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French Bakery & Delicatessen - 11 Reviews - 4108 Granby St, Norfolk, VA - Food Delivery Reviews - Phone (757) 625-4936

French Bakery & Delicatessen

4108 Granby St
Norfolk, VA 23504
(757) 625-4936
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French Bakery & Delicatessen - Norfolk, VA


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Lot's of people say this place is overpriced. I say you get what you pay for. The pastrami sandwich is, hands down the BEST sandwich I have ever put in my mouth. And guess what? I...


I found very little ?French? about this bakery. It reminded me more of a dirty ristorante in the touristy parts of Rome. Thinking we might find a buche de Noel (yule log), and per...

If I could rate zero, I would! 2/14/2012

My mother always said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything. BUT, she also said, ""Always tell the truth"". Well, I am here to tell you the truth. This is by far the worst representation of an authentic french bakery I have ever experienced. It's just like Paris. Yep......Paris, Texas! Definitely not Paris, France! (Except the rudeness!) Save your money and get a sandwich from another metropolitan restaurant. Definitely DO NOT indulge in the extremely overpriced mediocre patries! Just not worth it! This place is downright insulting! You've got to be kidding me! Come on Norfolk and Southeastern VA. Don't let people tell you it's champagne and it's just Kool-Aid! If you want to get something close to the real deal and the best sandwiches, OUTSTANDING and reasonably priced (average price $4.00), generously portioned patries and OH THE VARIETY!, go to Jean Jacques Bakery in Richmond, VA. EVERYTHING THERE IS FRESH AND QUITE ENJOYABLE! - Soup, salads, sandwiches, patries, breads, cookies, etc.... It's worth the drive. (Not open on Sundays.) The atmostphere is divine and the customer service is inviting. I am no way affiliated with Jean Jacques, but I definitely know awesome food when I experience it. French Bakery and Delicatessen is shameful and disgusting! (AND TOO DARK!) Just don't waste your time, money or taste buds. more

Life Changing Sandwich 9/9/2010

Lot's of people say this place is overpriced. I say you get what you pay for. The pastrami sandwich is, hands down the BEST sandwich I have ever put in my mouth. And guess what? I don't really like sandwiches! I'm much more of a salad girl. Sure, the owner is a character. I dare say he'd play better to a Northern audience, Brooklyn say, or Jersey. But life's a lot more interesting with a few characters in it. I say go. Go eat the sandwich. Be brave. more

Just Visiting? 1/2/2010

Took three of the family, and split the largest pastrami sandwich on advice of the owner, about $21,and it was great. The friendly owner then sat down with us, asked us where we lived, and after determining we were not Ghent residents started suggesting upgrades regarding dessert, and thats when the thieving began. The slice of cake he suggested, then the half pie tin of cake to go brought the bill to over $73. The guy ringing this up looked uncomfortable, expecting a blowup probably, so they've run this schtick on others they don't think they will ever see again. Thing is, I AM a local now, he asked me where I live, not where I work. Too bad, they lost both my and everyone elses business I could have recommended. Times are hard, but ripping off the rubes is never good business practice. Shame on you. They've earned my undying emnity and I'll make sure none of my foodie friends are similarly taken advantage of. Pros: Good Food, but beware Cons: Led by the nose by owner more

THE BEST. 6/12/2009

I've eaten at the French Bakery for over 20 years now and in that time, I've never found anything that has even come close to compare. If you are a penny pincher, steer clear. Chances are your niggardly ways will completely distract you from the pure edible ecstasy. For anyone else: just try it. Words cannot describe what it is you're in for. Pros: Best Food Ever. Cons: It is a bit pricy but what do you expect for the best. more

