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Fogo de Chao Churrascaria - 84 Reviews - 133 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, Beverly Hills, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 289-7755
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Fogo de Chao Churrascaria

133 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 289-7755
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Fogo De Chao is the best place to go if you love meet. My wife and I have been 7-8 times and each time it gets better and better. The staff are great and friendly, they acknowledg...


I am astonished that there is only one other one star review on Citysearch for Fogo de Chao. I am completely and utterly floored. Honestly, is this everyone?s idea of a five sta...

Picana's paradise 6/21/2011

Fogo De Chao is the best place to go if you love meet. My wife and I have been 7-8 times and each time it gets better and better. The staff are great and friendly, they acknowledge you as soon as you walk in. It's my favourite place to go. The endless sewers, especially the amazing picana, the cheese bread and the fried banana are my absolute favorites. more

Love that Steak! 3/24/2011

If you want to start piling on the red meat, than this is the place. I loved all the varieties and flavors. And the salad bar is just totally awesome also. more

Hungry for meat???? 10/25/2010

When I am feeling carnivorous this place is first on my list!!! Filet Mignon melts in your mouth! Baby back ribs...YUM!! The salad bar is also delicious!! The service is exquisite. I always leave here completely satisfied!!! more

Wonderful Experience! 3/14/2010

I had my birthday there last night and what a blast we all had! I booked the private room for my large party and the service was excellent. Food was exquisite. Kudos to General Manager Vitor. Way to go. I highly recommend here to everyone, you will not regret at all! Pros: Service, food quality Cons: Parking more

Great Meal with Friends....and mmmm, good meat 2/5/2010

I went during DineLA Restaurant Week, so I'll preface by saying that it is the busiest week of the year for a restaurant. So...I can almost excuse the 45 minutes wait (with a reservation) - it was a madhouse. I will say this - the hostess maintained her friendly attitude and composure, despite all the irritated customers. \r \r Now, on to the meal. I only come here about once every 3 years because otherwise its just too much meat! But WOW, is it worth it. Amazing beef, tender pork and lamb, and I know its not red meat, but I LOVE the Frango chicken legs. Everything is well spiced, but not overly so, and the great servers will slice you off whatever piece you want (medium, rare, well done). Not to mention the great salad bar....but don't fill up on that!\r \r Dessert - the Papaya Cream is delicious! Tidbit: the enzymes in the papaya help to break down and digest your meat! So enjoy. Pros: perfectly cooked meat, great service, yummy dessert Cons: not worth it if youre not a big eater/lover of meat more

Can you eat your meat's worth? 2/1/2010

First off, 2 stars off for the WTFLamb. Seriously, if this was the first time I ever tried lamb, I would swear off lamb for life. It was SO gamey. And I'm asian. I don't care. I will chow down some rare beef. I will eat your child. But this lamb tasted like...fat dirty lamb. Furry, dirty lambs that have been roaming the wild masked with a sour, chemical tasting marinade. Gross. But Fogo will forever redeem itself off the pure fact that I love beef. Bloody, bloody beef. The service was top notch with the servers working as a team. Since it was my first time, the waiter was nice enough to explain the green/red cards and how to ""keep the meat flow going"". LOLS. I'll show you how to keep it going. (once again, NO idea what that means.) Anyway. The prime rib was clearly the winner along with the Picahna. The garlic beef was tender as was the sirloin (quite salty though). I accidentally got a piece of pork which I'm totally fine with eating but next time I know not to make such mistake. The salad bar was enticing - I got some lox and one asparagus - we each only had one cheese bread because we know better. Must make more room for beef. I didn't even TOUCH the mash potatoes. Random: I found that I really enjoy the tips of the fried bananas. The tips are nice and crunchy. Mmm. I'm sure we each went through a good 4-5 plates full of meat but we still found room to get the creme brulee at the end which was delicious but at this point I was half falling asleep. By the way, I was taught this weekend that you're not supposed to go on a completely empty stomach. In fact, you should eat big meals in preparation of this meat bonanza to stretch out your stomach. Yea, it's a sad, sad life when you're plotting meat domination. :( Pros: Beef bonanza. Cons: Pricey. Lamb was horrible. more

