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Goddard School - 20 Reviews - 301 Highpointe Blvd, Stafford, VA - Child Care Reviews - Phone (540) 288-1515

Goddard School

301 Highpointe Blvd
Stafford, VA 22554
(540) 288-1515
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Goddard School - Stafford, VA
Goddard School - Stafford, VA
Goddard School - Stafford, VA
Goddard School - Stafford, VA
Goddard School - Stafford, VA
Goddard School - Stafford, VA


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My child has been attending The Goddard School since she was 9 weeks old. As a first time parent I took several weeks looking at different daycares all over Stafford. I found that...


My experience with this school on a scale from one to ten it was a 5. Not only do they change teachers often, they have no consistency in management and don't care about their sta...

Class full of Boys 4/13/2011

My son was at this school for a year and did wonderful in the 2 year old class but once he transitioned to the 3 year old class it was a different story. The class room is filled with boys and as boys would be boys they run, jump, climb and play rough. They have 2 teachers in this class majority of the time; except for lunch when they have a helper in the class assisting with lunches. When the teachers get frustrated with a child that is not listening they will immediately call the director instead of working with the child. The teachers state they will redirect the child but 9 out of 10 times they will tell the child to "Stop It!" and each time the voice will be elevated. They will allow children to run around and not correct them until the Director or Assistant Director are in the room. Teachers have a frustrated look on their face and they are not consistent with the rules. What is ok for one child to do is not ok for another. It is much easier for them to pick up the toys than to f more

Wonderful Dec 08 - Feb 11 2/2/2011

My child has been attending The Goddard School since she was 9 weeks old. As a first time parent I took several weeks looking at different daycares all over Stafford. I found that The Goddard School was one of the cleanest and modern looking facilities I had seen. After I had my child I went in to fill out all of the enrollment paper work and one of the teachers that was going to be in her class asked if she could take her while I fill out my forms. From the start the teachers were very easy to talk to and always willing to talk if I had questions or concerns. From the time my child started until she was 8 or 9 months old I would come in every day around lunch time to nurse her. I would spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in the class, the teachers always acted very professional and caring towards the children I also felt comfortable being there. I can even remember a time when I would come to pick her up that she would be crying or needing to be changed. They keep very detailed more

Upset Mom 11/2/2010

My child had an issue at the Goddard School and when I arrived to pick him up a "teacher" was guarding him like he was in prison. He was left in a room by himself with this "teacher" guarding him, he is 4 years old. I find this unprofessional!! After all the issues I have had I decided to pull him out. I will never recommend this facility to anyone. more

Fantastic Preschool 1/11/2010

My child attends Preschool at The Goddard School in Stafford. I am very pleased with the current teachers in her classroom. I am thankful to the efforts of the administrators, who cared enough to keep looking until they found just the right teachers. The teachers are warm and attentive and the owners and director are friendly, pleasant and incredibly supportive. You will be pleased with this school. more

unsafe and often could care less 12/11/2009

My experience with this school on a scale from one to ten it was a 5. Not only do they change teachers often, they have no consistency in management and don't care about their staff. The preschool classroom for three years olds is an absolute disaster. They have no idea how to control the class and it is a very unsafe environment for the children. They have changed teachers more than 3 times to try and get it under control. Management does not seem to care enough about the children and cares more for the money they make off full time enrollments. I wouldn't recommend putting your toddler into this school, they treat them like experiments. more

Parents say no to this School 1/21/11 4/28/2009

My son attended the school for a year. We decided on this school because of how clean and structured it seemed. Well let me tell you what a disappointment. The staff turn over was unbelievable. He went through 6 teachers in a year. Class was disorganized and had no structure. The teachers were always stressed and unhappy with their leadership. After many attempts to fix things my husband and I decided to remove son from the Goddard and found an amazing school nearby. (there 6 months now) To my surpirse I met 5 other parents at the new school. All unhappy with the Goddard and couldn't wait for the school year to end to move their child. The school is challenged on how/what to do with kids 3yrs and older. I would not recommend this school to anyone. more

