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Foothill Family Clinic

2295 S Foothill Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(385) 355-0722
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I am writing this review after comming across all the other reviews listed here. While reading....I am thinking to myself all of these people that have had a bad experience, wheth...


This is the closest clinic to my home so I go there when anyone in our family is sick. The office staff is worse than in any other clinic I have been to. You need to wait on hol...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/18/2017

I have had health care at a variety of locations throughout the valley in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. This is the very best of them all. The staff is kind and friendly! Every time I have had the best service without a long wait period. I am very happy to have Dr. James Peterson my Primary Health Care Physician. Whenever I have had problems with getting affordable or even if the medicine had to be made up specially, they have gone the extra mile to find a reasonable price for what can be anywhere from $20 to $100 a pill. They have saved me a lot on medications alone. I highly recommend them!\r \r Best regards\r James C.Titley more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/13/2016

I have never had a primary care doctor and I figured it was time to get one established. Following a recommendation from a friend, I scheduled with Dr. Jackson at the Foothill Family Clinic. The very first time I saw her for a physical, she caught an issue that my OBGYN had missed for years. She was efficient and thorough and truly listened to my concerns. She stays up to date on new research and uses it to treat and prescribe. The support staff at the clinic is all super helpful and non-judgemental. I never wait more than ten minutes. I love the ease of this clinic and the care I receive here. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/23/2016

Our family has gone to Foothill Family Clinic for many years. We have always been treated professionally and received quality care. I currently see Dr. Gina Cox. She is very thorough and efficient. I would highly recommend this clinic. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/24/2014

Totally unprofessional I went to them 3 times (they were highly recommended to me.)\r 1st time: Lectured by Dr. Taylor because he didn't realize I had 3 issues to talk to him about and my appointment wasn't long enough. Total lecture took 15 minutes (length of entire appointment. Checking my broken toe meant him looking at it without removing bandage or shoe and saying ""it's fine, I can tell"".\r 2nd: PA's assistant had me undress even though I wasn't there for any reason to undress, and I told her that. PA did not want to address concerns that recent rapid weight gain was symptom, instead lectured me (pattern here) that I need to lose weight and lower calorie intake (I've already halved it) in order to solve every issue I'm having.\r 3rd: Requested a UTI test. Was told I need to see a Dr, Doctor took me into an open room with computer and other staff, questioned me about symptoms, and then walked me into another open room with more staff, stopped said ""You do know how to have sex, right?"" as a possible cause for my possible UTI. \r This clinic should be SHUT DOWN for disregarding HIPPA and unprofessionalism! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/29/2013

What is the point of getting a routine physical if you are not allowed to ask the doctor simple questions about your recent health? I visited Dr. Bryan Nelson for a routine physical and was given a list of charges for things I didn't expect or agree to pay for. I called to discuss the charges with billing manager and she was not willing to help a poor college student reduce some of the totally unexpected and unnecessary things I was charged for. I will not be returning to this clinic! They want to squeeze every last drop out of you that they can legally justify! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/9/2013

I cant believe all the bad reviews I have been, going to this clinic for about 6 months or so, And have never been treated roude or had a super long wait time maybe 15 minutes tops... My doctor has always been very thorough and his Secretary as well. I know there are a few there that can be a little miffy, I just ignore them or chalk it up to a bad day... I have a little tiff with my Doc today, but its no big deal I wont stop seeing him and I wont stop going to foothill, I guess dont go to any doctors in the Tooele Valley because Foothill is a thousand times better than any of these quacks out here, So maybe i was so accustomed to severely bad Doctors, the doctors here are like saints that is kind of a sad thought but I would recommend them, just do your research on the doctors and maybe see which one is best for you a female or male, a family physician or one with a specialty and see for yourself, most of the staff there is awesome<3 the Doctor I speak of is Dr Jack Taylor... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2013