One of the best meals ever 10/14/2009

Now THAT's good eatin'! If you're in the mood for beef, pork, chicken or all of the above, and have a HUGE appetite, this is the place to go! The food is great, the service is amazing, and did I mention the food is GREAT! Try not to fill up on the salad bar, and save room for the main course! Order a bottle of wine, and enjoy. But beware, it can get pricey there...but totally worth it! Pros: Great food, great service Cons: Pricey, but worth it more

It?s an over priced salad bar! 1/10/2009

I am astonished that there is only one other one star review on Citysearch for Fogo de Chao. I am completely and utterly floored. Honestly, is this everyone?s idea of a five star restaurant? Salty meat on a stick and a do it yourself salad bar for $56.50 per person!!!??? Are you all joking??? For two meals, two caipirinhas, a dessert and tax & tip, the dinner came out to $185! Yeah, you read that right: $185 for two drinks, meat on a stick and a MEDIOCRE salad bar with such exotic items like hearts of palm from a jar and iceberg lettuce. This is by far the most OVER-PRICED chain restaurant with the most BLAND, UNEXCEPTIONAL FOOD I have ever had the displeasure of attending. And the ambiance? With the loud children and the several people dressed in jeans and a t-shirt it feels like you?re eating at a VEGAS BUFFET. Did I mention I spent $185 so that my girlfriend and I could serve ourselves at a salad bar!? For these prices, I could have taken her to Katana or STK and had a way, way, WAY better meal. It gets one star for the cheese bread but that?s it. I completely get why there are no prices on the menus or on their website. By the time your find out you paid top dollar for an all you can eat salad bar, it?s too late. A total rip-off for pedestrian tastes! Pros: Cheese Bread Cons: FAR too expensive for a salad bar and meat on a stick. more

Best Brazilian Taste In LA 12/5/2008

The cuts of meat are so great! Its all you can eat too! My fav restaurant of all time! The cheese bread is cracking more

Love Affair to begin 11/24/2008

I had my first encounter with Fogo De Houston. It only took once for the Love Affair to begin...Since than I have rendezvous in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, DC....and finally my love affair came home, here in Los Angeles...There are no words to express the quality, service, and taste. Just come ready to would be a shame to come and not tease all of the tantalizing flavors!!!!\r \r \r Pros: The BEST Cons: People with small appetites need not apply more

The best steakhouse in the country under $60! 6/23/2008

Fogo de Chao specializes in serving Brazilian-style beef, lamb, pork, and chicken tableside. There is a flat fee (I think around $50) that includes all the meat, salad, and soup you can eat. Not only is the food amazing, but the service beats any sit down restaurant in the country. Waiters constantly walk around asking if you need more meat, sides, or drinks. There is also a great salad bar that includes soups, fish, and cheese. My favorite meat is the bacon-wrapped filet mignon. I highly recommend this restaurant for a date, wives, clients, or friends.\r \r more

THE BOMB! 4/18/2008

Meat lover's paradise! I went there with a few friends and had a blast! The service was top notch, all the waiters work together so a drink order or a question is never more than a look away. The meat just keeps coming until you flip the little card from green to red. Every cut was amazing, they had something like 16 different types of meat ranging from steak to pork to chicken. The restaurant had a great layout and felt very comfortable. I can't wait to go back. Highly recommended! Pros: Everything Cons: Nothing! more


This is by far the best brazillian steakhouse !!!! The staff are great, the food is so fresh and they bring it\r until you don't want it anymore. The inside is beautiful. The tables on the side are the best. Make reservations,\r we went at 5P and by 7P it was packed. Though in BVHills it is not stuffy and it's casual. Great place to\r have a party. Can't wait to go back. It is worth 54.00 JUST EAT SLOW!!! more

My member name says it all.... 4/1/2008

Kinda worth the money if u really do eat a lot. I hated the garlic beef, I liked their famous p-something meat(forgot what it was called) that was probably my favorite. I hated the stuff wrapped in bacon. The chicken legs tasted weird. The salad bar wasn?t that great, there were like cooked cold broccoli and sliced apples and things I don?t even remember I just only ate the salad with the chopped cucumbers and tomatoes kind of like this Persian thing called salad shirazi. The mashed potatoes were good but not the best in the world. The guys would come around and slice a piece of whatever they were offering and you would either say you wanted it or not. Then he?d slice it almost all the way down till u grabbed it with your tong and you put it onto ur plate. Its almost worth it I just wish it was a 40 dollar meal instead of 50 cuz I don?t eat lamb. Pros: All the meat you can eat Cons: The ambience feels like your at a wedding hall more

