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Gentle Dental Of Center City

201 S 13th St 1
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 310-0273
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Gentle Dental Of Center City - Philadelphia, PA


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gentle dental is the best; Dr. Jay is wonderful ""get it done""type of Dr. The hygienist is the best: to the point, Pros: service Cons: no parking


I went to get a root canal done. Dr. Jay was really nice. He seemed experienced and did a thorough job. I had very little pain after the root canal. Dr. Charoenbanpachon, who d...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/30/2012

This is place is extremely disrespectful and not courteous at all to the patients. I am just amazed that they are still running. I am a new student at Drexel who just moved to Philly two months ago from NJ. I made gentle dental my PCD without looking at their reviews, which I regret. First time I was there, I waited over an hour and a half to be seen. And all they did was take x-rays, and look at my gums. No cleaning on that first visit - they said that is done on a separate visit! I've always had x-rays and cleaning together. more

Terrible Service 7/5/2011

I chose Gentle Dental on advice from a friend. I don't listen to that friend anymore.. I called because i had a tooth that was bothering meThe receptionist is rude. She refused to take an appointment until ""the list"" came out. I made an appointment for 12:00. I was not called back to see a dentist until 12:45. They took x-rays but wouldn't discuss anything with me. The assistant came back to tell the doctor that my insurance would cover my tooth removal. they never discussed anything with me. I allowed them to pull out my tooth. it was soo painful. I pushed the dentist (dr. jay) away during the extraction. i was in so much pain afterwards. I changed my dentist. gentle dental is not in any way gentle. more

Rude receptionist - 1st and last impression 4/12/2011

I chose Gentle Dental as my new dental provider. My insurance would be effective on 5/1/11 so I decided to call to make an appointment after that date. I called in and spoke to Irene and told her that I wanted to make an appointment after that date.Irene was so rude, she refused to set up an appointment and basically refused to listen to reason. I told her that I already changed my primary dentist through Aetna and the effective date would be 5/1/11. She rudely told me to call back after May 1 and and that point they would see my name on the list as a new patient. I told her I did not appreciate her attitude and tone. She was so nasty, I hung up the phone. more

this dentist ruined my life 10/5/2010

This dentist literally ruined my life. I have been going to this dentist office since I was 12 and I am currently 20. Since my first visit, I remember he told me I had to get fillings and root canals without explaining why. Being ignorant and trusting Dr. Jay, I allow him to do the teeth work as he said I ""needed."" Years after years, I have root canal in all of my back teeth and crowns mostly on the side. Everytime I went for a visit, he would tell me I needed something else done, what more did i needed done? was my teeth that bad?? Not until recently, I had a really bad toothache, which I finally decided to NOT go to Dr.Jay. I went to my local dentist and he told me i had an infection in my gums, which i had to go to a specialist to fix. The specialist spoke to me, and told me that all the crowns I had, may not be necessary and surprising may NOT be needed. My specialist told me the crowns and the jobs of the root canal were horrible done, that its causing all these problems with my gums and teeth. One particular root canal I had, has an infection between the roots and inside the gums, which caused the looseness of my crown. ( A year ago, I thought it was caused by loose cement, he took xrays and told me it was loose cement. Which is changed and told me if my crown was to become loose again, i would""ve needed a dental implant.) Finally a year later, my specialist said, its actually an infection, NOT loose cement. the infection which you can obviously tell from looking at xrays WHICH Dr. Jay supposely had ""missed"". my specialist told me that the crowns that was made, was poorly put in, it was placed to close to my real tooth and cause bone lost. the crown was too short, leaving space and gap between the crowns and my gums. now since the infection has gotten the best out of my roots, im forced to get a dental implant. due to the poorly done root canals and crowns, im advise to get them redone, and forced to get deep cleaning for my gums due to the gaps that was open wide for bacterias from the crowns. i also need to get a minor surgery done for one of my root canals. i have no doubt regret going to gentle dental as my family dentist for the last 10 years. its such shame that i didnt understand or questioned the reasons why i needed most teeth work done. what this dentist lack, is communication. he does not give you options, and he does not discuss your situation. he proceeds to do what he needs by saying ""you need a root canal done, without an explanation"". now i have to live with my mistakes. please dont go to this dentist. or you'll have to waste more money, redo-ing your crown or root canal. at worst, having to lose your tooth and paying 4000 for an implant. more

