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GI Motorsports - 103 Reviews - 11006 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (310) 473-9360

GI Motorsports

11006 Santa Monica Blvd (at Greenfield Avenue)
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 473-9360
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GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA
GI Motorsports - Los Angeles, CA


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Have been taking my car to Gi for a while now I love this place I will refuse to go any where else when it comes so servicing my car.


The mechanical service is for the most part very good & some very nice people (great guy named Matt? who did an excellent repair!) BUT the owner (I think it's him-only heard h...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/10/2012

GI Motorsports employees are hospitable and open for any questions regarding your car problem. They offer free consultations and free advice for you car. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2012

Have been taking my car to Gi for a while now I love this place I will refuse to go any where else when it comes so servicing my car. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/14/2012

Loved their services and the staff. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/13/2012

I own three cars, a Mercedes S550, a Porsche 911, and a BMW M6. I take all of my cars to Gi Motorsports over on Santa Monica Blvd. near the 405 freeway for any service I might need. It doesn't matter how busy they are, they always see me right away when I pull in. They do excellent work on my European cars. After my cars went off warranty I continued to take them to the dealers, but the cost was through the roof. Gi Motorsports does dealer-quality work for far less money. What's really great is that I usually get the cars back in two days or less. They are very knowledgeable and always take the time to talk to me about my car. They use OEM parts and will give me the old parts if I ask for them. I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else. more

I am always a satisfied customer when 6/11/2012

I am always a satisfied customer when I take my car to GI motors and I am not an easy person to satisfy! Thanks to GI I have my car in the best shape. The services the do on my car make my car run as if it is a new car. I truly appreciate good place with great customer services and professional mechanics. Thank you all more

My car is my baby and I ONLY take it to 6/7/2012

My car is my baby and I ONLY take it to professional and People that I can TRUST!! I trust GI motors more than any other body shop/repair, They always do a great job for me no matter if I'm gong for repair or body touch up. If you are an owner of a luxury car then you should ONLY go to GI motors they really take care of you and your care! Thanks guys ! more

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Best People & costumer service:) 6/29/2011

Thank God! i finally find a place to trust and feel safe, repaired my porsche Boxter! First i had to call few times to get direction and idea! it took few hours but after 5 times calling, PETER ;) THE MANAGER ,and Big Marvins,the great guy, they took me there! i thought something was wrong with a engine,but they told me the next day your car is ready to go!:))))))))) it was fast...they gave me discount+plus i was asking if i could get my car washed cuz i couldn't see any thing:) Marvin is so handsome and kind he said no worries we wash it 4 u.when i was waiting i got a chance to know them and talk to them peter+marvin they are good people!and made me feel good to leave!i will go back there any time and will send my friends 2!:)))thank you guys that was great meeting you! Marvin is in to old cars he has a coolest car!:) as peter mentioned the owner is a very nice person !! and Marvin is single!l lol::))) more

Excellent service and prices. Best Porsche repair in LA 5/7/2011

They are professional and very helpful. I am very careful who works on my Porsche 996 and Cayenne and like to see the work and parts, etc. Frank has worked there for many years and has the experience and love for the cars. Adam is also very knowledgable and friendly. Prices are more than fair and service A+. more

A good choice! 12/2/2010

I don't know a lot about cars which is why this place is great for me. I don't feel intimidated and they make sure to explain everything to me in a way that I can understand. They are very prompt and professional. The facility and waiting area are clean and organized. They are very nice and personable. I am so happy I found this place because I have a reliable place to go when I have problems with my car or just need general upkeep and maintenance. more

One word... Awesome!! 12/2/2010

After bringing my Porsche Turbo to the dealer and then anouther shop and getting conflicting stories and being charged a grip of money not to have anything fixed I found German Independent, thank god! They where by far the most polite, pleasent, honest shop I have ever dealt with. Not only did they figure out what was really wrong with my car and fixed it the right way. They are also able to do some of the upgrades I have wanted to have done but never found a place a felt confortable doing it. AMber the owner and her staff are awesome. Thanks !!! more

