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Gaspare's - 38 Reviews - 5546 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (415) 387-5025


5546 Geary Blvd (at At 5546 GEARY BLVD . and 20th ave. San Francisco.)
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 387-5025
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Gaspare's - San Francisco, CA
Gaspare's - San Francisco, CA
Gaspare's - San Francisco, CA


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Retro SF Pizza restaurant


Last night we went for dinner here. It was a friend's birthday and we knew that the pizza here is good. However... it was salty. Like we drank all our water in three seconds after...

Great pizza and Italian atmoshere 5/10/2010

A1skillet Provided by Partner
Retro SF Pizza restaurant more

The owner gave me the finger yes he actually did 1/1/2010

valentina z Provided by Partner
I visited this horrible resaurant on the basis of trying to celebrate my brother's Birthday. He is a totally disabled Combat veteran, it took a lot to go out as he is in a Lot of pain. But he acquiesced to my wish to celebrate. We were promised 5 times that we would be next, anyone that had eyes could see how very much pain my brother was in, but holding quietly and bravely. Person after person after person was seated ahead of us, I mentioned that we really needed a table, This is the time the owner picked to brag about being in the army himself, and to attempt to flirt with me. To be bragging about this in front of my brother, while never even recognizing his presence - to compare a service that took most of my brother's life at 18 and comparing his own was the very least in Very Bad Taste. Totally ignoring my brother and his medals. Not even speaking to him or noticing him. never mind trying to explain the situation to him. I asked him what army he was in, (as I could not believe he could treat a decorated veteran this way), at which the owner threw his arms up in the air, started screaming and threw us out of the place. Period. He put his hands on me, and my brother had to say not to touch me. He went outside after us, gave us the finger, screamed something about Prozac. Inhuman would be the word to use regarding his behaviour. HORRIBLE even illegal. If someone had asked my brother what army he was in, he would have been proud to say the U.S. Army. Really incredibly callous, mindboggling. What caused his reaction only his demons can answer. No food is worth this hell. No food for my brother after 1 hour wait. I was so sorry to have suggested it, it broke my heart for him. I am literally in shock as I type this, trying to balance whether to sue or certainly at least getting some Veteran's organizations involved. Next time you go here, and look into the owners eyes, see if he is happy to see you, or his joy is glazed over thinking of your checkbook, You will be able to see which it is I'm sure - and next time I eat his pizza, Not for a Very long time) I wonder if that finger has been near my food . Very shabby unappetizing place. Turned my stomach off eating for a while ~ I would sincerely be very concerned about eating here, if you care anything at all for our Amercian heroes that people like to sweep under a chair, not a table, there's none to be found for the wounded. here Pros: Italian Food Cons: Horrific more

Great thin crust and atmosphere 6/2/2008

saira1123 Provided by Partner
This is a little place my friend introduced me to. I really think this is a great pizza place, the prices are reasonable and the ingreidents are fresh. The service is touch and go. The staff seems more preoccupied with their social lives than their customers. I really like the feel of it though. There are vines hanging from the ceiling and it's got a local vibe! Pros: Pizza Cons: Service more

Horrible customer service, Awful food, and overall dissatified. 5/27/2008

FriendlyTourist Provided by Partner
We decided to look up some Italian places to while visiting San Francisco. We came across Gaspare's through this website and decided to check it out. So we get there around 7ish in the evening and get seated. We ordered a Spinach and Garlic Pizza, Cheese Pizza for the kids, and a salad for my husband and myself to share. We received our salad right away (around 7:20ish) and honestly it was mediocre at best. Here is where the problems came into play. After waiting 30 minutes for the pizza's the waitress finally came over and placed the pizza tray to hold the pizzas on the table. She told us the pizzas would be up in a little while. Well time passed my kids were getting extremely impatient and there was no pizza. A couple that was sat down maybe a few minutes before us had had their salad and pizza and left by this time. By this time I was getting extremely irritated and I was watching the kitchen the whole time waiting for our food to come. I saw many many people leave with take out (probably about 10 orders) and still no food for us. My guess is they decided to do all the take out orders before they did our order or became overwhelmed. Needless to say just as I looked at my clock it was around 8:40 our pizza arrived finally. The pizza to be honest was somewhat cold, and tasted very bland. It was almost as if they put very little sauce on it at all. After we were finished we had another horrible experience because we had to wait nearly 25 minutes to get out check. I asked two people, one person that was filling water (she came around maybe every 30 minutes), and then the bus boy for our check because there was no waitress in site. She never even came once to see if we needed anything. Finally I had to walk up to another waitress and ask for our check. Then it took another 5-10 minutes to get our waitress to give us our this time I just wanted to put some cash on the table and go. Altogether I would not recommend this place to eat ever. Pros: Parking is not bad Cons: Bad service, bad food. more