This clinic was unequivocally the worst medical experience I've ever had. I move here from across the country and went to FFC because it was nearby and accepted my insurance. Generally, I was able to get it within a day, which was nice; however, my experience with the staff and Dr. S. Eborn were subpar. While I was a little turned off at times, it wasn't enough to seek another provider until recently. Deb, Dr. Eborn's secretary, has always been a little rude and somewhat condescending, but my last experience was too much. I called to schedule an appointment, she told me I had an appointment, then placed on hold for a while when I told her why I would be visiting. She never came back, so I just went to my schedule appointment only to find out that she had canceled it -- she did not feel I needed to see Dr. Eborn. Tell me, on what planet does a secretary make medical decisions? I thought I could be pregnant and because I had recently moved to Utah and she is my primary physician, I thought she would be the one to see to find out if I was pregnant, then recommend an OB. No. I was wrong. I was sent away and had to reschedule, so naturally I get Deb again. Deb tells me, aren't you pregnant? Dr. Eborn can't see you through a pregnancy. I told her I did not know if I was, so I thought I should seek the advice of my primary physician -- Deb places me on hold again. When she came back, she said she spoke to Dr. Eborn and she thinks I should see another doctor. I pointedly asked, so Dr. Eborn will not see me? Deb said, NO. She won't. \r \r I could not believe what I was hearing. A primary physician who REFUSES to see a patient because, well, because the patient MIGHT be pregnant? And a secretary who acts as a gatekeeper and decides whether or not you should see the doctor. Last time I checked, there was no ""we refuse the right to provide service to anyone"" sign, yet Deb and Dr. Eborn certainly act on this notion. I had just seen Dr. Eborn because of a kidney issue, which may or may not have been related to a possible pregnancy or a more serious issue, but she still REFUSED to see me. She did not care about my medical situation on any level and Deb was incredibly rude and condescending. I actually hung up and cried for a bit because I couldn't believe this doctor who I had come to trust, had outright refused to see me because I MIGHT be pregnant. \r \r In general, the administrative staff wasn't always the friendliest, but the connivence of the location and the quick appointments outweighed the negative for me. Unfortunately, this latest episode is far too disturbing to ever step foot in this clinic again - or to trust that Dr. Eborn would have my best interest when treating me. This was an egregious lack of concern or care for a patient is incredibly disappointing. \r \r I sincerely hope that no one else receives the same treatment I received. If you're looking for a physician - go elsewhere and please do your research - I know I will. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

I think people need to understand the difference in your medical providers. There are Clinics, there are hospitals, and then there are your private practices in cozy little buildings tucked away in the trees with one or two doctors on call. Clinic's are like the fast food of medical services, its a wham bam thank you maam kind of service. A clinic is not the place you want to be if you require ""Bedside Manners"" or a long flourishing relationship with your doctor.\r \r I use Foothill Family Clinic for a couple reasons:\r \r 1. I wake up feeling sick, I call, I have an appointment within the hour, and medication in about 30 minutes after that.\r \r 2. There is no need to bill my insurance (or if you dont have any), its 25 dollars for an office visit.....every....time. You go in they say ""yes your sick"", you walk out with your anti-biotics or whatever you need, and your done. 25 bucks...please drive through.\r \r So, just analyze what kind of service you need as an individual. Do you require a personal bond with your doctor? Do you have the insurance that will cover these long hourly sessions? Do you have a condition that is mor e intimate and needs personal attention? You may want to find one of the higher priced private practices (and there are TONS to choose from).\r \r Realize the majority of people who use a clinic are low income, lacking insurance (massive amounts of students at Foothill specifically) and it is a very fast paced medical practice, quite possibly seeing 500+ patients daily. It's just the way its set up. \r \r I'm not trying to downplay peoples experiences here, but everyone should take an honest look at what kind of service they personally require when seeking medical aid. If I had cancer, heart disease, blood based illnesses, arthritis, any kind of extensive health issue....I would not be at the clinic! I go to the clinic when I have the flu or if some rash sprouted up after eating Mcdonalds....\r \r It's a quick fix. If you find you have something more serious....go elsewhere, and get the attention you need.\r \r Hope this helps. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/9/2012

