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Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - 340 Reviews - 315 Madison Ave Ste 201, New York, NY - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (800) 516-7608

Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal

315 Madison Ave Ste 201 (at 42nd Street)
New York, NY 10017
(800) 516-7608
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Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - New York, NY
Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - New York, NY
Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - New York, NY
Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - New York, NY
Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - New York, NY
Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - New York, NY
Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal - New York, NY



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Anyone who has dealt with waxing and shaving will quickly be converted after a few laser treatments at Gentle Touch. The results last much longer than other treatments, and even ...


I wasted A LOT of money going to this place. They trick you with that unlimited monthly plan, but they call you EVERY SINGLE TIME to cancel your appointment. I paid 10 months and ...

Extremely dissatisfied with the staff 10/14/2013

I am no longer a client because I don't feel they appreciate their clientele. I had to continually call the business about trying to set up an appointment, because even though they said they'd return my calls, they never did. I tried to finally set up an appointment after trying for over 1 month, and the receptionist on the phone says the soonest appointment she can give me is 1 whole month away. \r I've been a loyal customer, telling my friends about this place, and always paid my bill in full up front (not buying groupons, etc). Also learned the laser tech Gina left, and she was one of the main reasons I liked coming here, she was super sweet and always squeezed me in for treatments. I will gladly take my business someplace else where I can actually spend my hard-earned money and be serviced. \r Also the main receptionist there did try to scam me out of a session once saying I was done with my treatment when in reality I had two more - and this was because they supposedly ""lost"" my files so I had to constantly remind them what how many visits I had.\r I spent about $3,500 on laser treatments and I still have HALF of my hair left, this place is absolutely dreadful! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2013

My experience with Gentle Touch has been very positive. So far I have completed 5 sessions of legs, underarms, and bikini and purchased additional 6 sessions for my face. The results have been great. I'm a type of person that has to do a lot of research before making a commitment to multiple sessions of laser treatment. I visited many well-known places like Romeo & Juliet, Vada spa, Gentle touch, etc and had free consultation sessions with all. I liked Gentle Touch because their machine is brand new and very effective. Also, their consultant took the time to answer all my questions.\r I had a different technician during each of my visits so I have a pretty good idea of who I like the best. I have to say, Liz is my absolute favorite. She has 10 years of experience in the laser field, she's very knowledgeable, and most importantly she is very patient and does not like to ""rush your session."" She truly takes her time during the treatment and she is so precise that she doesn't miss the tiniest spot in the area being treated. Ever since I had one session with her, I book my sessions ONLY with her. If you end up going to Gentle Touch, I highly recommend you do the same. Overall, I have been very happy with my experience at Gentle Touch. I highly recommend it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/3/2012

I purchased a Groupon for 6 laser treatments at Gentle Touch and have been pleased with the service I received. I had tried another laser center prior to going to Gentle Touch and I would say that this was a much better deal, both in terms of the money and the overall experience. The technicians had a lot of experience and were willing to answer any questions I had. The laser treatments themselves were much less painful than at the previous location (probably due to the laser they use) and were performed very efficiently. I never had to wait more than 5min for an appointment and that was generally only if I was early. And most importantly, from the very first treatment I started seeing results, with much less hair growing back than I had expected. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2012

Gentle Touch is my favorite laser center. I've tried several different places over the past through years via Lifebooker and Groupon deals, but I haven't returned to any of the others after my deals ended. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/6/2012

I purchased a Groupon for 6 sessions. The service is great. The technicians are kind, friendly and efficient. The space is clean and I never wait more than a few minutes. I love that I am in and out in no time, it takes longer to get dressed than to have the treatment, I find the staff to be knowledge of the process and have always been satisfied. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2012

I was very happy with the results. Almost 0 re-growth. They also have state-of-the-art machines. more

Great Results!! 4/3/2012

Anyone who has dealt with waxing and shaving will quickly be converted after a few laser treatments at Gentle Touch. The results last much longer than other treatments, and even if some hair grows back, it is much more manageable. They also offer incredibly priced packages on Groupon and their website, so it is worth a try, even if you want to start out with a small area. With very friendly staff, a clean environment, and amazing prices, I would suggest Gentle Touch to anyone interested in laser hair removal! -AB more

nice pleople and clean place 4/3/2012

hi, this place is a tiny, cosy and clean place. the girl who was doing my laser treatment was so caring and fun to talk. the host was polite and we had a warm conversation. I had a very comfortable time and treatment. I really recommend this place for a satisfying laser treatment. the best part is their generous groupon discount which is really gooooood! more

