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Foothills Pediatric - 8 Reviews - 6301 Mountain Vista St Ste 205, Henderson, NV - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (702) 614-5437

Foothills Pediatric

6301 Mountain Vista St Ste 205
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 614-5437
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i started off going to the st. rose office and its horrible long waits, rude office workers, a few ""lost"" appointments, then i found the mnt vista office its so much better and ...


My wife and I have three children (a 3 year old boy and 10 month twins (1 boy, 1 girl). All of them are patients at Foothill Pediatrics and we were referred by our mid-wife when o...

Worst practice ever WRONG SHOTS GIVEN 9/26/2011

never take your kids here, its horrible the wait time is unbearable!! hours to be seen for a sick child not to mention the front office staff is rude never say hello, or greet you when you come in, always have bad attitudes especially the manager, the hispanic girl in the front thats apparently a supervisor could of had me fooled she is the rudest person and completely umprofessional i believe her name is jessica or janelle something like that she dosent care about any of your childs needs and acts like shes taking care of things but i always get the run around, referalls take forever even if they are urgent, my child has been given the wrong shots TWICE!! and they brush it off with an apology but dont care because it keeps happening, as far as dr conti his job is to act nice and act like he cares about your child care and well being but he doesnt care people go there because hes been in a las vegas magazine as voted best dr but that was years ago...he isnt a good dr anymore ive been going there for years and i found a new dr and have not had to but up with any of this my friends that used to go there have the same complaints, hes a fake on the outside, wrong shots are given to 4 of my friends children, the front office is terrible an has not improved since iver been going there . dont take your kids here. more

not to bad 1/24/2011

i started off going to the st. rose office and its horrible long waits, rude office workers, a few ""lost"" appointments, then i found the mnt vista office its so much better and its not as rushed and the office staff is way nice more


WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! The staff dont care about the patient. I took my daugther to Foothills Pediatics Siena because she had a fever (SHE SUFFERS FEBRILE SEIZURES), I let the staff know about her condition ...i was controling her temperature ... we waited for around 45 min. to been seen by Dr. Garcia. I told her what was going on and my concern about the Febrile Seizures, she said that my Daughter had a strep throat and she just gave me the presciption and that was it, no recommendations, anything. Well, I when to the pharmacy to get the medicine and as soon as i arrived home, i called Dr. Garcia to make sure that i can combine that medicine with tylenol my daughter still had a fever. The assistent's answer was: Im going to transfer u with the nurse .... my phone call when directly to a voicemail. I left a message making sure that they know my daughter's condition and that i was really important for them to call me back ASAP. Well, 30 min. later my daughter had a SEIZURE! I had to call the ambulance, go to the ERl .... Thank godness she was doing better, she got a shot (pennicillin) and we went back home. 4 HOURS LATER, somebody called from the Doctor's office (my husband answered) asking if i had any questions about the medicine (are you kidding me!!!). Anyways, I talked to the office manager April and LISA regarding all this mess, I took all the BILLS (ambulance, ER, Doctor . Almost $800 bucks AFTER INSURANCE) to show them that just because the doctor wasnt that informative with me and beacause no body call me back, my daughter had a Febrile Seiuze,I was preventing all of these and apperently no body care about her condition but me! ... Lisa told me that she was going to talk to the doctor and check what happened and LISA told me that she was going to call me back. Gues what? I taked to them 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for her phone call. Thank Godness I dont suffer Febrile Seizures more


NO STARS. The practice begins with a front desk staff that is unfriendly and overbooked. Wait times are intolerable for a parent (and especially one with an infant) and the office is lacking a feeling of modern cleanliness. But the ultimate horror that lies beyond the waiting room was that the nurse GAVE MY CHILD THE WRONG SHOT. This isn't a case of someone reading the wrong weight on a scale. This is a HORRIFYING mistake of INJECTING something into my baby's body. No matter how much you 'may' like the Dr (Conti- in our case) if the rest of the staff is mixing things up, and mismanaging care, it speaks volumes about the lack of detail and attention they are truly (not) giving their patients. Ask yourself: what else are they mixing up? patients? rooms? medications? files? and we already know...shots! RUN from this practice, or get yourself a good lawyer. more

