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GYFT Clinic

2201 South 19th Street
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 475-5433
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GYFT Clinic - Tacoma, WA
GYFT Clinic - Tacoma, WA


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I have been a patient of the Gyft Clinic for over 25 years, first going for gynelogical issues, knowing I would be dealing with infertility. After 3 IVF procedures, my husband an...


I went to the GYFT clinic about 4 years ago. I was assigned to Dr. McLees and was not impressed with his demeanor nor with the staff. The doctor was a little condescending, and so...

Love the Gyft Clinic 6/21/2012

I have been a patient of the Gyft Clinic for over 25 years, first going for gynelogical issues, knowing I would be dealing with infertility. After 3 IVF procedures, my husband and I have a beautiful 16 year old daughter! Through the whole process Dr. Robinette and his staff were absolutely wonderful. We trusted them with every decision they made and we knew I was getting the BEST care possible. I would and have recommended people to the Gyft Clinic and will continue to do so as long as they are around. I continue to go there for my routine yearly exams with Julanna Hansmeier (sp) the Nurse Practitioner, as she is very thorough and professional. I am so thankful that they are conveniently located in Tacoma. They are truly committed to what they do!! more

Gyft Clinic is the Best! 6/18/2012

Janet Oakley Gorski-- I will be always grateful for the excellent, attentive care I have received from the gfyt clinic the past few decades! I would recommend them to any woman! more

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 3/26/2012

After years of trying to have a baby, I was referred to the GYFT Clinic. It was the best phone call I ever made. I am now 8 months pregnant with our first baby and couldn't be happier. The Doctors and staff at the GYFT Clinc are amazing. They are pleasant, knowledgeable and sympathetic. I always felt like I was their only patient. They took as much time as I needed to answer all of my (crazy) questions! Again, Thank You GYFT Clinic for everything! more

GYFT Clinic is Great! 3/26/2012

I was lucky to pick them first and ended up with a healthy baby boy! Dr. McLees and his team are pleasant and attentive. From my initial consultation to discussing IVF, Dr. McLees and his staff were always accessible and patient with answering my questions. I also found them to have the least expensive rates around. I highly recommend the GYFT Clinic to anyone who is looking to conceive!! more

Love this place! 3/26/2012

The doctors at GYFT Clinic are very caring and helpful. I always felt like we were working toward the same goal. They were very good at explaining all procedures and walking us step by step through our plan to achieve a successful pregnancy. The nurses are your true partners! They are very good about giving us our next options and a realistic view of what the chances were of success. I always felt like we had hope and we were certainly educated. When we finally saw the little heartbeat on the screen, I felt that all the staff were truly happy and celebrating with us. more

Caring and professional… 1/1/2012

I can only recommend the Gyft clinic. I did a lot of research before I picked them. I called so many different places… I’m amazed that there are that many Fertility Clinics in my area. I picked the Gyft clinic b/c it was the closest and the price is just right ;-) I didn’t want to drive to Seattle every other day for U/S and Blood work. I made the right decision choosing them. I just love the service I received so far. Dr. Murrain explained everything in a easy & caring way. He’s wonderful. I feel really comfortable in his care. Charlene is my RN… She’s amazing… she did my U/S and Blood work (she got blood on the first try) She’s soft spoken and just super sweet. She even mad our Injection class fun…lol We got lucky… to be able to pay a lot less b/c of there IVF special. $5800 plus cost of Meds. The clinic is far from fancy but they are caring and experienced… That’s all we need. My hubby & I just know we are in good hands and are exited to start our IVF cycle. I hope this review helps someone achieve there goal of having a healthy child someday ;-) more

Save your money 12/13/2011

I we referred to this place from a friend that had success with IVF here. So far I am not exactly enthused about this place. First off I live about 1 hour and 20 min away and they have had me come in 5 times within 14 days. I understand that they need to do additional "work up" but I have been going through "work up" for 4 years with other doctors. So far, I have paid a to of money for them to tell me, Uh I don't know what that means. I also have to tell them a million times about stuff that is ALREADY IN MY CHART! The exam rooms are very small and there are portions of the office that are under construction which makes me feel like the place is dirty. In addition the front desk woman is not friendly at all. UPDATE: After spending over $1,000 at this place, a place that I was already not to happy about it just got worse. What a joke. During all my "work up" I was continuously told that everything looks perfect, which is a huge no no in this industry. We can't help but to hope that it will work this time and implying additional false hope is just too much for one to handle. I had an appointment one day at 10:30, when I got there I was told that they were running 30 min behind and was told that I could leave and come back. SERIOUSLY! I live over an hour away. Anyway that 30 min turned into an hour and 30 min. I finally got in at noon. And the whole time the "receptionist" was on the phone chatting with a friend and instant messaging when she should have been calling the patients letting them know about the delay. I sure would have liked to know before I left my house. I had my 4 year old step-daughter, so she got to sit around this while time bored out of her mind. Then after a month I get a bill, even though you have to pay for everything up front. They are billing me for $9.00! Really, because you guys wrote down 101 instead of 110 COME ON! Everyone here does not have to proper bedside manner for this type of clinic. It's not just the receptionist that is rude, it is the entire staff. more

