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Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant - 6 Reviews - 11800 W Broad Street, Richmond, VA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (804) 521-8900

Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant

11800 W Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23233
(804) 521-8900
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It may be a bit expensive to get in, but you will have a wonderful time! I sit in the front row and i could not stop laughing at all the great comedians. BEWARE: if you sit too cl...


My review for the Funny Bone is very mixed. After having been many, many times now over the course of a couple years, I fear my mixed feelings have only intensified. As far as t...

My review for the Funny Bone is very 5/24/2012

My review for the Funny Bone is very mixed. After having been many, many times now over the course of a couple years, I fear my mixed feelings have only intensified. As far as the comedians go, I would rate them between 4 and 5 stars. I always leave laughing. The food, service, and atmosphere? Absolutely awful! I don't typically say this about places, but I feel it needs to be said about this one. I'm quite easy to please. However, not only are their prices insane, but the quality of the food sucks, the wait staff is rude and pushy, you are left wondering whether or not your food will ever arrive (or if your credit card will ever return after paying), and you are packed into very small tables like sardines (I felt cramped and I'm a small framed person - only 5ft!). $3.50 is what you will pay for what amounts to a few very small sips of soda poured into a low ball glass (roughly 8-10 ounces) absolutely packed with ice - with NO refills! Oh, but your wait staff will be sure to tell you that if only you purchase the $8 souvenir glass, then you are entitled to a standard size glass of soda that you would receive at any other dining establishment and get refills (if your wait staff ever bothers to come around to do so, which is rare in my experience)! I'm sorry, but you want me to return to your establishment multiple times, correct? Why on earth do you think I'd want a whole set of your souvenir glasses? I just want a regular sized soda. Soda syrup for the fountain machines is cheap. Its not like I'm asking for a large, refillable glass of cocktails. The food varies from okay to just downright bad. I ordered the Mac & Cheese with Chicken last night and it was absolutely disgusting. Not only did it come out barely warm (with cold spots), but the cheese sauce tasted like cheap processed nacho cheese sauce and the chicken was so overcooked that it was like tree bark. Again, I'm not hard to please, but this was just ridiculous. We ended up paying over $50 for 3 people to eat and this was after a $25 voucher was applied. I really honestly don't know whether I will be back - even if they keep sending me free tickets like they have been the last few times! We have brought guests before who have turned down ordering food only to be treated rudely. So, it seems coming only for the acts is frowned upon at this establishment. I'd go and order just a soda and an appetizer, but who wants to pay $8 for a decent sized, refillable soda and then end up with yet another souvenir glass to add to an unused collection that will most likely end up being sent to Goodwill? So, I just really don't know... more

Ripoff!!!! 1/26/2012

My wife and I bought tickets to the show on Wed, Jan. 25,2012. We decided to try the food there as well and bought a $25 coupon online. When we arrived, we were told to wait in the bar area until seating was available. We ordered 2 drinks off a menu that lacked any pricing. When the bill arrived, we discovered we had paid $23.41 for two pretty nondescript Margaritas. We were seated a few minutes later at table #12, right at the stage. Then the wait began. After about ten minutes our waiter came and took our order, a bottle of wine ($28) and two orders of crab cakes ($18 ea). An hour later, after the show had started, our food and wine arrived. Fortunately, the wine had a screw top, as the waiter never offered to open it! Just as the show ended, we were presented a bill for $76.80 for the food ordered, including a $9.60 tip automatically charged by the house. We had told our waiter we were interested in desert, but never had a chance to order any. We were then told our coupon could not be used our purchase, as it was for ""Food only"" and required a $50 minimum purchase. I asked to see the manager. She could not have been any more uninterested in listening to me. She said she would give us the coupon value if we had showed the coupon to the server when ordering (which we did...the coupon was sitting on the table the entire time we ordered!) I declined her offer, as I was pretty sure she was going to charge the $25 against the waiter. While our service was anything but prompt from the food delivery standpoint, our waiter stopped by our table twice to assure us it was coming. The food was warm and freshly prepared when it finally arrived, making me believe the kitchen was at fault rather than our waiter. The bottom line is that this place appears to be set up to be a ripoff from the time you enter! From the lack of prices on the menus, to the delay in service preventing other orders to reach the coupon value. We noticed most tables ordered a drink and an appetizer, so apparently that's the way to go here. Don't waste your time with coupons or special offers. Apparently these folks have planned ways to get around all those things. The comedy acts were varied in quality. I don't think we'll go back. There are other similar places in Richmond where you get better value for money. more

