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Gaston Memorial Hospital

2525 Ct Dr
Gastonia, NC 28054
(704) 834-2000
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I have been to GMH two times in last month, once in ER other in urgent care. Both times I saw a doctor within a hour, both times had a wonderful experience with doctors who were p...


I had a concussion after falling off the hearth of my fireplace onto my wood living room floor. I slept on the floor for two days, and then I must have called a friend who convin...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2012

Go to a vet clinic before going to this place. They arent skilled enough to work on animals, let alone humans. Stolen personal items and Ive even heard of them physically abusing patients. more

Go to a Charlotte hospital if at all possible!!!!! 4/5/2011

I had a concussion after falling off the hearth of my fireplace onto my wood living room floor. I slept on the floor for two days, and then I must have called a friend who convinced me to go to the ER. I drove myself (I had NO judgement at the time), and the lady at the front desk of the ER rushed me back to a bed. The first person to see me was a lady who wanted my insurance card, THEN the nurse and doctor came in. I remember doing HORRIBLY on a very, very simple neuro exam, and I was rushed in to get a CT scan. While this all sounds wonderful, I was left alone after that for about seven hours and was taken off the meds I need for an autoimmune disease I have. The doctor gave me a sedative because some of the meds I take can't be stopped immediately and some are sometimes used as sedatives themselves! When I asked her what she planned to do if I had a problem withdrawing from my normal medications, she said she would give me more of the sedative SHE wanted to use! I was then left alone behind a curtain until it was time to leave. No one woke me up until it was time to go home. My nurse said that she, ""checked in on me"" while I slept, but she didn't wake me up. The doctor said I was ""fine"" (a direct quote), and was not given any restrictions for the following few days or weeks. I was not asked about my living situation, nor my immediate plans; for all anyone knew, I could have attempted to get on the Interstate and drive to Atlanta! I was just handed some paperwork and was told I could leave.\r \r About three days later, I read the paperwork I was given. Ond of the sheets said, ""YOU HAVE A CONCUSSION. MAKE SURE SOMEONE STAYS WITH YOU FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS, AND HAVE THEM WAKE YOU UP EVERY TWO HOURS."". I don't need an MD degree to know that concussions can be dangerous, and I had spent two days sleeping on my living room floor! I was shocked that the doctor didn't even want to keep me overnight for observation. I live alone and had no one who could/would stay with me, much less wake me up every two hours, but the doctor didn't ask about that simple part of the discharge. If I didn't have a concussion, why was I given such paperwork???\r \r I would love to sue the ER company (the ER is not part of the hospital--it's outsourced and it's merely located inside the hospital building), but, having been in a very bad car accident that left lasting damage, the insurance company that represents the ER will try to blame the concussion I got from falling off my fireplace hearth on an autoimmune disease I have. Lawyers only want to take the cases that will bring in a chunk of a BIG settlement, not a case that failed to cause any further injury to myself or others. Despite the severe blow to my head, I knew I was NOT ""fine"" and I stayed home and rested for about a week. That ER and the doctor are awfully lucky that I know a little bit about brain injuries and could tell that I shouldn't be driving or operating heavy machinery.\r \r Just because people are friendly, it doesn't mean that they know how to do their jobs. After all, the person who graduates at the bottom of their class from medical school is still called ""Doctor"". more

