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Forest Room 5

2532 15th St
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 433-7001
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Forest Room 5 - Denver, CO


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To SROW who wrote the previous review ---- they indicated the word ""waiter"" was slow. I'm sorry, but Forest Room 5 has no waiters -- they are waitresses, all of them. So maybe y...


The reviews that say the service is bad are ALL CORRECT! The ambiance and the food is good, but not worth the terrible service. I have been a few times and have been ignored eac...

WOW!!! 11/9/2010

Would have not even given them 1 star but I couldn't share my review if i didn't. How can you keep the doors open with piss poor customer service and an owner/manager with a BAD attitude? Will NEVER spend a dime in this place again. more

Server NOT a genius 7/23/2010

Cool space, but the service is deplorable. Our server needed to be reminded of drink and food orders several times. When the food would finally arrive it would be lukewarm and handed to the wrong person. Food was good, but don't believe it when they say prosciutto wrapped scallops. It was bacon! Finally there is apparently a 19% gratuity added to any parties of 5 or more. This is not mentioned anywhere on the website or on the menu. Believe me this service did not deserve a 19% tip! Pros: Food, Space Cons: Service more

NO CLUE!! 1/28/2010

I can not go off enough about this place. Iv dined and drank here about 4 times, hoping nest time would be better and my optimisim has ran out for this place. Went there for a girlfriends party. We were sat at the most inconvenient table, food came out in a very, um...WAY DIFFERENT times. No apologies, bad and over worked server who was clueless to most everything. The bartenders need to lay off the pot before shift, they're cluless as well. Not going back. Wish there was NO STAR option. more

Completely Disappointed! What a nigtmare! 12/11/2009

I booked a Manager holiday dinner, 2 months in advance, in the semi- private room on the main floor. I called monthly to ensure everything would be setup for us and each time was assured it would be. The day of, a man ?Duke"" called saying he was confirming our attendance and that we were being moved to the ""NEW? upstairs room, where it would be more private. He confirmed the time, total guests, and even told me that he would personally be there that night. When my VP arrived, the staff acted as if they had no clue we were coming. They pointed to the upstairs which was still under construction - no heat, caution tape everywhere- they brought up plastic outdoor furniture (2 tops), with plastic folding chairs and put a few space heaters on the floor- everyone had to keep their coats on to stay warm! Pros: The food Cons: Everything Else more

HORRIBLE 10/15/2009

I AM HORRIFIED!! I used to be a huge fan of Forest Room 5, went there all the time, suggested it to friends, reserved rooms for events, held bday parties there, held networking groups there etc. etc. up until a few weeks ago...I met up with a friend who was in from out of town for drinks and apps at Forest Room 5 and as the waitress was clearing away our plates, she knocked over the candle on the table which dripped/splattered yellow wax on my white sweater. I couldn't do much about it right then because the wax soaked into the fibers and cooled. Obviously accidents happen so I contacted one of the managers ""Jordan"" over the phone with the information about what had happened. The response I got was ""What do you want me to do about it?"" There was no apology, no offer to pay for dry cleaning, NOTHING. Then he told me that I would have to get in contact with the waitress to get reimbursement from her."" I was appalled and asked what their policy was when something like that happened. He said that in 6 years of being there, nothing like that has ever happened and there was no policy. (clearly in a restaurant/bar, accidents happen and food/drinks, etc. get spilled on people all the time) He then went on to say (in a very snotty tone), ""what do you want, money? How do I know this even happened?"" I couldn't believe that I was being treated in this manner. I explained that I came in with a nice sweater (about $90 from Nordstrom) and I left with a sweater that was ruined (some of the wax came out but the yellow wax stained the white sweater). He started yelling at me saying that I made it up and that he wasn't going to do anything about it and HUNG UP on me. I have never experienced such horrible service. I will NEVER go to Forest Room 5 again, and I will tell everyone I know just how rudely I was treated and the complete lack of professionalism that was displayed. they have effectively lost a good customer for life. Pros: Fun patio Cons: Almost everything else more

