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Full Moon Records - 14 Reviews - 1653 Mclendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA - Music Stores Reviews - Phone (404) 377-1919

Full Moon Records

1653 Mclendon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 377-1919
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Full Moon Records - Atlanta, GA
Full Moon Records - Atlanta, GA
Full Moon Records - Atlanta, GA
Full Moon Records - Atlanta, GA
Full Moon Records - Atlanta, GA
Full Moon Records - Atlanta, GA


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I was amazed to discover an old school record store like this in the town where I live. I haven't lived here all that long. Many of the records are $4 to $6, unheard of in the mod...


So, um, based on my first and last visit to this store, the owner is a bit of a weirdo psycho control freak. He seemed nervous and jittery, maybe over-caffeinated, or maybe un...

Learn some manners and/or some social skills, please... 4/10/2011

So, um, based on my first and last visit to this store, the owner is a bit of a weirdo psycho control freak. He seemed nervous and jittery, maybe over-caffeinated, or maybe under the influence of something stronger....? I don't know, and I really don't care. What I do care about, though, is the fact that the guy made me feel unwelcome and uncomfortable virtually the whole time I was in the store. Rather than let me browse through the records in peace, he kept getting up in my face about one thing after the other, as if I was some mangy bum who'd walked into the place to stink up his store, rather than a customer who just wanted to pick out some records and give him some money. First he started asking me if he could start writing down a list of which records I was going to buy, before I'd even finished deciding which records I wanted. Then he started freaking out when I tried to put some records I'd been looking at back in the bin where I'd found them, saying that he had everything in perfect alphabetical order and that he'd prefer to file them himself. Okay, fine, but he could have been more polite and less creepy and intrusive about it. But, still, I tried not to let the guy's weirdness and OCD-ness get to me. After all, I did find some good records, at very reasonable prices, and I still wanted to buy them. But then the owner's bad attitude finally just got to be too much for me to take. I had just about finished deciding which records I wanted to buy, so I began to pull the records out of their sleeves to inspect their condition, like I (and every other record collector I know) always do before buying a record. The store owner immediately freaked out and walked up to me, and, in a tense, paranoid tone, told me not to pull the records out of their sleeves, assuring me that all his records were in good condition and I should just take his word for it. So, let me get this won't let your customers inspect the records' condition before buying them? Never have I ever been in a record store where customers aren't allowed to check a record for scratches, dirt and warping before buying it....that's like being expected to buy clothes without getting to try them on, or being expected to buy a car without giving it a test drive. So I left the store without buying anything, went down the street and bought some records from Criminal Records instead, where nobody harassed me and nobody acted like a rude, hopped-up control-freak. You know what, man? You're unreasonable, rude, tactless, and unwelcoming. If you've somehow managed to stay in business for 17+ years despite such rude, inconsiderate and ludicrous practices, then, hey, more power to you. And if there are customers out there who like being treated like crap, then, hey, more power to them. But I personally am never coming here again. more

Disappointed, but richer than I would've been! 3/10/2011

I recently brought a box full of several dozen used CDs to Full Moon. The guy there (perhaps the owner?) looked through them and didn't really find much of value. He initially offered me $20 for the entire box, but later reneged and offered me $2 for just one of the CDs. Within the two weeks following my disappointing experience at Full Moon, I ended up selling about 95% of my collection at AbundaTrade (which paid for shipping) and eBay for over $100 - wow! One rare CD brought over $50 on eBay! Although in a way I'm sorry Full Moon wasn't interested, I definitely came out way ahead. My takeaway: don't take your used CDs to Full Moon (or any other local music store) as you're likely to get more online. more

A Discovery 1/31/2010

I was amazed to discover an old school record store like this in the town where I live. I haven't lived here all that long. Many of the records are $4 to $6, unheard of in the modern age. I immediately found a selection of Donovan records priced $4-$6 each, which I purchased. You just don't find record stores like this anymore. They have completely disappeared from L.A., where I'm from. The place is obviously tailored more toward the casual vinyl fan than the collector, as there are price stickers directly on the covers. I'm not really a collector and can live with that. Atlanta has quite a few vinyl-oriented stores and this is one of the best. Pros: Incredible prices, retro feel, tailored toward casual buyers Cons: price stickers in the middle of the covers more

Best Little Record Store in Town! 6/11/2009

If you are looking for good quality vinyl at a very fair price, especially within the rock genre(s), Full Moon is worth a visit. I've picked up many titles for $4 that would easily be $7 or $8 at other local stops. Also, if you can manage to beat me to it, the $1 bins often contain some real gems, though you will have to wade through the Dan Fogelberg and Linda Ronstadt titles to find 'em.\r \r Ted (the owner) is very knowledgeable about music and, in my opinion, does a great job of running the store. There's a reason he's been in business there for over 17 years and it's not so that the people waiting in line to get into the Flying Biscuit have someplace to ""mill about""... He sells stuff that people are looking for at a fair price.\r \r This is a store owned and operated by a practicing musician and as such (God bless him) doesn't open until noon (and don't make a trip down there Monday thru Weds. as is closed). Moreover, Full Moon's old-school and doesn't have a website or other bells and whistles; this is a drag your a$$ away from the computer and get your hands dirty kind of music shopping experience. Pros: Great selection, prices and knowledgeable staff. Cons: Depth of some genres may be limited... more

