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G & S Lounge

2420 S First St
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 707-8702
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G & S Lounge - Austin, TX
G & S Lounge - Austin, TX
G & S Lounge - Austin, TX


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This bar is in my top 5, and has been for the 13 years I've lived in Austin. Jimmy doesn't take any BS, and he throws drunks and people who are being unreasonable out. Get over it...


F this place. His card machine malfunctioned, and instead of letting me go to an ATM machine to pay my $12 tab, he called the police. Had 3 cops in my face, due to no other reas...

DO NOT GO HERE 12/29/2010

F this place. His card machine malfunctioned, and instead of letting me go to an ATM machine to pay my $12 tab, he called the police. Had 3 cops in my face, due to no other reason than my frequenting this dump. Owner is and has always been a complete jerk, and after 6 years of frequenting this dump, I will never be going back. more

The worst bar in Austin. 9/12/2010

This bar has terrible service, confrontational staff, absurdly high drink prices, and stingy pours. It's not bicycle friendly, you can't have a backpack inside (the owner suggested I go hide my backpack in the bushes outside), and every time I've gone has been a terrible experience. It's a disgusting establishment with disgusting staff, and it's a shame because it could be really cool. Avoid this bar, do not go here, give your money to a bar that deserves it. This bar deserves to be closed down. more

G&S=POS 5/9/2010

GOD DOESN'T LIKE UGLY! First off the vibe given from this "ordained minister" was complete cr*p. Also the wall in a bar is not a place for a certificate to be an ordained minister and i wonder what internet website he got this from because they never met him in person. You should not make up random prices to charge people for beers that have not come out of the cooler since the dark ages. I regret not looking at the expiration date before putting the quarter of a beer in my body. He makes you feel so sh***y that you want to get online just to let everyone know how bad he and his 'establishment' really is. His pinball machines are broken and instead of fixing any of them he just jacks the prices out of this world. He has cameras everywhere so he can just sit on his computer and watch everyone like the pedophile he is. I don't doubt that the mirrors in the bathroom are two-way or he has pinhole cameras in every urinal. My only advice is if you want to go to this bar bring a sharpie because it will make you want to write G&S=POS. The only good thing that came out of this place was that he gave me my money back when he kicked us out for being "F***ing Rednecks" even though we are farthest from it. The only reason he got one star is because the website requires at least one. Actually if you want to go to this bar.... save yourself the time and a fight and just don't. -The F*****g Rednecks Pros: Dog can take s**ts inside and you couldn't tell a difference Cons: Stench, dogs, westlake prices and an ordained a**h*le more

best porta potty in town 8/30/2009

Good place to drop a few bucks in support of a bartender who will treat you like you are garbage. If you can get past the stench. Pros: good place for bacteria Cons: greatl hangout for losers more

this bar is for humans 5/14/2009

This bar is in my top 5, and has been for the 13 years I've lived in Austin. Jimmy doesn't take any BS, and he throws drunks and people who are being unreasonable out. Get over it. He's a downright hospitable barkeep to people who treat him courteously while he's doing ten things at once, and he's absolutely loyal to his customers. Yeah, he lets his dogs roam free. Because it's his freakin' bar. If you don't like him or his dogs, perhaps you should go have fun somewhere else. More Brooklyn on tap for me! Pros: great beer selection, two ROCKING jukes, air hockey, live mu Cons: not for sissies more

I'd sooner drink from my dog's bowl 4/16/2009

The owner has B.O that could literally wipe out a small African village and the mens room has a jungle of pubes on the floor that are old enough to date back to the golden age of por n. Pros: easy access to the exit for fast getaways Cons: Ex-cons probably frequent the place more

G&S = Worst Bar, Owner Biggest Piece Of S#%t In Texas 2/26/2009

Without question, Jimmy the owner is the biggest piece of little s*%t in the city of Austin. He threatens women, he tries to pick fights with his customers, his blockhead I.Q. gives him no idea as to how to talk to his customers. He is maniacal psychopathic piece of dog t*%d, and deserves to be investigated by the A.P.D. The A.P.D. needs to send an undercover in there, cross some of his unwritten "rules", get threatened for opening some door maybe, and take his p*%e lard butt to prison. Garbage... the whole operation. Owned by a*&holes. Pros: None Cons: Everything. Owner deserves Prison. more

