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George Webb Restaurant - 32 Reviews - 812 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI - American Restaurants Reviews - Phone (414) 278-0225

George Webb Restaurant

812 N Old World 3rd St
Milwaukee, WI 53203
(414) 278-0225
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This goes out to all you Webber-Haters out there! George Webb is a cool, happening place to go at, well, at whatever time you want! Just because they cater to the after bar crow...


The main draw of Webb's is ""Ease of use."" You never have to worry that you're underdressed. Overdressed, maybe, but not the other way around. Best Breakfast? You gotta be kiddin...

The Employees Are Slaves! 12/26/2008

I live in CO and have a dear friend in Milwaukee who has worked at GW for 5+ years. I applaud her for sticking it out so long. She has to take the bus to work (from quite a distance) daily and we all know the weather conditions that apply in winter.\r On many occasion, she has been screwed out of the bonus pay for holidays for various petty reasons. She worked on Xmas day and didn't get any extra pay. GW's excuse is that she was 5 minutes late at some point between Oct. and Nov. one day. I HIGHLY doubt that is legal by any means. She has called me crying about three times in 5 years. They either screwed her out of pay or docked her pay over shortages she had no control over. You would really have to work at this place to see how corrupt they are.\r I worked there for 2 weeks when I lived in Milwaukee. Where should I start? The fruit flies on the lettuce? The fossiled ketchup? The employee harrassment?\r Please do give these money grubbing slobs the time of day or night. I have had occasions where I had to go and refill my own coffee. I still tipped the waitress though. I know for fact that they are unhappy there. This is just another fast food pub that treats their staff like slaves and charges way too much for their grub.\r My heart goes out to this employee I speak of as she has much to endure. They cut her to part time when her mother passed away. They finally gave her full hours again, but put her through hell to gain them back. God fer' bid we take time off for a funeral!\r Oh, one last thing. I won't even discuss the pay as it's too small. They charge the employees for the uniforms (which are hot and uncomfortable). They only get one uniform which they have to pay for. I forget the amt., but know it's atleast 25$ . Once it gets stained (easy to do there) they expect you to buy another one at your expense. \r I will NEVER eat at this slave driving slop house. I pray that you won't either. Remember, check that burger for fruit flies! Pros: you can collect fruit flies from your plate Cons: slave labor, fruit flies, harsh food more

Just about the worst service ever 11/12/2008

We went to the George Webb at 812 N. Old World 3rd St on a Saturday morning. It was not extremely busy (there were a couple empty tables) but the service was very slow. No cheerful greeting, no eye contact. Just mumbles and grunts. The waitress didn't even bother to be rude. Just slow.\r We asked for a warm up on our coffee ( at a good diner, you don't have to ask). All we got was a grunt, but no more coffee. After eating we waited 25 minutes for our check. When we went to pay, we had to wait again. No one wanted to take our money, they just acted like we weren't there. \r The food was OK, but the portions were kind of small for a diner. And at $1.65 per cup with no refills the coffee was way overpriced.\r No more George Webb for us. more

