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George Meyer Tv & Stereo

12418 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-1113
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I want to thank Morris at George Meyer Tv & Stereo. For the past 20 years I have been bringing my equipment in for repairs. They have always done a top notch job. I am an extre...


If I could give this company 0 stars, I would. These people who gave George Meyer 5 stars must be randomly picked by the owner Morris himself... perhaps they run a lottery over ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/3/2012

I have brought several vintage stereo pieces to Morris at George Meyer and each one has been fixed professionally and at a reasonable price. Other places I have tried may have been a little less expensive but I always had problems following the repairs which required return trips and added costs. Morris does it once and does it right! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/23/2012

I want to thank Morris at George Meyer Tv & Stereo. For the past 20 years I have been bringing my equipment in for repairs. They have always done a top notch job. I am an extremely picky person. The equipment has always come back to me in perfect condition, no scratches or missing screws, and wrapped for protection. Repair time has always been very fast. He also takes the time to show you the old parts that were replaced. He is very honest, and the staff of workers are highly qualified. When he comes out to my house for my big screen repairs, his men always set thick pads down on my hardwood floors. Then set up a large table to place the big screen on top to work on it. The repairs his men have done, have always corrected the problem because of proper diagnosis from Morris. Just recently I have had a problem with a side by side picture in my local Direct Tv stations after watching 3d programing. No one could figure out the problem. Thanks to Morris, he suggested to change out the hdmi cable even though 3d worked perfectly. Presto, guess what. Right again he was. I can only praise him and his company. more

Expertise and Efficiency rarely found nowadays! 5/6/2012

- Called in to KEF to get my PSW2500 sub serviced for a buzzing/hissing while plugged in. They directed me to George Meyer, conveniently located on the Westside. - Immediately, impressed that such a place even exists nowadays as I was worried I'd have to go to a big box store for repairs. Upon arrival to George Meyer, you can tell these guys can take care of the job because with the amount and quality of devices all over the place, they definitely have experience. - Dropped off my sub, Morris the owner reviewed the documents and off my sub goes to Joe. In my case, by the next morning, got a call directly from Joe and stated the parts would be covered under warranty, a labor fee would apply and would have the repair done after Noontime. - Came by to pick it up in the afternoon, Joe hooked up my sub and put it too the test. No more buzzing and great sound! Additionally, work on the sub by George Meyer will be under warranty for one year as they stand by their work. - These guys know their stuff and if you have invested in a great home AV system, these are the guys that can service it to maintain the integrity of your AV equipment! - Places like these are a rarity and easily shadowed by a big box store but when you need expertise and professionalism - George Meyer is the place to go! I hope everyone else is able to realize their value like I have! more

Awesome!! Had 2 MCC404's repaired, 4/21/2012

Awesome!! Had 2 MCC404's repaired, customer service was top notch, follow up was amazing, you guys are amazing, thanks for the tour!!!! more

Best Service... 4/4/2012

Not knowing what kind of service I would get, I have to recommend George Meyer to anyone interested in speedy, wonderful service. They were most considerate of my situation and were quite anxious for my approval of their services. I cannot recommend them more. more

Excellent Service & Repair 2/10/2012

My boyfriend and I bought an old record player off Ebay and it wasn't working properly when we received it. We brought it in to Morris and John, clueless as to what to do. Within minutes they were looking over and helping us at NO CHARGE. Most repair places cost you a fee just to look at something. Morris and John are a wealth of knowledge and have customer service down to a science. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND our expectations, spending hours trying to fix our issues. We left with a practically new record player. We will be customers for life here - some of the best customer service I've seen in LA. more

Great Company 1/19/2012

I have had nothing but great experiences with George Meyer, especially Morris. They have repaired my TV's and audio components, always on time and always for the quoted price. My last experience with them I think tells the story of how they do business. I took my receiver into them, they repaired it and I took it home. When I hooked it up, I may have shorted out a connection and I blew out a component. I called and brought it back to them and they repaired it again at no cost to me. I highly recommend them for all my TV/audio needs. more

LA Area's Best Audio - Video Repair Company 1/1/2012

Morris who runs the joint is quite the character - in a great way! He loves the business and takes great care of his clients and customers. I'd trust this guy to work on any of my new and old components. Especially McIntosh units - a lot of passion and experience with these great units. I can't recommend this company any higher. more