Dr. Jay is good, Dr. Charoenbanpachon is inexperienced 8/24/2009

I went to get a root canal done. Dr. Jay was really nice. He seemed experienced and did a thorough job. I had very little pain after the root canal. Dr. Charoenbanpachon, who did my crown afterwards did a shoddy job. She's nice, but inexperienced. The first time I went back it was because the tooth felt uncomfortable--she didn't shave it down enough. The second time I went back, it was because my crown felt a little loose. When I told Dr. Chareon about this, she said that there was not enough tooth to work with, but I was convinced that part of it was her fault. Sure enough, my friend (who was in dental school) told me that it was because she did not put enough material on the gum to keep the crown in place. Pros: root canal Cons: crown more

No No No 3/11/2009

I agree with all the negative press. My cleaning was rushed. With the exception of Dr. Liu, the staff is not friendly. But Dr. Liu's friendliness does not begin to justify going to GD. When I had a filling replaced he rushed through the job leaving me with rough edges that required another visit to have smoothed. To this day I still have the rough edge. Never experienced that before in my 57 years. But that's not the bad news. My husband (who has a high pain tolerance) complained bitterly about the way Dr. Liu administered novocaine. Dr. Liu jammed the novocaine up his gum so fast his face hurt for days. I was willing to give GD another go after my appointment, but after my husband's experience, I'm changing dental offices. Cons: Dr Liu more

Don't go here. 9/4/2008

I went to Gentle Dental back in 3/08 for a regular checkup/cleaning b/c it was close to where I lived. To my dismay I had a cavity (now in hindsight, ""so they said i had a cavity""). The dentist that did the job looked like right out of a previous reviewer said, i should've jumped out of the seat and called my dentist whom i went to for 15 years and just pay out of network. So my molar was drilled and filled. Not wanting to pay the extra $50 for porcelain, i did the regular and it looks horrible when i open my mouth. Need to get it fixed somehow.... Cons: Long wait, rude front desk staff, overcharges, overall a bad dental practice more

Very very very bad 8/20/2008

I don't really have enough time to tell you everything that was wrong with this dental nightmare. Dr. Jay is very nice, but the work that I had done was questionable at best. I was told that I went from having one cavity ever in my life to having 11, and I have gone to dentists consistently. I was also told that I would need a very expensive deep cleaning, waited for four hours, and was made to watch videos about arrestin. I had the filings done, they were done very quickly (7 in one sitting!) and the dentist seemed rushed and distracted. I went for a second opinion to a dentist that I trusted about the cleaning, and to look at the fillings which were giving me pain. The second dentist told me that two of the fillings would have to be redone, I did not need arrestin, and that they had actually missed the only cavity that she could see on the x-ray. She did not want to touch my fillings because she thought they should be fixed for free, and she was afraid that touching them would result in a root canal. Within a week one of the teeth got so painful that when I did go to Dr. Jay to have it fixed he said that it had got infected and needed a root canal. The root canal cost a ridiculous amount of money, even with my insurance it was more than it would have been somewhere else off the plan. I had to go back to Dr Jay again the next day to fix that same filling from the root canal, and the whole mess is still not over with! In general though Dr. Jay is pleasant I agree with the other negative reviews. I have had to advocate really strongly for myself, do research, seek second opinions, and fight them for more proper care. At best the staff is over worked and rushed and I do not think that the practice treats it's patience with respect or care, and at worst tries to take advantage of poor folks and insurance companies by overcharging. more

The best Dr. and hygienist 6/5/2008

gentle dental is the best; Dr. Jay is wonderful ""get it done""type of Dr. The hygienist is the best: to the point, Pros: service Cons: no parking more

Suggest avoiding this dentist 5/14/2008

I am a new patient of Dr. Liu's. Went there with because it's near my apartment and they take my insurance. I don't think I'm going to be going back. He's a nice man, and was fine on the day I had my basic check-up, cleaning, etc. But yesterday I went back to have some cracked/missing fillings replaced and some minor bonding re-done and it was probably the worse dentist experience I've ever had. He didn't numb my gums adequately before injecting the novacaine, so that really hurt (have had novacaine several times before, it never felt like this). He didn't file down the new fillings enough, so I now have rough spots on teeth, a sharp edge and my bite feels funny. He re-did bonding on two of my front teeth and while one looks good, the other (now that I've looked at it more closely) is not acceptable at all. hey are also rough and feel like he didn't smooth them at all. And last, without telling me what he was doing, he either sanded down or shaved off the enamel on one of my canine teeth to improve the appearance (I assume). There was nothing wrong with the tooth and I did not ask him to do it. I don't know if it was an accident or what but I'm really upset about it. The tooth now has a wierd edge going across it horizontally and is extremely sensitive to heat/cold. I thought it might feel better today and it's just as bad as yesterday. I am going to have to go to another dentist just to have all of this work corrected. Dr. Liu seemed obviously rushed and now I'm realizing I made a huge mistake going to him. more

