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Gibson Outpost-Shooting Range - 14 Reviews - 1712 Lawson Rd, Mesquite, TX - Camps Reviews - Phone (972) 222-8127

Gibson Outpost-Shooting Range

1712 Lawson Rd
Mesquite, TX 75181
(972) 222-8127
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Reccently spent a great day at the Gibson Range. I have read the other reviews and I am not affilated with the range. The range is the only open, full metal jacket range I kno...


I have been going here for some time now. It is close to my house and allows FMJ. The owner is a nice enough guy as long as you aren't a jerk. The son, however, is a completely di...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/19/2013

I have been going to Gibson's for over two years now. I have never had a problem with the range or owners. They run a good and safe range and I think that is great. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/26/2012

very unprofessional business. The son is a power-trip mullet hairstyle D-Bag. Im sure he has never had a woman, as he is a major clown more

I have been going here for some time 6/4/2012

I have been going here for some time now. It is close to my house and allows FMJ. The owner is a nice enough guy as long as you aren't a jerk. The son, however, is a completely different story. The guy is a complete ass. I have seen him on multiple occasions be a prick for no other reason than perhaps it was his time of the month. He never said anything to me until the last time that I went. I was testing out an AR-15 and was unsure how to lock the bolt open. I had never fired one before and wanted to test a friend's gun before I bought one. When I explained to him that I wasn't familiar with the gun and didn't know how to lock the bolt open, he said, ""That's why they come with an owner's manual, Dumbass."" This was completely uncalled for and when I informed him that his establishment would no longer get my business he just acted like he didn't care. I guess now I have to drive all the way to Garland to shoot, and they are too dang busy most of the time. more

If I could give half a star 4/10/2012

This place is ran by bipolar idiots. I have been there before and had no issues, but today was the worst that you could experience. I have seen them be strick but really when you can't even shoot the way you want to practice. I have rapid fired before with my sw9sigma and my glock 22 as well as I have fast fired my 243 and 308 rifles, now I have new mp15-22 which fires 22lr rounds. Couldn't fire close range on the 25 yd range had to do long range rifle range so couldn't really see where I was hitting and they yelled when I was doing double taps and triple taps. Only time they wouldn't say something was when I fired once every 3-4 sec. When you are practicing with assault rifles and want to switch to pistol no can do here. On top of that they would not allow practice standing up. Had to sit and fire from bench with assault rifle, what good is practicing with weapons if you can't practice. Unless sniping why do you need to fire sitting. there rationale was if someone sees me firing that gun then everyone else will want to bring their big assault rifles and fire them on the short ranges and might tear up there crapy back boards that are always crap anyways and always have almost all the backer boards shot out. What a concept a gun range that someone would want to bring guns to and shoot. Shouldn't matter what u have if it is allowed at range you should be able to shoot anywhere at the range. more

I will never go there again 9/12/2011

Unbelievable - how do these people stay in business. Rude, crude - mean spirited. Stay away from this business - they deserve to be boycotted. As an experienced female shooter - was looking for a place to practice - this is not the place - unless you are into abuse. They will never receive a penny of my money ever again. more

Never Again!!! 7/9/2011

If you like being talked to like a retarded dog well search no further. I have shot weapons from Bangkok to Bahrain and I have to say if ever there was a place as close to the Island of Misfit Toys it's right there on Lawson Rd., Mesquite, Texas. It's no wonder they won't open that road from Hwy 80. more

A good, safe day. 6/29/2011

Reccently spent a great day at the Gibson Range. I have read the other reviews and I am not affilated with the range. The range is the only open, full metal jacket range I know of near DFW. I was skeptical based on the reviews but I found Frank to be delightful and very helpful. The range rules are strict, and should be! After watching morons point loaded weapons in my direction on other ranges, I am thrilled this range is run like a military firing line. Plenty of space, privacy, and quiet to work on groupings. They break every 20 minutes or so to allow you to reset targets, etc. During the cease fire, your weapon must be safe and you must stand away from your waepon as others are down range at the targets. This rule was sorely tested by a ""know it all"" that was there to show friends how to shoot. During the cease fire, he was handling loaded weapons with a ditzy blond while I was down range adjusting a target. Frank's son shouted down the two idiots and rightfully so. Overall, very well run, stric and thankfully safe. I intend to return several times to group some nice paterns at 200 yds with the right optics. Stay Hard Frank! I have read the other reviews and realize how many idots there are in the world. more