George Webbs needs help. 7/13/2008

There was a time when Webbs had the best breakfast at a good price, now they keep raising the prices, their service is crummy, and they are stingy with their servings.\r \r For a decent breakfast I used to order two separate breakfast specials, now they don?t even have that. Sure prices on groceries have gone up, but not proportionately to their menu prices. \r I was so mad about their last price hikes, I wrote the company. Needless to say they didn?t have the courtesy to write back. \r \r One Webbs waitress served really burned toast a couple weeks ago, and then they served it without even saying a word. In contrast I went to another Webbs and the toast was maybe a little dark, and the polite young lady asked if the toast was too dark. This time it was fine.\r \r I have frequented several different Webbs restaurants over the past few months, and most of them are afraid to give you any more than they have to. There is a huge discrepancy of what is being served at different restaurants. \r Potatoes are cheap, and you would think they were gold. Their bacon is great, but it is too thin. Their prices are too high and I think most waitress?s faces would fall off if they tried to smile. I did however get one waitress to laugh the other day when I asked for a clean coffee cup, there were two chunks of food stuck on my cup and she thought it was funny. And I guess the hair in my wife?s eggs is a common occurrence, the waitress wasn?t too rattled. \r \r My solution is to, start hiring waitresses who have a little personality, bring your prices back in line, and finally to work on portion size.\r Any food service is about consistent portion size and bringing in a huge volume of customers, and portions don?t have to be HUGE, just reasonable. You are not the only dance in town like the bus company; you can?t just keep raising prices. Train all your cooks to be as good as a couple of good ones that are out there. Good cooks are those who cook food the way they?d want to eat it. Pros: food quality Cons: price, portion size, service more

Is this some kind of sick joke? 4/20/2008

We went to the George Webb restaurant at 812 N Old World 3rd Street on the recommendation of City Search's best breakfast in Milwaukee. I had read the other two comments on the site which were not exactly glowing. But I thought that maybe someone had just had a bad experience. However, let's put aside the service and the atmosphere for a moment. The food is just terrible. I love diner food and I am particularly fond of the breakfast skillet. I had the meat lover's breakfast skillet which was small. There's no way there was more than one egg in the meal I was served. Also, the eggs were incredibly greasy and I would have been better off eating microwaveable scrambled eggs purchased from a vending machine. The sausage and bacon were not tasty at all and were diced so fine you almost couldn't tell it was there. The hashbrowns were nasty and I'm still trying to figure out how you can screw up potatoes, especially since that was recommended as one of the strong points. When we left, we were hoping that maybe we would get sick, so that we could go somewhere else and get a real breakfast.\r \r I can only assume that the people who voted for George Webb restaurant as the best breakfast in Milwaukee are college students who frequent the place when they are plastered at 4AM. This restaurant doesn't even come close to say McDonald's or Burger King breakfast. I advise everyone to avoid George Webb at all costs. This is the worst meal I have ever had. Cons: Bad Food, Bad Service, Bad Atmosphere more

No longer deserves top spot on the Best Breakfast list. 1/4/2008

Those who helped get Webb's to the top of the list must not have been there in a while. It's no longer the best breakfast place in Milwaukee, not by a long shot. It's cheap and open 24 hours, but it's second or third-rate at best. Of course Webb can't serve better food than places like the Original Pancake House (Downer or Bluemound), or Forum (Hwy 100). Webb is cheaper than these places -- but you get what you pay for. The last time I was there, the bacon was so thin it almost melted away in my fingers. The eggs were runny and nowhere near farm-fresh. But beyond the low quality ingredients, the service was terrible. Ten years ago, I would have raved about the service at Webb's, but that's not the case anymore. I'm sure there are exceptions, but most of the wait staff treat you like an irritation or ignore you completely. Pros: Open 24/7, cheap, locally owned Cons: cheap = lesser quality food and service more

worst service and food i have had in along time 11/9/2007

Website says great breakfast and local favorite sorry but it is horrible. People here are great but that place should be closed. Cons: change cooks more

You have to be kidding. 3/3/2007

I read all the posts on here and some of these folks are crazy. the webb has great food, especially for the price. 3.48 for eggs bacon and toast where else do you get that? it is cheaper than mcdonalds. Plus what is wrong with greasy food, sometimes you go to a restraunt and guess what their is grease but it is hidden, however, it is still there. If you want a casual atmosphere and do not mind a crowd this is a great place to eat. But if you are too afraid of common people or grease, than go to a classy place. But i would pick webbs over denny's or perkins any day of the week. Pros: cheap, always open, good food Cons: noisy, sometimes busy so you have to wait (not a big deal if you can understand that) more

