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Frey’s Olde Time Furniture - 25 Reviews - 9992 Main St., Clarence, NY - Home & Garden Reviews - Phone (716) 759-8166

Frey’s Olde Time Furniture

9992 Main St.
Clarence, NY 14031
(716) 759-8166
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Frey's now Banner Furniture is under new management and they seem to have made a ton of improvements in their customer service department. I recently purchased living room tables ...


I ordered a sectional from Frey's in Clarence about 8 weeks ago and still have not received it. At the point that I ordered it, I was told it would be 3 weeks but it has been twi...

out of business 9/22/2011

they are gone! more

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Best Wings Around 2/13/2010

You better take a quick look under your table to see where it is made. 99.9% of the furniture Freys and Banner sold was from Red China. Can't you realize why they are going out of business? The reason they canceled so many orders is they were coming from Red China that took 8 to 16 weeks to get to the showroom. You can't do business selling sub par merchandise with a 30 to 60 day warranty and get away with it. That is why Frey's now called Banner is going out of business-plain and simple more


I am in agreement with the other posts in regards to waiting longer than pomised for all merchandise. BUT in my opinion it is well worth the wait.... I have bought many many pieces over the years from sectionals to coffee/end tables, hall trees etc. and EVERYTHING is of excellent quality and condition... SOLID OAK!! IDK who is making this claim about red chinese wood.... and what evidence he/she has to back this up...?? My only complaint is they tell ya 2-3 weeks and it ends up months. Like now I ordered a table 12/7/09 and as of today 2/12/10 I still DON'T have it.... ughhhhhh more

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Banner Furniture is Now out of Business 2/10/2010

Good: There is not one thing positive about this establishment. Frey's Furniture under a new name didn't fool the public with cheaply made Red Chinese furniture passed off as Amish.. Bad: Tried to make you think that all the cheap furniture they were selling was Amish made in the USA when actually it was cheap Red Chinese poorly made furniture.. Improvements: The improvement has been made since Banner Furniture is now going out of business. The consumer was not fooled by the change of names and cheaply made Red Chinese furniture that didn't come with any warranty.. Other: Frey's thought they could fool the consumer a second time by changing their name to Banner Furniture. The consumer wised up to all the junk that Banner was selling at premium prices. This place will definitely not be missed!. more

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Frey's (Banner) Furniture 8/27/2009

They are still selling the cheaply made inventory but hardly anyone shops there anymore. The word is out and it is only a matter of time before they close. more

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New Name ---Horrible Quality! 6/25/2009

Frey's Olde Time Furniture has changed its name to Banner Furniture but it is the same establishment with a different name. The furniture is still Made in China with poor quality. A new name won't change this place, only professional service and quality furniture will. You can find better quality at the Goodwill Store. more

Frey's Furniture is Banner Furniture 6/15/2009

Frey's now Banner Furniture is under new management and they seem to have made a ton of improvements in their customer service department. I recently purchased living room tables and lamps and was very pleased with the quality and quick service. They still have the best oak selection for miles around just like Freys did. I would absolutely shop there again. more

Horrible service 11/25/2008

This company is horrible. They do not get orders in when they say at all.....go to value city furniture and get the same for cheaper......DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! more

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Going Out of Business! 7/6/2008

When a company tries deceitfully to pass itself off as a seller of Amish furniture, things will catch up with them. This is what exactly happened to Frey's Olde Time Furniture. They are going out of business for a reason, they tried to pass off cheap Red Chinese made furniture off as Amish. In the beginning, Frey's sold Amish furniture exclusively but they got greedy and found out they could make more money selling cheaply made inferior furniture. They implied that all their oak furniture was Amish made and it wasn't. Defective quality of workmanship cost them their business so I hope the owners learned their lesson. Now they jacked all their prices up to twice what they were and are now selling out at 50% off! Goodbye Frey's, you won't be missed! more

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Watch for Made In China merchandise instead of Amish made! 5/17/2008