Best in the West 12/19/2011

I buy and sell used audio gear, and George Meyer AV is my go-to place for any audio repairs that I may need (which has been quite often recently). They've done some amazing work on many of my components, from old-school McIntosh gear to monster Krell amps and even state-of-the-art Meridian gear. Highly recommended! more


\r I just completed my 500 mile round trip trek from Fresno to Southern California, home of more

Best Audio/Video Service 11/21/2011

Morris and his team at George Meyer TV & Stereo has been taking care of my audio and video gear for years. Whether it be my new JVC Projector that the retailer I bought from couldn't get it to work properly, George Meyer came through. Recently I wanted to convert my old reel to reel tapes, but both my machines didn't work. Once again George Meyer came through for me. There seems to be nothing they can't fix. And, they do it fast, with a smile and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them! more

Thanks for the quick service! 9/19/2011

I'm a freelance radio producer and my Marantz PMD660 had stopped working on batteries. I emailed George Meyer Friday evening and had a reply waiting Saturday morning, telling me to bring it in. They originally said they would put in on their calendar for late the following week but when I told them I needed the unit for interviews on Wednesday and Thursday, they put a rush on it. By late Monday morning, Morris called again to say the unit had corrosion on the battery terminals and inside and needed to be cleaned. I gave him the green light and the unit was ready by Monday afternoon. Great people, great service. Morris and Rebecca, thank you! I'll be back! -- KimmieLA more


Writing reviews is not something I normally undertake, but because of the service that I received from the people at George Meyer Tv and Stereo I had to write a few words. If you require service with a personal touch, than you will be very happy with the service that anyone will receive at George Meyers. They were recommended to me a number of years ago and given the level of service I would not go anywhere else for my repair needs. more

This place is really THE place for home entertainment repair 8/28/2011

For some reason the receiver I bought was just never right. It would go into night mode by itself, the HDMI board would cut in and out, I mean just real annoying crap. Because I was so ""internet cool"" and bought it for a killer price, free shipping, blah, blah was mine, no warranty and no response from the seller. I was going to taking it to the dump, kick myself in the head for how stupid I was, then move on. Just before I did a co-worker told me about George Meyer's, their experience and convinced me to try to care one last time. I am so glad I did! George Meyer's fixed all of it and did so really well. The saying you can pick two of the three in the phrase ""good, fast, and cheap"" is still true here but it was as close to the most perfect service situation I have ever had. So, this place is really THE place for home entertainment repairs. Period. more

Excellent service 7/29/2011

I had to ship my projector 200 miles to George Meyer. Great service. They fixed it very fast - and I knew all along the way when it was received, what needed fixing, how much it was going to cost, when it shipped back - and great followup. Highly recommended - ask for Morris! more

WORST Service I've had in my life ... no joke! 7/28/2011

If I could give this company 0 stars, I would. These people who gave George Meyer 5 stars must be randomly picked by the owner Morris himself... perhaps they run a lottery over there over who gets the good treatment. In any case, I have an LG lcd tv which needed a new sensor and frame (first off, can you believe that a frame would start to fall of a TV as it sits there? stuff these days are made of crap). 4 WEEKS AGO... I call my extended warranty (through MACK - don't ever buy a MACK extended warranty unless you want headaches - they don't even have customer support - you have to EMAIL them now), and they ask me to find a local tv repair shop. Lo and behold, George Meyer TV is the closest repair shop to me. The first part ran great... the guy came out to give the estimate the next day. Then a week passes, no updates (from either company). So I call Mack and George Meyer TV. They tell me they are waiting on a PART PRICE QUOTE from LG (c'mon ... a price quote? a part arrival... ok). A 2nd week passes, and still no updates. I call them again. ""We're still waiting on the part QUOTE from LG"". Holy crap. I could watch paint dry faster than this, but I decide to have patience and hope for the best. 3rd week comes around and again, wtf is going on? I call and they tell me, ""Sir, your part is in and we can come out and install it."" Awesome! Then why didn't you call me and tell me? They say they've been busy (probably dealing with irrate customers like myself). In any case, they schedule a house call to come repair the TV last Friday, July 22nd from 1-4:30pm. So I make time in my very busy schedule and wait. And wait. And wait. No phone call, no show. WTF?! I call in and convey my displeasure in a polite manner (no foul language or any of that). I'm sure there has been a grave disaster for you wouldn't just leave a customer hanging... would you? The secretary or whever she apologizes and says that she did not know why no one came. Hmmmm. Ok. Now what? Are they going to come out or what? We schedule again for Tuesday, July 26 from 1-4:30pm. Tuesday rolls around and lo and behold.... NO SHOW AND NO PHONE CALL. I think to myself, they probably have better service in India or other foreign countries. What are these guys doing over there... smoking pot? or perhaps an orgy? So I called Weds morning and gave the woman a verbal beating, and I demanded that owner give me a call to explain his lack of business ethics and remedy the situation. She said he would call me back that day. I didn't for one minute believe that, and neither should you. Don't buy the ""good reviews"" here on Citysearch... they are probably paid for by George Meyer TV, the wors electronics repair company in SoCal. I have reported these clowns to the BBB, will write a Ripoff Report to help their search engine presence, and will write a nice review such as this one on every review site where they are listed (and I rarely write reviews... imagine that). STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!! more

