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Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - 25 Reviews - 733 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (516) 544-8183

Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp

733 W Park Ave
Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 544-8183
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Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY
Gelfand, Lewis J, DVM - All Creatures Veterinary Hosp - Long Beach, NY


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I can?t say enough about All Creatures! We have a one year old Chinese Sharpei that we got from a very reputable breeder but unfortunately, since we?ve had her, her immune system...


All Creatures - a local animal hospital in Long Beach, USED to be the best place to take your pets. But that was before they rebuilt the place and got arrogant. I brought my ch...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/7/2013

Botched surgery one time then misdiagnosed cat and charged $2000 for more surgery only to send her home telling us chemo would help but she died as soon as she came home. Experienced vet doesn't know cat is so close to death? Something wrong with that! NEVER AGAIN! more

STAY AWAY! 5/23/2013

Stay FAR AWAY from these unprofessional so called vets! They dont call back at all! After many days of no phone calls back when I did reach the office they have a non vet relay messages to you.They even diagnosis by phone through a secretary or office person! Their medicine charges are highway robbery! I will never use them again and will deter all I know from using these unskillful, usless people and wish them the same treatment they give when it comes to their own health!(HORRIBLE). I can see from the other reviews on here that Iam not alone and it will be just a metter of time till they go out of business! Not soon enough! PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE FOR YOUR PETS OWN GOOD AND YOUR'S!! more

They go the extra mile! 10/29/2012

I can?t say enough about All Creatures! We have a one year old Chinese Sharpei that we got from a very reputable breeder but unfortunately, since we?ve had her, her immune system hasn?t fully kicked in and she?s suffered with several problems, most life threatening being generalized demodex. We had been to four other vets in eight months and finally got the proper care and treatment at All Creatures. Anytime we needed to be seen or had a question, Dr Gelfand, Dr. Geltman and staff member were available, compassionate and demonstrated a sincere willingness to help. Beyond the exceptional customer service, we received outstanding veterinary care. I had a very pressing question today as my dog was terribly suffering and Dr Geltman responded back to me immediately even though they were closing in light of the impending Hurricane. Now that?s making your Pet a priority at All Creatures. Thank you so much!! more

Doesn't care about your pet, just the money! 4/22/2011

They only care about the money not about your animal. They are very wishy washy with prices. Ask three people you will get three different prices. Not just that- what place doesn't let you see anything that their doing to your animal. Everything is done in the back. Would you give your baby to a doctor and not care- no. Because you have no idea if they did or did not do whatever it is they tell you. Then charge you for it. If you love your pet go some where else. more

Great Vet 4/7/2011

Everyone at All Creatures is great! Have been with them since I lived in LB in 1998. Started with 2 cats and 2 dogs, then moved to Wantagh in 2001 and travel back to All Creatures for my Dog Sasha. Vets, vet techs, staff... all treat Sasha great! more

Dr. Laurie Granata 9/28/2010

My review is not for Dr. Gelfand, but for Dr. Laurie Granata. Dr. Granata diagnosed my cat, Gizmo, with lymphoma yesterday. I am working through my pain (which is unbearable) and I just want to say that she is the best vet I have EVER known. She is not only compassionate, she is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her judgment more than I trust my own. I know that she has done and will do everything possible for my Gizmo, and I would trust her with my other cat's life as well - no one will ever treat my cats except Dr. Granata. If I were a vet, she is who I would want to be like. My cats love her, and are always calm and happy in her presence. She TRULY cares about animals, and about people. I would recommend ANYONE go to her and have her SOLELY treat your animal. There are no better hands for your pet to be in, please trust me. more

Dr Geltman is amazing 2/10/2010

I really don't understand these negative reviews. I'm sure some people are going to get the shaft or receive subpar care from time to time, but All Creatures and Dr Wayne Geltman have been a God-send to us. Compared to the last 2 vets we've been to, All Creatures has been the most affordable BY FAR and Dr Geltman never pushes us to get unnecessary tests or labwork. I really have only good things to say about this place and this vet. That, and its less than 5 minutes away, which is amazing when you have a cat in a carrier that hates the car! Btw, I am not an employee or anyone affiliated with All Creatures, I just happen to love them there and will be sorry to leave them if we have to move from Long Beach! more

Cheapskates 5/24/2009

I have read all the reviews about All Creatures..All the negatives seem to have 1 underlying theme..TOO EXPENSIVE....NEWSFLASH..owning a Pet is's not for everyone..It is unfortunate but our pets have a finite (that means limited) lifespan, and when it is time to go we often look for scapegoats, as many people do in life for other situations. I grew up with Dr. Geltman..he's taken care of my dog for over 6 years...the care is always excellent...yes it is expensive but when a loved one is sick we want the best and not the cheapest...I suspect that many of the negatives have similar comments about many other aspects of their lives.. more