Dr. Robinett 6/28/2011

Dr. Robinette passed away last Thursday the 23rd of June. My prayers go out to the family. He was the best doctor I've ever had (I'm 58 yrs old). He will be missed so much. more

Dr. Murrain is Absolutely Wonderful! 5/10/2011

I can't say enough about the wonderful service and care both Julana and Dr. Murrain provided me when I was having problems with my pregnancy in the first trimester. Julana is my regular gynocologist, then when I found out I was pregnant, and started having problems- she handed me over to Dr. Murrain and his nurse Mary. I went for an ultrasound almost every week and was so pleased at the level of accommodation, committment and compassion for me and the problems I was having. Dr. Murrain is extremely intelligent and took the time to go over everything he saw on the ultrasounds with my husband and I, took time to answer all our questions and was just a great Dr in general. I wish he did labor and delivery so I didn't have to switch to a different OB! I would without a doubt reccomend Dr. Murrain and his great staff. more

there is good and bad 10/18/2010

Good: The price is good, and you get results!. Bad: The nurse who can't seem to draw blood worth a darn! Julie is not only the worst I have ever had but she has a cold heart to back it up too!. Improvements: To replace the nurses that don't seem to have any kind of sympathy for those stuggling to concieve, and put a phlebotomist in office to do the blood draws to help alleviate the bruising and missed veins that happen a little to often, and updated equipment in rooms and surgery room upstair. more

Caring but not contemporary 8/9/2010

If you are looking for a slick office, nice art work, state of the art tv monitors in the ultrasounds rooms and staff in high priced clothing, you are in the wrong place. If you want a baby- a child- a life to nurture and parent, you are in the right place. The office is outdated, the furniture a little older, the equipment screens a little small but they are very accomplished and effective. Having had the experience of dealing with both SRM in Tacoma and Gyft I can honestly say that the one on one investment at Gyft is unmatched. The staff at Gyft will learn your name, know your family, get you klenex when you cry and support you through all the tough spots along the way. No- the nurses are not your mother but they do care and they do thier best to help you though the process, coordinate with the doctors and get you the best care possible in the most timely way. COST- well, the cost at SRM and Gyft are generally about 5-7K+ apart with Gyft being less expensive overall. Sure, you may have a few more ultrasounds and a couple more blood draws but there is no guessing for the Gyft staff, they like to know what you need and how you are doing along the way to ensure a healthy pregnancy as soon as possilbe. We were blessed by a tiny little girl and are going back for round two after a less than favorable couple of months with SRM who took our insurance but didn't really care to take care of us unless we wanted to go for a 20 K price tag for IVF. I would recommend Dr. Robinette and the nurses to anyone who asks. more

Have you heard 7/8/2010

GYFT Clinic is discounting IVF 25% during July, August and September! Don't miss this never before offered rate!!! more

took a long time 5/20/2010

It took my husband and I 17 years to have our first child. Thanks to Dr.Robinette and staff we now have two beautiful baby boys.The first time with IVF didn't work. I stayed positive and gave it another try. With a great Dr. and Staff we were able to have a baby and freeze embroys and with another great success we now have two of the most amazing baby boys.They are 18 months apart. We are so very blessed.Thank you Dr. Robinette and Staff You are ALL AMAZING!!!! more

Great experience at GYFT!! 4/16/2010

Good: The nurses are fantastic and although Dr. McLees is a little different, he knows his stuff and is very caring. They work hard to give you the best chance to conceive. They work with your cycle and are open seven days a week to do so. Dr. McLees did recommend exploratory surgery before we started the next level - to save us money in the end. He explained that it was better to be sure my tubes were open and everything looked alright before going to the next level of treatment, which made absolute sense.. Improvements: I guess the only thing I can comment on needing some improvement is the facility, especially where the men have to make their contributions. :) The rooms are right along a hallway and sometime there are staff standing right outside having conversations that can be distracting to the men as they are trying to do their part. It would be an improvement to have a nicer room for that part.. Other: Overall, my husband and I have been really pleased with the Gyft clinic. All the staff are wonderful and they did succeed in getting me pregnant, which is the whole point. Unfortunately, I miscarried. But, I am about to start the next round and I can't wait - mostly because I know I can get pregnant now, but also because I have actually missed the fertility nurses!! :) I highly recommend the Gyft Clinic.. more