Through the looking glass! 8/31/2009

Most interesting and artsy bar in denver.the juxtaposition of old children's dolls and strange campfire scenes hidden in the most unexpected of places around the bar, make it feel as if u followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, and maybe ate a little too much acid along the way. A huge bar top, with plenty of seating in the front room make for a great place to enjoy one of their great beer selection; while gazing curiously at whatever randomn film is being silently projected on the wall. The ""art"" displayed everywhere becomes a part of your experience, and the exhibits are always changing! The best part? There's a large outdoor courtyard with campfires and log benches! The place is really thoughtprovoking! A great way to take your mind off the real world and have a beer! more

Horrible Service 5/13/2009

The service is a joke. My friends and I waited about 20 minutes/drink ordered and our bill was wrong. The staff does seem very nice, but unless you want to spend money on overpriced drinks with useless service, go somewhere else. more

Be prepared to pay for more than you ordered 4/24/2009

I've been to this bar twice. Once years ago for New Year's Eve and recently for a birthday party. Both times the restaurant inflated the bill. Fortunately for me the first time it was on someone else's card so I didn't worry too much. The second time the bar charged me for 4 beers I did not order. I told the bartender about it and he said ""Pay for the alcohol you drank deadbeat"" - His name is Jimmy, stay away from Jimmy. He's the guy that looks like a hipster AIDS patient, oh yeah sorry they all look like that. I walked out without signing the receipt and they charged me a 20% gratuity which I disputed and got back. The trick they pull is when you go up to the bar to order a drink you order it from one guy than another guy brings it to you and they both ring it in. If you go here be prepared to be ripped off then treated like you're the bad guy for not liking it. Pros: Unique Cons: The whole place is a con more

Odd 1/6/2009

The ambiance is pleasant enough, but the trend factor after visiting several times has finally driven me away. I just don't think it's that great when there are so many other bars to visit in the same vicinity. I'm not clear what the identity is although I will admit that the food I've had there is decent. Pros: It's a nice space Cons: No real hook more

very cool place, very spotty service 8/24/2008

If you don't mind aloof service (and maybe the occasional/regular additional drink you hadn't had or ordered tacked to your bill), Forest Room Five is the real deal. The bartenders seem cool if aloof and the place is definitely art/psych-ful, if that makes sense. If you like obscure art-film, you'll love the place - that's pretty much what the place is in feel. I have personally only experienced the ""inflated bill"" once, myself, though I hear from many people that have been there (and from people around me while I'm there) that it happened, and any ""error"" seems to tend to be an ""upward"" error. The tapas is pretty good, too, there. Pros: atmosphere and inspiration (in a bit of a dark way in a few senses of the term) Cons: service (for many people) more

Lousy service/management 5/5/2008

I have been here three times, once during the week and twice on Friday nights. During the week was fine. On Friday nights the service was awful. Once the bartenders were shooting the breeze with each other before I could get thier attention. The other time we sat at a table and the waitress flew by so quick we had to physically stop her to get our order. She did not bring out one of my dishes but could not be found to inquire about it until she showed up to clear the table. Then she stated ""Oh were out of that"". My first drink was incorrect and I think that it belonged to the other table. Then she brought a bill that combined the two tables, just so she could get the 19% gratuity added. The bill included 1 more drink than I had and the dish that they were out of. When we asked to see the manager we were told that he was too busy. We then went to see the manager/owner and he would not stop what he was doing and stated that he was too busy to talk to us. I predict with this kind of attitude that this restaurant will be short lived. Also, some of the dishes are well done, others mediocre. Pros: menu variety Cons: service more

Best service ever....great food.....wonderful atmosphere 4/29/2008

To SROW who wrote the previous review ---- they indicated the word ""waiter"" was slow. I'm sorry, but Forest Room 5 has no waiters -- they are waitresses, all of them. So maybe you were at the wrong bar/restaurant. more

Great place, great music, great atmosphere 4/12/2008

Love this place- one of the few in Denver with actual character. In terms of service, the worst I have ever encountered is a slightly overworked waitress, but still wouldn't characterize it as bad. Maybe they've improved. The music is flat-out phenomenal, love the bartenders, food has been great for me. The owner may be slightly autistic- leave the guy alone. Great bar, and a huge improvement over the sleazy overpriced meat markets in LoDo. Pros: ambiance, grownups, bartenders, MUSIC Cons: bit crowded, the lower bar room smells like gym socks more