Gentle Touch Laser - AMAZING!!!!! 3/29/2012

THEY ARE THE BEST!!! I signed up for a Groupon deal where I got 93% off, so I only had to pay $100 for treatments. So far I have been to 3 sessions so far and the results are amazing! I am getting my neck treated, because I would get very bad razor-burn when having to shave every morning before work. Now I only need to shave my neck about once a week, and after the 6th session I shouldn't have to ever shave it again! The staff is very friendly and the whole process is painless and very quick. I highly recommend them!!! more

Gentel Touch Laser = AMAZING! 3/12/2012

My sister bought me the Groupon deal for Christmas/my birthday and we went together for the first session. The laser technician was extremely nice, the treatment took no more than 10 minutes and I saw IMMEDIATE results afterwards. From 1-hour waxing sessions every two weeks to this laser treatment only taking 10 minutes - I am officially converted!! And even just after the first treatment, the hair grew back slower and thinner. Gentle Touch Laser is clean, the people are friendly and the treatments work! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! - MC more

Gentle Touch Laser - Great Job!! 3/5/2012

Extremely pleased. I bought the deal, made the appointment and showed up for my first treatment. The laser tech explained the process and how the treatment works. I'm on my 4th treatment now, the hair is much thinner and gone by more than 50%... it's my back, there's a lot... and I'm finally taking care of it. I understand that hair removal is a process and today we all want something now, now, now... but it does take time to work... and so I waited to write a review until I can actually see results... and now I do. I am very, very happy with Gentle Touch Laser, thank you guys for taking the time to explain everything to me clearly and for taking care of me while we're actually doing the treatment. I'm glad I started this back in September... summer is right around the corner! more

No more worries! 2/18/2012

I bought a deal on Groupon for six laser treatments and I am so glad I did. I have so far received 2 treatments for a french bikini, and the results are amazing. The hair has thinned significantly already so I cannot wait to complete my treatment, it feels like getting rid of half of life's worries! ;) My technician Daniela is friendly and explains things well if you ask any questions. The service is fast: appointment making has not been difficult, I have never waited for more than 5 minutes once I got there, and the treatments themselves do not take long either. Highly recommend overall! H.A. more

Don't waste your money going there! 2/15/2012

I wasted A LOT of money going to this place. They trick you with that unlimited monthly plan, but they call you EVERY SINGLE TIME to cancel your appointment. I paid 10 months and If prob did less than 6 treatments due their cancelation. Daniela is rude, she treats you like she is doing a favor to you, very annoying. And she does the laser so quick that she doens't even go through. I notice that after going once with Gina, totally different. Don't go there, not worth at all! more

No Big Complaints 2/12/2012

I bought a Groupon that was too good to pass over. I heard this place is not the best on customer service, but I figured for the price I paid, I didn't care if they were rude. After having gone for 4 treatments and only getting 2, I would say the problem is not that they are rude, but disorganized. For a place that never has an opening and makes you wait over a month to schedule a 15 minute treatment, there never seems to be anyone else there when I am there. I would expect to see a waiting room full of people but there isn't. In fact, I have seen a woman turned away for being 10 minutes late when there was none else there for a treatment since I was unable to have my treatment, she could have easily had hers in my time slot. Instead they sent both of us home, rescheduled us and the technician was just sitting there with nobody to treat Maybe there wouldn't be such a backlog and they could sell more treatments if the machine was actually being used as much as it could be. more

Wonderful Experience!!! 2/9/2012

What a nice experience I've had so far!!! I've been going to this place for a couple of weeks now... This month will be my 2nd treatment this month... Daniela thank you for making me feel very comfortable!!! I'm always hesitant on getting undressed, but Daniel totally made me feel so comfortable... Thanks :) And the Owner, he was so good in explaining all the detail on how to get the best results And a big thank you on squeezing me in on a reschedule... And the best part of it all is that some of my friend did laser removal and always complained how it sting and I was soo afraid but it was ""smooth sailing, with Daniela"".... And I never wait more than 1 minute to get my procedure done!!! Keep up the good work guys.. :) more