This Clinic is completely unprofessional. My wife is pregnant and we have been seeing a doctor at this clinic, if it were not for her we would never come back. We have monthly payments and never missed one. My wife happen to forget her checkbook on the last appointment and they treated her like a second class citizen. Telling her she has never made a payment which was a complete lie and when we told the ""Account Manager"" that was a false statement she responds with ""Oh, let me double check... I guess your right, I can let you see the doctor only if you make sure to come back with payment today"" Which is absurd because my wife now has to go an appointment once a week. The way they treated her prompted me to write this review because I am just appalled at how they treat their clientele. Its too bad my Doctor chose to be at this clinic because after this pregnancy has run its course we will NEVEr be going back to this place again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/30/2012

I have been going to Foothill and Dr Teddy Witbeck for 6 years. He is a great doctor. Very caring and concerned. My experience has been very good. more

what a waste of time and money!! 4/13/2012

This was the worst experience with a medical facility i have ever had! the staff was blunt and and uniformative, It feels as though i paid a hundred dollars to be have my blood pressure taken and told they can not help me any further, I was told by a spacialist(for my arthritist) i needed a genral phycian for my medications. Not only did they not address my current concerns, but they also told me that they could not help me and i needed to see a spacialist! so after a 5 minute visit they they dismissed me, to fend for myself, with no suggestions on what i needed to do!!! so what exzactly is a genaral phycian for if they cant help you with anything ! I had better care from a phycain assistant ! there doctors dont care about you! if i was dying i wouldnt go back to that clinic, if it was the last one that existed !! dont waste your time or money. more

They can fit you in, but don't expect anything 2/21/2012

I've been going to Foothill Family Clinic for years, and continue to do so because it's right next to my work, and they can always fit me in same day. My first bad experience was that when I had mononucleosis. I told the Dr that I was felling so tired I couldn't function, he told me to toughen up and refused to do a blood test. I had to go to another Dr. to have the mono diagnosed. The second was a mass on my ovary. They sent me in for an ultrasound. When the results came back a secretary called to tell me that there was indeed a dangerous mass and they could not help me any further, but could offer a referral if I wanted one. I declined. The next day a different secretary called and said the Dr. wanted to schedule an apt. to talk about test results. I advised that I had already scheduled an apt. at Huntsman Cancer Inst. and if there was something more they could just tell me. The secretary told me she needed to schedule an apt to see the Dr. I told the secretary that I'd already been told they could not do anything for me. She said I should schedule an apt. I did and I went in. They said I had to give a co-pay. I asked if there was any new information, they said ""no"" but the Dr. has to get paid. I asked if the Dr. was just going to tell me that I had a mass that needed to be seen by a cancer specialist, they verified that was all the info they had and then insisted that I make my co-pay. I told them to shove it. BTW - the ultrasound tech at the south location is AMAZING. I loved her! I ALWAYS call first to see if the Dr. is on schedule (since I work only 2 minutes from their door). They always say ""yes"" and then I end up waiting a minimum of 30 minutes before being called back. I have often waited 60 minutes even when I've called first and they said they were on time. In fact, they have never said they were running behind, but they have never NOT been running behind. I had a broken hand bone, they told me I was fine, and should come back if it still hurts in a week. I asked for an x-ray, and ended up leaving in a cast. But, only after waiting a full 60 minutes for an x ray. The xray tech chit- chatted for an hour to another employee while I listened - no one told him I was waiting, and he never checked. Finally I hunted down my Dr. to see what the delay was. They had just forgotten about me. Overall, I haven't been in there for quite some time because I always spend 90 minutes plus to see a Dr. for 3 minutes or less. They always tell me I'm fine even if I'm not and I have to fight for them to diagnose me, or go elsewhere anyway. more

