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Genie Car Wash - 11 Reviews - 7320 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX - Car Wash Reviews - Phone (512) 451-9274

Genie Car Wash

7320 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 451-9274
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Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX
Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX
Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX
Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX
Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX
Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX
Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX
Genie Car Wash - Austin, TX


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I brought my boyfriend's car in there 2 days ago to get it washed for his birthday. I pulled in and told the gentleman I wanted to spend about 50 bucks to get his Camaro cleaned u...


Yep, I used a Groupon. But, hey, I got the Platinum Car Wash deal which I thought would be OK. I had to have the driver side front floorboard re-vacuumed, get the front of the c...

1st Impression BAD 2/4/2012

Purchased a Groupon. Then read reviews. What a stupid move. Called to inquire about the ""full"" service and was treated like sh** by the teen sounding girl on the phone. I will write again when I get the car done. I'm scared to let them have the car. more

warning! 11/4/2011

my mistake, left rings in my ashtray (which wasn't cleaned) and they stole a family ring! After the tape reviews by police, they couldn't prove the criminal. Then the car wash was bad, bird droppings still on the top of the car and bad vaccuming ! I won't be back and everyone who goes, beware!! more

need better customer service 10/3/2011

If you can't say anything nice don't say it at all. more

BEWARE! DO NOT GO HERE! Paid $40 left w/ $500 in damage 6/15/2011

WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought my first new car this year and I have been hell bent on keeping it SPOTLESS. After a road trip to TN this weekend I took it immediately to Genie to get it nice & clean again. I told the attendant that this was in fact my first experience at Genie and right off the bat he tried to sell me the $499/year unlimited car wash package. Don't you think that's a tad extreme for a first time customer sales pitch??? Upon dropping off my car I headed next door to Ichiban (delicious affordable Sushi) to wait for the detail work to be done. I ate in less than 20 minutes and as I was leaving, I see my car is done. I appreciate fast service but this was not the basic wash I paid for... I paid for the Executive Wash & Detail & judging by the price & ""list"" of what it entailed, I was expecting to be waiting for at least 45 min-hour especially because there were 4 cars in front of me before I left! When I get to my car I can immediately see that something is wrong... Many things are wrong in fact, but the MAJOR eye catcher was the HUGE dent in the back driver's side door & rub marks all the way down the side. Like I said, this is my first new car & I take things like this PRETTY SERIOUSLY!!! Just to give you a rundown of the other issues before I go into this long winded story. here they are: Tons of bug guts on the front grill (see pictures submitted) tire grease all over both side doors on the drivers side, dirty water pooled in my matts & carpet, dirt still caked all over the back door, the list goes on & on... Anywho, after the discovery of the HUGE door dent (not ding) I asked to speak to the manager but was given the run around and told he couldn't talk for 30 minutes & that I could come back. I immediately leave & head straight for the body shop down the street. Once I explain to the body shop owner what happened and where I was coming from, he starts laughing and said... ""Yeah we have to repair a lot of the boo-boos from that Genie Car Wash."" $400 to repair the damage!!! I thought this was a tad steep so I head to the next body shop and I kid you not: Once I told them where I was coming from I was directed to their MANAGER OF GENIE CAR WASH CLAIMS!!! They actually had someone on site to deal with all of the dings, dents, and damage that Genie does!!! Scary that there are that many people out there who are driving away with damaged cars... Long story short, I had to actually take my dad (yes I am 27 years old and I had to take my dad over there) before they would let little old me talk to the manager. Magically the ""video"" (which he kept fast forwarding through & changing as soon as it would show anything up close on my car) was not running when my car went through the wash... The only thing the video really did show was the piss poor detailing job my car got before AND after the dent happened. I drive a freakin Tahoe with a HUGE back end and the ""attendant"", who I was paying to vacuum the interior, swipes the vacuum through the back MAYBE two times for a total of 3 seconds. I'll see you in small claims court Genie Car Wash. more

Awesome Birthday Car Wash 3/29/2011

I brought my boyfriend's car in there 2 days ago to get it washed for his birthday. I pulled in and told the gentleman I wanted to spend about 50 bucks to get his Camaro cleaned up. The service writer Shawn was very helpful and said he would do a ""VIP wash"" for me and get the inside cleaned real well and a hand wax. I went inside and paid the cashier and sat down to do some work. The detail took about an hour and a half and my boyfriend's car came out sparkling. I would recommend this car wash to anyone. \r Thanks,\r Jesica more


BUYER BEWARE - MY EXPENSIVE SUV HUBCAP WAS LOST IN THE CAR WASH (THEY CLEANED MY TIRES) AND THEY REFUSED TO ACCEPT LIABILITY. THEY REPLACED MY ANTENNA WITH A DAMAGED ONE FOLLOWING A HAND WAX A COUPLE WEEKS AGO. I WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN. They are thieves and totally irresponsible - on site manager, Terrance, refused to give me his last name and could have cared less. Staff is disorganized and unsupervised. more

Disappointing experience 8/23/2010

Yep, I used a Groupon. But, hey, I got the Platinum Car Wash deal which I thought would be OK. I had to have the driver side front floorboard re-vacuumed, get the front of the car de-bugged again, and they did not use the Armour-all stuff on all the surfaces they told me they would. All in all, I would not recommend the services there unless you just want a basic wash. I did tip well was very hot that August day! more

