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Forte, Dana, Do - Forte Family Practice

7730 W Cheyenne Ave Ste 107
Las Vegas, NV 89129
(702) 240-8646
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Forte Family Practice has been my PCP for over a decade. The physicians and staff are top notch. Great practice!


Doctors are fine, but their office staff is difficult, disinterested and condescending. They need to do a clean sweep of whoever are the people who answer the phone there. It's a ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/7/2014

Listen to the DO NOT RECOMMEND COMMENTS !!! This is one of the worst offices in Vegas, I truly believe they plucked these people off the street and gave them white coats. They have major embezzlement issues..numerous times I have been over charged so hang on to receipts. Very unfriendly and yes the wait is ridiculous. I have seen people in an outrage there and up and leave. They pass the buck that's it. If you need treatment I suggest you find a DR. You are truly a guinea pig and will spend a lot of $$$$ on prescriptions and if it doesn't work they will simply say ohhh try this (what a joke) this is peoples lives here!! I paid for my appt. and in the middle of my appt. the Dr. whom reeked of smoke excused himself when his cell phone rang and told myself and 2 other people in the room w/ me he had to go out in the parking lot to write a script for some rich kids who think its a drive thru (REALLY) I was ever so shocked he was stupid enough to even say such a thing. This place also caters to unions which will be having meetings soon and ready to withdrawal from Forte's practice. She is going to lose a GREAT amount of patients and thats what needs to happen. These people need to wake up and learn customer service 1st of all then maybe try going to medical school and start a new business to where you can truly say Welcome to our DR.'s Office.. BEWARE!! its not worth the $$$,stress, or even your life ..PEOPLE PLEASE take this serious or take your chance and you will see Dana Forte is all about money, she has been called the WHITE COAT MAFIA ..continue to read 100's of complaints.. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/24/2014

I have two stories about Dr. Forte's practice...\r \r The first is when my mom went in for help with an itchy, painful rash. Two doctors there (presumably one PAC and one MD) were unable to diagnose the problem. They incorrectly thought it was a rash from an allergic reaction and gave her some medication (I think Neosporin) for it, but the medication only made it much, much more painful. Shortly thereafter, my mom was accurately diagnosed and cured of it by another doctor (Dr. Thompson at a different clinic called Desert Oasis Clinic). Turns out two of Dr. Forte's doctors were too incompetent to figure out a common, simple diagnosis of a fungal skin infection, and my mom suffered becase of it. I should've learned my lesson from this, but after a few years...\r \r I went to Dr. Forte's office and was seen by Dr. Behren. She spent time with me so as to understand my health problems (and this is from where the positive reviews come - it seems like your treatment is decided by a thorough doctor, but...), but Dr. Forte over-rode Dr. Behren's treatment plan for me (yes, Dr. Forte decided my treatment - or rather lack of treatment - without ever seeing me, rendering both my and Dr. Behren's time and effort futile). Even though this document written by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum (you can look it up online) outlines exactly what I suggested to Dr. Behren as well as what Dr. Behren thought/still thinks is the correct treatment for me (and take note that Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum overall has better online reviews than Dr. Forte), Dr. Forte decided to stop Dr. Behren from treating me. To make matters worse, the staff told me I had an appointment to see Dr. Behren on February 24, 2014 so Dr. Behren could treat me with Diflucan as per Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's protocal, but when I got there (yes, they waited till I got there instead of calling and telling me they just up and canceled my appointment with Dr. Behren) they told me to get lost or see another doctor in Dr. Forte's practice - even though seeing another doctor at Dr. Forte's would accomplish nothing since Dr. Forte has already issued an order to her subordinates not to treat me (so they were really just trying to milk more money out of me by having me come in and not get treated yet again)...\r \r So take your business elsewhere. I'm warning you. Honestly, you'd be better off picking a doctor at random.\r \r Oh yeah, the staff can be rude and the wait time is over an hour and a half. So there's that as a reason to go elsewhere too. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/27/2013

I have been going to Forte Family Practices for 14 years. I would not have asked for a better Family Practices to bring my family to. Dana Forte has done nothing but good things to my family and the family friends the have referred over to her office. All the staff at the office are so kind and make me and my family feel welcomed. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/27/2013

I have been a patient of Forte Family Practice for over ten years and they have always provided excellent medical care for myself and my family. With the addition of several new physicians the wait is much improved. Would recommend this office to family and friends! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/11/2012

