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Gesinee's Bridal - 76 Reviews - 2368 Concord Boulevard, Concord, CA - Bridal Shops Reviews - Phone (925) 686-6444
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Gesinee's Bridal

2368 Concord Boulevard
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 686-6444
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Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA
Gesinee's Bridal - Concord, CA


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I bought my dream dress today. It never would have been possible without Gesinees Bridal. Irma is such a big help. Thank you so much.


I read all these reviews and still went to Gesinee's because they were convenient. They do have a large selection, at least. I went in expecting the worst and armed with my clos...

Thank you so much 8/9/2011

I bought my dream dress today. It never would have been possible without Gesinees Bridal. Irma is such a big help. Thank you so much. more

Very helpful 8/4/2011

I thought that Vanessa was great, very helpfull, she spent alot of time with us. She was great. more

Very happy 7/29/2011

I was very happy with my service Evelyn was very helpful and knew exactly what I was looking for! more

Refer to people you know 7/25/2011

My consultant was awesome. This was the second shop & I found the dress & loved it! She made my experience very memorable. I will definitely refer Gesinee's Bridal to people I know in the future! Thank You more

Wonderful 7/22/2011

My experience with Irene and Teresa was wonderful, I recommend Gesinees to all future Quincesneras. more

Elizabeth was very helpful 7/20/2011

Elizabeth was very helpful, friendly, and a good listener. Helped me with everything & was patient. more

It was wonderful, The Best!! 7/18/2011

It was wonderful, The Best!! Really relatable & made me feel special. Monique wouldn't pressure me to come out in dresses I didn't want that were chosen for me. She was the best & I will come back! more

I will come back! 7/13/2011

It was wonderful, The Best!! Really relatable & made me feel special. Monique wouldn't pressure me to come out in dresses I didn't want that were chosen for me. She was the best & I will come back! more

smart, thoughtful and listened well 7/7/2011

Yes! Claudia was awsome! She was friendly from the moment we walked in the door. She was smart, thoughtful and listened well. This is obviously her passion and found my dress in Ten minutes. Claudia was so sweet and helpful! I recommend her to anybody. Thanks! more

Did not feel pressured 7/5/2011

Easy fun & relaxing. Did not feel pressured or uncomfortable. more

A lovely experience 6/30/2011

My Mother, Sisters & I had a lovely experience. I was dreading having to find a dress, but Vanessa made the day wonderful. Very personal and full of knowledge. Thank you for a fun day!!! more

Will recommend the staff and store to other brides 6/22/2011

The staff, expecially Evelyn, Suzie and Sarah were very helpful and knowledgeable. Will recommend the staff and store to other brides. more


Bought my daughters prom dress here and had a great experience with the staff and store. Chelcie was our salesperson and she was professional and helpful. I am going back for alterations and future business. The only downside is no refunds or exchanges so be sure you want what you are buying, but they tell you this upfront so it's no surprise. more


So here are my complaints… -Gesinee’s promised me a delivery date BUT was two week late! -THEY CHARGED MY DRESS TO THE WRONG CREDIT CARD: despite an email I sent confirming the CC and a phone call in which I gave all of the information, they charged THE NATIONAL BRIDAL CARD I had applied for and planned to use for future use. I discovered the charge 10 months later, after my credit had been destroyed! -I NEVER RECEIVED AN APOLOGY FROM THE OWNER WHICH I EXPLICTLY ASKED FOR. The administrative aspect of this business is seriously dysfunctional! STEAR CLEAR OF THIS PLACE! 1) When I bought the dress they told me my dress would be in my hands by a certain date (which was one of the major deciding factors in why I bought the dress, as my wedding was only 2 months away). When that day came and went I of course called and was rudely informed that it would be another two weeks and that I must have misunderstood when my dress was going to arrive. I told her I hadn't and that I would never have agreed to receive me dress one day before my wedding which is what they were saying would happen in the best case scenario. After my mother made a fit they agreed unhappily to rush the shipping for free. 2) So my wedding day passed and one would think that the drama with Gesinee's would have as well. But alas... 6 months pass and on Christmas day I receive a phone call from a man who claims he is calling in regards to the $65.00 I owe to Gesinee's Bridal. I thought for sure it was a scam because 1) I had paid for my dress in full with my dad's credit card 2) I never made any charge for 65.00. Nonetheless I called Gesinee's a few days later and described the phone call and gave all of the information the man on the phone had given me. After checking her records she agreed that I had paid in full and that she would check into it and give me a call back. Well I never did hear back and the situation slipped my mind until 4 months later I apply for a lease and find out I have 1000.00 I owe to the NATTIONAL BRIDAL ASSOCIATION. I was shocked and told the lease agent it must be fraud. After a week of research I discovered that... GESINEE'S BRIDAL HAD MADE AN UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE ON THE NATIONAL BRIDAL CARD I HAD APPLIED FOR, DESPITE AN EMAIL CONFIRMING THE CREDIT CARD I WANTED TO USE AND A TELEPHONE CALL IN WHICH I GAVE THE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND NUMBER! Oh and the reason it took 8 months for me to find out was because they (GE MONEY BANK/ NATIONAL BRIDAL ASSSOCIATION) were sending notices to my childhood home (not the address I put on the application). more