Pastrami Sandwich King!!! 4/16/2009

I visited Norfolk 2 years ago and a friend brought me a pastrami sandwich, we sat back and ate this and it was the best thing I ever ate. It was made from a full loaf of bread and piled high with cooked pastrami, onions, tomato's, mustard, and a black pepper based mixture. Too finish it off, an orange donut. \r I just came back to Norfolk and my friend popped in to say ""hi"". It was 4pm and I wanted a pastrami sandwich, he said we have to hurry since it closes at 5. \r We drove past the zoo, and a few questionable neighborhoods when we parked in front of an older place with bars on the front. Looks like your walking into a prison. (this is my first time coming to the shop) The street is busy, and cars come up on you as you scurry to the sidewalk for safety. The front of the building is showing it's age, and the letters are starting to shrink on the sign from the sun and time. ""French Bakery"", we step inside. for me it's like stepping into a time machine. Everything screams 50's and 60's. The photo's on the walls are yellowed with age, some are photo's and newspaper print together in a frame. \r Some of the photo's look like the shop inside, but different. \r As we enter a smaller man with thinning hair looks up from a laptop and yells out ""Where have you Been?!"". I'm amused, and smile. Again he says ""Where have you Been? It's been a year!"" said in a not so nice tone. My friend opens up, it's only been 4 months. The man replies ""Well, that was last year, it's been a year!"" still looking with at us with wide open eyes. \r There are 3 sizes of sandwiches Small, Med, and Large, and they only offer 7 or 8 different kinds of sandwiches, (pastrami is at the top, and the prices are posted). My friend said we wanted a Large Pastrami Sandwich for a visiting friend, ""OK what will you have A Medium?"" No, Just a large for him, ""So a Medium for you?"" and again, No just a large for him. They made small talk while he made the sandwich. He started the gas grill behind the bench, and put a large pan with Pastrami and onions on to cook. He took out a long loaf of bread and cut it open. Once the pastrami was finished he went to work behind the bench, a short time later he handed us a paper wrapped 14inch long 5 inch tall sandwich. Tied in the center with a small string to hold it together. \r We went over too the pastries where we did not dare ask what we wanted, but we were told what we were going to get, and how many. For example he said “how many éclairs do you want? Six?”, No two is just fine, then we asked for a slice of cake, to take to a friend as a sample. He pulls out the cake and puts the cutter down to mark out 3 slices, to which we had to quickly say, No “a” slice. (watching this I see him smile, as he is trying hard to up sell) “Add some chocolate covered bacon to that!” (This was something new he was trying, it tasted interesting, wouldn’t buy it thought, even though he swore by it) \r Everyone that reviewed this business has said that everything tasted good, and you know what. It does. Sure the éclair is $7.00 but it’s the size of your hand, and weighs a pound. Not a cheap mass produced piece of air. What you have is a man that spends his day making nice things too eat, and if your coming in expecting to be coddled by an European style artisan baker your going to be mistaken. But if your prepared to haggle for a product of eggs, butter, cream, sugar into a baked brioche pastry your at the right place. \r While the French Bakery on Granby St. may not be the Champs Des Elysees the bottom line is the pastries still have the same effect on the waist line, Viva La France.\r Pros: Best Sandwich I ever ate! Cons: Price may put people off more

Overpriced 12/30/2008

We decided on a whim to check out this delicatessen hoping to relive our experience with French patisseries while living overseas. For a moment I was hoping to hear ""Bon Jour"" from behind the counter but rather got a stare from a man who didn't seem quite glad to see us. We perused the selection of pastries and chose two almond crescent, chocolate mousse cigar, and a fruit cake. The man then pointed out that the pastries cost $6-7 each and the small fruit cake was $30. We almost fell over and settled on one each of the pastries and the cake. Our bill came to $48.50. They were good but I don't think they should cost that much. We will not return. Pros: Good pastries Cons: Way overpriced more

Terrible greeting and horrifying attitude 12/17/2008

My brother and I were on Granby street and decided to check out the "" french bakery "" and we were excited because we heard all these fantastic things about this place. First, we parked on a dangerously busy highway with traffic that was never ending. Once we walked into this bakery, we were greeted by this short angry man who ask what did we want ? We told him we were here because we heard so many good things about this place and wanted to try it out for ourselves. My brother wanted a creamhorn and the owner told us that he makes the entire thing from scratch and told us that all the other bakeries used proccessed dog food to make their cream filling and his was all natrual. His attitude was terrible and offending. I asked how much one creamhorn was and almost fell to the floor when he told me. I can buy a half dozen for what one creamhorn costs. I refused to buy anything for two reasons one, his attitude and two, his prices. I don't think there is a reason for any restaurant to charge so much for one item. He was insulted that I even asked for a price. I had too because, he doesn't post prices anywhere in his restaurant. My brother did buy a few items and was not impressed. He won't be back he said. My suggestion to all readers is to stay away from this place. The owner is rude and insane to think he has the best of anything. I will never be back. Pros: there are none Cons: he's far away from the good restaurants more

