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Gene Juarez Salons & Spas

401 NE Northgate Way Ste 569
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 365-6000
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Love going to northgate gene Juarez. Ruben does the best hair cut and Mioko (sP?) does the best color. They are both very professional and not chatty like some other hair stylists...


I've kept going back thinking I was getting the "wrong" stylist. I'd place the quality I've gotten along side $12 haircuts, not $60 plus large tip. And listening to the stylists, ...

Great hair cut and color services.. great customer service 10/25/2011

Love going to northgate gene Juarez. Ruben does the best hair cut and Mioko (sP?) does the best color. They are both very professional and not chatty like some other hair stylists. I've been going to them for years now and can't imagine going anywhere else :) more

DON'T GIVE UP~ 4/16/2010

It took me a couple visits with a couple different people before I found the right stylist and colorist. I learned that at this salon you really do get what you pay for. When I started I went for the budget range of stylists and colorists, and they were just so so. But then I set appts up with the more seasoned. pricier clinicians and they really were much better. Over a few months, I've found Julie for styles and Shawn for processing. My suggestion, if you're up for paying for it - ask for whoever has the most experience and expertise in whatever it is you're looking for and that should move you in the right direction. Pros: Convenient location, easy parking, full front desk staff. Cons: A huge skill range of stylists, and some are not that great. more

Convenience, professionalism, and a great cut and style 1/26/2010

Having gone to high-end salons in Seattle for years, I can say that Gene Juarez in Northgate ranks with the best of them. Northgate - surprised? Me too. Everything from the confirmation calls to the greeting at the salon is warm and professional. Two stylists in particular that stand out are Ryan for her amazing blow-outs, and Renato for his perfect haircuts and styling advice. If you live in the area, stop driving downtown for your hair, and try this spa location. Pros: great stylists, scheduling flexibility, parking Cons: location is in a mall (at least it has a separate entrance) more

The Un-Salon 9/15/2009

I never write reviews...just don't have time...but this I need to share. I am slightly graying and blonde, hard hair to color, so I go to a place I think can handle it. Have gone to UVillage plenty of times and been happy, so why not try out someplace closer, but familiar. Bad idea. Chaotic front area, My designer made me wait 15 mins in front lounge, then had to wait 20 mins for her to "mix up" some color? which turned out to be bleach. I had her do a full foil and wanted my highlights from summer deepened and a warmer tone throughout...didn't happen...instead got a head full of broken white frizzle...sob...This is a cliff-hangar though, as UVillage GJ has agreed to do the adjustment, and hopefully they can fix it, but still, I can't get back the precious time I wasted on this debacle. Pros: None Cons: Everything more

Horrible Place 12/11/2008

My first and for sure my last time there, was a humiliating experience. Besides very poor customer service, I was given a very bad haircut.....2 1/2 hours for a simple haircut, which they totally messed up. Wouldnt even take my dog ther for a grooming. Horrible place! Pros: None Cons: everything more

Won't ever go back 8/12/2008

I've kept going back thinking I was getting the "wrong" stylist. I'd place the quality I've gotten along side $12 haircuts, not $60 plus large tip. And listening to the stylists, it's just a job for them. I got that message from the clerks too, who didn't demonstrate customer service at all. Here's my advice: Never get a haircut before an important date. I'm going to need a very long time to grow this out. Never get a haircut so short you can't put it into a pony tail. With some product to hold the short layers that I asked him specifically not to do, that advice will be my saving grace. As soon as it grows out, I'm going to look for a different salon, and a stylist who keeps his/her training up to date, goes to shows, competes, etc., thereby demonstrating a passion for his/her work. more

Dont bother 5/11/2008

This has got to be the worst place on Earth. I had the worst experience of my life there. I used to go to Quint and it just hasn't been the same there since he left. Also, the "new" salon is quite distasteful. I had a terrible experience there. After Quint left, they sent me coupons for discounted services. The letter said that he was referring his clients away. I decided to go anyway . I should have known better. My hair looked AWFUL. They didn't do the same thing that I usually get. When I asked where I could find Quint Eby, they told me they had no idea who I was talking about! He only worked there for 14 years! I found him online. They will tell you anything just to squeeze another dollar out of you. more