Nice School 2/2/2009

Our family's experiences at The Goddard School have been super. The two current owners are very polite, courteous, and care about their positions. The Goddard's Director is quite an asset. She is very professional, informative, open to discussion, sensible, organized, creative, and fair. The kids enjoy the teachers they've encountered. And, Goddard has used THEIR discretion dismissing staff when necessary. The facility is clean and spacious. Communication has been easy for us... the mailbox systems, email systems, and just calling the school has been an easy means of communication! The curriculum is great and structured. The kids really enjoyed summer camp and all the activities associated with the camp. We don't really enjoy paying the tuition, but we like the school so much that we make that sacrifice. more

Gone but not forgotten 12/24/2008

I've worked at different daycares in stafford and when I started at goddard everything SEEMED fine They change owners and directors like the wind changes directions! they are very unorganized,communication with parents and staff is bogus. owners only care about money. They let alot of great, loving teachers go recently. They let me go after two years at the end of that summer. Their excuse was they didn't have a position open for me after the summer. So for two years that I worked there they had a position for me then all of the sudden oh so sorry you don't have a job anymore I've worked in daycare for 7 years total and have two wonderful children of my own. I love my daycare experiences caring for the children I will miss their smiling little faces and the pleasure of getting to know their parents/families. That was my personal experience hopefully yours will be better. I also want to say HI to all the great teachers I've gotten to know there and HI to the former teachers who migh more

Such a great place and would recommend to anyone!!! 12/12/2008

My daughter started at The Goddard School in Oct of 08 and since then she has improved and become such a vibrant and full of energy little girl. The owners are so welcoming, kind and helpful! The teachers (Ms. Justine, Ms. Jamie, and Ms. Tiff) of the tadpole class are great they truly love your child and care for them.\r \r At first my daugter would cry when I dropped her off but now she is so excited to go and doesnt want to leave!!!! They do projects I would never imagine or think of doing with her and they give you a daily report of her day. The teachers inform you of any and everything that happens with your child!\r \r I looked at 5 other daycares and let me tell you those daycares stand a chance against this daycare. The Goddard School is by far cleanier, educational, caring, interactive, and safe! It is a little more expensive then the other daycares I visited but that right there should tell you something! \r \r I was so sad to put her in daycare and now I am so sad to take her out ( more

Read the dates of the post 11/11/2008

I heard some negative things about Goddard in Stafford, but after touring & visiting at least 5 other daycares in the area, I picked Goddard for numerous reasons. Some of which include, cleanliness, caring management and teachers, behavior i observed of other children that were already enrolled. The new owners have done too many things to list, along with the directors and I am very pleased. My child started at 3 mos, and like many parents in the area I commute, and theirs help. The owners, and both directors have children that also attend the school. My child had some expected bumps the first week (which is expected after being home with me all day for 3 mos). but is now adjusting and always seems happy at pickup time. For the most part, all the teachers seem to genuinely care about the children. If your child is more particular, then tell the staff and they seem to do what is necessary to help your child adjust to the new environment. more

Teachers mostly great 9/16/2008

My son has been at Goddard since he was 4 months old, he is 2.5 now. He loves being there. The teachers have mostly been great with the exception of one last summer that didn't stay long. Some say the price is too high, but considering that my work hours plus commute time normally means that he is in care for around 11 hours per day, the per hour cost is very low. I think my son's development is far more developed due to the great curriculum he has been exposed to.I will also agree that the administration and management has not been that great. There is bad or non-existent communication to the parents on many different issues. It does seem that the new owners are attempting to improve this. Time will tell. more

The Goddard School located in Stafford, VA is under new ownership 9/2/2008

Please call or stop by and ask to speak with one of the owners. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you a tour of our School. My partner and I are the new owners, as of July 10, 2008. We are very proud of our teachers, directors and our School. We have made wonderful improvements and continue to strive for excellence -- for the benefit of our enrolled students and our own children who attend our School everyday. more

Current Review August 19, 2008 8/19/2008

After reading the reviews I was not excited to go tour the school. However- it seems that major changes have been made. Do not let old reviews turn you away. There are 2 new owners that are on site every day. The director is awesome and so are the teachers that my 3 year old has come into contact with. I am a very involved parent- I am talking PTO, etc. I would not put my child here if I was not happy with it. All I am saying is take a look for yourself. Call a schedule a tour. I was pleasantly surprised! more

