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Giggles Comedy Club

5220 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 526-5653
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What a cool place to see comedy. My wife an I went there this weekend and saw a very good show. We were very impressed with all the great comedians that visit there. The bartende...


was in town and wanted to try something new. after picking 'giggles' from a short list of available comedy clubs and visitng their site (?1999), we called to make reservations. on...

First and last visit 11/12/2009

I thought this place could use a more recent review, but, unfortunately, nothing has changed here. Thankfully I knew what I was heading into before I got here, I just had hopes that the owner might have read all the horrible reviews of his place and worked to improve it. Nope! My husband and I went last week for a Special Engagement, so we had pre-ordered tickets. We stood outside for over 20 minutes waiting to get in because as soon as everyone pays/turns in their tickets, they must immediately buy their required 1 drink from the bar. There is not enough room inside, thus everone waits outside. The owner is the only bartender, so naturally, this process moves a little slow. The lady in front of us was served wine from a box (beware - he only has merlot; do not let the 4 display bottles on the bar fool you into thinking there might be variety here). My husband and I both ordered Jack Daniels and Coke ($6 each). I'm not exactly sure what we were served, but it was definitely not Jack. I drink Jack Daniels enough to know what it tastes like. I have a strong feeling the bartender poured Jim Beam or something similar into the Jack Daniel's bottle. We figured arguing wouldn't do us any good; this place obviously is not about customer service or quality. I would recommend anyone going order a bottle of beer; at least you'll get what you ordered. The place looks completely run down and horrible. They also do not seem to keep track of how many tickets they sell (a little worrisome since they pre-sell tickets) because the guy selling tickets kept opening the door to the show area to scan for seats still available. Between this and everyone forced to stand in line waiting on the one bartender to make drinks, the show started 30 minutes late. The comedian we saw is pretty well known, and I'm sure he had no idea what a dump this place was before he booked it. He spent a chunk of his time on stage making fun of how trashy the whole place was. You could definitely tell he would not be back at this place. I honestly am amazed that the owner has managed to keep this place open for so long. I suppose if you only care about the comedy, maybe you don't mind going here. We will not be returning. Pros: nothing Cons: dirty, poorly ran, bad drinks more

The Not So Funny Truth About Giggles.... 11/29/2008

My husband and I had both been to Giggles over a decade ago and had fond memories. We decided to take my brother for an evening out when he came to town for Thanksgiving this year. What a mistake!!! $54 got us in and included the one drink minimum. If you don't want a drink you have to buy a $5 bottle of water. The waiting area is filthy and painted with the colors from the "Ooops!" paint table at Home Depot. There was a card table set up in the waiting area with four guys playing Texas Hold 'Em, who it turned out where our evening's opening acts and the janitors.... The doors to the bathrooms were propped open with the Women's bathroom door located right at the end of the bar where you walk into the waiting area. As the waiting customers were asked to line up for the show down the hallway we were bathed in the smell of urine, butt, sweat, and urinal cake. We went to the 10pm show so the janitor/poker players had some clean up to do before we were let into the show-room. I am thinking they should have spent a few more minutes cleaning up. The tables were sticky, wet and it smelled really bad in there. I used my coat as a barrier between the table and me because it was so disgusting and I was pretty sure it hadn't been wiped down with any form of cleaner in quite a long while. There were 5 warm-up comedians that did 5 minutes each. Some were better than others but for the most part it was painful and embarrasing to watch them struggle so hard. The word "amateur" definitely found its home. The headliner came on just about the time I was ready to call it quits and admit defeat. He was amusing for the most part and I got a few laughs out of it that I felt I had earned. Seattle needs a great place for comedy, Giggles is not it. My bottom line is this, I would have had a better time renting a DVD of a comedian I know I'd enjoy, mix drinks at home and laugh my butt off in an environment devoid of back alley smells of old alcohol, sweat and urine. Cons: Parking, Service, Atmosphere....EVERYTHING! more

decent for comedy, don't plan on enjoying anything else. 10/5/2007

was in town and wanted to try something new. after picking 'giggles' from a short list of available comedy clubs and visitng their site (?1999), we called to make reservations. only a recorded message that ran the speed of the old 'micro machines' commercial guy, which forced us to call 3 times before finally snagging the info we needed. 12$ for a show. not too bad. after showing up a half hour early and waiting in a short line, we were forced to shuck out 18$ for the show, including a 'first drink'--even for 18 year old high schoolers, designated drivers, and non-drinkers (like me). talk about bait and switch. nowhere in their advertisements, phone messages, etc. was this extra "drink" fee mentioned; a sour point, especially for someone like me who doesn't drink. after waiting in the bar line for 10 minutes with our 6$ "drink" ticket, i ordered a 6$ bev from their menu. somehow it cost my ticket plus a dollar. if they need cash-only for such an understaffed place, they should just say upfront shows are what they are, and offer a complimentary drink ticket, especially since they don't have the staff to support a 1-drink minimum with any size crowd. by the time we sat down, we were in the next to last row, but in a small room it wasn't so bad. comedy was decent, but was interrupted by their one server running back and forth. bartender/owner whined about losing 6 staffers in the past month, can't guess why. overall it's passable. if they have someone you KNOW will be funny on stage, give it a go. apparently fridays are slow, so admission is free, where saturdays @ 8pm are crowded. otherwise, maybe find somewhere else to spend your evening. Pros: decent comedy. go friday nights for free shows. Cons: no parking, lousy service. bait and switch pricing. more

