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For Paws Veterinary Clinic - 12 Reviews - 7115 Mclaughlin Rd, Peyton, CO - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (719) 495-4717

For Paws Veterinary Clinic

7115 Mclaughlin Rd
Peyton, CO 80831
(719) 495-4717
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I have been going to Dr. Johnson at 4Paws Veterinary Clinic for many years. I must agree with some of the reviews about front office staff being unfriendly in the past but in all ...


I had taken my dog to this vet for all her medical needs for over 5 years. I was short of funds when my dog need some attention I ask if they could bill me for services as I wou...

One of the best Vet Clinics around 9/13/2011

I have been going to Dr. Johnson at 4Paws Veterinary Clinic for many years. I must agree with some of the reviews about front office staff being unfriendly in the past but in all fairness to the clinic, there has been a big turnover in front desk personnel and these women were wonderful to me this week when my Corgi Zoe was sick. They squeezed me in on Sat and made sure I got the meds she needed (even staying a little after closing time so I could get there) and again, on Monday when Zoe was throwing up, they got me in within the hour so Dr. Johnson could see her. If you are looking for one of the finest Vets in the area and a clinic that is ALWAYS there for you, this is the place to go. I wonder if the negative reviews are really current and if they are from actual patients of the clinic. Oh well, I am and I am for 4Paws all the way. more

Looking for New Vet 8/21/2011

I had taken my dog to this vet for all her medical needs for over 5 years. I was short of funds when my dog need some attention I ask if they could bill me for services as I would not have funds until the 1st (Less then 2 weeks) or arrange to pay them then. they said ""NO"" and would not care for my for my this tells me that the money is more important to them the the health of a pet. more

If you love your animal do not use them!! 6/24/2011

Everything everyone has said below that is negative is 100% true. Thy are rude, uncaring and by far the worse place I have ever been too. They don't listen. They only care about there company and not your pet. They do testing that you have already had done and then charge you for it. My pet had the worse blood work and they told me she would be fine, just give her some medicine. She needed to have surgery ASAP. I only found that out after rushing her to the Pet ER and $2202.00 later. My pet died. They did surgery but it was to late. For Paws called me before my pet died to see how she was doing. I told them, I was very upset at them and that my pet was fighting for it's life. The only thing they said was, I will have the office manager call you. We do not want you upset at us. I asked her, how is that going to help my pet know. It wouldn't. I told her the only thing they are worried about is there rep. The lady I talked to was so rude and hateful. I was in tears and all she could say is don't yell. I told her I am in no way yelling I am crying. Then she didn't say anything more. Other then a repeating, we just don't wan tyou upset at us, I am telling you. I have been to a lot of good vets. This one is by far the worse I have ever been too. They don't even have a sink in there rooms. Let alone, the rooms are so small. I thought I was in a bad alley 1950's abortion clinic you see on T.V.. It was horrible. Anyone that thinks this place is great, has never been to a great vet. The only reason I went there was, my vet could not get me in, this vet was just down the road. They thought they were an ok place. I have since told them to never ever send anyone to them. Trust me. Save yourself a lot of heartache. Don't use them. You will be sorry. I know I am. I had to put my pet down because of them. The infection had spread. Do you know how hard that is? I stayed with her the whole time. It just killed me. Please and I am begging you as tears are rolling down my face. Do not trust these people. They killed my pet. I trusted them and my pet lost it's life because of them. Even the ER doc said, with her blood work that bad, she should have had surgery ASAP. So it is not just me that knows this. The blood works said it all. Her white count was off the top. I would not give Johnson a dead animal to work on, she would probably kill it. I have done what I feel is need to be done. My hands are clean. I have tried to warn you all. They are just people that slapped up a clinic called it a vet place and forgot the most important things. The care for Pets. Johnson is not a nice person nor did she ever say sorry. It was just like oh well. I have never been to a vet that was so heartless. Never. But you all will do wht you want. Some will say they are the best and great. But in time the truth will come out. I just pray you don't have a heart break like I did. more

Good vet from my experience 4/12/2011

I read the reviews on this page after we started with this vet so they didn't affect our decision and I'm glad. My partner found them by accident, calling around looking for an office that had only female vets, as our older dog had to be muzzled to be seen by our male vet in Alabama (he was abused and his fear of men comes out in vet's offices.) We have been seeing this vet for 3-4 years. All of our animals (currently 4 cats and 2 dogs) have no problems being seen and treated. We have always been treated well and with respect. I couldn't be happier. In the time we've been using For Paws we have 1.) had a very old and sick animal put to sleep (there was no charge and we were very happy with the way iwas handled.) 2.) gained three animals and got fast appointments to have them seen. 3.) had a surgery on a cat who had appendicitis and a bowel obstruction. 4.) had a very ill dog with canine flu who we had just adopted be kept there and treated over a period of days. 5.) had a 9 year old dog with an infection on his hip treated. 6.) had two cats declawed (I wouldn't recommended having older cats declawed, as an aside. It took her months to adjust, whereas the kitten came back like nothing happened) one cat fixed, as well as having a dog fixed. All the animals with the exception of the first are alive and thriving. Every time anything major has been done or an animal has been very ill, they have called to check on them after they were treated to make sure they're ok. I love my animals very much and will pay whatever it takes to treat an illness that can be cured or an injury that can be fixed. I am very pleased with the service we have gotten and the way we have been treated by all staff members. I would recommended them to anyone. more

