Foundation For Hair Restoration: Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

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6280 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143

(305) 666-1774
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Dr. Epstein brings a wonderful bedside manner to each of his procedures. He performed my hair grafting and scalp advancement three days ago, and the procedure was better than I co...


All reviews seem positive

Dr. Epstein was able to create my new hairline 1/30/2017

Dr. Epstein brings a wonderful bedside manner to each of his procedures. He performed my hair grafting and scalp advancement three days ago, and the procedure was better than I could have dreamed about. I did a lot of research before choosing Dr. Epstein, finally settling on him because of his stellar, online reputation. With his experience, Dr. Epstein was able to create my new hairline, just as he accurately explained during my consultation. The nurses and staff were so friendly, comforting, and attentive My results are fantastic, which in turn, sums up my total experience. From start to finish, I could not be any happier with my hair grafting procedure. more

Pain-free rhinoplasty 3/13/2013

My Rhinoplasty was simple, basically pain-free. I didn't feel anything while I was having the procedure done. The recovery was pretty smooth. The discomfort that I had was basically dealt with through the pain medication. I had done some research and I read reviews online and I read that he was very good at what he did. It's actually not that difficult. It's pretty simple. When you come in and you speak to one of his representative they help you schedule your procedure. I wanted to get this done since the summer and the next appointment was in December. I'm very happy with my results. I like that my nose looks a lot finer and a lot thinner because it was very wide before. Just overall, I look way better. I would recommend him because he is just great. He knows exactly what he is doing and the people that he worked with are also amazing. They're just awesome. more

It was a good experience. 3/12/2013

I saw Dr. Epstein’s credentials online and I felt comfortable with him. I had an online consultation and then I had one in the office. He did my Rhinoplasty and the results were good. I like the results. What I like most is that it looks very, very similar to the promised computer simulation. He has a wonderful staff Cindy, Jenny, and all of the other guys were wonderful. They were nice and comforting. It was a good experience. more

best surgeon in miami! 3/6/2013

I had a nose job 10 days ago, and it's perfect so I'm extremely happy about it. I think that Dr. Epstein is the best surgeon in Miami because I want to see almost all surgeons here in all of Florida. I think that I made the best choice. I'm happy, and what he promised, he did it. I couldn't be more happy about this experience. It's even better what he showed me on the pictures that he did. I mean it almost looked the same like the computer imaging but even better. Everything went very smooth, quickly, very professional. The consultation is very, very, very quick. He understood everything in a few minutes and that made me feel very confident about him and he knows what he does. I like the back of my nose and the profile looks amazing, though it's still very swollen. I would like to thank everybody for being so warm, being so nice, and being very, very professional, and I'm extremely happy. Thank you, Dr. Epstein. more

It was a great experience. 2/20/2013

Dr. Epstein specializes in Rhinoplasty or rather facial plastic surgery as opposed to just general plastic surgery. The consultation was great. We spoke and later that evening, he provided me with sort of simulated lookup what I would look like post-procedure and that was also very helpful and he gave me a few different options. Since then, I've been back multiple times for follow-up. It's been great, really great, you know, just monitoring it and injections for the steroids for the swelling. Yeah, I told my friends that it was easier to get the Rhinoplasty than it would be to get over the flu. It was actually a good experience. The results are very natural looking but at the same time. He was able to remove the problem the bump on the top of the bridge. I have a very straight profile, and that's what I wanted. It was a great experience. more

I look 15 years younger 1/16/2013

I first had Dr. Epstein do a hair transplant about two years ago. It came out so good that I thought about not doing it with any other doctor because the outcome was great and he has an excellent reputation as a facial surgeon. He is the kind of person when he talks to you, you know he knows what he is saying and what he is doing. It’s just the way that he presents himself that you can tell. In November I had a facelift, blepharoplasty and hair transplant with him and it went real well. Everything turned out just like Dr. Epstein said. I look 15 years younger and it’s very natural. It’s been very pleasant. more

Dr. Epstein was very gentle 1/11/2013

I heard through some friends that Dr. Epstein was the best so I went to him for rhinoplasty. It wasn’t an easy procedure and it was rough for a couple days, but after that it was fine. The procedure was done last month and I still have some swelling, but my nose is much better than it was. Dr. Epstein was very gentle and thorough, and he knows what he is doing. I personally think he is the best, too. more

amazing and totally thrilled 1/4/2013

I think injectables are conservative without feeling like I had to do multiple things, and it’s not like Dr. Epstein was trying to sell me up on anything. The facelift and fillers are amazing and I’m totally thrilled! I’ve had incredibly positive feedback. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Epstein because he’s personal and professional and he tells me what he is doing, which I think is the best thing. I feel more youthful and healthy. more