Finally 10/4/2009

What a great experience! Instead of being treated like a number, the entire staff knows my name. Not the most beautiful office I have ever seen, but once you realize now much the staff and physicians care your hardly notice. They make every effort to keep the cost of infertility treatment down. GYFT Clinic works with YOUR cycle instead of grouping batches of patients together. Bottom line-they help you conceive in a caring environment. GYFT Clinic is a gift to South Puget Sound. more

called a "habitual aborter" 9/14/2009

Good: NOTHING! I left their clinic in tears - and I had to let myself out of their locked doors when I left. Poor emotional and physical care received here. Inexperienced nurse couldn't perform IUI so another was called in. She struggled too and I'm not convinced the second nurse actually performed the procedure properly - if she did, she didn't instill confidence that she had.. Bad: The worst was...Since I was a referral patient for an IUI from Madigan they knew nothing about me. The nurse doing my IUI started small talk with “Do you have any children?” Seriously? When I explained that I had had 3 miscarriages, her immediate response – no other comments in between – was “YOU’RE A HABITUAL ABORTER.” What a great way to start a hopeful insemination process. I’ve written a constructive complaint to the Gyft clinic, but yet to receive an apology for this rude and hurtful exchange.. Improvements: Treat your patients with respect, care and concern!. Other: My husband was not impressed with his experience either - dirty, old and not very professional. SRM (Seattle Reproductive Medicine)however, is a fabulous clinic. Use them instead! We did for our first two IUI's and the experiences were polar opposites. The only reason we used Gyft this time is because SRM in Tacoma doesn't freeze sperm and I was hoping to avoid the Seattle commute. This was a mistake. I will be switching our samples to SRM. SRM provides incredible personal and professional care.. more

Bleck! Used car salesmen.fertility specialist 8/11/2009

Good: (Dad's perspective) Nothing. It was an icky experience. It's been a couple months since going before posting this review- so these comments have been stewing on me for a while now.. Bad: We went to see them about fertility issues. Their process is built to get you to drop 15k on more of their services- with heavy selling on my wife while pretty much treating the dad like an anonymous sperm donor; The doctor was discussing results on my tests, in an appointment I made as though I weren't even in the room. It was insulting with an exponent and bordering on unethical- we nearly walked out of the appointment then and there- but instead had to pay 200 bucks for pleasure of their consultation.. Improvements: In our case, the issue was around motility- but rather than tell us to go talk to a urologist, they made a heavy sell on immediately jumping on their 15k IVT. If I am paying for your next Lexus- try talking to your patient as though they are in the same room with you.. Other: I was extremely annoyed with how they treated us. Set your expectations accordingly.. more

Need more info on Gyft Clinic 11/6/2008

I am looking for a fertility specialist and the reviews of Gyft Clinic don't seem that great. I met with Dr. Murrain there and he seems really nice and very competent. I'm not sure if I should continue with them. The office is not that great. They need a complete overhaul of their decor and make it look cleaner and tidier. Does anyone have other suggestions in the South Sound area? more

Unprofessional, Overly Expensive, Misleading... 1/27/2008

Dr. McLees is NOT a reproductive endochronoligist. He likes to think that because he's been guessing at what will knock women up for 20 years that he's a specialist but he isn't. He is very unprofessional (his exam room is full of dusty, nasty, old stuffed turkey stuffed animals and collectables), he makes unprofessional comments about the fertility process, he makes guesses in the dark at what will "work", he does not share test results in a timely matter (I had been tested for something that would DIRECTLY impact my fertility and even though I asked for results and told I was "fine", I found out 3 cycles later that the results were FAR from fine and was put on a new medication). He follows the same protocol for most of his clients (seemingly like it's the only thing he knows about). He never will refer you out even if he doesn't feel like you can't be helped by him. He is quick to "recommend" surgery to "explore" your insides to see if anything is wrong (this is semi-major surgery and NOT cheap. Furthermore, it's only exploritive and even if he found anything - you'd need yet another surgery to "fix" anything). I had to ask for all of the proceedures, medications, tests, etc. that eventually got me pregnant and was actually told, "Wow, you really want to get pregnant huh? You're awefully proactive!". Well, YES! I'm paying thousands of dollars each month for nothing! I was semi-shunned for actually wanting them to do their job! This clinic MAY get you pregnant but they will take their sweet time doing it to hose as much money out of you (or your insurance) as humanly possible. The nurses are okay - some are better than others. You meet the actual doctor once or twice through the entrie process (even if it takes years) and then deal exclusively with the nurses who, honestly, know more about the entire fertility process than the doctors. They DO call you back in a timely manner and never dropped the ball on calling in meds for me. They are available 7 days a week for appointments which is nice. A particular nurse is horrible at drawing blood and she's usually the one who is in charge of blood draws and leaves you looking like a beating victim (bruises) that last for weeks! All in all, if you KNOW what's wrong with you and are willing to stand up for your medical rights and process - you could get what you want out of this clinic but I'd never recommend this clinic to someone who has no idea what's wrong with them and looking for answers in a timely fashion. You'll be waiting around for ages with these jokes of DR's. Good luck to you in your process - it isn't ever easy but it's all worth it in the end! more

Great expirience at the Gyft Clinic 11/18/2007

My #1 biggest fear is giving blood and taking shots. I have had to do a lot of that over the past 10 months. The fertility nurses were wonderful, they put special notes in my file and would review it before seeing me each time. They were always very busy, but gave me the time I needed. They run an efficient business. Dr. Robinette listened to my concerns and gave me options. I always felt like I was in control of my care throughout my treatments. My husband and I are very happy with their services. We are now expecting twins May of 2008. more
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