear takes him to school and picks him up. On the days that there is no school GoldenBear has taken him to the park and has gone to Boardwalk (bowling) and guess what??!! My son came back in one piece!! Happy as ever because he had a blast!! Homework is done when I pick him up! So it depends on YOUR child and what YOU have taught them!! Do they listen and respect you and others?? Mine do!!! and I have no problems!! more

People need not Believe everything they hear!!!!!!!!! 2/24/2011

I just want to say I am so thankful to have such a wonderful day care for my children. Golden Bear Academy is the most caring and inviting daycare. I put my son in this daycare in August 2010 when he was 6 months old and he loves it and so do I. He has learned so much there and has progressed so much that his pediatrician says that he is as advanced as a 18 month old toddler, and he just turned one. As a single mother of 2 children it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that my kids are taken care of the same way I would take care of them. My daughter was attending Angel Sprouts and I love that day care but it was very difficult having each of my children in two different day cares. Yesterday before she started her teacher made her feel so welcomed, and really took the time to get to know her before she started today 2/24/2011. I just want to say Thank You so very much to the teachers and the office staff for really loving and caring for my children the same way I do. As a parent it is a very good feeling knowing that. I would recommend this day care to any of my friends and family! more

terrible 8/6/2010

Ask G.B. about the little child they hospitalized recently. An employee allegedly separated the childs elbow and crushed a bone in their hand. The kid underwent surgery to clear out a bone infection and had a picc line (google it) that led into his heart to deliver antibiotics over 3 weeks. more

Don't believe the hype!! 5/18/2010

Don't always believe the hype people.This daycare has been open for many many years.Yes..the daycare has had a few problems in the past but what people don't mention on here is the things the owner has done to the daycare to correct the problems.The first thing you will see upon entering the daycare are double locked gates.The parents must check in/out of the office first using a computer system before dropping off or leaving their child.Owner has hired more staff for better supervision.There are even bathroom aides in the pre k building for god sakes!!..How much more safety-supervision do you want? \r I'm not JUSTIFYING, some of the things that might of happened before(by all means daycares should be fined and take action for what has occured)..but instead of going by hearsay and just deciding to pull your child out because of what you heard by another parent.. is simply ridiculous!.If that's the case, then you have no business putting your children in daycare to begin with.!..and as far as the story about the{lost} child wandering away from the daycare to show up at the mom's job,brought by a total stranger..I highly doubt that happened...Funny how that child had been a student at Goldenbear since the age of one years old.When the so called incident happened he was an older three year old.You would think that this boy would already know school rules and someone in office would of seen the child climbing BOTH gates to get out..hmm,pretty weird huh?..another thing that's puzzling.. after going though such an ordeal you would think the mother would of put the 2 children she has at a smaller family daycare or private nanny instead of putting them at the ghetto daycare down the road..hmm?..I don't know but had that happened to me ,I sure as hell wouldn't put my kids at another big daycare..Hell,I would've done what I had to do and quit my job and stood home with my kids!..Like I said I'm not justifying any of the incidents that might of happened but if you are going to bad mouth the daycare..know the facts first.This daycare has had problems before but those problems have been corrected.I mean honestly ,you think if the daycare was found guilty by DCF by this or any other incident, would'n't it have been shut down a looong time ago?..think about it?!\r I worked for this fine establishment for many years and my niece attended vpk there and I think they're probably one of the best out there right now.The new staff are all properly credentialled and are awesome teachers.\r Parents..who are looking for quality daycare should always do their research first..\r You will find that GoldenBear is one of the best daycares in that area.\r Pros: clean place,good teachers,your child will learn alot there Cons: remain open past 6:30pm more

DONT DO IT!! 11/12/2009

This daycare is HORRIBLE! I pulled him out immediately when i found out they had lost two kids before, and the lady that was responsible still works there!!! She is related to the OWNER! Do your research, it was on the news!! Pros: Cheap Cons: Everything more


i have meet so far 2 differents parents including myself that took their kids there .\r We all agree that the kids do not learn absolutely nothing. they spend to much time watching movies and coloring but they will not prepare your kids for school. The price is very reasonable, but at the end you know it will be better pay more for better education. The ladies that work over there are rude very rude.\r \r So if you want my opinion ""Don't send your kids there "" it is a waist of precious time that somewhere else it will be well exploided. more

Excellent! 12/8/2008

I have three boys who have all attended Goldenbear from young ages. My oldest son was there for five years. I now have a five year old and a 9month old in Goldenbear and could not be happier. When I was first looking for daycare for my oldest son, I went for a name I new and went to a locally well known daycare, where my son came home with signs of abuse and I immediately took him out. I enrolled him in Goldenbear and he was always happy and excited to go. My two younger son's love going there now and I am pleased with the teachers and staff. There is only one teacher in particular that I ever had a problem with and she is no longer at the center. I would highly recommend this daycare and have to many friends and family who are all very happy with the care provided by this center. Pros: Cost effective, good teachers, convenient location and wonderful staff Cons: At times there is a language barrier with some staff. more

My son was not Autistic as I was told by previous day care.... 9/26/2008

I brought my son to Golden Bear Academy after several places. He has changed his behavior entirely. After been told that he is supposedly Autistic by another day care center and the care taker virtually pushed him out of there, he has been learning new skills, he is now EATING, PLAYING WITH KIDS, INTERACTING, and TALKING, TALKING, TALKING! I am happy with this place, and I do recommend it. It has been a tremendous place for him to grow and develop. They even helped with potty training which was extremely bad to accomplish since no other day care would deal with it, and they actually helped me to get it done! Pros: Price, Education, Individualized Attention, Care Cons: Like any other place, need more people with special education skills. more

Do not send your child here 2/22/2007

My son went here and would scream bloody murder anytime we drove by. he was 3 at the time and he is now 4 and still remembers not liking it. I took him out after 2 months when I realized the older lady in charge of them would let them scream and forcefully make them sit and held them down to nap so that she could do her chores and eat her lunch. The price is good but like anything else u get what u pay for. I took him to kindercare and could not be happier. Pros: cheap Cons: everything more

Listen to your children, parental instincts and friends 8/23/2006

All I have to say is to listen to your children when they come to this place and when they attend it. They may like it at first, ebcasue of the playground, but there's not much else to like. There are so far two good teachers there, but I can't say the same for the others. If your children do not like this place, it's for a good reason and it's NOT because they have to get used to it. There are WAY better Day Care centers that deal with children A LOT better..... I can't say more for certain reasons.... but if you only knew what happens after parents leave..... Pros: Few Good teachers and good size lunch. Cons: Extra small breakfast and don't know how to deal with children properly. more
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