This is the worse medical center I have visited in a very long time. To compare this medical center, for those of you that remember in the early 1970?s there use to be (not sure they still exist) public services that were low cost for low income families. That?s just say I received 100 times better services then they I do from this medical center. Never ever think you can make a appointment and be seen within a hour of that appointment. Out of 10 appointments I have waited on average 1 and a half hours to be seen, the longest was 4 hours. Forget about talking to the front desk, they are the most incompetent group of workers I have ever seen in my life. They are great at taking your money ASAP, although once that happens, forget about it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/1/2012

Only reason I go to this medical office for appointments is its within walking distance from my house and it is a clean office. Everything from long wait times, to rude office staff, and to making you pay for things covered under your insurance I can attest to (not going to cry over $25 though). If I had prescriptions or doctor recommendations I probably would go to a different medical office, because after reading other people's reviews and my own experience I could only believe the stories about refills and recommendations. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/22/2012

I went to see Dana Forte on Thursday this past week and paid $75 dollars to see her. When i had made my appointment I was told that I would be first to be seen at 715 am and once I got there and 7 people were all called back to rooms before me I asked how long it would be. They told me doctor doesn't even get in until between 8 and 830. Really. I told them I could not wait and wanted my 75 dollars back and the rude front desk people and I mean rude. They should never be working in a customer service environment, either they truly hate their jobs or they are just miserable. They look at you with this miserable look on their face like what do you want.... So I proceed to ask for my money back they tell me they have already scanned it and too bad it will sit on my account as a credit. I leave go back to work call the billing office and they tell me they won't cash it that I need to drive all the way back up there 30 minutes away and come get it. The next day the money was out of my account. I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE DOCTOR AND YOU CASHED MY CHECK... REALLY! I will never recommend anyone to this DR again. They are awful and she should not be allowed to be in business. more

I have been a patient of Forte Family 9/19/2012

Incredibly accomodating physicians in addition to the staff. Their waitingroom is clean and articulate. I found the entire office visit was beneficial..I will recommend them to my friends and family. more

The worst place to seek medical ""care"" in Las Vegas 9/11/2012

The only thing (Dana) Forte ""practice's"" is destroying lives and fraud. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/26/2012

Will not go back unfriendly staff Dr. could care less about my sons problem did not ask for a follow up visit (I will find somewhere else to take him now) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/16/2012

I have used Forte Family Practice a few times. I think there staff is very nice and understand and the Dr. was great! I live very far from this office but I am willing to travel because I know every time I go I will have a good experience. more

Doctors are fine, but their office 6/11/2012

Doctors are fine, but their office staff is difficult, disinterested and condescending. They need to do a clean sweep of whoever are the people who answer the phone there. It's a mess. I've cancelled two appointments because I've changed my mind while dealing with them. Forte practice, you're losing business over this staff!! more

Forte Family Practice has been my PCP 6/5/2012

Forte Family Practice has been my PCP for over a decade. The physicians and staff are top notch. Great practice! more

Not a great office 5/14/2012

Everyone keeps saying that when President Obama's health care plan goes into effect that the level of care will go way down. Well Dr Forte is way ahead of the game!!! I am reading these negative reviews and agreeing with so much. I never really studied my bills, perhaps I should. They are a HUGE practice and personalized care just isn't going to happen here any more than it would in a free clinic, and trust me they are far from free. Susan Shields, PA-C, and Michelle Dunne, APN-C, were very nice and took the time I needed. The only reason I had to schedule with them was because my Dr, Dana Forte, couldnt give me my test results for a month or so. Her web sight starts by saying that she started her practice to be a hometown practice with personalized care where they knew everyone's name. Nope. They don't even return phone calls. You need to call in if you need an rx refilled, and then MAYBE days later you can go in and pick up your hand written rx. Big office, low tech! Huge office staff, and I dont think the right hand has any idea what the left hand is doing. The office manager, Angela is condoscending and rude, with info about herself thrown in. I could care less how long she has been there, where she has worked in the past, or how much she has organized the office in the past 3 years. If this is organization, I hate to see how it used to be! I realized just how bad things where when I went in complaining about deep lower abdominal (pelvic) pain, which she thought may be muscular. She sent me to physical therapy which was wonderful, but it wasnt helping. The physical therapist suggested perhaps an MRI, and Dr Forte said the same. She told me she was ordering a lower back and pelvic MRI. When I went for the results, she had only ordered lower back. Wonderful. Now I have to go for a Cat-scan. I wanted some explaination but I ""just missed"" Dr.Forte (how convenient) and the office manager left me sitting there until I finally left. I called and left 2 messages for her (this was over 2 weeks ago) and today I finally got to talk to her for what it was worth. NOTHING! So now I am off to a specialist. I am not sure I trust who they are refering me to. I will have to do some investigating. Choose this practice, especially the Dr that put her name on it, at your own risk. Perhaps you will be lucky! more