Do yourself a favor... stay away! 1/20/2012

Do yourself a favor and don't go here in the first place! Both my wife and I have had very terrible experiences here. We have followed up with office management to make our situation known about how we were treated or in these cases, how we we're NOT treated. My wife went there experiencing rib pain. Doc was rude and did nothing other than write a script. We immediately went to an IHC clinic where they, we're very friendly, did xrays and found fracture ribs and torn rib cartilage. I called the office managers of the Foothill Family Clinic to file a complaint about the doctor and the way my wife was treated. The office manager told me they do not even have a form to file a complaint (we'll see about that) The end result…. a letter in the mail from the doc, that read.... FROM Doctor Teddy Witbeck MD ""We regret to inform you that the physicians of Foothill Family Clinic North and FootHill Family Clinic South will NO LONGER provide medical care for you and your family"" What a joke... lol #1-they didn't even provide any care in the first place #2-I told them we would never go back there anyway #3- This Doc makes policy and also writes ""don't come back"" letters... when does he do doctor stuff? #4 - All the other Docs at the Foothill Clinics back this up? WOW - Foothill Family Clinic knows how to put the CARE in HealthCARE! So if you go.... don't complain about the service or you'll end up with a letter asking you not to come back! ooowwwwww o nooooo! Just DON'T GO HERE more

I love this clinic..... 1/17/2012

I am writing this review after comming across all the other reviews listed here. While reading....I am thinking to myself all of these people that have had a bad experience, whether it be the clinic or the type of people writing these bad reviews, are the squeaky wheels here. I thought to myself, I love this clinic, and here they are getting bad feedback because of course the people who are irritated are going to post something negative. I used to work in customer service and hated hearing all the bad things, when I knew the customers that were happy just weren't verbalizing it. I am here to tell you that this clinic is amazing! I have been a patient for a long time, and have seen multiple clinicians. I have also seen other doctors offices outside of this practice. I think Foothill is great and have never seemed to have any problems. They really take care of their patients. I have referred a lot of family and friends and have never had complaints. I will continue to do so.....Go Foothill!! My hope is that more people step up and speak out about the positive things about this clinic. more

Unprofessional 1/5/2012

From beginning to end this was a wholly unprofessional provider. As a new patient, I arrived fifteen minutes early, assuming there would be new-patient paperwork (medical history, medication history, etc). No such paperwork was given. The receptionist with whom I was working mentioned there might be a 15-20 minute wait which I accepted. While I was standing there registering, two women came in and registered with another receptionist - both women were 5 minutes late and 11 minutes late, respectively, for the appointment. They were, however, placed in line ahead of me. My receptionist then ask me to sign a paper that bore my name/address and the appointment time. She put in an appointment time 10 minutes after my scheduled time so I crossed it out and corrected it. She took one look at that and her body language seemed to be one of alarm and consternation. I was then told there would be an hour wait. I left. more

No Respect for Patients 8/5/2011

I have been a patient at Foothill Family Clinic ever since I moved to Salt Lake 15 years ago. I actually really like my physician, but it has gotten to a point where I just can't take the abuse anymore and it's time to find someone new. \r \r A few examples of what to expect with this clinic:\r \r 1. Extremely long hold times for phone calls.\r 2. You will need an appointment for every little thing (just so they can collect an office visit fee. An example would be your an epipen refill for severe bee sting reactions, since the medication expires regularly. You don't have symptoms unless you've been stung...)\r 3. Phone calls are not returned in a timely fashion, if at all. Expect to have to call back for your answer.\r 4. The staff is EXTREMELY rude and smug. \r 5. If your doctor is out of the office, and you need a refill on a prescription, the secretary will tell you to wait until your doctor returns. She could care less if you are completely out of your medication.\r 6. The billing office will stalk you and treat you like a criminal if your copayment went up and you have a $10 balance owing for more than 30 days. (Which, since I am a regular patient, just ask me at my next appointment to settle the balance.)\r 7. Every time I have seen a different doctor, he or she has not listened to me, misdiagnosed me, and failed to culture my samples which has caused delays in my recovery.\r \r The bottom line: the staff has zero customer support, the doctors and staff have a better-than-thou mentality, and it is impossible to get anyone to act like they care. I oftentimes wonder why most of the staff got into this industry in the first place. I am done being mistreated. \r \r I urge anyone considering this office to stay far, far away. Unless you like to have your time wasted. more