Just go in with your eyes open 2/15/2008

I read all these reviews and still went to Gesinee's because they were convenient. They do have a large selection, at least. I went in expecting the worst and armed with my closest tough friend, my mom, and a printed out list of every dress I wanted to try on so they couldn't push me around. I ended up with a very nice young woman named Silvina who listened to what I wanted and the dress I ended up selecting was actually one of her choice, not mine. My mom was so impressed that we went to the MOB section, where the lady with big hair and red lips did try to bully her into trying things on she didn't like. My mom basically yelled at her to back off. Their ordering process is very clear now, in that you make the decision about which dress to buy (they definitely don't make it for you and they make you sign off that you agree to ordering size x). Clearly they have been burned or have burned people before with the ordering thing and so they've set up a system that helps them/us avoid this issue. I am not using their alterations out of fear of the horrible reviews...I'll go find someone else to use instead. more

So far, so GREAT!!! 11/7/2007

I have to say that my experience with Gesinee's so far has been GREAT! My mom and I went into the shop back in August for an appointment with Francine, one of the consultants there. I went in not knowing what kind of dress I wanted or should consider for my body type. Francine took a few minutes and asked me general questions about materials and styles that I might like and gave me the chance to voice my concerns about my body type and what I would consider "problem areas". We were guided over to the racks of dresses in my size (and I must say, there is a HUGE selection!) and Francine advised that we should just start looking through the racks and pull out any dresses that I liked and would like to try on. While my mom & I slowly started looking through dresses, Francine was busy flipping through the rack and pulled out a couple to show me. One I really liked off the rack and agreed to try on, the other, I was ready to dismiss instantly because it was a style that I hadn't considered and really didn't think would be flattering on my frame. But, I decided to try it on anyway so that I can just prove to myself and Francine that we could rule out that style. I tried on a few dresses that I pulled off the rack myself and did find 1 or 2 that I liked. Then I tried on the dress that I was supposed to dismiss and was taken by surprise as Francine bustled me up. I was a bit in shock as I stood in the mirror and saw how flattering this dress was on me! All I could say was, "I'm surprised by this dress!" I walked out of the fitting room to show my mom and she was just speachless! And trust me, that NEVER happens! My mom's eyes welled up with tears and she reached into her purse and handed her credit card to Francine! I am so grateful to Francine and the expert eye she had for picking the perfect dress for my body type! She was very friendly and pleasurable to work with. And even though I think we went over our scheduled time for the appointment, she was extremely patient and I never felt like I was being rushed out of the shop. We were advised that my dress could take up to 5 months to receive because it was a "Special Edition". But, to my surprise again, less than 3 months later, Gesinee's called to inform me that my dress has arrived! I have an appointment this Friday to try on and pick up my dress and I expect to leave there a very happy customer! more