They wanted $3,000+ but another shop did it for $300! 8/31/2010

After days of my calling I was told the DME module was bad. I would have to wait until Monday's office hours, he said, as it was the weekend, but I found that one is $25 to $30 and of course labor. I didn't mind the wait so far or waiting more as I believe it is worth getting the right answer and hey, you can't hold Sunday against them, right? I call Monday- it is now both crankshaft sensors AND the worst part: the entire ECU computer needs replacing. Really? Why, I ask. I got a bunch of half truths about how the computer works with the sensors and they damage each other if bad. I am told the sensors are $195 each and the computer is $2,850! I call another shop and he verifies that true, but this is the top list price new. Also, they bet the diagnosis is wrong and say to get the car. I call and say that I cannot stick, after labor, over three grand into a brand new computer for a 27 year old car and will pay for all I signed for and pick it up. The mechanic from the weekend was the owner, I find, who says he can get a computer for $1000 in the next sentence. The price dropped a grand and a half just like that to keep me from going. He says they neglected to offer me a rebuilt one. I say I just want to settle my bill and he says no, I absolutely must do this for the car to run! I say I will just store it and have another car anyway and want to pay my bill. He says I will also pay him for FOUR DAYS STORAGE then. I go there and the salesman says no, we can't legally charge for storage since WE didn't get around or quote you until now but the owner tries it. He undid the fees/storage on the work order and I paid for the diagnostic time. I get a copy that says ""balance due"". I point out that this shows I am taking the car but still OWE money, not that I paid. It should say ""balance due: $0.00"" . Then I get one that says ""receipt"" and zero due, but I must sign the old work order from days ago that still says work WILL be done. I point out how this is wrong too. Eventually, a truck transports my car to the other shop, which replaces just the sensors (at much less) and amazingly it turns out the computer is just fine! Nothing was wrong with it. The whole deal was just $300 after labor and runs like a top. I am sure high end customers that just hand over a credit card believe they do exceptional work, they probably do, but how many KNOW what they DIDN'T need and paid for it? more

LA's Best Shop 6/30/2010

I got my Audi serviced and bodywork done at German Independent. To my surprise there was a friendly sophisticated staff and the owner was a lovely women named Amber who was extremely informed, I guess that's the business but I wouldn't expect it. They got the work done in a fraction of the time and price that I was quoted other places. I cant say enough about this place, clean, nice people, good service they seem to really care about there customers. Pros: Friendly, Honest, Good Prices more

Excellent, Honest, Reputable Service 5/29/2010

I've been taking my Porsche and Audi to Rene for years now, and he has always provided top notch service. The quality of the work has always reached my high expectations. I had them repaint the bumper on my Porsche and the color matched PERFECTLY! That's not an easy thing to do with some of these metallic colors, and the prices are extremely competitive. They even gave me a ride home when I couldn't find one. Thanks Rene! Pros: Honest, Friendly, High Quality more

Beware if you change your mind about getting work done 5/20/2010

Beware. If you love rude customer service (some of the staff there definitely has an attitude) and overpaying then by all means take your car here. I took my Audi A4 to German Independent to look at a problem. When I got an estimate (which was nearly double what another shop wanted), I decided to get the repair done elsewhere. I was forced to pay $150 as inspection fee to get possession of my car. I was not informed in advance nor did I ever consent to this fee. If I had been informed in advance, I would have gone elsewhere. I don't know what people here think, but I think it is sneaky to charge a fee without clearly informing a customer about it in advance, and then refusing to give possession of the vehicle crosses all limits of decency. Renee was all sugar and honey when I dropped off the car, but his demeanor changed dramatically when I asked him for a refund of the inspection fee, and he just cut the phone. And all this after I have spent more than 3 grand getting work at this place over the last 4 years. If this is how Renee treats existing customers, draw your own conclusions. There are cheaper places all around if you shop around. Take my advice and spare yourself some frustration and hard earned dollars by taking your business elsewhere. Cons: Expensive, brusque customer service, hidden charges more

My Babys Fixed 2/2/2010

I recently and an incident in a parking lot with a woman on a cell phone backing out of a spot driving a Ford Explosion.I saw her backing into me hit me and kept going.I guess the conversation she was having was more important than my little Porsche. I went and had 3 estimates before going to German independent. Amber, one of the owners helped me.She was very knowledgeable in Porsches and the quote I've gotten was very reasonable. I got my car back in less than a week, washed and cleaned. Thanks guys great job.I will be coming back for service on my baby. \r more