Wonderful, Dedicated Vets.... Surprised at all the neg. reviews 1/30/2009

My family started using All Creatures over 10 years ago upon the recommendations of friends. We had a temperamental Shar Pei who had been traumatized at vets and All Creatures was a godsend.\r \r \r We used All Creatures for my Shar Pei's entire life even though they were almost an hour from my home at the time.After my beloved Shar Pei had passed away we no longer needed All Creatures services.\r \r \r I got 2 new dogs a while later and figured I would try to find a local vet since neither of my dogs had any unique issues at the time. Well, after trying numerous vets in my area, I have now ended back at All Creatures. I cannot rave enough about Dr. Gelfand and Dr. Geltman (I have not seen any other vets, so I cannot speak of experiences from others).\r \r \r Dr. Gelfand and Dr. Geltman are both extremely compassionate, caring and they will take all the time you need and your pet needs. My dog was having seizures the day before Thanksgiving this year and Dr. Gelfand took the time to call me not more

They're only out to make money 12/27/2008

Like others reviewers, I feel it is totally business and not that they love animals. They are very over priced. Neutering is close to 400.00 and they charge for a visit even if you're already a patient. There are other vets in the area who charge a lot less and they don't charge for a visit provided you prove pet is Up to date on shots! more

Great Care for all my Pets 12/19/2008

I have been coming here for over 10 years. The Doctors and the staff are top notch. The only place I would bring my pets! They also have convenient nite and weekend hours. more

Go here for bad service and have your pet die a horrible death. 11/1/2008

So we go in with our cat who hadn't eaten in days and was looking awful. Told they would try a round of fluids and give an enema to stop a blockage. Then x-rays if needed and other tests. The following day told the cat is doing fine and could be released the following day. Apparently overnight our cat started vomiting uncontrollably and was in really bad shape. Our cat was left to sit in a cage strewn in its own vomit and we didn't get a call until after 1pm! So from 8am when they first came in until just after 1pm (a total of 5 hours) our cat was ignored and suffered. At 2pm our cat died of cardiac arrest when no one helped.\r \r You would think because of the negligence they would refund some money to us. Nope. They said we were lucky they decided not to charge us for cremation of the cat they neglected for so many hours. When I asked why an x-ray wasn't done (our cat had swallowed some string causing a blockage), they said we didn't ask for one. Infuriated I told them I'm not a vet, y more

Top notch care, so much compassion 10/13/2008

I have been a client at All Creatures for quite a number of years now, and all of my cats (I now have 6) are patients there. Both my cats and I are always treated with kindness and respect by the front desk staff, the techs, the kennel staff, and the doctors. It is because of the amazing medical care two of my cats have received there that they continued to live--thrive--after being diagnosed with cancer and another life-threatening condition. I have worked with all four doctors who are currently there, and all have given my pets great care. But I primarily work with Dr. Wayne Geltman, who has encouraged me, advised me, educated me, and supported me through good and bad times with my cats, and has given all of them consistently superior medical care. I will never be able to thank him for all of the good that he has done. To the other reviewers who have complained: have I ever had to wait? Sure--but someone else's pet was receiving emergency treatment, and the schedule was backed up. We more

Expensive for a mediocre experience 9/20/2008

I took my cat to All Creatures to get spayed and it cost over 300 bucks. 2 of the items on the bill were 1. Ovariohysterectomy and 2. Laser surgery. I asked "Isn't the first one the surgery?" The answer was the doctor just got the new laser machine and needed to pay for it. This is like going to a restaurant and being charged for your entree and then charged for it to get cooked because the chef got a new stove. Bogus. \r \r The first time I went I had to wait 40 minutes even though I arrived on time for my appointment. I called to check on my cat and was put on hold for over 10 minutes. The front desk employees are always preoccupied with anything but you. more

Outstanding Care and Devotion 6/19/2008

We have used Dr. Gelfand and his staff at All Creatures for over 20 years to take care of a total of 4 dogs and 8 cats. He has treated them with the highest of professional standards plus love and a genuine interest regarding their well being. His diagnostic and surgical skills and acumen have prolonged the life and comfort of our pets under what has often been difficult circumstances. In addition he has kept their owners calm at the same time. I have recommended his office to many friends and they have always appreciated it. His staff has always been exceptionally courteous and caring. In summary, his hospital is of the highest standard in veterinary medicine.\r \r ADDITION TO PREVIOUS COMMENT "WORLD CLASS"\r \r My wife and I have had aminals for the past 30 years and beyond. From an Akita, to a Boxer, a Shepard and a Pit Bull. Not to mention 7 cats. All totally mixed.\r \r This has been a difficult year having lost 3 loving animals. For our first time in 30 years there was no cr more