I got SO ripped off here 2/7/2008

I went in for a partial foil, and asked what the price would be. They said $100. I sit in the chair and the colorist says my hair will break off if I don't get a special "treatment" which would cost $35. What am I supposed to say, NO? I'd like my hair to break off? So I agree. The "treatment" consisted of 1/2 of a teaspoon of goo that the colorist smeared on 1/4 of the top of my hair in 15 seconds. Treatment? When I questioned the cashier, and even spoke to the manager, they refused to make any adjustment. She told me since I had the "option"...(my hair breaking off) that the charge was fair because I was advised of it. I at least expected something like a treatment on all of my hair, maybe under the dryer, or something. I will never go back. Pros: nice remodel Cons: uppity self-serving staff. more

HairCutFanatic 1/5/2008

Well, I've been searching for a long time to locate the best businessmen's haircut in Seattle. I searched, Downtown, West Side, Ballard, Bellevue......nope.........well, I finally found it...guess where, would you believe, Gene Juarez in Northgate! There is a stylist there that is the Most Professional Men's (I guess she does ladies too) Hair Stylist that I have ever found. She is PROFESSIONAL!, FRIENDLY!, ALWAYS UP, and she gives the very best, consistent haircut I have ever hoped to have......yes, every time it is perfect, no fuss, no muss, get in and get the job done in a friendly manner, give her a try, you'll be pleased, 206 365 6000, ask for Heather Van Vleck, you won't be sorry. Pros: Always Friendly, Professional Cons: None more

Love the spa and the lounge, not so much everything else 12/28/2007

I went for my first-time-ever massage because my boyfriend gave me a gift package - be calm. It includes an hour-long massage and half-hour mani/ pedi. I had an absolutely great experience, the massage felt great and it was very relaxing, the lounge area was quiet and calm, and the 'private' (nobody else than the spa host comes in when u'r there) bathroom/ changing room was also a great plus. One of the many nice things was my masseuse, Crystal; she brought up the fact that she typically stays quiet during massages (only tells you what she's doing) and it made me felt comfortable not having to keep up a conversation and could just relax and enjoy the session. Another really lovely part of the massage is that my feet were ice cold when I went in, but they start with massaging and putting warm oil/ wrap on your feet *super comfy!!* The minus, however, is that everything outside the spa area - the front, salon and the mani/ pedi areas are a bit chaotic (also relate to the fact that I visited the Sunday before x'mas) so that mildly ruined the spa experience. the cashier/ check-out also didn't seem to professional. The lady was joking around a bit, totally taking her time and didn't really seem to care that all I want to do is pay and leave the chaos. Anyhow, very good experience overall. think I might get cravings for more luxurious massage sessions :) Pros: the Spa area was quiet and calming Cons: everywhere else was chaotic more

its heaven on earth 12/7/2007

The newly remodled salon is amazing! i have had many services there and have always had the best service. the stylists are so knowledgable,and proffesional they always take the time to do an in depth consultation, i hated when i was at seven and they didnt really take the time of day to find out what i really wanted. my stylist gave me a cut that suits my lifestyle. i love it!!!. ive never had a bad experience at gene juarez.. i always get the best haircuts and color. i love how it feels like home and the people there become like family!!! the spa is also so relaxing . its beautiful! i got the greatest massage. more

A great place to call home! 10/9/2007

It is a beautiful park and everyone here has been more than kind. Great location. Close to Tampa and an easy commute to anywhere in the bay area. more

Haircut disaster 10/4/2007

PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE. My girlfriend worked for four long years to have glorious hair down to her waist. Despite clear instructions (repeatedly) to the staff at the Northgate location, HILARY managed to cut cut cut, the wrong way, and the wrong length. She is in tears, and we are both horrified that this so called "salon" could have done this. Now we both wait several years to undo the damage done. Please avoid this place! more

Have Been Around Too Long To Mistake Rudeness for Haute Cotour 8/21/2007

To begin, I see that many of the reviews of this establishment are less than 3 stars; yet the average visit to this date rates a 4 star rating. This is not right. I will spend money to be pampered and taken care of because it feels good sometimes. I also like to take good care of my hair, skin, and nails. Because of this, I frequently get my hair, nails and facials done by professionals. I loosely call these people professional. While the employee that tended to my facial was most likely professionally trained, she was not professional. I'll be to the point. Hearing about somebody's boyfriend, how he took care of business, and how tired someone is of their ex while I'm being tended to by this person is not soothing. Nor is it professional, upbeat, avant garde, or edgy. And I don't appreciate cigarette breath in my face. And I really dislike being disreguarded in between treatments because the person who came in after me is a friend of the person who's supposed to be working for me. You can dress up snobbery, but it is still snobbery. This place wants to be New York City, but it sells like Akron Ohio two days after New Years. Pros: Can get evening appointments Cons: Lack of respect from employees more