The owner is disgusting. 2/10/2009

There are no words to describe the owner. He is just plain nasty. I work in the service industry and know how customers should be treated. He called me a b*tch after I politely asked for another beer because the one he gave me tasted flat. He has called girls unimaginable names and chased people out with a wooden baseball bat. He shouldn't be in the industry. He deserves to be kicked in the face. DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE. Pros: none Cons: Jimmy the bartender more

Its a wonder this guy hasnt been offed yet... 8/30/2008

I am so surprised no one has gone in and hurt this guy he is seriously the worst owner/bartender possible. There is so much potential to this place but it will never happen while he is there... I would rather go anywhere else and pay twice the price to avoid giving him business.. its too bad since there are pinball machines there which is rare in Austin... nothing could ever get me to go there again, not even to beat him up. DO NOT GO HERE! Pros: It's better than going to Iraq Cons: Too many to mention more


DO NOT GO HERE!! Used to be a favorite hang out of mine when I lived in Austin. I revisited it this past memorial day with some friends and it was disgusted. Not only is the owner rude but he's clearly out of his mind. He lets his dogs roam the bar free to to do their business on the floor- i nearly slipped on DOG URINE twice. It's always been a dive but whatever charm it once had is long gone due to poor choices of the management/owner. When a friend of mine (quietly) made a comment about the state of the bathrooms he took our beverages and kicked us out. Ridiculous. I foolishly payed with a debit card and not cash so I will be watching my statement closely. Your money is better spent elsewhere-OWNER NEEDS TO BE HOSPITALIZED-not worth risk. Pros: Absolutely None Cons: Insane owner, awful service, no charm, potential diseases more

Big 50 4/14/2008

Does anyone know the day of Jimmy's birthday? It is either May 2 or 3. He turns the big 50. I don't want to hear this or that about Jimmy. He can be a sphyncter but, get it, can't we all. Jimmy is a good freind tha I am proud to have. I just need the answer. Thanks. more

Kinda grungy, but a fun neighborhood hang out for locals 4/11/2008

People need to loosen up, if you are looking for an upscale champange drinking join this place isn't for you. Jimmy does not like to chit chat so don't try it. Have a drink play some pool and chill. That is the type of place the G&S is, it is no Vicci. Pay cash the place doesn't do well with credit cards! Pros: nice dive joint for pool Cons: They tend to screw up with credit cards so pay cash! more

not for cry babys 2/15/2008

I used to be one of the regulars there, until I joined the U.S Army. Before I left, Jimmy bought me a silver medal from the catholic church, for protection. Even when I come back to visit, he greets me and buys me a beer. Jimmy is very giving, the rules are simple dont try to start conversation with him, he doesnt warm up to people that fast. Get your drink and dont stall move out the way. when I come back from the war I will pay him a visit. sincerly Soldier of fortune... more

Talking D0uchebag 2/12/2008

How can one man be so bitter? I guess his sister cheated on him, or was it his mother? Get a life only wish was that you would have tried to chase me outside. I've been to jail for assault before and handing your arss to you would be a pleasure. Keep fuck1ng your customers, foreigner. You'll get yours...I just hope its from me!! Pros: observing a caged lunatic behind the bar--he lives there you know Cons: everything more

Hands down the worst bar in Austin 1/9/2008

If I could give this bar zero stars I would! I am sure Jimmy the owner gets a sick pleasure out of reading these with his loser regulars so I will give them some more material. All of the things about getting ripped off are a cake walk compared to this guy ticked off. There is a serious mental disorder with this guy and it is scary. I was unaware that people that were as unstable as him were allowed to carry licenses to serve beer! He probably was denied for a real liquor license because he could not pass the "I'm not a raging lunatic test". All-in-all, I feel really bad for this guy. Even when you read the nice comments on City Search from his "friends" these people do not like him. They are posing as friends because being on this guys bad side is a scary place. It is sheer pity for this lost soul who will one day realize he has made a life of being mean, hurting people unjustly, and just plain poor ethics. I think if I came to the end of my life and realized that I had behaved even half as bad as Jimmy I would be a very disappointed person. What a waste of space in this great town that is Austin. Check out other local bars like Trophy's and don't bother with G&S. Let his poser friends get overcharged and put your money towards a different amount of money for therapy could help this guy. Being chased out to your car is frightening and one day when the assualt charges stick maybe this loon will get locked up for good. Treating people like this should never be acceptable...oh yeah, Girl with the nappy hair last night...Take a f-ing shower! Pros: There are none to speak of Cons: Everything about this bar is a con because the owner is a con (artist that is) more