Awful Service 3/27/2008

The reviews that say the service is bad are ALL CORRECT! The ambiance and the food is good, but not worth the terrible service. I have been a few times and have been ignored each time. The first time was a little busy, so I wrote it off because of that. I was there last night, not very busy and the service was terrible. Drinks and plates were taken before they were finished. We had to waive down the waiter each time we wanted a drink. I like the variety of the menu and the food is quite nice...maybe get take out, but I wouldn't suggest going and trying to put up with the service. Pros: diverse menu Cons: BAD SERVICE more

If you want to grow old waiting to be taken care of.... 9/4/2007

I pretty much have to agree with what everyone says. The service is the absolute worst I have ever encountered. I have been a server for about four years and I have never seen nor have been more horrified with the service. The girl was snotty and rude and did take forever to get to out table to begin with. Every time we ordered a drink, it took another 20 minutes to get it to us. The place was not packed enough for her to be bogged down. In fact I would have done a better job drunk. Something I was not achieving at that place at the rate she was moving. I told her I wanted blue moon and she told me sunshine when she read back my order. I told her blue moon again and she said same thing, they call it that. Ok... I get it I guess, but really two totally different things. The most unfriendly waitress EVER!! The place itself is very very awesome. The drinks all tasted good when we finally got them. I loved the dog that was running around. On top of that, the people I was with tipped her way better than she deserved even though everyone could not get over how horrible she was! I give it a three because with a better cocktail waitress, the place would be a 5+ Pros: The area itself. Cons: Worst waitstaff EVER more

What Happened? 8/30/2007

I?m sad to say that Forest Room 5 now tops my ?will not go? list. What use to be a unique neighborhood bar/restaurant known its atmosphere, has now sunk to a place where the service is awful and inefficient and the food mediocre at its best. On my last visit it took over 12 minutes for the server to approach our table for the first time. After the dinner order was taken it took over 30 minutes to receive our incorrect, cold and soggy food. Frustrated and disappointed we estimated the total amount of the bill, left cash on the table, and left Forest Room 5 for the last time. Cons: Awful service and mediocre food more

Terrible Waitstaff! 6/12/2007

I've been to this place about four times and have to say the atmosphere is great but the service is absolutely horrible! The last time I visited I ordered a their green tea martini and it was awful (think rubbing alcohol). When the waitress asked if everything was okay my friend told her I was unhappy with the martini (I never reject food/drink) so she said she'd see what she could do with it. It came back and tasted exactly the same. So I just wasn't going to drink it. When she asked again how it was I told her that it was just as bad. She replied ""Well it is a martini, they are all liquor."" as if it was my first ever drink. She asked if SHE could bring me something else. So she brought a Cosmo (I figured that was safe). Meanwhile we ordered food. We ordered the mussels and upon delivery she dumped the fries and a plate (which I caught btw) and didn't even apologize. In the end she was a complete nightmare AND she charged me for both martinis! I don't recommend this place unless you want to fend for yourself! This bar could be a wonderful place if someone knew how to hire a decent staff! Pros: Great Atmosphere Cons: The most unfriendly rude staff in town! more

For better or worse, unlike any other bar in town... 4/28/2007

So, I've been to Forest Room Five many (20+) times, in groups of varying sizes. Here are my thoughts... First, the place often seems to be sold out of half of its wine list. Second, the service can be amazing or awful, depending on the night. Sometimes it will surprise you, with a sweet server who is willing to make all sorts of exotic shot requests. Mainly it is bad - often slow and sometimes surly, which adds up to a big ""miss"" in my book. And yet I keep going back. It has great food - particularly the hummus and saganaki - and a cool vibe. A tip: If you plan to have a large group on a particular night for a special occasion, reserve the back room. You'll be assigned your very own server to tend to your needs, without the distraction of other tables. Pros: Great food. Cons: Slow service. more

It's super!! 4/16/2007

OK so, I've read the many reviews, positive and negative regarding the service at FR5. Pros: Great food, great drinks Cons: Unfriendly Owners/Managers more

Are you kidding me? 4/5/2007

without doubt, the WORST service in Denver. It is funny that whenenver, and to whomever, I bring this place up, the very first comment is always the same: HORRIBLE service. Maybe it's becuase the place is overly pretentious, but come on... Pros: cool vibe, varied scene Cons: wretched service more
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