The Best Pizza in Town (but the entres are mediocre) 5/2/2008

adams_eating Provided by Partner
I was skeptical about ordering pizza because I had been to Gaspare's once before, and my entre was mediocre. I thought I would not return, but my buddy was in town and we wanted some pizza. I read some reviews that were mixed. We ordered a sausage and mushroom pizza with anchovies. The crust is a crispy thin perfection. Plenty of toppings with olive oil dizzled lightly on top. It's one of the best pizzas I've had. I may not go back for an entre, but when I want pizza I am only sorry that I didn't discover this place sooner. It rocks. Be prepared to wait, because Gaspare's has quite a loyal following . . . and now I know why. Pros: The pizza is as good as Pizzetta 211 Cons: Busy, Entres are only OK more

Pizza you want more of... 2/19/2007

scorpus70 Provided by Partner
Been going for years and food has always been good, pizza incredible! Especially the Margerita! If you like lots of meat get the bruce's special. Only once the pizza wasn't the same and it was because Gaspare or Daniel ( Gaspare's son) didn't make it that night. They're a good family, which makes their restaurant a great place to go. (plus they stay open till midnight) Pros: great pizza, atmosphere, great prices Cons: sometimes parking is hard more

Best Cheap Pizza and Italian! 11/8/2006

pointeshoes Provided by Partner
Friendly and good pizza. Also, Linguini with white sauce was very good! I rather come here instead of Pizzetta211. Many selection and inexpensive. Good for family dining. Good crowd, but not waiting too long; there are plenty booth seating. Good Old Italian Restaurant. Very comfortable to spend the time here. Pros: Everything except parking Cons: parking can be hard more

Worst pizza ever 11/8/2006

gala1971 Provided by Partner
That was the worst pizza I have ever tried. A galon of oil, generous layer of tomato paste, a pound of old garlic, and another pound of salt. Everything including service and sleezy waiters was BAD! more

Not the best anything 10/21/2006

charmingkati Provided by Partner
Last night we went for dinner here. It was a friend's birthday and we knew that the pizza here is good. However... it was salty. Like we drank all our water in three seconds after trying the first bite. And then our water glasses sat empty for the entire rest of the meal!!! The service was the WORST I have had in a long time. Rude, never helpful, and I only saw our waiter twice in the entire time we were there! I would just order takeout if you are willing to chance the salt factor (sometimes the pizza is amazing, sometimes it is really awful). more

I feel GUD when I arrive, am there, and after... 8/21/2006

sfdavey Provided by Partner
This place rocks. Great pizza. Great entrees. Great dessert. Ambiance CANNOT be beat. The jukebox is perfect. When I have out of town guests, I IMMEDIATELY take them here. I took my future in-laws here. I brought my parents here. I bring EVERYONE here. Instant feel good place for locals and visitors alike. As I said before, the food is great. The ambiance is great. If someone that enjoys eating in any way, shape, or form comes here with me there for a relaxed evening, things just immediately fall into place. MY WIFE and I had our first date there. The place is a sure thing. I will regret writing this review, no doubt. Pros: Everything BUT parking Cons: Relax, park in the public lot behind Wells Fargo more

Decent Italian food, great ambiance 8/2/2006

icee429 Provided by Partner
We ordered the 12" seafood pizza, pesto pasta, and the house salad. The pizza was average, a little too much clam taste, but the crust was good. The pesto pasta lacked a little flavor, needed salt. The house salad was good though. The best thing about this place is the ambiance, its like a 50's theme and the service is great. However the value wasn't quite there. Pros: Ambiance, Salad Cons: Value more

Generous servings of wine! Me likey! 7/13/2006

ob1korobi Provided by Partner
I don't know what the guy was talking about who mentioned bringing back Vince's. The guy was old and was getting out of the business. Times change, get over it. Gaspare's has a good environment for the family groups and a great place for taking a date. Everyone there is friendly and remembers you from your previous visits which is welcoming. Also, I can't complain on the more than generous servings of wine. Ask for it in a water glass and ye shall recieve! Pros: Resonable prices, great lasagna Cons: Find one and I will buy you dinner more