Clash of the comics 8/2/2011

Funny bone can have a good line up sometimes. But save yourself the pain and don't go. I have been there twice. First time wasn't anything special and after my last experience I am not going back. They tend to seat 8 random people at a 2 person table (both times). There prices are expensive and if something comes up and you have to leave before the end of the show EVEN when you paid the check, they won't let you leave. They will give chase and bring you back into the show and make you prove to them you paid the check. BOTTOM LINE: The funny bone is more like a state penitentiary then a comedy club. Save your money, Invite your funniest friends over for dinner, Put that dinner table to use, pick up some beer and then call it a night. Not worth the crappy service, money or the gas to get there. Just my two cents. more

Worst night ever 6/5/2010

They opened 25 min. late because the management had everyone held up in a meeting. Security guy was out of control with his bad attitude. The tables were small, about 18 inches square, but it was fine for the two of us. Before the place was even 25% full, Edison (Security guy) said that I need to sit on the other side next to my wife so he could seat 2 more at our table. I was thinking, ""Are you kidding?"" We wanted to eat dinner. How can you do that with 4 people at an 18"" table. But, I knew this was common at comedy clubs, so I moved. But the other couple to be seated with us (standing half way across the room) apparently had the same concern. They wanted one of the MANY open tables and asked to speak to the Manager as we were informed by the hostess. So, I went to resume my seat across from my wife. Edison said, No, you still need to leave these seats open for another couple. I pointed out all of the other empty tables and asked if we could just have our own table, wherever that may be. He said we could wait in the lobby until just before the show begins and if there were any empty tables after everyone was in. Then we could get a table. But, there is no guarantee and we may not get a table at all. Throughout this conversation, Edison’s attitude was rude and confrontational. It was like he was saying, “Just do what I say and don’t ask questions…or else.” So, I went to sit down next to my wife, not really happy about the whole interaction when my wife said, “we could have done all of that without the attitude.” Then it was game on for Edison. He said…loudly to attract everyone’s attention nearby, “Oh no, you must have me mistaken for someone else.” How condescending is that? As if we thought we had just had that whole conversation with some other obnoxious security guard. He went on and on and even said (to my wife) something to the effect of, “Your acting like this because of who you think you are”, apparently insinuating that we were being pretentious snobs. Now, Edison is a black guy. My wife and I were the only white patrons in the room at this point. I didn’t take it as a racial comment at the time, but my wife sure did. She told me later that she felt that Edison had singled us out because we were the only white couple. As I thought about it, there was some supporting evidence. There were other (black) couples seated at their own table. There were plenty of other open tables. And exactly should we interpret the “who you think you are” comment? We were so embarrassed and infuriated that we just got up and headed for the door. On the way out I asked to speak with the Manager. Edison saw us waiting for the manager and then tried to offer us our own table in the middle in row 2 (WHICH IS ALL WE WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!). We declined, fully committed to leaving. I explained the whole story to the manager and she apologized and said she has similar problems with Edison before. She offered us our own table, first round of drinks and a pair of comp tickets. We reluctantly accepted, but didn’t order anything to eat or any other drinks beyond the free ones. She was about as gracious as she could be given that we were still pretty upset. The comedians were funny and the show was great, but the whole mood had been killed by that point. We left early (still starving) and ate elsewhere. We didn’t even take the comp tickets as I would never go back and wouldn’t give those tickets to anyone I like. We’ve been married 16+ years and I’m active duty Army, and we are, by no means, pretentious or difficult. Pros: Funny commedians Cons: Obnoxious and rude staff more

Funny bones...never go!! 8/16/2008

Funny bones...Worst service ever! Management doesn't understand business. Singles out the people having fun (hey! it is a comedy club) and harasses them! Assistant manager was rude and singled me out do to my race! HORRIBLE! Worst experience of my life. Never go to this place, unless the owners remove all management!!! more

The Best Fun in the West End!!! 4/9/2008

It may be a bit expensive to get in, but you will have a wonderful time! I sit in the front row and i could not stop laughing at all the great comedians. BEWARE: if you sit too close to the front, you may end up on stage like I did. \r \r The menu is all appetizers but well priced. The drinks are expensive and they ADD GRATUITY AUTOMATICALLY! Do not add tip unless you wish to double-tip your server. \r \r Parking is with the rest of the mall traffic. you may end up in a spot far away. Get there early if possible. always a great enertainer on the weekends!\r \r i would highly recommend going! Pros: great comedians, great service, great food, large groups Cons: parking, ambience more
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