The hospitals age shows. 6/16/2008

After my one and only experience with Dr. Geltman, i will never EVER go back to All Creatures. My dog (like alot of others) is terrified of the vet, so i was expecting my dog to be treated in a slow and calm manner by doctor evil. When i saw him muzzle my dog (which i was fine with) and put my twenty pound dog in a head lock for the nurses to do a nail trim- i was horrified! Worse of all, when the doctor and nurse left, i heard them joking in the back about how "wayne super-maned that dog". I have never in my life been more happy to hand over $400 and walk out of that place for good. DO NOT LET GELTMAN TOUCH YOUR ANIMAL. more

The best on long island 11/5/2007

I have been bringing my dogs and cats to All Creatures now for the past 15 years. Dr Gelfand is unbelievable- not only is he smart and knowledgable but he is a great surgeon. He saved my dog from bloat ( he came in on his day off to do the surgery) , he saved another dog twice from cancer- prolonging her with an excellent quality of life with chemo. He does so much for the community in terms of strays and always puts the animals first. I would highly recommend them and I have experience with many Long Island hospitals- you will never get more expert opinions, service or compassionate care anywhere. His two new vets Dr Lauri and Dr Tina are wonderful, bright and absolutly terrific. Thanks All Creatures for always being there!! more

Where do i start... 10/17/2007

Front desk- snotty old women who ignore you.\r Dr. Gelfand-smart man, BUT still keep in mind hes a businessman\r Dr. Geltman- i rather Osama Bin Laden touch my dogs. \r tech/nurses/whatever they want to call themselves- helpful if you catch them on a good day\r Kennel "staff"- looks like a bunch of high school drop outs to me...\r After being a client for years, i just couldnt stand the smell of urine upfront or the ONE time i saw my baby golden in a "run" that had cement pieces missing from the floor along with paint chips everywhere...enough is enough. more

Wonderful! 9/18/2007

I've been using their services since 1990 and highly recommend them. When my older girl became ill, Drs. Gelfand and Geltman were the best. They tried to help me find the cause of this problem b/c I truly wanted what was best for my dog. Unfortunately it was a problem that turned out to be more serious than first suspected. Though I tried to maintain her condition for over 5 months, it came time to do what was best for my dog and euthanize her. I cannot tell you how wonderful the doctors and staff were to all of us. Dr. Geltman explained the steps to us, allowed us to stay with our girl while the meds were administered and took the best care of her once she had calmed down and was asleep. Dr. Gelfand, in my opinion, is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate vets I have ever encountered. I'm envious that my animals have such wonderful doctors. If only I could find this same compassion in the doctors who take care of me. more

I <3 All Creatures 9/17/2007

To say I am overprotective of my 3 Japanese Chin babies would be an understatement. I love Drs. Gelfand, Geltman, and Grenata. Dr. Guzman I still hold a grudge against bc he mixed up when my Cueball's tests results were supposed to come back but everyone else seems to like him. I live in Midtown so sometimes I hit traffic and am late but the staff is always very understanding. The front desk staff has had to put up with me catching an attitude on one or two occasions and they still continue to treat me with respect. They are loving and I have never seen them mistreat anyones babies. Vet bills do have the tendency to add up but there is a multiple pet discount if you have 3+ babies. I have seen the boarding area and it is clean but I do not board my babies there or anywhere because I'd rather they not be in a kennel but in a friend's home or a friend babysitting them in my home. more
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All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

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  • Offering veterinarians and kennels services.

    All Creatures Veterinary Hospital has been serving Long Beach and surrounding communities since 1984. Although our hospital was severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy, Dr. Gelfand, Dr. Geltman and staff were committed to serving those residents as best as possible during the difficult recovery. We remained fully available for support and medical care during the crisis and recovery and continue to serve our loyal and wonderful family of clients.
    Our newly rebuilt hospital provides state-of-the-art medical technology including laser surgery, ultrasound, digital radiology, video otoscopy, telemedicine and patient monitoring including a full on-site pharmacy, in-house diagnostics, cctv monitoring of all hospitalized patients and expanded ICU and isolation for the critically ill patient. We utilize the latest advances in endocrine, heart & renal disease, and cancer treatment.

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    Mon-Fri 8:30am-9pm ; Open 7 Days ; Appointments Available
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    American Express, Master Card, Visa
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