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Giuffre Hyundai Limited - 18 Reviews - 437 89TH St, Brooklyn, NY - Hyundai Dealers Reviews - Phone (718) 238-6716

Giuffre Hyundai Limited

437 89TH St
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 238-6716
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Best salesman and there are #1, Scott B and Peter Belina were friendly and nicest guys. I will always buy from them and my family as well. Manfredi, Plaza and Scamsone do a low ba...


Like the reviewer below, I don't normally write reviews either. But this is such a terrible place, I have to let others know. Rude, pressurizing and dishonest sales personnel, I...

NEVER buy from these people! 10/13/2010

Like the reviewer below, I don't normally write reviews either. But this is such a terrible place, I have to let others know. Rude, pressurizing and dishonest sales personnel, I couldn't have had a worse attempt-at-car-buying experience. And to top it all, after failing totally to locate the car I wanted, they're now refusing to refund my deposit - BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS!!! more

Terrible experience! 8/23/2010

I don't usually write reviews but I think everybody should know this. In my 45.000k mile checkup they forgot to put the oil cap on, which killed my engine. Thanks to the warranty the car was fixed, however they didn't change the engine, which of course reduced the value of my car. They provide a bad service every time you go there, they never return your car the day they commit to do it and they simply tell you that you don't have more options since they are the only dealership in the area, which is not true because I have been in Potamkin Hyundai in Manhattan where they offer a good service. Giuffre in Brooklyn is the worst possible dealership!. more

Buyers Beware 7/4/2010

This dealership is definitely a bait and switch operation. They didn?t have one of the 6 cars I printed from the internet, even though the sales person assured me they did the night before. Unless you are a masochist, RUN, do not walk out of this dealership. The floor manager degraded the female ?salesperson? in training right in front of us. We couldn?t get a salesman to wait on us, (could it be because we were obviously a male couple?). After a second trip back they finally were going to let one of two female sales reps in training give us a test drive. The female sales reps were very cordial despite the chauvinism shown to them by the all male sales staff and management. We never did test drive the one car we were interested in because they couldn?t find the keys to the three cars that boxed it in. No problem, because the car we were interested in did have keys, and just turning it on and hearing the engine pure like a BP oil well in crisis was enough. We also wanted to pay in cash ? beware, they only want you to finance the car so they can take you for more money. Also on the Guiffre Kia lot they have a Toyota Prius I saw on Thursday for $13,900 not detailed or cleaned. On Sunday when I went back the same care was $18,500+ (beware you?re dealing with a mentality where a care wash and upholstery cleaning costs close to $5,000). When I told the same sales rep I talked to on Thursday of the $5K difference, he said that was the cash price and he could work with me to lower the price if I FINANCED! When I told him we wanted to pay cash, he just rolled his eyes, and went back to his desk. This is the industry we (the taxpayers) helped bail out. If you don?t value your hard earned money or self respect and have a masochistic side, I recommend the Guiffre family of dealerships. God bless you all, you?ll need it. Pros: Training staff cordial Cons: Please read below more

Avoid this dealership at all Costs 1/5/2010

Giuffre Kia Mazda Mitsubishi Hyundai is a car dealership that preys on consumers. You will regret any dealings with them. They engage in bate and switch tactics, they provide consumers with incomplete and inaccurate information and they try to trick consumers into purchasing warranties that they do not need or want. Pros: There was nothing positive about my experience here Cons: Service, Advertisement, Practices more

bad place,bad people,very bad service 9/12/2009

i saw their adds of 2002 hyunday santa fe on yahoo auto few days ago i ask information by email to them,and a lady named reese call me on friday ,told me that they having a 35% off and no payment for 4 month,she ask me to come to see the car,sounds like a good offers, so i came on saturday sept 12. Before i go i call them first and speak with reese,i ask about the availability of the car,she said it still available,so i came. when i arrive i call her again,she said she will come down to see me,i waited few minutes there, and a guy named mike came to me,he said that reese is on the phone and he will help me,so i ask him about the car,then he ask me to come with him to the parking lot next to the building,he said that the car might not available anymore,then i ask him to check it for me,he ask me to wait.After i wait there for A WHILE,i came inside again and ask for reese to a girl that i believe work there,she pointed a lady in the back and said thats reese,so i came to the back to see that girl,i greet her and ask for reese,she ask me what happened?i tell her that spoke with reese i asking for the 2002 hyundai santa fe,then she call one of her co-worker to help me,to bad i forgot to ask this guy's name. I gave him a list of the 2002 hyundai santa fe with 3 others car that i saw on their website,he ask me to wait.Few minutes later he came back to me and said those 4 car has gone,then i so fast i just call before i go and the car still available,he answered me with high,unfriendly tone and say ""listen we have four store it can go very fast"". and again with unfriendly tone he offers me a 2001 honda,i feel offended so i just say no and went home. my summary are : 1.i ask reese about the car before i go and she said it still available,but when i came there she doesn't even want to see me( made me come there girl,you with your offers)or actually that car never available,they just want me to come...??? 2.that guy mike..he cant just disappeared 3.the last guy are the worst,with his unfriendly tone.... 4.i live in elmhurst, took me 1.5 hours to get there and 2 hours to get home by subway on its so wasting my time... i dont think i will come back to that place,or recommend them to a friend..... more

