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Gerald H Pitman Pc

170 E 73RD St Ste 1
New York, NY 10021
(212) 517-2600
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I had rhinoplasty done by Dr.Pitiman. In my case it was a challenging and complicated procedure because my goals were functional and aesthetic. In addition to cosmetic rhinoplasty...


Dr Pitman wants to do face lifts and neck lifts only. He tries to convince you that the best way is the old way. He doesn't care about new cosmetic advances or minimally invasive...

The Best Doctor 3/23/2011

I had rhinoplasty done by Dr.Pitiman. In my case it was a challenging and complicated procedure because my goals were functional and aesthetic. In addition to cosmetic rhinoplasty I required septoplasty (straightening the deviated nasal septum.) more

Couldn't be more thrilled with the results 9/3/2010

Saw Dr. Pitman for an upper and lower blepharoplasty. I really wanted the procedure, but was incredibly skittish about actually having surgery and going under the knife. I didn't go into this lightly. I read everything I could get my hands on and spoke with several people who'd undergone the procedure themselves. Dr. Pitman is a consummate professional. He isn't warm and fuzzy - but his nurses and support staff more than made up for that. They quickly answered all my questions and sought Dr. Pitman's counsel for anything they couldn't address themselves. I arrived on the day of surgery calm and completely informed about what was going to take place. Better yet, they'd given me great pre-op information, so I had all the necessary medications and tools ready post-op. The actually procedure itself was a breeze - as was the recuperation. Nine to ten days, as expected, and I went back to work the following week with a little concealer on some residual bruising that disappeared a day or two later. Now that it's all said and done, I'm thrilled with the results. My eyes look amazing, and I no longer look tired and drawn. Yet the results are incredibly natural. I also find I'm getting a lot of ""you look great"" compliments - though I can't help but laugh cause these people have no idea that I've had this done. I just look like myself - only better. I should mention that three of my friends who've all had blephs with other doctors, have all commented that my eyes are the best they've seen. Even better than theirs.... And that's when I know it was the right decision - and the right doctor. more

BAD DOCTOR 3/14/2010

Dr Pitman wants to do face lifts and neck lifts only. He tries to convince you that the best way is the old way. He doesn't care about new cosmetic advances or minimally invasive procedures. He is stuck in his old ways which don't work anymore and results in ugly scars, no matter how skilled the surgeon. That is Bad medicine! Cons: Does not listen more

GREAT doctor.. 1/16/2010

Dr. Pitman is a wonderful doctor. He is kind, gentle, and extremely skilled. I will never go to another plastic surgeon more

Great Doc 11/25/2009

My wife has a very active lifestyle and was very concerned when she decided to have an upper eye lift and face and neck lift. However, thanks to Dr. Pitman and his great staff, I have a new younger version of her to look at each day now! She found her pre-op consultation with Dr. Pitman completely thorough in discussing the procedure and aftercare, as well as their mutual expectations and goals, which proved to be even greater! She was given detailed verbal & written instructions that were very helpful and precise but most of all, Dr. Pitman was patient, caring, humble and a good listener. His staff all seems to be hand picked truly reflecting his support and kind demeanor - encouraging any and all questions, returning phone calls and excellent follow up. Even the private nurses that they provided during the 24 hours after surgery were amazingly attentive and kind. As three of our own children are physicians in diverse fields we can only hope that they treat their patients with the same dignity, caring, and professionalism that Dr. Pitman exhibits and models his practice after. Don?t even bother looking elsewhere! Pros: search no more for the best more

Great Plastic Surgeon 11/16/2009

I recently had an upper eye lift and face/neck lift by Dr. Pitman and for me; this was the best gift EVER! The adage of aging gracefully is more than just words of compassion. Dr. Pitman added vitality to this mother of five and grandmother of 13. I exercise daily and Dr. Pitman reversed the clock so that my face matches my toned body and I now added a ?bounce? to my gait. Most importantly, experiencing a balanced combination of an amazingly skilled physician yet personable, caring, kind and attentive is a rare find. Dr. Pitman?s collaborative approach and goals and true desire to make you happy together with his down to earth humility and integrity is unmatched. His work was done subtlety, softly and remarkably effective. He monitored the procedure and aftercare recovery personally and was always there for me to answer any and all questions. I found him to be very accessible from weeks prior to my surgery to the many aftercare weeks later. In fact, during one of my aftercare visits he noticed something totally unrelated and immediately arranged for me to see a highly regarded specialist nearby for treatment that day. I highly recommend Dr. Pitman. He?s the best! Pros: High integrity, caring, professionalism Cons: tough act to follow more