My experience was Gesinee's Bridal went like this 9/19/2007

My experience was Gesinee's Bridal went like this... The first time I went in there to try on dresses I had a really nice lady assisting me. She was helpful and listened to me about what kind of dress I wanted. She didn’t push over priced, ugly dresses on me. Turns out she picked out the most perfect dress for me. I couldn’t wait to get laced up and show my mom. I knew it was the perfect dress for me. I didn’t buy it at the time as my mom wanted me to look around some more. But no other dress compared to the one I found at Gesinees. So a month later I went back in to try it on again to make sure I still loved it. The only problem was that the nice woman who helped me before was on a leave of absence. So they handed me off to this loud, rude, obnoxious woman with big hair and red lips. She was pushy and impatient. She forced me to try on other dresses that were not at all the style I was looking for. After trying on 2 tacky dresses, I asked if I could just try on the one I liked so much. I tried it on and I was still so in love with the dress. We bought the dress from the woman who was the least helpful. She probably got the commission on the dress too. She took my measurements and insisted that I order a size 20. I am size 14. I was very hesitant about ordering it so big. She reassured us over and over again that because of my bust size I should get a size 20. She is the expert right? So we ordered a size 20. When the dress arrived and I tried it on, I almost died. It was strapless and when I tried it on and stood up straight the whole thing fell to my ankles on the floor. It was so big and that my mom and the girl assisting had to hold it up for me to look at. I was so upset that the woman would suggest I order something that would have fit 2 of me. We let Gesinee's take care of the alterations. The dress had to be completely reonstructed. They had to cut a HUGE section down the back and removed it. Then sew the dress back together. There was so much unnecessary, left over material that I could have had another dress made. Then the best part was I that I was charged $500 for the alterations. I was completely offended and upset that there “expert” would suggest we order a dress 6 times larger then I actually was. Then they charged us $500 to fix it. So my $1,250 dress just turned into a $1,750 dress. But what I was going to do?? My wedding was in a couple months. So we paid it. My mom even talked to Gesinee herself about us being charged so much for something her employee talked us into. It didn’t matter. She didn’t give us any kind of a break. Instead she showered me with fake compliments on how much weight I must have loss. I was never a size 20 to begin with! Then a week before my wedding I went in for my final fitting. I will give the girls who did the alterations kudos for doing a great job. It was a big job and they completed it in a timely manner. Also I hadn’t decided if I was wearing a veil or not. The girls there convinced me that a bride isn’t a bride without a veil. I picked a nice shoulder length veil that could arrive in the shop in a matter of days. I picked up my veil 2 days before my wedding and went home to try it on. IT WAS THE WRONG VEIL!!! They ordered me the wrong veil. This one was waste long and had three tiers with white ribbon. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? It was too late to get another one! So I used it. Luckily it looked beautiful with my dress. more

Overpriced, bad service and just plain incompetent 8/14/2007

I'm not sure where to begin. The whole situation was a fiasco. The bride did get a good deal by buying a new dress that had been sitting in their inventory. However, Gesinee's did make up for it when they charged her $400 to alter it and couldn't even pin the hem straight. If the grandmother of the bride hadn't been there to stop them, they would have hemmed it wrong and ruined the beaded hem. The bride paid $150 for a light pink veil because Gesinee's told her that it matched her gown perfectly. The bride discovered at the fitting that the veil clashed quite badly. Gesinee's refused to refund the veil or exchange it. When I ordered my bridesmaids dress, the sales person REFUSED to help me with figuring out the correct size to order. Her pat answer was "here's the manufacturer's size chart, you tell me what size. I ended up with a top a size to small and a skirt a size too big - and a $120 alteration bill. The store also switched bodices on the other two bridesmaids in error. The store never called the bride to tell her the bridesmaids dresses were in. One of the bridesmaids happened to call, only to find out the dresses had been sitting in their warehouse, getting dusty, for over two weeks. Their shoes ran $25 higher than other places and they charge $40 to dye them, which is double what you pay at an experienced shoe repair. The bridesmaids dresses also were $25 higher than we would have paid at another salon. When the mother of the bride was looking for a dress, Gesinee, the owner, kept giving us dirty looks because we were there just looking. Now that our experience with them is over, I am amazed by how many times we have heard from other people that Gesinee's is the worst place to go in the Bay Area. This is one bridal party that heartily agrees. more

LACK of customer Service 5/21/2007

The fact that they claim to put their customers first is a bunch of crock! I agree with the others when they say that they do IN FACT suck! I also have had to contact the manufacturer myself and the women at Gesinee's have done nothing to try to help with the process. The worst part is, you can get 3-4 different answers on the same question depending on who answers the phone! They are NOT consistent and when you ask for their extremely annoying store manager, she is NEVER there and you have to leave her a message so she can call you at her convenience. I guess she must be SOOO busy dealing with all the customer complaints they are receiving! more

This store is BEYOND POOR. Gesinee's = The worst 1/25/2006

This is the worst store on earth!!! Please do not shop here. I have had to call the manufacturer of my bridesmaids dresses directly in order to get what I want. The women at this store are snotty and very rude and not accomodating at all. They place orders without your authorization and then say the dresses will come in late and then charge you with a rush fee, this is a form of duress. more
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  • We are located in the heart of downtown Concord and are the Premier Full-Service Salon in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer thousands of bridal gown styles to choose from. Also a large plus size selection. With our personal, professional consultants we are confident you will find the dream gown you have been searching for.

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