All bad reviews are true!!! 7/28/2011

Th moneyis is a horrible office with horribly rude staff and the worst doctors I've ever experienced. mainly Dr. Eborn. She doesnt listen, or care, and is flat out rude. No matter what your problem is she will give you every blood test possible and try and put you on anti-depresents. She has no idea what she's doing. tells me what ive been diagnosed with for years isnt the problem.... uh, but it is. she just doest want to write my prescription and wants more of my money that im paying out of pocket for every blood test possible, and guess what... nothing else is wrong with me. instead of admitting she doesnt know anything about my diagnosis, she tells me i don't have it. And again aside from the doctors, the staff sit there and joke around with eachother while im waiting in line with twenty other people. if you are awaiting test results, wait a long time, and call them because they won't call you. SERIOUSLY!!!!! DON'T GO HERE!!!! more

Need to see a doctor fast? InstaCare is better 5/28/2011

My doctor works at Foothill Family Clinic (FFC) and he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. But on a day when I felt I needed to see someone fast, he wasn’t available. The FFC receptionist offered another doc. I figured since they had my records and I was familiar with the place, I’d make the appointment. The random doctor I saw was condescending and arrogant – clearly lacked the ability to see a first-time patient. I can understand why some doctors are so distrusting because of rampant drug abuse, but well-practiced doctors manage these types of encounters well. Since InstaCare doctors only see first timers, my hunch is they’re more skilled and tactful with their patients and know how to determine who needs the help and who doesn’t. more

Dr. H. Jackson is awesome 4/7/2011

About 2 weeks ago I went in to get a lump on the bridge of my nose examined due to it increasing in size over the past few months. I got assigned to Dr. Jackson. Having only been to this clinic once and never meeting Dr. Jackson I had no idea what to expect. She said that it most likely is a cyst and asked if I would like to have it removed. I said yes and then she continued the conversation asking me if I would be worried about scars. As a normal guy I said no I am not worried about scars. She then mentioned that she could do it or she could recommend a plastic surgeon. She seemed to be a bit shy about doing it and then mentioned that she is a perfectionist. **ding, ding, light comes over head**. A perfectionist cutting into my face is about the best thing you could hear in that situation. So I scheduled to have it done by Dr Jackson in the next few days. It took about 20 to 30 minutes and the whole time she made sure that I was comfortable and not feeling any pain. Finally it is removed and the stitches are gone. What a fantastic job she did. I can barely see where she had mad the 1/2"" - 3/4"" incision on the bridge of my nose. There was little to no swelling and I am very confident that she got the entire thing out so it will not come back. Dr Jackson is very precise and detailed. What more could you want from a doctor? So to anyone out there reading this I would strongly recommend Dr Jackson. She did an amazing job with my situation and as a bonus, she actually recognizes me after only seeing her twice before. So she gets extra points for being so personable. Thank you more

lazy staff 3/15/2011

Staff is very immature and expects you as though you've worked at the place before. They act as if we knew the rules and are very stuck up even the doctors whom treat patients like they are in a rush. Thanks Doc for taking my $20 then telling me to keep doing the same thing I've been doing. oh and thanks for letting me try to sleep in this pain im having and not giving me a thing for it. The doctors here have obviously not been through very much schooling because they had no idea what was wrong with me. Please steer clear of here if you can help it. Spend your money wisely somewhere else. Thanks for listening more
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  • Foothill Family Clinic offers primary care services for your entire family. Most of your care can be provided in our office. We have been serving the Salt Lake Valley since 1976. We have 18 physicians with different practice styles to accommodate your needs.

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    Foothill Family Clinic has been a part of the Salt Lake medical community since 1976. We moved to our north location in 1984 and opened our south clinic in 1997. From two primary care providers, FFC has expanded to our current staff of eighteen primary care physicians, seven physician assistants and nine specialists. All of our providers are board eligible or board certified.

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