In the mood for great food, top notch service, and a memorable experience? Welcome to Fogo de Chao 3/23/2008

I can't say enough good things about Fogo de Chao. I have been a regular at this establishment ever since it opened and I still thoroughly enjoy it today. For those of you who don't know about this restaurant or this type of restaurant, it is a Brazilian steak house where you enjoy all-you-can-eat barbeque, a terrific salad bar, and excellent side dishes. Most of the ""gauchos"" have been there since day one and are excellent at what they do. Their meats are generously seasoned with salt and pepper then cooked over mesquite charcoal resulting in a true barbecue flavor. While there are over a dozen choices meat, by far and away the best tasting is the beef ribs. It is the same cut of meat you get at a traditional barbecue restaurant but at Fogo they keep the ribs attached and there is a much more meat on the back of the bones as compared to what you might buy at your local butcher. I have been there many times when I ate nothing but the beef ribs, it is sublime. While tempting, I must warn you not to fill up on the salad bar even though they offer you some great choices including one of the best chicken salads in town. This is a great place if you're hungry and want to have food in your belly within 2 minutes of sitting down. You will be served as much and as long as you desire; when you've had enough or need a break simply turn your coaster over to the red side and the meat parade takes a detour away from your table. Other delicious choices are the lamb chops (which they are happy to cook to your doneness preference), the filet, and the chicken legs. I have tried all the offerings and don't dislike a single one, but it boils down to filling up! So on your first visit try everything so that you know what you like. The staff operates fluidly and functions similarly to the Houston's staff where any one of them will do anything for any patron. I have referred dozens of friends to Fogo who unanimously say great things about their experience. more

meat lover's heaven 3/21/2008

what can i say? what's not to like? if you love to eat and love to eat meat, this is the place! if you like great service & friendly/speedy portuguese gaucho-type servers w/ accents, this is the place. if you like good decor & nice dark-wood-mahogany ambience, this is the place. come hungry and w/ other meat lovers and have a jolly good time getting rotund (worry the next day). you HAVE TO TRY the 'papaya cream' dessert w/ tons of blackberry liquor! the 'strawberry cream' w/ liquor is good too. the valet parking needs work tho! Pros: what's not to like Cons: valet parking needs work more

best brazilian food with great service 2/27/2008

I've been there 3 times and every time the food, service and customer service was amazing. I definitely recommend to everybody. more

all the meats were so delicious! everything is... 1/26/2008

all the meats were so delicious! everything is good. the bread is wonderful! and service was excellent. more

all the meats were so delicious! everything is... 1/26/2008

Fannie Provided by Partner
all the meats were so delicious! everything is good. the bread is wonderful! and service was excellent. more

DELICIOUS 1/19/2008

The four of,hubby and two kids love this place. They have a great atmosphere and a couple different rooms to sit in. We prefer the larger room closer to the front entrance. It's always crowded here, and we love to people watch. We would totally come here more often if it wasn't so expensive. I believe adults are $50.00 or so and I think kids are half that....expensive, considering most kids can't eat $20 some dollars worth of food. But, we do go, beacause the food is so great. The salad bar is fresh and good. And then they bring side dishes to go with your meats. The bread is out of this world and the kids love turning the little ""thingy"" on your table to green if you want more meat to come, or red if you want to take a break and finish what's on your plate. For those of you not familiar with a restaurant like this, it's all you can eat and the servers walk around carrying large ""sword"" type things that are filled with meat, they'll slide it off for you right on to your plate, you also get a pair on tongs so when they bring the larger cuts of meat, they will slice it and then you pick up the piece with your tongs.... our seven year olds favorite part !! how easily their amused !! All the meats are good, we especially like the ribs and the chicken legs. Some meats like the steak/tri tip are cooked like medium rare, so if you want some but want it cooked better like we's no problem, just tell them... and they will come back around with some that are cooked a little more well. They have dessert here and it's pretty good ( not included in the price ). But you will be so full, you might not want to think about dessert or for that matter ever eating again, Hee Hee. Pros: Great atmosphere, Great Food Cons: Expensive to go on a regular...and you'll want too !! more
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