Fabulous Pizza and Amazing Hospitality 6/21/2006

miss_brianna Provided by Partner
This is the best pizza I have found in the Bay Area! Everything I have tried has been soooo good. Not only is the pizza great, all of the people who work there are genuine and make you feel welcome. I will admit, the first visit I made here I was a bit confused about how to get a table, but as soon as I figured out that you can sit wherever you like, it was smooth. Not only that, but the next time I went back the owner actually recognized me and made me feel like a regular, which was a great feeling having just moved to the area. I go to this place regularly and I am NEVER disappointed. Pros: PIZZA, Service, hospitality Cons: none. more

A San Francisco Gem Retains The Good Stuff 6/1/2006

ciriaco Provided by Partner
I'm a transplanted San Franciscan currently living in Asia. There are some passable pizza places here too. The old Vince's Pizza was a youthfull discovery that I truly treasured. Now that there have been so many passing food trends I was nervous that the renamed Gaspare's would not be as good. In this case I was happily wrong! Gaspare's has retained the wonderful ambience, the great music on the tableside boxes and most of all-the wonderfull pizza. Hail, the USF, Bruces Special, Manila Special and anything else Special. The simple pizzas are sublime too! Pros: Pizza, Ambience, Hours Cons: Parking, Parking, Parking more

Highly Recommended 3/28/2006

dolphin88 Provided by Partner
I Highly Recommended this restaurant. We started to go there 10 years ago. It is always good food, good friendly atmosphere and very reasonable price. I'm in shock to read bad review about this place. I think it is not honest opinion. Usually I don't add any comments, but in this case I would like to say my word. Pros: Good food, friendly atmosphere, reasonable price Cons: HArd to find parking more

Old San Francisco w/Classic FLARE 12/3/2005

I'm a native born/raised San Franciscan. I've lived here all my life - 38 years. I keep up to date with the newest restaurants that this city has to offer. No matter how many new Italian restaurants they create, there's nothing that comes close to the classic Italian ambiance and great quality food of Gaspare's! Gaspare's retained all of the old Italian feel that Vince left behind. There's nothing else like it in the city! They make the best thin crusted pizza. All you have to do is let them know what you like - and they'll make it perfectly! I love Gaspare's, and the service. All of the waiters/waitresses and Gaspare's son are so friendly and welcoming...true Italian hospitality. You can't go wrong with their amazing pizzas, and true home cooked Italian dishes. And don't leave there without eating some of Gaspare's wife's home made cheesecake - INCREDIBLE! Pros: Ambiance, Food, Service Cons: Parking more


ironnushi Provided by Partner
If you are one of those California Snubbs, you would appreciate this place. They have the BEST Pizza in San Francisco and I have been living in SF since 1975. Have to try the Cheese Cake, mama makes the BEST cheese cake that I have ever tasted. Enjoy. Pros: Inexpensive, Authentic, Best Service Cons: Parking, Parking, Parking more

For real pizza go to the sunset. 8/22/2005

gailsimmons222 Provided by Partner
I came into this place with my buddies because I wanted to check out what the big deal is about it. To my surprise it's all fabricated lies. The place has the absolute worse pizza we have ever tried. The service was "non-existent" i must agree with the other guy who recently reviewed this joint. And, what's more the pizza man tried to fight with us about serving us a burned pizza that looked like he just picked it up off the floor! In short, you can go to the oldest pizzeria in SF in the sunset for the best pizza, not here! Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

Best pizza in san francisco! 8/21/2005

vprashant Provided by Partner
I don't think I have to say much. The title says it all. The pizza was just perfect. I haven't had better thin crust pizza than this anywhere else. The ambience is awesome. This place is a tiny little secret hidden away in Richmond District. Pros: pizza, PIZZA! Cons: parking more

Best Pizza in the WORLD! 7/21/2005

crooner60 Provided by Partner
I have been going to Gaspare's (Previously Vince's) since 1980. I travel the world for business on a regular occasion, especially France, and Italy, and I have not had Pizza anywhere that is this good, Paris has great pizza, but not the total flavor of this pizza. I order the Cheese #2 and it is always perfect, I have brought people here from NYC, Italy and France and they all have to reluctanly agree that this is the best they have had. The lady that said that the service and food was horrible in the only bad review I read, can probably be found in a Rehab program somewhere :) Pros: Pizza, Jukebox, Service Cons: Parking, None, none more
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