Friendly but questionable service 2/19/2008

I've gone to Gentle Dental for 3 appointments so far. I agree with what most people are saying. Dr. Liu himself is very friendly, took the time to answer a couple of my questions and greets me everytime i've come in. The receptionist is definitely far from friendly and condescending but that seems to be the case of many customer service people in Philadelphia. My one other semi-complaint with this office is that the hygienist is done with the cleaning so quickly (often within 15 minutes) that I wonder about the quality of the work. And they don't give you a free toothbrush either!! Pros: Dr. Liu Cons: rude receptionist, questionable service, no free toothbrush more

unnecessary dental work 2/11/2008

I was also scheduled for unnecessary dental work. I was told that all my teeth needed fillings, but I got a bad vibe so decided to get a second opinion. A number of the fillings recommended were unnecessary. more

Great Dentist 1/9/2008

Dr Jay Liu is a great guy and very good at what he does (I'm in the medical field myself and you can get a sense of who is smoke and mirrors and who is actually clinically proficient). Went through two other dentists in the area before settling on him since moving to the area. Highly recommend him. more


Went to Gentle Dental for the first time and I was told by Dr Jay Liu that I had 6 cavities! I rarely have had cavities my entire life so I obviously thought something was terribly wrong. I was also told that I had gingivitis. It turns out this is a common practice by offices that don't get highly compensated by lower paying insurance companies. If they say you have gingivitis then they can bill more for a cleaning under a different code rather than a regular cleaning. I immediately got up out of the chair and called the office I had been going to for years (they are out of network but I didnt care and thought it was worth paying out of pocket at that point)...I got to see my regular dentist that afternoon and it turned out I had no cavities!! If I can save anyone from unnecessary dental work then I would feel vindicated. This office seems to take advantage of people just to bill more...its all about the dollar bill. Its extremely discouraging especially when you see his University of Penn plaque on the wall...That means absolutely nothing without integrity. Cons: cannot be trusted more

Customer Service is terrible 8/15/2007

Dr. Jay was really nice, and did an okay job on my root canal. The staff in the back (assistants and nurses were kind), but the receptionist when I called to make an appt. was terrible. She asked me questions that didn't even concern making an appointment. I just want to make an appointment! Don't tell me I should've made an appointment 2 months ago. Anyway, I'm taking my money elsewhere. Pros: Nice office more

Mediocre Dentist run ragged by staff and screws up all the time 5/23/2007

I had a bridge replaced and a root canal done here. Both had to be redone elsewhere. I actually like Dr. Jay. He's a good guy to talk to but he's a poor manager of his staff and time and he will inject you with novocaine, go do four other procedures and then come back and screw up a root canal taking only 10 minutes to do it. This office is probably fine for cleanings and basic checkups but don't let them come near you with a drill. Pros: Somewhat well mannered doctor Cons: Nasty staff and everything is rushed no matter how much pain you're in more

Great Dentist, Nasty Receptionist, inconvenient hours 2/19/2007

Dr. Jay Liu is such a nice dentist and he is extremely good, his hygienist is also very good, nice, and patient. I had been going to Gentle Dental for three years. I recently switched dentists for two reasons. The are not open on Fridays or Saturdays which is inconvenient if you work. But this was not enough of a reason for me to switch. The receptionist at Dr. Jay's office so evil, nasty, and condescending I could not stand it anymore. She talks down to the clients, and reprimands them for various ""infractions"". I have enough stress in my life without that nasty women. Pros: great dentist Cons: staff, hours more

Dr. Jay is No Nonsense! 2/19/2007

I read a terrible review the day before I was to go see another doctor, I promptly cancelled my appointment. I read a good review on the Gentle Dentist so I called up Gentle Dentist in Center City, they were able to get me in that next afternoon as a new pacient. Dr. Jay wastes no time and is to the point. Pros: Easy to Schedule. Cons: Painful Cleaning more

Great Dentist, friendly staff! 10/29/2006

Great office staf and friendly professional doctor. i would definitely recomend Gentle Dental to my friends! more
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