Horribly Mistreated by Nurse Practitioner 9/7/2010

I am a first time mom and my son is nearly 5 months old. To give you a little background, my husband and I have decided not to vaccinate our son at this point in time. We tend to take a more natural/homeopathic approach with our health. With that said, we had discussed this with our pediatrician and signed the appropriate documents, etc. \r \r I have so many nice things to say about Dr. Mendoza he is so great with my son. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the awful nurse practitioner that works the Centennial Hills office on the weekends. Zhanna Killian is the most awful person I have ever encountered and I advise to avoid her at all costs. \r \r My son had what I believed to be a broken blood vessel in his eye, but I wanted to have it checked out just to be on the safe side. When I called to make an appointement Dr. Mendoza didn't have anything open until the following week but I was offered an early morning appointment on a Sunday just to have my son looked over since I was so concerned. I took the offer. Little did I know what I had in store. . . She proceeded to ask me questions which had nothing to do with my son's eye (the entire reason I was there), turned her glasses down to glare at me and said, ""And one other thing I need to discuss with you. . . WHY do you not vaccinate your son?"" Now, I should have stopped the conversation at this point with a simple, ""It's none of your business."" however, being the person that I am I decided to engage in the conversation. \r \r I proceeded to tell her that at this point in time my husband and I have decided to ""delay"" my sons vaccinations to give him time to build his own immune system and also give us an oppotunity to do more research on the vaccinations and decide whether or not we believe some, all or none of them are necessary. At that time she interrupted me and went on to tell me that I was killing my son by not vaccinating him and how stupid I was for following a celebrity trend created by Jenny McCarthy. She also told me that ""natural people like you"" have ""no education"" and ""no foundation for making the decisions you do."" Firstly, and unbeknownst to her, I have a medical background with a degree in Biology and have done quite a bit of extensive research on vaccinations, the compounds used in them and the diseases they are for before making the decision to delay vaccinations. I was offended that such an ignorant comment was made. So to save you the drawn out back and forth banter that continued for quite some time I will get to why I am so offended. . . \r \r She said that she was ""being a voice for those who cannot speak and you are killing your son by making choices for him that he has no voice in."" To which I responded that there are adult vaccination schedules should he decide in the future to have them. She told me that it was too late by then (Ha!) and that at that time there was no hope. I let her rant just for the sake of getting out of there. Her closing statement as she left the room was,""His next check-up is at 6 months. God forbid anything happen to him by then and we will see you back here with a baby, alive and well, in your arms."" ARE YOU SERIOUS, LADY? How dare you say something like that to me or any other parent for that matter?! \r \r Her bedside manner was less than desirable. Doctors/nurses/medical staff are not there to impose opinions on you, but to state facts and diagnose. Give me statistics. Give me solid evidence. Needless to say, I will NEVER be going back to see her and even though I have enjoyed my visits with Dr. Mendoza I may never go back to that office again. I am currently searching for new doctors due to such a horrible experience. \r \r Do your research as a parent. Don't let these people bully you just because they think a degree makes them the know-all/be-all. You have a right as a parent to know what is going into your child's body and refuse it if you think it will have negative consequences. more

1 in 3 chance of having a good experience 8/29/2009

My wife and I have three children (a 3 year old boy and 10 month twins (1 boy, 1 girl). All of them are patients at Foothill Pediatrics and we were referred by our mid-wife when our first was born. \r \r My initial interactions with Dr. Conti and his office were positive. Dr. Conti is a great guy with excellent bedside manner and is an all around good doctor. My wife usually takes the kids and she has had good interactions with the other doctors in the practice as well.\r \r Unfortunately, today I had the absolute worst experience I can recall having in a doctor’s office in my life. (Parent or as a patient).\r \r To give the proper context I want to provide all of the facts regarding my visit.\r \r - One of my twins had a fever and I set an appointment on Saturday at 10:20 am at Siena\r -My family's health insurance is covered by my employer\r -My oldest son was seen by Foothills one week prior to my visit today and was seen at the Southern Hills office\r -My wife took her ID and my oldest son's insurance card and was seen with no problem\r -Today, I did not have my twin son's insurance card with me (my bad)\r -I went home to get the insurance card after there was some issue with the dependents not appearing under my account as active (bad job insurance company)\r -At this point the staff in the front said the only way we could be seen is by paying $150 and that if I didn't I should go to Quick Care\r -After a calm back and forth and my knowledge that the office was closing at 2, I paid the $150 and went back to be seen\r \r I liken my experience to getting to the altar and telling my fiancé that I lost the ring and she refusing to get married unless I run to 7 eleven and get a replacement for the ceremony. (Really??? Really??? Keep the receipt though because when you find it you can take it back. 3 years and we have come to this. \r \r My concern with this aspect of my experience was that one of my kids was seen at one office and seen with no issue with the exact same information that was presented today and no issue was raised. To an extent my frustration is more directed to my insurance company; however, I am as frustrated with Foothill that no policy or procedure is in place to work with a family that has been patronizing their business for nearly 3 years and has consistently shown an ability and willingness to pay for services rendered. I was willing to chalk this up to a misunderstanding and give a call to the billing person and discuss the issue and get it resolved. I am business person and I understand the need to protect yourself. This could be viewed as out of the control of Foothill.\r \r The second phase of my interaction is what really caused me to begin to look for another doctor. Immediately upon setting my son's carrier down on the floor, a voice behind me says ""Medical conditions?"" Taken aback at the abruptness and lack of greeting to me or my son, I asked the medical assistant to repeat his question. With an indifferent air he repeated himself and I replied with, ""Hello my name is Alex and this is my son P. he has a fever and it sounds like you have some questions that you would like to ask me"" He begrudgingly introduced himself asked the questions and went on about his business. Fortunately, my actual visit with the doctor (not Conti) was good. However 1 out of 3 good experiences does not cut it. I don't go to Wal Mart because I don't like feeling like I am in a factory and I won't go back to foothill because I now feel the same. Customer service is absolutely in your control. I am just a number to my insurance company I get it, but I don’t and won't accept being a number to my doctor or their staff.\r \r Pros: Dr. Conti is a nice guy Cons: Billing and medical staff have a poor service culture more

Very long wait 5/5/2009

st. rose/eastern location. The last 4 or 5 times i've had to wait over an hour just to get in the room then another half hour to till the dr came in. And then once in there i felt like they were rushing me. I use to get in after 15 min wait. I asked them why it was so long and they told me that an hour wait was normal. I use to love the practice because you can call and get in that day. I've seen many of the drs and they all seem nice. But the waiting is no worth it. I heard someone on the way out say they've been there for 3 hours. And another kid was so happy when they called his name because they'd been waiting for 1.5 hours. Pros: nice drs Cons: long wait more

2 hours after appointment finally saw doctor, unapologetic 3/20/2009

I had an appointment for my son due to an ear infection and did not get into an exam room until over an hour after my scheduled appointment. The nurse saw us did not explain why they were so far behind, after the nurse helped us it was another 45 minutes before the doctor came in and he just diagnosed my son and prescribed medication and left, no explanation, no apology for taking so long - this is an unacceptable practice, never before have I had such low bedside manner or care from a health care team. Pros: Doctor was fine Cons: Took way too long/Office staff not helpful more
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