THE END 1/27/2012

If I could give this place ZERO STARS ? I would. Short list of my observations: STAFF? unpleasant, mean and RUDE (you?ll get bad vibe when you walk in) SERVICE ? There?s NO service here. They just run the business. Laser RESULTS? don?t expect to get rid of your hair in this place. Paying full price in a good place will be safer and even cheaper (I got Groupon for this place?) If you have PROBLEMS/CONCERNS ? your word means NOTHING. First, they CANCELED my appointment 10 minutes before my session. As I walked to their office, the receptionist called me saying that they don?t have electricity (really???). I had to reschedule. When I finally got my first session it was extremely painful. However, all hair fell out in about a week, and some of it never grew back. My second session was plain awful. ?Laser specialist? was saying how she hates working in this place, that the manager is a**hole ? all that while I?m laying down half naked with my eyes covered. It was a disturbing. Also, the procedure didn?t hurt me at all, and I attributed it to the fact that I started to get use to it. I was wrong, because a week later, all hair kept growing as nothing happened. (I waited few weeks before writing this review, to make sure) In about 9 days after my second treatment, I called them back to let them know that the last session produced NO RESULTS. After being transfers back and forth between ?specialist? and receptionist, I got definite NO on my request to get a credit for the last session. All this in a rude and abrupt manner, tone reaching yelling point ? I got one message clearly though, THEY DON?T CARE if you?re not happy with the service. I asked them how did I know that next time yet another session will not be wasted. Well, you don?t. So when I asked to speak to a MANAGER, I was told I can email him, but he?s out of the country, traveling, constantly busy, not certain if he?ll respond and so on. Basically, bug off. At the end, Natalia, receptionist, said, she can?t talk because she has a client on the line (as if I?m not a client). I was on hold for 10 minutes, till I hang up. ? THE END I called Groupon and get reimbursement, because I couldn?t imagine going back to this place? more

Think Twice 1/27/2012

This is a negative rating review. I feel quite strongly about my opinion which I will post at all given sites which I can review about GentleTouch. For those of you who have the same experience I encourgage you to post your reviews as well. more

Great value and great service 1/25/2012

This place is no frills but it's great and they get the job done. Both women I've had were lovely and professional and on-time. Highly recommend! more

I would not bring my worst enemy to this place. 1/22/2012

Laser hair removal. It sounds like a great idea - if you get it done anywhere else other than Gentle Touch. This place is a hole in the wall in a bad location. It seems like the only reason this place is even in business is beacuse of the groupon deals that they run. Some of the things I have read on here make me sick to my stomach. I could not ever see myself going through with an appointment a this place. From the reviews here it seems like there is lots of problems with this business. First, scheduling, calling multiple times etc. This would drive me crazy if I paid good money from groupon for a deal. Obviously from the other review people have troubel scheduling. Second, Pricing. Non groupon prices at $495 for a month? That is a huge ripoff. Third, I don't feel really safe in this part of town. There are lots of questionable people on the street an If you are a woman, it might be a good idea to tray a location that has better lighting. Fourth, The owner is a complete jerk and treats people like a piece of meat. I will not be treated like this by anyone and let them get away with it. It would be a good idea to remember that even with your business and your fancy cars you are not better than everyone else. So remember, before you buy, please check out the real reviews and not the shill reviews that they post here. Save yourself some bucks and try another laser hair removal facility. more

Great Experience! 1/16/2012

I had my first laser experience at gentle touch, the treatment was done quickly and efficiently. The technician Daniela was friendly. everything went well and I am looking forward for my next treatment! VC more
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  • Whether it's struggling with ingrown hairs, the effects of sun-damaged skin, or just searching for a healthier-looking complexion, Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal has the perfect solution! Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal of New York, NY offers the latest technology in laser hair removal and other treatments, performed by licensed specialists with uncompromising concern for your expectations, comfort & safety.
    We at Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal believe our clients deserve the safest, most effective & advanced treatments available. We can safely treat virtually all body areas & skin types for both women & men.
    Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal continues to set the industry standards for non-invasive laser cosmetic procedures, with specialized expertise in laser hair removal, laser facials, & spider vein removal. Call us today!

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