These people are CRIMINALS! 8/4/2008

Apparently, Citisearch won't allow people to post honest bad reviews about dealerships (according to the TOS), so I'll have to just say (and this is putting it VERY VERY VERY nicely) that these guys are dishonest, to say the least. more

Avoid all of their dealerships at all cost. The all start with giuffre hyundai, mazda, kia and mitsubishi. They were completely dishonest with me. 7/11/2008

company made a deal with me and changed the deal. I asked for the original deal in writing. The manager tells me that the deal changed once I met with the finance guy and that wasn't true. The finance manager(who is no longer there) wrote it down and said he was putting it in the sleeve. When I got home it wasnt there. I believe he did a switch a roo on me or somehting. So that's where the problems began. So they are denying our original deal which was they were going to make three payments of 656.98. In addition, they added a warranty to my contract and told me I had to take it if the deal was to go through. They asked me not to cancel it until 61 days. they will not have earned the money. They(vinny the old floor manager) also said they wouldn't charge me the percentage fees on the warranty if I came back to the guy who sold the car who is now denying he ever said that. I've tried to cancel on numerous occasions and got the run around until the president told me today that he is not cancelling the warranty because he needs to make his money. Also I told vinny I would not take the car if the insurance was too high. I called a couple of places and it was too high so I wasn't going to take it. He said call my guy Angelo from network agency he works with different insurance companies. I called angelo He qouted me a rate that was affordable and vinny agreed to pay the downpayment so that I can take the car. However, two weeks later I received a letter from the insurance company stated the insurance was going up 1200 dollars. When I spoke to the supervisor of the company Maurriccio he stated to me that the agent knew I would not have qualified for that rate. Now I beleive that Angelo and Vinny may have been in cahoots to get the sale on both ends. When I called angelo back concerning the matter That was three weeks ago. He never called me back as promised and he does not take anyof my phone calls. Pros: none what so ever Cons: false deals, frequent staff changes, met other people at dealership who were in dispute with them as well. (unfortunately after I purchased the vehicle) more

Worst experience ever!! 3/24/2008

I'd researched the Santa Fe & gone to another dealership out of town to take a look. I had to wait until I closed on my house to actually do the deal, though. The day after I closed my old car died and I NEEDED a new one. I went to Giuffre in order to test drive the car and had every intention of leasing it immediately. The salesman didn't know about any of the packages available on the Santa Fe or its optional 3rd row seat. He kept trying to get me to say I would ""do a deal today."" I said yes, we'll do a deal today as long as I get a test drive first. Meanwhile, two desks away, a gentleman was talking with another salesman who was being very argumentative and downright rude and told the guy he wasn't arguing. I let them check my credit, showed them my debit/credit card to prove I was serious about getting a car that day. He started talking numbers. I wanted to lease for personal business reasons, but he was trying to steer me into buying. He talked to me about numbers for all of 5 minutes before another guy , Vinny, came over acting like this guy wasn't doing it right or something, sat down and talked at me for a few minutes. He made me start to question why I was leasing and not buying. But I knew how much I could get the car for at the other dealer and I knew how much I could get it for by going through CarsDirect, and Vinny kept telling me that the sticker price was the price of the car. I finally said ""Before we talk any more numbers, I want to drive the car."" A few more minutes of pointless bickering and pressuring where Vinny told me he deals with ""people like me every day"" and I got my license and credit card back and walked out. Pros: It was close to the subway Cons: Rude staff, High pressure tactics, not knowledgeable about their product more

do not buy matter what 10/11/2007

By far the worst experience I have ever had buying anything. They sold me a car, took my 2k deposite and then tried to pass of a lower version of the model we agreed upon. It took nearly a month and a call to the State Attorney General's office to get my money back. Needless to say, the State Attorney General's office was VERY familiar with this dealership. Crooks! more

Worst car dealership EVER, service & sales! 7/10/2007

Is one star the lowest? I need something lower for this dealership. Both Sales & service were terrible! They added on so many charges after the sale. It was not worth it for me to buy there. After that the service department is no better. My 2004 Santa Fe (according to them) need a new transmission in 2006?!?! It was covered under warrenty, but they had my car for over a month and every time I asked for a loaner they never had one. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. Need I say more. Cons: underhanded sales & service, staff & management more

Excellent by far 5/2/2007

Best salesman and there are #1, Scott B and Peter Belina were friendly and nicest guys. I will always buy from them and my family as well. Manfredi, Plaza and Scamsone do a low ball of doing buisness just so you can return with a fake number, after signing then you see the real CR*P fees they charge. At least Giuffre is honest at what they do. THANK YOU Giuffre Pros: Deals and service Cons: Manfredi,Plaza,Scamsone more