Don't Be a Webber Hater! 2/24/2007

This goes out to all you Webber-Haters out there! George Webb is a cool, happening place to go at, well, at whatever time you want! Just because they cater to the after bar crowd after midnight does not make them a bad place. As for an ""ethnically diverse"" place that does not discriminate against poor or homeless folks, what the hell is wrong with that?! If you're a daddy's litte rich girl or even just a snob, this place isn't for you. For the rest of us hard working folks who just want a sit down restaurant that's not going to waste all of our beer money, George Webb is the place to be. All you Webber Haters can go somewhere else! (PS - tip the staff, waitstaff don't get minimum wage and with such inexpensive food, tipping them is important.) Party on!! more

Overrated! 12/28/2003

I went because of the reviews. The restaurant is small - many people are left standing. I witnessed an argument over a table. The patrons are ethnically diverse and are a motley bunch comprise of persons somewhere between lower class to homeless. The staff is slow and inadequate after being seated, it took 25 minutes to place an order and over 45 minutes to actually receive food. Beverages (e.g., coffee or soda) are served when the food arrives, so you have nothing till youre served (nearly 2 hours later). After 9pm you are required to pay in advance including up front tipping for credit card purchases - believe me, you're not going to tip this staff! Pros: Parking after 5pm Cons: Crowded, Long wait, Smell more

The Best Food 9/13/2003

I have great memories of going to ""Uncle Webbies"". My father and I would go there every Satuday morning to eat breakfast. They had the best eggs and bacon in town. We'd go there for lunch sometimes and their hamburgers were good, a lot better than McDonalds. I have since left Milwaukee,but I still remeber their food. Pros: good food, good service Cons: small more

George Webb 5/29/2003

Don't get me wrong, George Webb does have good food. But I wouldn't consider it cheap, unless you have coupons. For the amount I'll spend for a a double burger, fries and a soda I can spend about the same amount at Kopp's and I'll be full afterwards. Pros: Good Food, Locations Cons: Price, Sometimes the Staff more

I Miss Webb's! 5/15/2003

As an ex-Milwaukeean, I feel I can authoritatively state that Webb's does indeed have the finest breakfast in the city, if not anywhere. 24 hours a day! The very first thing I do whenever I visit home is go to Webb's for a cp of chili, cheeseburger and onion rings! Doesn't sound like breakfast to you? Well, then the bacon and eggs are great, too! Pros: Price, Locations, Hours Cons: Service Can Be Rough more

Webbers 4/22/2003

Nothing beats the greasy food after bar time (get cheese on your hash browns). Its also a great place for people watching. more

EW. 2/7/2003

This might be a good restuarant if you're into soggy cheap poor quality food.. The wait staff 9 times out of 10 are way trashy and just unfriendly. Ocasionally a friend will talk me into eating there - or even going with them.. They make you pay for at least toast if you arent hungry and are just stopping in with a friend with a craving. Even the toast is disgusting. Pros: Good if You're Drunk Cons: Smoky, less than hygenic, trashy rude staff more

gj 1/19/2003

fast and cheap. dangerous late at night. greasy. service is bad. more

average 12/15/2002

George Webb's is nice to go after a hard day of work...or even for the occasional step-out to quick pick up something to eat, but is not always a favorite. more

City of Festivals 11/23/2002

Inexpensive, tasty food. It's specially good after late night partying. Down to earth food. Pros: Cheap, tasty food, open 24 hours Cons: Cheap more

Yuk 11/15/2002

Restaurant reeks of smoke, even if a booth or two are designated non. more

fastandfriendly 11/11/2002

Good food with fast and friendly service every time at a price that anyone should be able to afford. Pros: Inexpensive, Friendly Service, Homestyle Food Cons: Limited Menu more

grease with cigs on the side 11/1/2002

while fast, and sometimes fun (kinda like walking into a painting) I wouldn't rate the breakfast as amongst the top. the biggest problem though (since I can handle the grease) is the small space with the cigarette smokers. more
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