Stay away, bartender needs therapy 1/1/2008

Came to Austin to visit a friend for the weekend and he suggested we head over to a bar in his neighborhood to watch the Alamo Bowl. I noticed the bartender was surly when I asked him what the beer was with the red handle that had the name facing the wall. He gave me a name that I had never heard and became visibly agitated when I said "I had never heard of it, what kind of beer is it." His response, "Beer". I smiled and asked if he could be more specific, was it a lager and ale, what? His response, "I just serve it I don't drink it." Okay I'll have an XXXX then. My buddy came back from the restroom ordered and we sat in front of the 4 televisions the place has by the door. 2 huge tv's and 2 small ones and all of them are showing the NYGiants v. New England game. I say to the guy, "excuse me, could you put one of those on the aggie PSU game". He responds that the tvs are set up for the game and if he changes the channel he will have to be changing the channel all night. (never mind the fact that those two games are the only ones on and that changing the channel involves picking up a small box and pointing it to the tv). I again ask nicely. You have the patriots game on 4 tv's, would you please put it on the alamo bowl." He responds by throwing my credit card on the counter that I used to start a tab, picking up our beers and yelling, "there's the door". I probably would have been angry had the whole scene not been so totally surreal. After reading some of the other comments here I see that Jimmy has a bit of a history. That dude is totally insane. Pros: neighborhood bar Cons: Bartender is a rager. more

Huge potential, but a failure in the end 9/7/2007

Oh how I would like to tell everyone how great this place is. However, the owner/barkeep/loser/psycho will not let that happen. So instead let me tell you about being overcharged and then when calmly and politely asking about the discrepancy this lonely soul turns into a complete child and begins shouting and throwing people out. I've heard all he stories about him and have always been polite, ordered promptly, paid cash, and tipped, but that was all forgotten when my brother and I went to clear up the tab confusion. This place could be so great if Jimmy (owner/loser) would hire some decent help and take a few nights off. Maybe find a hobby and after a few years of social conditioning perhaps even a companion. Until then stay away! Prices are high, service is beyond horrible, and you never know when this grown kid is going to have an episode. Pros: Only in theory Cons: High prices that are subject to change, psychotic bartender more

Don't Waste Your Time 9/6/2007

You could say a lot of good things about G&S Lounge. Good jukebox, nice video games, and several pool tables and air hockey boards. However, the one bad thing about G&S is the over sensitive moron behind the bar. If you go to G&S be prepared to be overcharged. There are too many decent dive bars in South Austin serving cheap beer - don't waste your time in this one. If you pay with a credit card you will be ripped off. Apparently, the bartender (owner) failed 7th grade math and seems to carry the one a little more than he should. Plus, when you confront the guy about his mistakes he gets very defensive and throws a fit. Austin is full of smart people who are fun and friendly. You get none of that from this guy. It's as if someone took a dump on South First St. and decided to call it a bar. Take my word for it and don't waste a good night out on this place. Pros: Big Buck Hunter Pro Series Video Game Cons: Too many to list more

FUcccccccck Gay and Straight Louge 8/13/2007

Jimmy is a cocccck sucking mother fuckcer...he loves to sniff cocccaine all day in his fucccking bar. He is psyco and is messed up in the head. His prices are fucccking gay like him and his face is like a shittt hole. He has no family because no one fuccckin likes him. His body looks like a fuccckin dike and a retarded cowboy. Pros: FUCKK Jimmy and his gay bar Cons: His beer and pricesss are fuckking EXPENSIVEEEEEE more

wouldn't go back on a bet 6/1/2007

I've been there 3 times. The place has potential but the owner ruins it. Just a total arrogant a$$ and he makes up prices as he goes. It's located really close to me and there's some good people in there but either way I'll never return. Glad my buddies stole some glasses last time I was there! more
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  • In Short
    G&S has a sporty feel. TVs, large and small, always show a game, and bright lights accentuate the smoky haze. Each of the two rooms features pool tables and jukeboxes. One houses the bar, the "Stevie Ray" jukebox and a self-serve popcorn popper. The second room has an unused bar, a good collection of arcade games, dartboard, foosball and a blaring jukebox. Jimmy the owner often mans the bar, so customers may have to wait for drinks.

  • 9/7/2004 Provided by Citysearch

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    Monday To Saturday From 03:30 PM To 02:00 AM Sunday From 06:00 PM To 02:00 AM
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