This establishment use to sell quality merchandise produced by Amish craftsmen. They continue duping the public into believe all their merchandise is still made by the Amish. In actuality, more of their merchandise 95% or more is Made In China! I made the mistake of buying a dining room table assuming it was Amish made. Two years after the purchase date, the table started cracking for no apparent reason. Called them up and they said the table was out of warranty. I carefully checked the bill and there was no mention of a warranty implied or stated! Wrote a letter to the ownership and never heard from them. This place does not back the product they sell and dupe people into thinking all their wood products are Amish made. Don't make a $800.00 mistake like I did. This place sells cheaply made Chinese merchandise at a premium price. DO NOT SHOP HERE! more

Still waiting -2 1/27/2008

We ordered our home office furniture 4 months ago at the beginning of October. The estimated delivery date was just before Thanksgiving of 2007- and the money (around $3200.00) was debited from our account within days. Now at the end of January of 2008 we have still not heard from them. There is not even a phone call of explanation from the sales department. This is the worst service and work ethics that I have ever come across. I am a physician in the Western New York community and have certainly spread the "word" about them. I would not recommend them to anyone- absolutely- at any time. more

Extremely pleased! 1/25/2008

In early October I went to a local Rosa's store and found a corner tv stand that would be nice and comparably inexpensive to other wooden stands for my living room and new flat screen tv. Upon researching the manufacturer more (Eagle Industries), I found a slightly different model/style that would be perfect. The rep from Rosa's suggested that it could take 10-12 weeks to get the piece and seemed more interested in trying to sell the model that they had in inventory. I subsequently went to Carolina Furniture on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda and learned that they could order the piece that would be perfect. Indeed, they indicated that they would go 10% less than Rosa's and that it shouldn't take more than 6-8 weeks (i.e., the guy at Rosa's was being "unrealistic"). That was October 15. After getting the run around throughout December about the piece including a myriad of excuses, a rep from Carolina Furniture informed us on December 28th that because the store had not met a minimum quota for ordering from Eagle, that my tv stand still had not been shipped and they could not guarantee when it would be. I cancelled the order and got my money back. Upset, I went out after the New Year to various stores and stumbled upon Frey's. I noticed that the store carried furniture from Eagle and the staff informed me that (1) they could order the stand I had tried to buy through Carolina Furniture, and (2) because they had just placed a large order through Eagle earlier that day, they could fax an attachment to the order for my stand and likely could get it in 3-4 weeks. I made the purchase. The tv stand was received in LESS than 3 weeks and it looks great in my living room. I learned a lesson that with some furniture manufacturers apparently the retailers have to order a minimum quota to get them in. Perhaps the rep from Rosa's was just trying to convey that. Bottomline - I had a a great shopping experience through Frey's (I had good timing apparently) and I WILL NEVER GO TO OR RECOMMEND CAROLINA FURNITURE TO ANYONE! more

not impressed 11/24/2007

I was in Frey's 9/29/07 and ordered a kitchen set that still has not arrived 11/24/07. At the time I wasn't impressed with the salespeople or their policies but the set was the only one I've found that I thought would fit our needs and kitchen size and it appeared to be good quality. I was told that if I took the set on display it was not returnable. Since I wasn't absolutely sure it would fit I didn't want to chance it and ordered the set instead - was told it would be coming from California and would take about 6 wks. I called once last week and was told it may take another 4 wks. After reading all the negative reviews I don't have much hope of receiving this by Christmas. The day I was there it wasn't very busy and I was there for quite a while without anyone approaching me. Even after my husband arrived we had to ask for someone to help us. They didn't seem to care whether we bought anything or not. Now I'm considering cancelling this order if I can find the set elsewhere. This is one local business I will not return to or recommend. Barbara Alden more