Best Sandwich in Hamptons Roads 11/14/2008

I have been disappointed again and again by Norfolk's ""Best"". I went to the French Bakery on a recommendation. I'll gladly pay 48 bucks for a couple of awsome sandwiches rather go to someplace that has high prices but average service and food. When I left the French Bakery all I could think about was how happy I was and how I couldn't wait to go back. If you want to be ripped off go down to 200- 400 block of Granby you'll end up leaving with poor service, lousy food and a high bill. If you want to save money cook at home. The area that the restuarant is located is a fine area. This is Norfolk most areas are not that great. If you want a authentic deli experience with great sandwiches I highly recommend the French Bakery. If you want a sandwich and Coke for 5 bucks I highly recommend Mc Donald's. Pros: Great Sandwich more

Prices are a complete rip off. 4/27/2008

I got ripped off so bad I will never go back. Two small turkey sandwiches, some orange donuts, and an eclair cost over $48.00. I've been a customer off and on for 30+ years but this was the last time! An eclair at Bakers Crust is $3.99. To my surpirse they charged me over $9.00 and tried to defend that price by saying a large one was $11 something. $1.95 for an orange donut and $0.90 for a bag of chips that is clearly labeled $0.75. Added $2.50 per sanwdich because I asked for extra condiments (sauce, pickles, that kind of stuff). Another customer/friend of the owners was there to see the whole thing and defended my position even saying I should be refunded the entire amount. I would not take anything back from them because I will never give them a single penny of business ever again. Such an insult to be taken advantage of so blatently! Pros: Food is good. Cons: Prices are a rip off and they think they are doing you a favor! more

Way overpriced!!! 3/6/2008

Having heard about this locals only ""little gem"" I made a visit and came up with the following. Highly overrated and highly over priced. The taste and texture of the pastrami sandwich can be found across the street at Tabb's Restaurant for far less money. Sandwiches that are 6 inches long run between 9 and 11 dollars and donuts start at $1.65 each. No break for buying a dozen. Although the orange donuts were excellent (wonderful flavor and texture) and definitly worth a second visit I can't bring myself to pay that kind of money. Too bad they aren't more realistic in their pricing; they might have more business. Pros: Huge potential. Cons: Dirty little hole in the wall. Such a shame. more

A disappointment - won't be back soon 12/23/2006

I found very little ?French? about this bakery. It reminded me more of a dirty ristorante in the touristy parts of Rome. Thinking we might find a buche de Noel (yule log), and perhaps some nice pastries for our 4 o'clock, we headed down to this underwhelming establishment in an unlikely neighborhood, where the owner feels the need for iron bars on the windows. \r \r The large, mustachioed man behind the counter was curt and unhelpful. We asked about their yule logs, and were shown a lop-sided cake and told a 1/3 of it would run us nearly $40. (We reflected on it, and later called to cancel the order.) The pastry selection was poor, but in order that the trip wouldn't be a bust, we selected 4 small pastries. They were placed on top of one another in a small box. And the large, Italian man told us our total was a little under $25. We paid, but hadn't stepped out the door before we wished we could take them back and demand a refund. Tasting them that afternoon only confirmed this desire. Don't get me wrong: they were decent, and one of the four was actually quite good. But they are nothing special. You don't pay that much for pastries next door to the Louvre; you'd think in a bad part of Norfolk, at that price, they could serve up something of a little higher quality. \r \r I can't speak to their pastrami, which I hear is excellent. Needless to say, I won't be back to find out. Perhaps those are the regular prices we were quoted (nothing was labeled), but it felt like the sort of place where family and the regulars get free food and strangers pay for their ignorance. I was thoroughly disappointed. Pros: Might have good sandwiches? Cons: Poor ambiance, horrible value for desserts more
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