Horrific Customer Service 4/23/2007

After purchasing my car, every service visit has been horrible. The car is never ready as promised. In addition the dealer damaged the wheel on my vehicle while trying to mount a new tire. As a result, they tried to make me pay for the ?damaged? wheel, this place is a mess. Absolutely the most dishonest individuals in the world. In addition, do not even bother to complain to the service manager ?Chris?, he is to busy over-billing HMA for work that was never performed. Plus, he could care less . . . buy from Manf. And you will be happy you did. Pros: Location Cons: Service, Prices, Dishonest more

Please avoid this dealership! 3/15/2007

As the other reviews have stated, this team was hand selected and represents the most dishonest group of people I have ever come into contact with. The account managers who are responsible for taking care of the paperwork will trick you into signing forms that add exta $$ after the sale is over. Then the kicker is that they refuse to refund the money. I have taken my complaints to the top and even spoke with the store general manager. My guess is that he is the cause of the problem b/c he didn't even bat his eyes at my complaints. I don't want to get into it all, but bottom line, AVOID this place. Cons: Need I say more. more

Deceitful, Unprofessional and Insulting Salespeople 1/27/2007

After receiving a scratch off in the mail that said I was a guaranteed winner, was a bit skeptical about this and decided before visiting them to call ahead and see what the ""catch"" was. I spoke to a Debra and a Ryan on two different occasions and they both assured me that I was a guaranteed winner and stated that I could have won the grand prize which was a car or a cash prize which was 1 : 350,000 chance that I could of won those or a $1,000 online shopping spree. They assured me once again there is no catch, to just come on down and claim my prize. When I got there I asked for Debra as she told me to do and I was seated. I spoke with an Al Stevenson who then showed me a chart that said since I scratched off three cars I am guaranteed to win an online shopping spree and $2,500 off a car. I told Mr. Stevenson that I did not come here to buy a car and that I was told by the two representatives on the phone that my intentions were to just claim my prize since they said I was guaranteed to winner. Mr. Stevenson kept persisting and I realized at that moment that this was indeed a bait and switch scenario. He then brought over his manager which not only insulted me but asked why I came down here to waste their time. He began to throw more insults at me and stated how I had not read the fine print and that I cannot read and obviously I am not that smart. He did not only insult me but he also insulted my friend who had came down there with me. I did not throw any insults back at them and I simply walked out because I chose not to argue with obviously deceitful people. I walked out with no prize even though several of the employees claimed I was a guaranteed winner. This was the first time I've been the victim of a scam and such unprofessional, questionable, downright deceiving business practices. Cons: once you made up your mind you do not want a car they begin to insult you more

Worst service from a car dealer!!! 10/10/2006

The salepeople will try to sell you a car like there is no tomorrow. I requested a test drive, I didn't get it. Only thing in their mind is how to take your money away. No such thing as customer satisfaction. Non-knowledge about what they are selling. They are all full of crapp, dont trust a word that comes out of their mouth, and most importanlty dont give them a penny.. more

Horrible service, horrible people, horrible everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/21/2006

These people are the best crooks I have seen in my life... I paid 20k for a 2007 Hyundai Accent, and the price of the car is 13K.... I could have went to Acura, or Bmw for that kind of money.. They made me sign blank papers, telling me that the banks were closed.. Nothing was explain to me, and the price of the vehicle jumped 4-5k.. Im returning the car back to Hyundai of Staten Island for half the price... If you want a Hyundai, go to hyundai of staten island. Avoid the crooks of 89 & 5 th avenue. After this experience, I would think 100 times of buying a hyundai again.. I hope you read this review before you go to them... Pros: Nice way of going into debt, if thats what you are looking for Cons: everything more

Horrible service, dishonest staff, zero follow through 7/16/2006

I purchased a car from the New Car lot of Giuffre Mazda/Hyundai. Here's just a snapshot: The dealer couldn't answer my questions, the manager misquoted the version of the car that we were negotiating and couldn't imagine my dissapointment when test driving a different car then was promised. Staff wasn't knowledgable about a rebate that was advertised online and was unable to negotiate its use. Calls were never returned from staff. The finance officer that closed the deal misrepresented an additional insurance policy. I later found out that I was locked in for years to it and it couldn't be cancelled, the opposite of what was promised. The financial officer refused to even discuss the matter over the phone and didn't return calls. I have considered taking the company to court but no longer wish to deal with this company in any fashion. Stay clear of these guys! Pros: Selection Cons: everything else more

Great Deal...Honest 3/9/2006

Resently I purchased my first new vehicle. I was very nervous at first due to the horror stories surrounding the auto buying market. To my surprise this purchase was one of the smoothest and ""painless"" transactions of my life. Pros: Honesty , brand knowledge more
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