Dr. Epstein is a nice guy and he’s really professional. 12/28/2012

I got a little problem so I went here to get the Laser and Hair Implant from Dr. Epstein. I’m still working on it, but it’s MUCH better than before!. more

Very natural results 11/28/2012

My brother had a surgery with Dr. Epstein last year and his nose looks great so I decided to go with him for my Rhinoplasty. He’s a very good surgeon and he has a lot of experience and really knows what he’s doing. During the consultation he was very specific and very honest. It was scary because it’s a surgery, but at the moment of the surgery I felt really good and I wasn’t nervous or anything. Even afterward everybody was really nice to me and still when I go to my appointments they’re all super nice because they care about you and call you, ask you how you’re feeling and make you feel really good. My nose looks really good now and I’m happy with it. I like that it looks very natural and that nobody can see that I had surgery. more

definietly worth it 7/12/2012

I would definitely recommend Dr. Epstein to others. Honestly, when you are contemplating a facial surgery, it will produce a change that you’ll see every single day. You can't cover it up. The surgery was not cheap but Dr. Epstein’s work is definitely worth the money for a facial cosmetic procedure. I had a reaction to the anesthesia but he called me himself to check up on me. Other doctors don’t usually do that. more

Nice experience 6/26/2012

I tend to be a perfectionist and Dr. Epstein was very patient with me. He walked me through everything while remaining very kind and humble. And the office, all his assistants and nurses, everybody was just so nice and took very good care of me when I received the first Rhinoplasty procedure. With the second procedure, everybody already knew my name so it was really a nice experience. more

Rhinoplasty with Dr. Epstein 6/14/2012

I had a Rhinoplasty surgery from Dr. Epstein in January of 2012. I researched the doctor online, and chose him based on the results of other patients who had undergone a nose surgery. Their faces looked natural, though problem areas had been fixed. Other doctors created very artificial results. more

I trust Dr. Epstein for any Hair Procedure 6/6/2012

Dr. Epstein is one of the best, really, and I trusted him for an individual follicular transplant procedure. He was down to earth and very clear and straightforward on his method. It’s the kind of thing that takes patience when we first go in cause you kind of want to have it done quickly, but then I got used to the idea that it was going to take time. I definitely see a difference and I can say that I’m happy with what’s going on. I feel perfectly great about having spent the money on the procedure. I found no issues all around with it; it was great. more

great staff 5/23/2012

I had an amazing appointment with Dr. Epstein and was excited to have my nose done. He was so thorough and took his time to really educate me, it was incredible. My mom came with me and even she wanted to have something done after meeting him. I was uncomfortable after the Rhinoplasty procedure, but every day it gets better. My nose is perfectly normal now. The whole staff there is great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Dr. Epstein at this point. more

My experience with Dr. Epstein was great 4/20/2012

I felt like Dr. Epstein was the best doctor in Florida for my Rhinoplasty. I looked at his work and the results consistently came out extremely good. My experience with him was great. He’d listen to my concerns about the areas that I wanted corrected for the Rhinoplasty. He gave advice on what would happen and he let me know he could take care of it. His staff stayed with me after I came out of anesthesia while I was recovering, which was about two hours. So the entire time there was someone there with me either watching me or talking to me, keeping me company the entire time- and that was really nice. The Saturday after my procedure I had to come back in for a checkup and Dr. Epstein came in on his day off for me, which I also commend. He goes above and beyond. more

Dr. Epstein is #1 in Eyebrow Transplant 4/3/2012

My eyebrow transplant was everything that I hoped it would be. After reading various reviews on the Internet, and word of mouth from many of the doctors that I know in California, I went to Dr. Epstein. He seemed to be a very nice individual who did exceptional work, and that’s what I was looking for. And the results have surpassed my want so far. If anyone ever came to me and asked my advice on who they should use for eyebrow transplant, Dr. Epstein would be #1. I would tell them to look no further. more
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  • By choosing the Foundation for Hair Restoration, you are putting your trust in Dr. Epstein, a doctor who is a true expert in the hair transplant field, who for over 24 years has specialized in this field, performing many thousands of procedures on men and women throughout the world. By combining the aesthetic skills of a board certified facial plastic surgeon with the most advanced techniques in FUE he is able to achieve the most natural appearing results.

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