Dr. Neuman needs to return to college 6/23/2010

My name is Tammy and I am a 28 year old criminal justice student and mother to 4 children.I have a heart condition known as mitral valve prolapse and regurgatation.I also have angina which is chest pain associated with the heart condition I have.I went into the gaston memorial hospital last night with squeezing and stabbing chest pain that was becoming unbearable.After waiting hours to see a Doctor,I was seen by Dr. Neuman.They did a ekg and a chest ex ray.Both were negative.I tried to explain to them that when I was diagnosed with my heart condition it was by ultrasound and did not show up on ekg's.Dr Nueman tried to tell me that angina is a heart blockage and no way did I have that.My heart rate was erratic and my blood pressure was a little high.They proceeded to give me malox with a numbing medication added.It did numb my lips and tounge but had no effect on my chest pain that was like I said unbearable.So they gave another pain medication through IV,which still did not stop the pain,it only made me drowsy.They sent me home in this condition.I was up way into the night with this chest pain.I called my cardiologist this morning and they were like omg angina IS CHEST PAIN and why did he not get one of our doctors to see you??I was like because they were trying to say it wasn't heart related because of the neg ekg and x ray.So they are getting me back in with DR Arn to check me out because I do have heart conditons and Dr Neuman you are an idiot. more


My son was treated in the ER for a laceration on his leg. The doctor who stitched it done a VERY poor job doing so and failed to give him antibiotics even after I explained to her that I was not sure what he had gotten cut on. He also had a piece of something hanging out of his leg which she cut off and to this day I have no idea what it was but he does have some numbness in that area now. The cut became infected and he had to be put on 3 different antibiotics to clear it up. It then developed a fungus which his family doctor said came from being on the antibiotics for such a long time. As soon as the stitches were removed the cut opened back up on one side because it was so poorly stitched in the ER. Due to the wound opening up again my son have to have a debridement done which put him going thru all the pain all over again as his family doctor had to give him mulitple shots to deaden the area and take a razor blade and scrape the area out. He now has to go to his doctor everyday for up to 2 weeks to have it repacked and dressed. I absolutely would not go back to this hospital again and encourage others who seek better treatement to do the same. I would like to see this doctor lose her license so that she can't give another person the same sorry treatment but so far all I have been able to do is file a grievence with GMH which hasn't done any good. All I have been told thus far is that they are sorry we had a bad experience there and to have a nice day. I wish the whole hospital had to be shut down and a whole new better trained staff brought in to replace tose who apparently don't care. I STRONGLY ADVISE SEEKING YOUR EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!! more

The Worst 3/19/2010

I have been trying to get help to get a payment plan due to the fact I need surgery and have no insurance. Today when I called the financial aid office I was yelled at by an employee and spoken to like I was a piece of garbage. Financial aid was denied by a doctor that I have never seen or spoken to. This is not an elective procedure that I need. I became so upset at the person in the financial aide office I hung up on her and then called back and spoke to a patient advocate. When I tried to explain what had happened he just kept saying uh huh and it sounded like he was eating an orange over the phone. When he asked if I wanted to file a grievance, I said yes and then he asked for my address. He asked me to spell my street name. It is Gate Dr. He couldn't spell 'gate'. He could not tell me who the CEO or Chief of Staff was at the hospital because according to him, a lot of people work there. I tried very hard to be nice to him because I'll be the first to admit I was ugly back at the lady that was yelling at me and hung up on her. I didn't get that way until she started cutting me off and yelling though. This patient advocate spoke to me like he really didn't care that I had a bad experience. Not once did he say he was sorry I was upset or had been spoken to that way. I told him finally to just forget it because I wouldn't step foot in that hospital if I fell and broke my neck on their front steps. At one point I asked him if this was how the staff there treated patients. He said he hoped not. I've been a nurse for many years and have never seen people this incompetent and mean before. I would never go there voluntarily for anything. Cons: Staff more