You can't go wrong with these guys 6/11/2009

I have used these guys for work on the executives cars at my work. We're talking a Porsche GT2 and various new BMW's. The work is always impeccable and prompt. \r \r The repair work on my 64 Chevelle is what put them into the stratosphere for me. I dented the fender, and they fixed and matched the paint so well I can hardly believe my eyes. \r \r These guys can do it all, and Leo is an artist with a hammer and spray gun!!! Pros: Quality of work, fairness of price more

excellent service, nasty owner 6/5/2009

The mechanical service is for the most part very good & some very nice people (great guy named Matt? who did an excellent repair!) BUT the owner (I think it's him-only heard his voice over phone) is a bit of a jerk-making the shop a stressful & difficult place to deal with. I picked up my car after dropping it off for 10 days total to do repairs. I had extended it from 5 to 7 days because I was out of town (no problem) but was told rudely that the extra extension was a huge hassle because they had no space. Fine by me-but perhaps they could have mentioned this when I dropped it off? I had thought 7-10 days was pretty reasonable & didn't expect them to fix it so fast... Picked the car up & it had to be jump started-battery had died because they left it unlocked, since it had to be moved so much. The insinuation was this was my fault because I was inconsiderate enough to burden them with the car for so long. Car battery died 2 weeks later on a Saturday & I needed emergency road service to resuscitate it. When I called the owner (Renee I think??), the nasty response was he had no time to fix it that day, it would be $100 to charge it, & of course it wasn't their fault the battery died, they don't drive customer cars! When I politely explained what happened, telling him about the jump start, he virtually hung up on me. My VW will continue to break down, but I have to believe there are more polite, equally skilled mechanics that can assist me!? UPDATE: After 2 emergency repair jump starts & 1 charge, AAA told me the battery was dead & they replaced it. I'm not seeking a reimbursement because it was under warranty & this happened on a weekend, but still quite a hassle... more

The best and most honest car repair shop in town 6/3/2009

You can't get better service than this. I brought in my Mercedes to have some body work done and a little over a week later it came back pristine and like new! The service was friendly all around, Rene was great! He even waved my oil change to compensate for a small hiccup that occurred. 110% satisfied! Pros: Clean and comfortable place to kick back while waiting. Cons: NONE , this place is perfect more


These guys are that good. Plain and simple. It's as if the BMW Gods sent an angel (Rene, the Owner) down from heaven on a holy mechanic mission. It is for this reason that they were given the CitySearch Award for Best Mechanic. I have been going to these guys for almost 2 years now to have my 98' BMW 740IL serviced and have never been disappointed. I have had quotes from the dealerships that were more than twice what they asked. They even changed my oil for free once! They always show you the parts they replaced and on occasion don't charge for all the small parts or services. They didn't charge me for a new fan belt to replace the cracked one I had been putting off repairing for too long. I hadn't even asked them to repair it, they just did it because it needed to be done. Granted, they know me well and I have brought them a few new clients but still... mechanics are supposed to be evil. My Dad brings his 2006 Mercedes E350 for non-warranty service and his girlfriend now brings her 97 BMW 325i for her service too. They have only kept my car overnight one time and that was because I brought it at the end of the day. If you bring your car in before noon they are usually able to have it back by 6 pm or 7 pm the same day. They really only work on German cars but I have noticed them working on a few domestic classics. Pros: LOCATION, EXPERTS, CLEAN AND FRIENDLY Cons: DID NOT SEE ANY more
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Los Angeles Auto Mechanic for European Cars

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  • GI Motor Sports is the Finest auto mechanic in Los Angeles, we can keep your European vehicle in top form, from the smallest oil change to major overhauls.Our expert auto mechanics can repair your vehicle from any collision, large or small. GI Motor Sports accepts all major insurance.Looking to take your top of the line car to an expert auto mechanic? Los Angeles based GI Motorsports, formerly German Independent, is a one stop shop specializing in repair, restoration, collision repair, maintenance, performance and design.Brands we specialize in: Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Rolls Royce. The absolute best auto mechanic in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place! We are experts in working with the German and British imports and Italian performance cars.


  • Comprehensive automotive care for vintage and modern German vehicles, including installation of high-performance products from companies like Brembo and Renntech.

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    Monday through Friday 8am - 7pm Saturday 10 am - 2pm
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    Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover
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    West LA, West Los Angeles

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