Great doc, great bedside manner 10/30/2009

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Pitman on every level. From our first consultation he and his staff were very professional. The workmanship was stellar! He had shown me images of similar surgeries and I dreamed of having such results; my results are grand! The best part of the experience was Dr. Pitman's bedside manner. At one point I had to do a touch up via local anesthesia and was really scared. The doctor and his nurse joked with me and chatted me up during the procedure and made me feel soooo comfortable. Pros: Friendly staff more

derek jeter? michael jordan? dr. pitman! 10/22/2009

lets put it this way...if there were a ""plastic surgeon hall of fame"", dr. pitman would be first to be inducted. i am so honored to be a patient of dr. pitman. i'm sre he has been praised many times for his miraculous work, but never an ego. he rides his bike to work, takes off his back pack, drinks his protein shakes and from that point on its all about his patients. the moment you step through the front door of his office its almost like an assembly line full of warmth, hospitality, and professionalism eager to create a perfect product.. i had lipo suction on my inner and outer thighs as well as in the hips and flanks area. step by step i was informed by dr. pitman and his nurses what i would potentially experience and explained great detail of each step of the procedure. Pros: an ambition to produce only the best and nothing less Cons: i'd be thinking for days to find an answer more

The Consummate Professional 10/16/2009

?I?ve got a trophy wife and didn?t even have to go through an ugly divorce!? Pros: Experienced, skilled, great eye Cons: At a loss.... more

worth every penny! 9/21/2009

i happened to be browsing the web and decided to look up dr. pitman. i've been wanting to write a review and never had a chance to actually do so until now. i wanted to let other patients or potential patients know the positive experience i had from a procedure done by dr. gerald pitman. in late february 09' i had breast augmentation and implants. it was something i had wanted to do for a long time but needed to make sure the candidate i chose to do this procedure would be the one that would see me through this process from beginning to end. i felt dr. pitman was the ""one"" and righfully so, he sure was. the very 1st consult with this dr. was so comfortable. he spent much time reviewing what my needs and wants were and gave me explicit detail even to the point of showing me pictures of similar body types, breasts etc. on the computer/flat screen in the consult room. in addition, he did numerous measurements and slowly went point by point with the nurse as she collected his evalution. i would assume those points were as accurate as can be because i cannot be more pleased with the outcome. prior surgery i had sagging, uneven breasts as a result from breast feeding my 2 children. post surgery -2 months later they looked great- but now 6 months later after they healed 95% they are just unbelievable- very natural looking and JUST PERFECT! my instinct was on target when i chose dr. pitman to do this procedure. he was sincere, his staff couldn't be any more professional than they were as well as sincere. to top it off - when i had a minor complication with a stitch, i called his office late afternoon on a saturday expecting to talk to an answering service, but that was not the case. dr. pitman has all his calls forwarded to his cell phone or home phone and within 1 hour i was in his consult room. i think he had dinner plans that evening and it did not bother this man one bit to see that a patients well being or concerns were his first priority. thankyou dr. pitman for your fine work and expertise in the field of plastic surgery. maybe at one point in time i can post the ""before"" and after"" pictures so the patients see how a picture is worth 1000 words. Pros: perfectionist, professional, not one detail goes unnoticed Cons: can't really determine any con more

On top of his Game 9/20/2009

Dr. Pitman was reccommenderd to me from a dear friend who truly believed in his work and has had wonderful results. From the moment you walk through his office on the upper east side, you are greeted with a smile and a comfortable welcome. He is nothing less than a gentle man with the expertise of a higher being. more



Unhappy 3/5/2009

I am so unhappy to hear all these stories now after doing my surgery - he left my breasts completely disfigured and I have constant pain. I now have to go through another breast surgury to fix his mistakes. I want to cry when I look at them. Please if you are even going for a consult for Botox with him cancel it - he may ruin your body or face as well - don't let him touch you!!!!! more