Wonderful Hospital 2/28/2010

I have been to GMH two times in last month, once in ER other in urgent care. Both times I saw a doctor within a hour, both times had a wonderful experience with doctors who were professional and took the time to listen, one even took the time to call my doctor for input. Hospital was clean, even the nurses were friendly and professional. I would visit this hospital and day of the week. Pros: Quick intake, great, freindly doctors more

if your in need of serious help do yourself a favor dont go there 1/31/2009

2 occurences first i was 14 i kept seeing double and getting really sick. every muscle in my body was in pain they gave me hydrocodone and an antibotic which made it worse.they gave me something for a pinch nerve problem was i didnt have one. i had a false tumor. I almost when blind if it wasnt for me going to cmc to see what the real prob was. next yesterday the doctor was rude i asked him a question about my hip he didnt tell me anything just prescibed me a pain killer i didnt ask for. on top of that he said i have bronchitus and gave me antibotics for it. im not a doctor but im pretty sure antibotics wont help this ive looked it up everywhere. Pros: parking Cons: the doctors, receptionist,everything except parking more

if you plan to get worst this is the place to be! 10/8/2008

my sister was just recently released because her incurance wouldnt cover another stay.she was sent there due to a very bad headache and vomiting,they diagnosed her with an unrupshered aneurysm ,then viral meningitis,she stayed for three days waiting on a neurologist to run test for the unrupsherd aneurysm only to say they they didnt find one.she would call the nurse to immediatly come help her because her headache was so bad she cant see,they show up 2 hours later thank god she wasnt having a stroke!they tell her they cant treat her beceuse they didnt see the unrupsherd aneurysm so they treat her for the meningitis for which they dont know which kind she has then send her home only with pain medication.we are now sending her to carolina medical center where real doctors hospital is lovly to look at but thats all they should quit spending money on buetifying and start spending on real proffessional docters.oh and my sister is worse off thanshe started of and im really hoping shell make it to the hosptal alive.i wouldnt go there for a scraped knee probably end up leaving with a staff infection or something:)\r Pros: parking alright easy on the eye Cons: unproffessionalism,terrible service,i could go on....... more

Worst ER care 5/30/2008

I had recently developed another migraine and had traveled by ambulance to the Gaston Memorial Hostital ER. I was so sick, the pain was unbearable. I was throwing up every ten minutes and uncontrolably wetting myself. The bed was soaked in urine for the whole time up until thirty minutes before I was released. It was horrible. I was given an IV and wasnt responding to the pain medication they were giving me. Six hours pass and me screaming in pain, begging and pleading for someone to come help me for seemed like forever and no one would respond until I lost my breath, began having a seizure and falling to the floor, landing on my head, and rolling out from underneath the curtain. I had absolutely no control.. I tried to catch hold of the bed railing but I couldnt. Someone said, ""she's seizing"" and they came and tossed me back into the wet bed. Shortly I was taken for a CAT scan and then released. Now I have a huge black eye, swollen face, a loose tooth and my whole body is hurting on top of the migraine I started with. It was the worse time of my life..I would rather pass a football through the rear end than have to endure that suffering. No one would responde to my calls...I was completely neglected by the emergency room staff. Hope they all get what they deserve....Lisa more

hospital 9/16/2007

the experience that my friend is having is very sad and poor they are not taking care of her very well has left her in the same clothes that has stuff on them sence she went in and they will not answer her questions when she asks them something and to treat her like that is not exceptable in my eyes and i hope so one will talk to the Emergency Room workers this is scarey to think people come to them for help and they get treated like they are not human and my friend was taken in there late Friday night and she is sleeping in a chair and thats not right but in my eyes i wouldn't recommend that hospital again to anyone that means a lot to me because thats how my friend got there because she means so much to me and told her how good it was and now she isn't being treated decent at all she has problems and she needed help and now she calls me crying because how they are doing her tells her she can go home then come back and says they are keeping her and tells her that they are gonna call me and i still haven't heard from the hospital yet . this is so sad to me Pros: the Ambulance ride Cons: they way the people at the hospital took care of their patience that truely need them more

Never again. 6/23/2007

Every time one of my family members have been hospitalized here, they've ALWAYS come out with a secondary infection. The ER takes FOREVER, even when there's only two or three people waiting for assistance. We've been billed as recently as last month for services dating two years ago! The people of this community should realize they have the right to something better. Pros: Parking is better than ten years ago. Cons: Bad wait times and no customer service. more
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