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Fort Hood National Bank - 17 Reviews - , Killeen, TX - Investment Management Services Reviews - Phone (254) 680-5863

Fort Hood National Bank

Killeen, TX 76543
(254) 680-5863
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Good hours easy app to use I'm open all the time bank with them for 7 years and never had any issues and if I did they took care of them right away


This bank is local but it has high fees. Anywhere from $2.50 (have to keep $20 in your account) or if you'd rather having no minimum in your account the fee is close to $10 a mont...

Scammers 7/17/2017

Avoid this bank at all cost, they will steal from you, horrible customer service and impossible to deal with more

Very good services 4/4/2017

Good hours easy app to use I'm open all the time bank with them for 7 years and never had any issues and if I did they took care of them right away more

Love them! Super friendly and caring 2/10/2016

They are great! They explain all possible fees that you can get when opening the account (fees that all banks have) and give you $100 free. I've had them for years and they've never done me wrong. I guess if you know how to manage your money, it doesn't matter where you bank, you will be good. And if you don't you pay the consequences. Simple as that. more

not cool 2/21/2014

We were told that our IRS tax return would be sent to our bank on 2/20. As the date arrived we got nothing including a pending amount. So my husband called the bank and the rep on the line was nothing but rude to him. She said well try tomorrow or Monday why should we we were told DD would be 2/20. We than called the irs and they said the refund was sent to the bank yesterday. Checked again today and still nothing including a pending amount. I hate this bank... more

Best bank I've had 10/3/2013

While I was deployed they were nothing but helpful with all my transactions overseas. The whole bank treats you with upmost respect. I get paid earlier and I can pay my bills from my iPhone!!! Best military bank I've had yet I'll be banking with them for years to come. more

Beware!!! 9/29/2013

The worst bank ever, I probably still owe them 1000$. They delay their systems so when you check your account its off... then they hit you with the overdrafts. Anywhere from 100-400$ and it comes directly out of your paycheck... no way of stopping it. If you call and try and debate this they will give you 60-120$ back... but not all of it. What a rip off. Everytime I got my check it was hundreds of dollars short until I just started cashing my checks there and not depositing them. more

Worst bank ever! Beware! 7/29/2013

Don't bother having over draft protection off, they will over draft you anyways. They also like to call you 8 times a day if you are in the negative.. I blocked them from calling because they already sent it to a collection agency, but still call me wanting the money, which I don't know why I got over drafted anyways. Guess what, ? ow they are calling my wife's phone. She tells them to call mine because even though she's on the account, they say she's not. She has asked then not to call her phone, but, they do it anyways. more

One is one too many 6/2/2013

This bank is horrible, I've had multiple different accounts over the years and this one just takes the cake. Starting off, they offer to give you like $200 to open an account. One must ask how can they do that? Easily, their overdraft protection doesn't work, they'll allow you to go negative and charge you up to $200 for one overdraft fee! So say you're negative $5.50, now you're negative $205.50!!! How is this fair? It's not. Next, they'll keep Doug this, and if you don't realize you'll QUICKLY get up to - $500 to - $1000. For those of us in the military, that's about a paycheck. So your check hits your account and now you're back to the original - $200. AFTER YOU GET PAID. So they offer this thing called a fresh start loan. HORRIBLY high interest rate, all designed to suck more money from you. Basically they refund you all of the overdraft fees in the past 30 days, and charge you around 20%. what kind of banking institution does that?!? I've been banking with them for 2 years and finally my dumb ass is switching. Dot fall for their enticing offers and shady business practices. The NCO's at reception tell you to stay away from them for a reason. more

They will rob you blind! 1/21/2013

I've had my account for years and I always avoided the overdraft fees before. I know all of their little tricky scams to get fees out of you. However, in the past few years they have gotten even worse. I'll transfer money into my account on time and they will charge me overdraft fees and then explain to me why they think it's justified, stating that they can't reverse the NSF fees that I never should have incurred. Once they charged me over $200 in overdraft fees, partially admitted to a mistake and then only gave me back $60. Once they made a mistake and partially refunded me months later without telling me, which reeks of guilt. Furthermore, the automated system is always inaccurate about my balance and will show it having more than what is there. Something tells me that's not a mistake, just another way for them to trip you up. They have stolen hundreds from me in the past 2 years and I'm sick of it so I'm closing the account. At least prepaid cards are honest about the money they take from you. more

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Blocked access while deployed! 7/13/2011

This bank blocked online access while I was deployed to IRAQ making it difficult to get my family the money they needed for month to month expenses. I went to the bank to close my account while home on leave. I was directly told "NO!". It took a trip to JAG and a letter of closure to motivate this bank to action. more

Worst bank ever!!! 6/30/2011

I hate to even give this bank one star! There "overdraft protection" is a scam they still let you over draft and nail you with fees... They also put your current balance amount when you check an atm but you available balance can be much lover so you think you have more money then you do then they charge you more fees.. and if you change your phone number or address you cant access your account online for a month.. They try to find any way to scam you. My husband went in there to complain and one of the works told him to basically "fuck off" with the manager right there. Please no one use this bank! They work for soldiers right? Then why do they try to rip them off every chance they get? They shouldnt have the right to bank for soldiers... more

Bill pay 1/5/2011

Better off sending in checks yourself free checking ha ha ha Costs 34.00 to stop paying for something is a rip off. more

hold on to your wallet 9/10/2010

my son has been at Ft Hood since October and has had $2,500 in nsf through this bank. I think they love virgin depositors. They also now have a fee for telling you there is no money in your account from ATM's. America needs to put a stop to all banks screwing the soldier out of their money! After all if it wasn't for them we would be speaking a different language! more

This Bank SUCKS 7/9/2009

Being a military bank you would think they would work with you on certain issues. They always put overdraft charges through before they apply your deposit. I have been in the bank over 5 times since I opened my account6 months ago and each time they say "yes, it was a bank error" I can only imagine how many other people they do this too and the people do not realize it. It is absolutley ridiculous, I have 2 other bank accounts which are out of state and opened this account to save me on ATM withdrawals but I am beginning to think the small ATM fees are nothing compared to the charges this bank has. I would NEVER NEVER recommend this bank to my fellow military members, go with Bank of America if you are in the Ft. Hood Area. They have branches all over the US and are very accommodating. more

Ft. Hood National Bank 10/24/2005

I currently have a banking accont with this bank but and not happy with their service. Their online banking system took a month to set up and I find it very confusing they way that they post the information to my account. When I need to talk to someone over the phone, I have to call their automated system and it takes forever to get a "real" person on the phone. Out of all of the bank accounts that I have had, this is been my least favorite. more

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Local bank, High Fees 8/19/2005

This bank is local but it has high fees. Anywhere from $2.50 (have to keep $20 in your account) or if you'd rather having no minimum in your account the fee is close to $10 a month! Outragious if you ask me. If you are military though you can cash checks up to $300 on post for free so you don't need to open an account. They do have convientant banking hours but i personally wouldn't bank with them for those high fees. more

Free Money Orders 6/16/2005

You can get free money orders here which is a wonderful plus, along with there service.They have many locations so you don't have to go to certain places. They are even teamed up with another bank and you can do your banking there too. They even have banks inside HEB/Walmart places like that. more
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