What a crook 4/23/2012

No stars, Dana forte is a crook. She bills your insurance for service that is not performed. People like her is the reason the cost of health insurance is so high. more

Finding a New Doctor 3/18/2012

While Dr. Forte may be good, but it does not make up for her awful staff. I have had my file lost on two occasions, they can't find lab orders, and give you incorrect information. The wait time for an appointment has never been less than 1 hour, even with the first appointment of the day. I have had wrong perscriptions written, that were luckily caught by the pharmacy. They also require you to come in for an office visit (and pay an additional co-pay) just to find out that lab work and test results are normal. I would not recommend her or this office to anyone. more

Dr Forte is a Doctor who can relate to all patients 2/17/2012

I have been a patient of Dr Forte for many years. She is not only compassionate but really understands what a woman goes through medically. Not only does she treat my everyday medical issues but also takes care of my entire family. Her staff gets busy and overwhelmed but she wants to hear any negative feedback a patient has. She strives on making her practice successful and truly cares about her patients. I would and have recommended Dr Forte to many people including all my co workers... more

Care falls into deep dark hole 2/1/2012

If I could give no stars, I would. Dr Forte was recommended to me by a super caring doctor so I tried to ignore the bad reviews, BIG MISTAKE! I saw Dr Forte in December for well woman exam and she was too busy to complete the exam so I had to make a followup appointment and she dinged my insurance for evaluation both times big $$ even though 1st time she did nothing but talk to me for 2 minutes. Still being optimistic I went to the second appointment and received a referral for my yearly mammogram which came back with abnormal area so had to have spot compression and ultrasound. I called Dr Forte's office Monday to see if report was received and if I needed to do followup. Nurse was to call me and after 2 days, no call so I called back and was told they do not have to call me back for 72 hours! And, if I wanted to get my results I had to make an appointment and Dr Forte was booked out for 4 weeks. I said if Dr Forte was too busy to be my medical advocate she should have told me. I was also told very curtly I should have made an appointment when I had the followup screening. I tried to tell this medical 'professional' that this had never been my experience. That all the doctors I've ever gone to would call me and let me know when out of the ordinary test results were received and next steps, either schedule an appointment or eveything was normal but I never had to be my own medical advocate. So here i sit no results, no call, no doctor (unless i want to wait 4 weeks). I have to go to the image facility and get my own results hopefully normal and pray I never have to communicate with this Doctor or her facility. I would like to think Dr Forte doesn't know the horrible attitude and service of her staff but ultimately a Dr is responsible for their staff's attitude, knowledge and efficiency. Please do not go to this doctor or facility if you care about your health and want a doctor who cares about your healh. more

Had better medical service in IRAQ 12/13/2011

I was there to get 2 immunization shots from the nurse. I arrived at 5:30pm as they are open until 7pm. I was the only person in the waiting room so I thought I would be seen pretty quickly. They refused to bill my insurance and told me I would have to do it. So I paid the $80 and got my receipt. 30 min later I asked the receptionist if they would be able to see me she responded that they were short staffed. After waiting for an hour I asked them to refund my money, I couldn't wait any longer. The receptionist told me she didn't know how to do a refund and I would have to come back. I said ""I've been waiting for an hour and you can't get me the shots or refund my money?"" She responded ""IT'S BEEN 57 MINUTES, SIR, NOT QUITE AN HOUR!"" I will never go back to this place again...HORRIBLE service! LOOOONG wait even if you are the only one there! I went to Walgreens take care clinic without an appointment and got my shots in 15 min plus they billed my insurance! Save your time and money!!! more

If you hate your ex wife or ex husband, sent them here! 12/3/2011

If you hate your ex wife or ex husband or your mother in law, then send them here! By the time you get out of they waiting room you'll die of old age. If you some how make it out of the waiting room alive the the doctors will finnish the job! Honestly this is by far the worst doctors office ever!!! Please facebook everyone you know and tell them to never, never,never,never come here, but if you have someone in your life that you hate, then please refer them to Forte Family Practice. You will never see them again ;) more
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