Where is Quint Eby? 5/29/2007

I recently moved back to Seattle from LA and I was so excited to get my hair done by my old hairdresser Quint. When I called to make my appointment, the rude receptionist said she had never heard of him. She put me on hold for 5 minutes and came back and said that he left years ago and they dont know where he is. They referred me to another Colorist but I chose not to book with her. I have reached the conclusion that Gene Juarez Salon just wants your money. I was able to find Quint myself on the internet . The only reason to go there was to see Quint. Only he could make you feel good and do the color right. Pros: Quint when he was there Cons: Staff, location, hair factory, parking more

Average Experience... 4/13/2007

I went to get my hair cut by Chloe because a friend recommended her to me. She wasn't friendly and seemed to be in her own world the entire time. She asked me one or two questions and acted like she couldn't care less that she was cutting my hair. She styled my hair way over to the side like we were living in the 80's. My fiance actually laughed a little when he saw me. He said, "what happened?? She wasn't overly expensive but I wish she had been a little probably would have made up for the average haircut that she gave me. Pros: Clean Cons: Unfriendly Staff more

Where is Erin? 4/4/2007

I used to see Erin for my waxing and facials -- she really does the best brows for your face. I called to make an appointment with her the other day, and the receptionist said she was not with Gene Juarez anymore! So, I took my chances with someone else. Her name was Lesley and she really ruined my eyebrows. They are uneven and fake looking. I do not recommend Lesley at all. I am going to grow them out and find Erin. Pros: You can book an appointment any time Cons: Erin is gone more

Best Brows! 7/11/2006

I came into Gene Juarez really needing some help with my brows. My aesthetician, Erin was great! She showed me what ideally an eyebrow should look like, and showed me what would be perfect for my face. She was so easy and friendly to be around, and did not shame me for my bad plucking habits -- like others have done in the past. I will definitely be back to see Erin! Pros: Erin the Aesthetician, Nice staff, Convenient Cons: Hard to find parking with the construction in the parking lot. more

Gene Juarez is NOT a good place to go 1/28/2006

Gene Juarez hires some of the rudest and most incompetent people ever. The front desk people mill about and when they do chance to address the CUSTOMERS they do so with such rudeness it appears to be something they have been taught at the GJ School. The hair folks are training in the 'one cut/color' for all. Should you chance to receive a less than desirable cut/color (which I have received both), do NOT bring it to the attention of the management as they are the rudest of the rude. I would rather be bald than EVER patronize Gene Juarez. BEWARE this chain can get you in at any time but you need to think about WHY they can get you in at any time. Lack of dedicated, satisfied and loyal customers would be my guess. Pros: none, none, none Cons: rude, condesending, inept more

Honestly, don't waste your money here! 8/24/2005

Tried using GJ salons 3 times in 3 different locations (YES I guess I'm a glutton for punishment!) Did so because I wanted to make sure I gave them a fair shake before totally discounting them. ALL 3 times were HORRIBLE experiences. Just as others are saying, I experienced for myself a very rude and condescending staff, the stylists did NOT listen to my requests, and I left each time feeling VERY disappointed! (One time I went in wanting my long 'chunky/layered look' merely "cleaned up" and left with an above-the-shoulder BOB-NOT kidding!!!) I'm not a cheapskate and will pay for good quality service if I get it but felt like I got very ripped off by what I paid vs. what I received EVERY TIME! It's SOOO frustrating trying to find a good stylist/salon but I will keep trying ELSEWHERE and you should too! Pros: none, in my opinion Cons: lack of stylist skill, too spendy, RUDE, NO cust service more
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    The front desk and the urban, brighly lit salon have a fitting air of sophisticated chaos. However, there's a quick escape: the tranquil, feng shui-adapted waiting room. There, after changing into spa clothes and a luxurious robe, spa-goers are treated to a warm lavender body pillow by the spa hostess. Services include the standards--facials, body-wraps, manicures, massages, mud masques--and more.

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