Amazing service, skill, and speed 7/1/2011

George Meyer saved my 10-year old vintage Sharp projector after it was destroyed by people who couldn't figure out how to change a light bulb. I guess they figured dropping the unit from a height of 10 feet might work. Because I'm in Chicago and the accident happened in Anaheim, I had to coordinate everything by phone. The wonderful gal at Sharp who paged through a phone book to help me find a repair center found George Meyer. I took a chance and it paid off a thousand times over. I had asked the folks -who told me that they dropped the projector (they didn't tell me that they dropped it 10 feet) to bring the unit to George Meyer. I was expecting an estimate and a recommendation to buy another projector, but instead, I was told they had all the parts and on-staff technicians who specialized in Sharp products. After replacing the outer case along with a number of different components and lamps, the unit was ready to go -all of this in under 1 day! Who else can do that?? I was extremely pleased to have met the owner of George Meyer TV and Stereo, Morris and even more pleased when he offered to drive out to Orange County and drop the unit off! Everything at George Meyer is top notch. This place is incredible and anyone who second guesses taking their equipment elsewhere needs a prescription. more

Laserdisc Player Repair Lives On At George Meyer 6/20/2011

My prayers were answered by George Meyer and his staff. I had used his service in the past to address an issue I was having with my Mc Intosh MLD7020 laserdisc player. Morris seemed very pleased to see this beast of a machine. I was thrilled to know that it was going to be in good hands. Within a week, the repair was completed and I was back up and running. A few years later I had other issues with the unit and decided to save the drive to Los Angeles and have the repairs completed by a shop closer to my home. That was a mistake. The unit worked fine but the panel lights were not functioning completely. I knew then that I should have taken the unit to George Meyer in the first place. What could I do? I left it that way, licked my wounds and decided to get the lights fixed later. Recently, my beloved Mc Intosh failed to play an LD. After searching for the other repair shop, I discovered that they had gone out of business. A sign of the times or of their craftsmanship. Hmmm, what was I thinking anyway?. I was heading back to the folks I could trust to get the job done right the first time-George Meyer. I knew then what I had learned several years ago. The best place, the only place to have my beloved machine repaired was George Meyer. The only repair facility for High End Pioneer/Mc Intosh laserdisc players anywhere in Southern California is George Meyer. I did not hesitate. I headed back right away. I was right. Within a week I received a call from Morris. My baby was all better and ready for action. It is home again and all is well. Thank you George Meyer, Morris and the gang. I will never stray again. I promise. more

If your are looking for Hi-Fi Repair in L.A., look no more! 3/26/2011

This is the place - George Meyer TV & Stereo more

Absolutely the Best! 1/16/2011

I have a ""shelf"" Yamaha stereo system (high end, w/separate receiver, pre-amp, cd changer, etc.) that I bought back in the mid-1990s. Last weekend, I was moving the components into a new cabinet, and to my dismay, found that cd changer wouldn't work. I went online looking for an authorized dealer, and found George Meyer. more
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