Gibsons Outpost 3/17/2011

I think that blogger 12ax7 and blogger zx9rt1 are the same person, and in fact the very owners of the range and perhaps it that rude son of the owner, guy, who keeps emphasizing safety. We understand where you are coming from but still it is important to be nice to your customers. Your range does offer two major advantages that a lot of ranges in DFW do not offer and that is a 200 yard range and shooting ball ammo is permitted, so that is why I give you 4 stars. But, although your range is nice, its not the only 'safe"" range around, so its still important to be nice to the people that are giving you money every day. more

Gibsons Outpost 3/17/2011

From what I can tell everyone here is that Gibson's is a very good place to shoot. Just follow the range rules and do as instructed. Mr Gibson Sr is a very nice guy and has a lot of knowledge. The son is a very no nonsense kinda guy that is a stickler for following the rules. With that being said, I enjoy talking and spending time with them. On a not so good note, Mrs Gibson has become very ill and the family has come together to take of her. Family first! I hope they keep the range open for all of us to enjoy. I would call ahead before heading out to make sure they are open. Remember, the family is going through a rough patch a could use all the prayers and support we fellow shooters can give. With that said, be safe and happy shooting! more

A mixed bag. 2/17/2011

there are a lot of mixed reviews about Gibson's out there and after my first experience I've gotta say, I understand why. more

Its not bad at all 1/16/2011

Ok first of all people you need to know that this isnt your run of the mill shooting range where no one looks over your shoulder making sure that you dont shoot yourself in the friggin leg ! I met the owner and his wife both of them were pretty decent the owner himself is great and had a conversation with me his wife isnt that bad people ! She is an aged old lady not a hooters waitress ! Look at your own parents ( if you are old enough) or your grandparents they are just as straight forward or crude as these people ... you dont go and complain about them online to the whole world do you now ??? They run a safety check every 20 mins or so and they make sure that people stand away from the line for the price people pay this is a good range to go to other wise there are plenty other places where you can go and shoot your expensive ammo ! This is the first place that didnt treat me any different because of my name! more

Safety comes first 12/16/2010

So the place has all the atmosphere of the moon and the staff has the personality of a mud puddle. This is a gun range, not a fine dining experience, these are weapons, not steak and lobster. There are people you don?t know handling loaded weapons all around you and if they make any mistake they will most likely kill you or someone other than themselves so I guess it does not matter to them. Here they express there outrage at the not ? have it your way? attitude of the management. Any one stupid enough, or arrogant enough to think the rules do not apply to them needs to stay away. Those of us that go to this range will be safer. more

Tried a couple of times, still looking over my shoulder 8/12/2010

It's close and I don't mind rules. What is unacceptable is the reputation of the owners and their ""over the top"" outbursts. Watched the son ""yell"" at a customer with his megaphone the last time at the range. This place is closer than any other range available in the Metroplex , yet it will be my second or third choice. When the owners have a reputation for their attitude that was witnessed then my money is better spent in a less volatile environment. more

Great Range 6/23/2010

Made my first visit today per recommendation from a long time shooter. I need a place to practice shooting the M1A standing and prone with the irons @ 100 yrds. Pros: Professionally run and safe, prone shooting Cons: prone shooting a bit tight more

I will never go to this range again!!! 9/29/2009

I got my membership back in August of this year, 2009......went back a second time the first of September. When I got ready to leave they had given my card to someone problem, just had to write a new one. Pros: Close by Cons: Very Rude and Incompetent more

Don't Go 3/2/2008

Extremely rude owners running the place. I won't ever go back. I've never been there where the man and his wife didn't treat me with rudeness and contempt. They acted as if I was bothering them being there. I have a few friends that have experienced the same treatment and will never go back either. Pros: 200 yard rifle range Cons: mean, rude owners running the place more
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