My Puppies New Vet 1/31/2011

After readig the reviews, I was skeptical, but was referred by a friend so I made an appt. more

Kicked to the curb 1/13/2011

Would NOT recommend, have had the blessing of having some fabulous veterinarians take care of our many animals and being new in town trying to find a new vet I can say this office lacks big time!! Poor attitudes spoken of in earlier comments rang true for me too, being an administrator for decades I have learned most of the time when this occurs it?s a trickle down effect. Normally, poor staff reflects poor ownership/leadership hence do you really want to trust your pets care with an office that can?t seem to muster up consistent professionalism? Lucky for them, they obviously must have a large enough client base not to care who they offend or when, must be a selective process on their part depending on mood of the day. Trust me, you can find better!!! more

We love Dr. Johnson & staff! 11/15/2010

We have used Dr. Johnson & Staff for our Daisy for several years and have nothing but good to say about them. The staff are always friendly & they are very kind & gentle to her. We totally trust them and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. more

I would never use anyone else! 5/21/2010

My ""kids"" and I have been clients of Countryside Vet, then changed to For Paws Veterinary Clinic for over 10 years now and I honestly can say I have no complaints. I look at a couple of the other reviews written and I have to wonder, ""how was that person treating the staff?"" In all my time I have never seen anyone treat a client or their animal with anything but great kindness and thoughtfulness. Pros: Friendly, helpful statt and great Doctor! more

Never again 5/2/2010

I took my dog in with a sore on his paw. The receptionist was helping someone else. I waited patiently for my turn. When it was my turn, she looked at me like I was bothering her. No smile. No head nod. Nothing. Even thought I had an appointment, I had to explain who I was and why I was there. When I was taken to the back, I did not even get to see a doctor. At least I don't she was a vet. I know who Dr. Johnson is and this was not her. Again, there were no smiles. I felt like I was bothering them. After a glance at the dog's paw, she did a quick shave and announced (with no compassion at all) ""It's not an infected pad, it's a tumor. It has to come out and if it comes back as cancer, then the foot will have to be amputated"". She said this with such a matter of fact tone in her voice that I was shocked. I felt tears start to stream down my face. Still, no compassion was shown. I asked how much it would cost. She said $350 just to remove the tumor. I asked if they would accept payments. She said if I paid half up front they might work out payments. I explained that this was still nearly two hundred dollars and I would have to figure out something. I asked for some pain meds for the dog. We were in the back room where the kennels are and the meds are kept in the same room.She never said a word, she just turned and walked away to get them, leaving me standing there crying. I picked up my dog and walked to the outer office to wait. The receptionist barely glanced at me. She never asked me why I was standing there. When the medicine was brought out she told me the cost, I paid it and left. There was absolutely no compassion offered from anyone in that office. On the way home, I realized that they never even checked the dog's temperature or listened to his heart. They spent three minutes with him and diagnosed him. I spent over $50 and he was never even examined beyond a glance at his paw. I realize that no one ever wants to hear bad news about a beloved pet. I've had my fair share of sick animals. But I have never been treated with such coldness before. I felt like no one cared at all about my dog and I definitely knew that no one cared about the cruel way they told me that my dog had a tumor. I have come here for years and always been treated well. Lately I have heard people complaining that this office has changed. I was the first to defend the staff here. Now I have seen first hand what people have been talking about. It has changed. I would definitely not recommend this office anymore. more

Animals are Well taken care of HOWEVER 4/28/2009

The animals receive exemplary care, i only wish the same could be said for the owners. You are not greeted with a smile, or a hello when you walk in the door. Everyone looks very unhappy. And like they would rather be anywhere else.One of the receptionist is borderline rude with her tone and the way she addresses you on the phone and in person. I will NEVER deal with her again. The Doctor and the Vet Techs in back when you see them are amazingly friendly and happy and so nice. A BIG contrast to what you are greeted by at the front door. I am really sad that just for those reasons alone i may have to go somewhere else. But when you come in worried about your animal, and to have the ""debbie downers"" greet you at the door it does not instill positive thoughts. I do understand having a professional attitude. But to ignore people when they walk in, look at them and WAIT for them to say what they need, with no, Can i help you, Hello, How are you today, No greeting at all, THAT is unprofessional. There is no above and beyond from the reception staff for the people. For the prices you would think someone OTHER than the doctors or the techs could manage a smile. Its sad when the most welcoming part of the reception area is the resident animalt. At least it greats you warmly. Pros: Best Doctor, Best Care for animals, AWESOME Techs Cons: reception staff, lack of friendly attitude, borderline rude more

Outstanding pet care 10/27/2008

Dr. Johnson and staff are very professional and are very willing to meet the needs of the pet owner. I have 4 animals and moved on out of the state. They are quick and curtious to make it convient for me to be able to get care at the next location. more

Very caring, attentive vets 9/12/2008

Dr. Johnson is known as one of the best soft tissue surgeons in town. The staff always works hard to get us seen quickly, and they offer quality foods as well as great care. I highly recommend them! more
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