They don't care about your children 8/4/2008

Our child as well as about 7 others were physically abused by a caretaker there. Another care taker reported her to the directors and the directors did nothing about it so the abuse went on. The parents had no idea what was going on until child protective services contacted us. After all was said and done, the woman who was abusing our children was suspended from childcare for a number of years and the directors were fired (approx. March 2007). Apparently the owners were aware of this woman abusing the children as well but did nothing about it. They clearly do not care about the welfare of the children. Here's another example: one day while my child was still attending (of course, after we were contacted by child services, we pulled him right out) someone was parked in the fire lane right outside the front doors. I walked in and told one of the caretakers that a woman was parked in the fire lane, and she said 'oh, well, that's the owner'. ??? That's how much she cares about the more

My 22 month old loves her teachers and the Goddard School 7/30/2008

After reading through the various below comments, I thought that I would throw in my two cents. My little one loves the Goddard School and has loved ALL of her teachers. She started at Goddard in the Guppies at 5 months old. She moved through Tadpoles onto Frogs and is happy. All of the teachers have been fantastic: Earnestine, Cheryl (don't know if she's still there), Catherine, Justine, Kim, Wy, Jamie, and so on.\r \r One thing that has been somewhat disconcerting is the lack of communication from management. As alluded to some of the below comments, it seems teachers just "disappear" with no notice. It would be nice to know if a teacher or director, etc. has been rotated out of a class or is just no longer working there. We were blindsided by a far different contract last Spring than signed up for initially in February 07. We believe the Friday pizza is an excellent idea; however, no one informed us prior to. We just received the pizza charge on our statement. Not a big dea more

My daughter and I love her teacher at Goddard. 7/7/2008

My daughter is very happy at Goddard and we love her teacher and ex-teacher who was wrongly accused of abuse. If I were the parent of the abused child I would have immediately pulled the child from the school, that child is still enrolled and attending class.This is past the 30 day notice period the parent complained of. The school's owner did not conduct a just investigation nor contact Dept. of Social Services (which is mandatory in alledged abuse cases). The teacher was fired on the spot without any fair investigation. What kind of compensation did that parent get if they are keeping their child enrolled in an alledgedly dangerous environment. \r Where I may not like the old owner's way of business ethics, I love the teachers who have daily contact with my daughter. more

hmm 6/23/2008

I just feel that everyone may have a misunderstanding. I cant believe what these parents are saying!! you can never judge a book by its cover or by what OTHER PEOPLE SAY.I love the goddard school and appreciate all that the teachers have done! more

MY child was abused: The Goddard School in Stafford, Va 5/30/2008

My 3 year old had not been using the potty at school and the teachers kept complaining to me about it, He is FULLY potty trained at home! I asked my child about it over and over and he finally said that he is scared to go to the potty at school because the teacher hits him in the head and yells at him! I went to the director the next day and told them and they fired the woman on the spot and asked me to please give them another chance. He went back for 2 days but I just dont' feel comfortable with him being there anymore and spoke to the director and she stated the director said that I must give them 30 DAYS NOTICE!!! I can not believe this, my child was abused and they still won't just let me walk away! So I don't know what to do or who to turn to!!! more

Owner interested in money, not children 4/21/2008

I agree with the previous reviewer who indicated the owner is only interested in money. At Goddard, the owner is supposed to be on-site as a resource for parents and students. However, the owner in Stafford only arrives on pay day to count the checks. \r BEWARE of the contract you sign.You are required to pay for 90 days of tuition even if you find the school unsuitable and give 30 days notice. more

Owner is Horrible 10/8/2007

The Owner of the Center is only interested in pocketing money for himself. He refused to buy supplies for the children. He placed toys in room that were inappropriate for the children. I pulled my child out when he got rid of a good teacher to replace her with a cheaper and untrained staffed member. When both directors leave about the same time something odd is going on. Very expensive plus you have to bring your own childs food. more
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