Giggles was perfect for us! 8/19/2007

What a cool place to see comedy. My wife an I went there this weekend and saw a very good show. We were very impressed with all the great comedians that visit there. The bartender is the owner and he was a perfect host and took the time to discuss the seattle comedy scene with us. We had nacho's during the show and drinks at our beckon call.{the giggles teas are outstanding} After the show we talked to the 4 comedians that performed and what a blast that was. I would highly reccomend Giggles to those that want to see comedy in a great atmosphere. more

The best comedy club in Seattle 8/18/2007

I have a had great time at Giggles many times. The comics are always very good and they are the only club that brings in big acts. They usually only have 1 server but after the rush you can get waited on right away.The more people they have the slower the service. Seating is always good and there is not a bad seat in the house.The owner is very pleasent and tells you the truth about everything if you ask. He is easy to spot , he is the one working the hardest there. Drinks are reasonably priced and the food is what it is , bar food. Its easily the best club in town. more

Ridiculous 8/18/2007

The owner/bartender is rude for no reason and the club is not good enough for him to have the attitude. The comics were not bad when I went but it was really hard to enjoy a couple hour show while sitting in a muggy room with only 1 beer. Pros: A few laughs Cons: Unexplainably slow service, uncomfortable more

Horrible experience at Giggles 2/24/2007

Had been to Giggles numerous times in the past and had a decent time. Last night was a whole other story... owner is a EXTREMELY rude and unhelpful. Went up to the bar to order drinks with a group of 6 people, and with no other customers were completely ignored by the bartender/owner for no apparent reason. At this point there was only 10 people waiting for the show, so there was no rush. During the show only one waitress serves the whole club. We ordered nachos, which was a bag of chips dumped on a plate with a WHOLE jar full of Pace picante sauce dumped on top with absoultely no cheese what so ever. Was disgusting. Drinks were horrible and extremely over priced for basically ice in an 8 oz glass with one splash of juice and one splash of liquor. Owner/bartender charged a person from my group $10 dollars for a double drink in a larger glass, and when she made this request all the owner did was throw her already made drink in a larger PAPER cup. Added more ice, and more juice then said "that will be $10 dollars please". This place is really really going down hill, would never suggest anyone to EVER go there. The comedy was not even worth all the hassel that owner gives everyone. Pros: Absoultely nothing Cons: Everything about this place is a dump more

The Worst Comedy Club In Seattle 11/3/2006

So basicly this place is no good. The owner is rude, the service is slow (about an hour to get a burger after you order it), they are understaffed, everything is a "special event" even if it is just a regular show. Worst of all is that they change the price all the time. They say it's $12 but when you get there they are charging $16 - 20. I've been told by the rude owner that it is tax, and that it is a club charge, and this, and that. If they have someone you know go ahead, otherwise head to the comedy underground. Pros: sometimes have decent comics Cons: everything else more

Owner is Extremely Rude! 10/13/2006

My friends and I tried out this club for the first time just yesterday. We were informed by the website and the phone message that tickets were $12. When we arrived we were told it was $13. It was really no big deal but we were curious why the price change. My friend asked the owner and condescendingly, he replied, "It's that fee that is added on to everything, called tax!". My friend went on to tell us what had happened and the owner then called him out in front of everyone and suggested that he was from Oregon and didn't know what taxes were. It was a bad start to the evening and uncalled for. Overall, the drinks were good, the bathrooms were nasty and the comedians were so-so. We will never go back. Pros: Drinks, seating Cons: Owner, bathrooms, Not enough employees more

not worth the trouble 10/18/2004

Every time I've been here, I've enjoyed the show, but I get tired of the owner lecturing everyone about calling ahead and making reservations. They're understaffed EVERY TIME because they can't get a clue and figure out that MORE PEOPLE WILL SHOW UP THAN MAKE RESERVATIONS. And they never honor their 2-for-1 coupon they advertise in the Entertainment book, because just about every frickin show is a "special engagement". If they'd learn how to run a club professionally, I'd be happy to go back. As is, I'll head to the Comedy Underground. Pros: good comics more

comedy club = comedy 5/2/2003

If you want comedy this is the place. there is a defferent act or mix of acts every night. I paid $12 to get in for the 8pm show and $7 for a mixed tall drink. There were 2 waitresses, both very nice and attentive but you can split 2 people only so many ways, there were 100 customers or more. The food looked greasy, fries, burgers, greasy spoon type. I came for the comedy not the food and ate at the Indian restaurant next door. The club was not packed but if it was and 1/3 of the patrents smoked you would get your share of smoke. The parking right by Giggles is for 3 to 5 cars only but there is enough street parking in the area to accomodate everyone, free after 6pm. Pros: good comedy, pretty safe area, good floor plan Cons: greesy food, $12 cover, not enough waiters more

It's all about the money 1/18/2003

Showed up about an hour before the show to get a decent seat. Took an hour + to get our food and 1/2 hour for drinks, have had better food at an AM/PM mini-mart. Tried to order the next round of drinks at the bar. Bartender ignored me. Even though they were totally unprepared for the turnout, the owner of the club was busy jamming more people inside. Despite the fact that he couldn't provide decen't service. When the show finally started the owner of the club came up on stage and made a weak apology. Told us " it was all about the comedy". Someone in the audience even called the fire dept. The comedy was good. Frankly it's about the experience. Needless to say ours wasn't good. My advice, unless there is someone you really want to see, go to the comedy underground in Pioneer square. Pros: Comedy Cons: Food, Beverages, Bathrooms more
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