Good deal for what you pay for. Use coupons!!! 7/28/2009

If you just keep in mind that these guys up sell everything, then just say no, use the $5/car wash ticket and you get a good deal. They're quick, i've never gotten huge scratches (did get one on the truck) and i've taken my denali xl, sl600 and my wife's e500 wagon there with good luck and no scratches (other than a small one on my truck). their wax service is 'ok'. they don't use a polish, sealant but a 'all in one' which IMO isn't very useful at all. but for the labor and time required, you get the car vacuumed, washed, dried for $5 (tip em please, it's crazy hard work folks), so 7 out the door it's not a bad deal. i would not wash my own car in the sun for $25 so i find it a good deal. Pros: Great deal for regular wash (with coupon) Cons: They upsell with unnecessary products/services more

Not the Valentine ****ing I had been hoping for 2/14/2009

Took my car in today around 2, the guy asked if I wanted the carpets vacuumed and shampooed, so I said ""OK"". He wrote up the ticket and handed it to me and off I went to get some lunch at El Mercado and waste some time while they washed my car.\r \r I got back and waited another couple car was finally done around 5. I went to the cashier and she said ""that'll be 479 bucks""...when I picked myself up off the floor, I realized I'd signed off on some super deluxe treatment. My fault for not reading the ticket more carefully, I guess, and I'll take my lumps and pay for my mistake in communication.\r \r However, for $400+, they could have driven my car to the door instead of making me walk to the shop area, and they could have had my floor mats back in the car instead of making me ask for them (they were/are sopping wet, by the way.) . And they certainly could have done a better job of wiping up whatever greasy 'cleaning product' they had spattered & streaked all over my dashboard, and also getting up the few spatters of dry matter on the passenger side floor and back seat (blowback from driving home an ill person a while back, nothing huge, just a few drops)...and, yes, I found streaks and dirt encrusted here and there in little grooves, not to mention a few coffee grounds and wetness inside my cup holders. The final insult to the injury is that they broke my license plate frame. It was just a cheap plastic from Apple leasing where I got my car, but STILL. (apple leasing is great, BTW)\r \r An expensive lesson in miscommunication, and I definitely did NOT get my money's worth, for all that.\r \r Incidentally, my car's 20,000 mile service is due at the dealership, and guess what? It's going to be a LOT less than almost $500, to service the IMPORTANT parts of my car.\r \r What an unbelievable rip. Pros: Located next to El Mercado, which has excellent margaritas Cons: not a good value for the money more

Genie Car WATCH OUT!!! 12/7/2008

I have used this place with mixed results for 2 years, with consistently declining service lately. Yesterday was the nail in their coffin which will cause me to never go back. I noticed a pile of red rags on the upper left corner of my hood as my car exited the automatic wash line headed for the drying area. What transpired next is almost unbelievable had I not seen it with my own eyes.\r \r After dropping rags they used them to wipe wheels and body panels. When I was waived over to my ""finished"" car, I noticed a huge gouge on the hood in the same place the pile of rags had been sitting. Then I noticed after looking further, that the same scratch mark pattern (1 deep scratch with faint lines next to it at the exact distance at each place that was scratched) all over the hood and trunk of my car. I immediately asked to speak the ""The manager."" The girl at the counter paged and a guy named Dale came to meet me.\r \r He claimed they couldn't have done this, they don't use rags that have been dropped, and that they only use microfiber towels and they ""only dry in circular motions"". Then he told me to drive to the detail shop where he would have the marks buffed out. I complied, but i saw the dropped rags being used on my car and they were not the microfiber towels that were used for the final wipe down. That's at least 2 lies to CTA. Then, another guy comes out claiming to be the manager...wait, I thought Dale was the manager? He again denies they did the damage and refused the buffing.\r \r I got a call from the original ""manager"" Dale 5 minutes after leaving telling me to come back in the next day (today) and that he would take care of it while the other manager was not there. So I drove all the way down there today and of course Dale is not in today - big surprise NO INTEGRITY!!!\r \r I took the opportunity to shoot video of the dry boys wiping cars in straight line motions rather than circles. - HEED MY WARNING - DO NOT GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO SCREW YOU! Cons: They damage your car and then blame you, lie ti you, and give you the run-around. more

Unreliable - will not go back 4/14/2007

I paid for the $69.95 detailing and when I went to get my car, it was very apparent that it hadn't been vacuumed at all and the seats hadn't been cleaned. They had basically wiped down the sides of the interior and washed the outside. (By the way, this wasn't a busy day, they had very few customers). They looked at the ticket and said that they must have read the ticket wrong. They brought it back again and they ""redid"" it (very inconvenient!) They did a quickie 10-minute job this time and I expected much better with the end result. My husband has had a similar experience at this location. I learned my lesson - I will not go back! Pros: Unreliable detailing Cons: Nice girl at the counter more
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  • Car wash offers interior shampooing and detailing, leather and upholstery treatments, wheel and tire cleaning, waxing, engine cleaning and dressing.

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