Bad Surgeon 3/5/2009

I went to Dr. Pitman expecting one of NYC best doctors. He did bad lipo & used old technology - he left me with scars all over my legs. I had a tiny amount of lipo done - the kind needed I spot remove what rigorous exercise & a next to perfect diet could not correct. Somehow he managed to mess it up - it was uneven an on top of it I have a teltale scar - when I went to him he promised that I could go to a nice bean in a year & no one would know. When ever I showed him the mistakes his answer was it looks perfect - he was always cold, rude and unpleasant - except when selling the surgury.When going for follow ups I would wait for up to an hour. I have a job and do not have the luxury I sit in doctors offices & read magazines. Needless to say everyone else now does scarless lipo with PERFECT results. So much to thean who wrote the book on lipo. I hope he gets sued or has his licence revoked so he cannot disfigure anyone else - I hope he reads this and maybe begins to realize he is no longer a qualified surgeon and nothing more than a pompus theif more

Think twice before using him. 1/20/2009

I did my reasarch and interviewed top doctors for my liposuction 2 years ago. He did minimal spot removal liposuction and charged a fortune. Unfortunately it was uneven & he left me with a pernmanent very noticable scar. He then had me come back to correct it - doing so he made it much worse. He is so unpleasant to be around his staff is rude and uncaring - and he really did not do a good job - it still is uneven. I have seen so many other girls & theirs looks great - they also have no visible scars - they now are done with the scars placed in inconspicous areas. When I asked him about this he said it was too tricky and you get uneven results. Menwhile - he used 3 inscisions for the smallest amount of liposuctions & it still was uneven. My friend had half of her legs sucked out with no scars and it looks great. I wouldn't send my dog to him . Cons: rude, unhappy with outcome, nasty office staff, overpriced more

Shame on him he should lose his medical license 1/15/2009

This Doctor ruined my wife. Everytime I see her ugly scar that this animal left her with, I want to cry. He sold her a bill of goods, so he could make money. I don't know how this human can sleep at night. He should be sent to the cuban prisons and tortured for what he has done to her. If I didn't love my wife so much I would have left her over this. He left her disgusting looking. He is a liar and a terrible doctor. Cons: Everything else more

Bad 12/5/2008

Isn't it amazing that the only positive comments appear one day apart and seem to address the prior negatives more

Is he still in business? 10/5/2008

Terrible staff, unresponsive office, overpriced, once was on top of his game. I've seen the results of some of his latest tummy tucks, a trauma surgeon leaves better scars than his work. High infection rate. uncaring. only worried about his latest book and the social scene. Could give a damn about his patients. more

I'm so sorry 8/29/2008

I had a similar experience. It saddens me that we put so much trust in a doctor who is supposed to be one of the top in his field only to be left worse off. more

No Pity From Dr. Gerald Pitman -Plastic Surgeon Leaves His Patients As Discarded Trash! What You Won't Read In Cosmo,Elle, NY Times, Or Top Docs. 8/5/2008

WARNING: IGNORE HIS STAFF WRITTEN REVIEWS. Dr. Pitman has left my wife with irreversable deformities on several parts of her body, skeletonizing on others and permanent painful internal complications."" Bizarre"" was just one of the many words used by a professional to describe her results. ""This by no means meets the standard of care"" another stated as we desperately sought advice. Even the emergency room doctor could not hide her facial expressions when she uncovered the sheets for an examination. My wife feels she was used for some type of sick experiment for perhaps one of his text papers, because the doctors can't explain how a trained physician could have caused such mutulating results. I try to comfort her as she continually cries from deep depression and anxiety for feeling ashamed and victimized by Dr Pitman. He suggested sold her multiple procedures as a package that were of absolutley no concern to her.Please be aware of the all the staff written reviews, or his supposed conservative approach which are clearly a marketing facade. He is etiher a scam artist to the fullest definition of the word or has some kind of sick mental disorder. Do not ignore this review or refuse to think it won't happen to you or perhaps just an isolated case of poor results and/or an unsatisfied patient, that is simply not the case. With such great and caring doctors in Manhatten to choose from, this one should not be on your list. Pros: No Wait For Appointment Cons: Life Long Pain Management,Multiple Recommendations for Uneccessary Procedures more
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