Full Moon!!! 12/6/2008

Ha! The brouhaha below is hilarious (especially the part about leaving a message for Ted's ""boss"")! The people at Full Moon are great. But, more importantly, the records are even better. Best prices in town. You can find some great records at a real deal at Full Moon. Pros: good records, cheap records, records, etc. more

we love our real customers! 5/27/2008

I just wanted to post a quick response to the review below. Here is what really happened, from my perspective. I received a phone call at night from a girl who wanted to sell some records to my store. I answered the phone ""hello"" as she had reached me at home and I generally don't get calls for the store at night. She sounded flustered that I said ?hello?, so I said ""full moon records"". She asked if we had a website and I replied that we did not. She asked if we had a store e-mail address and I replied that we did not. In neither case was my response angry or rude, it was just factual. This was not what she wanted to hear though, because she had made a list of her records and she wanted to e-mail it in. She had asked what kind of records we buy and I replied that we were looking for records that were in excellent condition. I explained that we don't buy from lists; it is a waste of time as far as I am concerned because there is no way to determine what condition the records are in. This was again not what she wanted to hear because her groans at our not having a website or e-mail turned to irritation that she would have to bring her records in like every other seller for the past 17 years. She then said ""okay I?ll just sell them to someone else"" and hung up. She then called back a minute later and started to leave a message (for my boss) complaining about what a ""j-rk"" I was. I?m writing this to let anyone reading know that we love the vast majority of our customers, and the others we really couldn't care less about. We give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but if people are rude to us, either in person or on the phone, then we may respond in kind. The person having the ""bad day"" was definitely this young girl; she projected her feelings on us when the info she asked for wasn't what she wanted to hear. She then called back and said ""check out your new review on city search dot com"" so I?ll leave it to the reader to determine if my assessment of her was correct. Pros: extremely nice, helpful employees Cons: calls from spoiled little girls more

This is a forum for customers to leave reviews 5/27/2008

I wrote an honest assessment of my experience with Full Moon Records. I called during business hours. Everything in my account was accurate including what was said on both sides. Perceptions can be subjective, but there is no doubt what ""You're a total f-ing bi-ch. Don't call back"" means. I have NEVER had someone in business speak to me that way; in fact I've never had ANYONE speak to me that way. \r Not in all my 30+ years. (how many ""young girls"" collect vinyl?) So I'm taking my Pearl Jam - Jeremy picture disk (MINT! sealed UK), and my Cat Stevens promo 12"" ($100), and my Rolling Stones (with working zipper), and my other 70 or so records to Wuxtry Records. I called and asked the exact same questions. The person who answered was friendly and professional. That's all anyone wants really.\r ===Evidently you can't leave more than one review, so here is my original posting:\r I called to ask about selling some rare (and really valuable) records that I've collected. The person who answered the phone was very rude. He answered ""Hello?, ..uh Full Moon Records"". I asked if they had a website - No. I asked if they had an email address - No. He sounded really annoyed (bad day?). I told him that I'd like to send a list of the records I have to see which titles they'd be interested in so I could bring them in. He said ""We don't do email you'll have to come in."" Really rude and ugly - I felt like I was taking up his time or something so I just said thanks and hung up. I called back to see if there was someone else I could speak with. I got an answering machine and halfway through my message the guy picked up and said: ""You're a total f.-ing bi-ch. Don't call back."" (exact quote, no exaggeration.) And all I said in the message was ""Hi I just called and the guy who answered was kind of a j-rk so..."". And that's when Mr. Bad Day answered. There's no need for that kind of rudeness. The experience reminded me of an old bumper sticker: Mean people su-k. This place is not recommended. Cons: Customer Service more

Treasures 8/29/2002

I have weird dreams about going into Full Moon Records and finding albums that are figments of my imagination. Albums that never existed but are discovered, albums with such bizarre designs they couldn't possibly be real, and albums with that crazy colored vinyl you're always looking for !!! No wonder I can't distinguish reality from dreams!!! It's all at Full Moon!!! Pros: Dollar Record Bin, Clean Records, The Flyer Collection Cons: Biscuiteers, Closed on Mon., "Record- hold" guilt more

Couldn't be better! 8/29/2002

Full Moon is a great store. Everytime I'm in there, the staff is helpful and friendly. The prices couldn't be better...I wouldn't go anywhere else. Pros: Great Prices, Wonderful Staff, Good Selection more

I love Full Moon! 8/22/2002

This place is great! Never in my life have I seen such great things for such low prices. The dollar records are often in wonderful condition, and are still ONLY A DOLLAR! Their CD are $7 (even for new ones), which is lower than I've ever seen. When I can't find what I want, the staff is always so cool and willing to help me find it. Pros: Amazing Prices, Not too crowded, Good Selection more

the dollar bin! 8/16/2002

I love Full Moon Records!! It's small but I never have trouble finding more than I can afford to buy. The staff are friendly, the records are the cleanest I've seen in town, the prices are great!! But the most amazing thing is the dollar bin! All of the records in this section are one dollar (even if they are multiple LP sets) and I have found some unbelievable teasures there. Pros: inexpensive, great selection, friendly help Cons: closed Mondays more

Everything I want 8/15/2002

Full Moon is definitely the place the find everything you want. It's not so big that you can't find anything, but it's big enough to always have exactly what you want. Whenever I'm having trouble finding something, I go into Full Moon, and they always have whatever I was looking for. In addition to that, they have amazing prices on everything. I always find great records for just a dollar and new CDs for just $7. more

The best record/cd store ever! 8/15/2002

Full Moon is an awesome place to find CDs, records or whatever. I've never seen better prices, and they have a great selection. The staff is really helpful, and they actually know what they're talking about. Pros: Great Selection, Awesome Prices, Very Cool Staff more

Used Vinyl Galore 6/5/2002

Although I don't make it into this shop as often as I'd like, it's always a blast spending an hour or two flipping though the used vinyl. I find it especially good for 80s college stuff. Pros: Great vinyl selection, Well organized more
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    Located right next door to the famous musician-owned Flying Biscuit, this hole-in-the-wall record store specializes in used vinyl and CDs. Full Moon is more like your...

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