Cancelled order after 8 weeks - NEVER GOING BACK! 11/17/2007

I have had the same experience as most everyone else with delays and runaround from sales people. My 5 piece oak dinette set was promised to be ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks. When I finally called after 5 weeks they said the chairs were delayed but the table was in. When I called after 7 weeks, another person told me that the whole order was just put in after 7 weeks and it should be there in a week! Of course, never a phone call letting me know of any "delay," but then everyone I talked to gave me a different story anyway so it would've been hard to keep their story straight if someone did call! Upon complaining to my salesperson, he said we would be "compensated" and it would be noted on our invoice. The set did show up the next week and when we went to pick it up .. surprise..nothing was noted on the invoice for compensation! The salesperson said it was my fault I didn't call before coming to pick it up and that my salesperson wouldn't be in until the next day so I should come back! Customer service absolutely sucks at this place! This guy would only offer me 10%, which just about covered tax, and what I considered a slap in the face, so we cancelled the whole order right then. Luckily, we had applied for their credit so they didn't get any money from us like so many others had happen and I didn't have to fight for my money getting returned. I will never go back! Enough other competition out there that I will give my hard earned money to! Tell EVERYONE to stay away from here. Apparently, this is the norm and not the exception. I can't understand why they have been in business so long if this is the way they treat their customers! more

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Still Waiting... 9/4/2007

I ordered a sectional from Frey's in Clarence about 8 weeks ago and still have not received it. At the point that I ordered it, I was told it would be 3 weeks but it has been twice as long and I have not received any communication from the company. Even though it has taken so long to get the furniture, Frey's wasted no time processing my payment - it cleared the next day. About 1 week after I ordered the sectional I went into the store looking for some other furniture and was surprised to see the identical piece in stock - I had been told it was on back order. When I asked an associate why I could not get the sectional that was in stock, I was told that since the order was processed, they could not change it. The money I saved on the furniture doesn't matter any more because of the hassle I have been going through. more

Going on 4 months... 8/24/2007

My husband and I ordered a breakfast nook set in May. We had previously purchased a cabinet/pie safe there and loved it. It is almost September and no breakfast nook. When it got to be July, we called and asked where the set was (we had been told it would be in in 2 - 4 weeks), and they said it had been "delayed" and would be in in August. When I inquired as to why no one called to tell us, I was told it was up to the saleman to do that. I called a few weeks later, and was given a date of August 23rd. It is now the 24th - no phone call, no table, no answers from Frey's. I love the way their furniture looks, but I'll never go back there again. more

Patricia M 8/11/2007

My husband and I have shopped at Frey's for 9 years, yes we have ordered furniture and had a delay, but it was worth the wait and I was always taken care of by the manager. Our huge home is furnished by Frey's and I will continue to shop with them. I just love the new picture's and items they have added to the store. Keep up the good work, we will be back soon. more

Still waiting after 3 months 5/19/2007

Not willing to wait anymore and tired of excuses is all I have to say about Frey's Furniture in Clarence, NY. I ordered an oak roll-top desk over 3 months ago and every time I call the store to check on the status of the order, it is a new excuse. When I ordered the desk in February and paid in full, I was told it would take 3 weeks to come in, not 3 months. I highly recommend not ordering furniture from this store. What a shame as the price was great, however this doesn't help if you cannot get the product!! more

Still waiting...... 5/4/2007

I ordered a Bedroom Set from Frey's a little over two months ago......and Still HAVE NOT received it. My boyfriend and I call once a week to check on the status and every time we call we receive a HUGE run around on where exactly the set is???? I have purchased several small items from Frey's in the past and have never had any problems. I spent over 1700 dollars on this set (which they cashed the check the next day) but have not yet received the furtniture. My poor bedroom is just waiting for the set to arrive! I am very disappointed in the service and at this point would recommend not purchasing items from the store. I have 3 different friends that have all purchased homes within the last few months and ALL are looking for furnishings, and due to this circumstance I would not recommend them to purchase anything from Frey's! more

Lousy Customer Service 2/4/2007

We purchased a desk in the fall of '06 that had to be ordered. Never got a call as to when the desk came in. Checked after Xmas to go see if it was in. Told us on the phone it was in. Went to go pick up the desk, the store had put the desk on the showroom floor. The sales lady found my desk and chair and after looking over the desk I found damage done to the desk. The sales lady went to see if she could get some of the price knocked off. The manager refuse to sell me the desk, which was mine to begin with, and was very rude and unprofessional. After arguing with the Manager he finally told me that he would sell me the desk "as is" with discounting the price. Beware people, very bad service and a total lack of customer service. THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!!! more
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