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Flyte World Dining & Wine

718 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 255-6200
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Flyte World Dining & Wine - Nashville, TN


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Our favorite dining in Nashville! This is our favorite restaurant for date night and before events at TPAC and the Schermerhorn. Menu selections are always fantastic and the wine ...


After reading all of the amazing reviews of this restaurant, I was super excited when my husband surprised me by taking me there for my birthday dinner. The restaurant itself is b...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/25/2012

I love this place! I love the people and the fact that this place always serves great margaritas. You can be as sociable as you can be and everybody talks with everybody. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

I love this place. The food that they serve tastes fresh and the staff is pleasant. The place looks classy too. Will recommend this to my officemates. more

Excellent Food & Wine 1/20/2012

Our favorite dining in Nashville! This is our favorite restaurant for date night and before events at TPAC and the Schermerhorn. Menu selections are always fantastic and the wine selection is simply amazing. So many wonderful selections, we must return to try them all! The atmosphere is excellent as well. Maybe we will see you there soon. more

disappointed 2/13/2011

After reading all of the amazing reviews of this restaurant, I was super excited when my husband surprised me by taking me there for my birthday dinner. The restaurant itself is beautiful. Great ambiance. The server was exceptionally knowledgeable about the menu and the service was amazing. Here's where the problem lies...the food. My husband ordered the venison and I had the New York Strip. I guess I should preface this next point by saying that I am by no means overweight, nor do I eat large amounts of food at any given time. The steak was ok. It was cooked medium rare, as I had asked, but the flavor was lacking. After boasting that they use organic, locally grown produce when available I was surprised to find that the only produce on my plate was ONE tiny baby carrot and two mushrooms. The presentation was beautiful, but the lack of flavor and portioning made me question why our dinner(two entrees and two glasses of wine) plus tip was over $100. After leaving Flyte, my husband and I went to Rumba for dessert, but ended up splitting a burger instead. A little unsettling when you can eat a burger after spending so much on food. more

Felt Like Being Back in Chicago! 1/24/2011

My fianc? and I tried Flyte for the first time Friday night, 1/21/11. We had driven by it a few times and we hadn?t made it in because as it turns out they?re closed on Sundays and Mondays. Our loss. As fairly recent transplants to Nashville, we?ve been excited to try new restaurants, but after having lived in Chicago, the food we have found has been good but we really hadn?t been wowed yet?until we went to Flyte! From the moment you walk in your senses are enticed by the inviting ambiance, the delectable smells, and the courteous service. more

Excellent Meal and Service 1/17/2011

Saturday night, 1/15/11 another couple, my wife, and I ate dinner for the first time at Flyte. The meal was very good and the waiter?s knowledge of the food preparation was great and his knowledge of the wine list was even better. For the second bottle, we could not make up our mind between two of them and they allowed us a tasting so we could decide. We had dinner in the kitchen area where we watched the chef and his team hard at work. The atmosphere was great, not to loud so we were able to converse easily as we enjoyed the show and the food. The service by our waiter and others was Outstanding. Our water glasses were never empty, nor were our wine glasses. It was just a little pricey, but over all worth it. more

Best Meal of My Life 10/16/2010

My wife and I went to Flyte a couple of nights ago and it was so awesome! We elected to have our server pair wines with our dinner. The wine choices were incredible and only enhanced how wonderful the food was. Dinner consisted of House Made Bacon & Local Egg (Appetizer), Beet and Mozzerella Salad, and an Organic Filet. I highly recommend this restaurant. Best meal in Nashville! more

Thank you, Flyte! 10/16/2010

A little over a year ago, the husband-elect and I had our rehearsal dinner at Flyte. He and my mother-in-law had picked it because, after half a dozen interviews and tastings at other places, Flyte really stood out. At the tasting, my mother-in-law mentioned that I'm a vegetarian and they were immediately helpful and accommodating. She absolutely loved the food (of course), the beautiful venue space, and the fact that this was a much better value than other restaurants in a similar class. But what really got her was the customer service. She's a woman with high standards, people -- and they passed the test. I'm just saying - that *means* something! I got to experience Flyte first-hand on the night of the event, and everything was pitch-perfect. The food was unbelievably good, the bar was stocked with anything and everything that our guests might have wanted, and I was even able to forget my pre-wedding stress for a bit and just have fun. We returned to Flyte this week for our first anniversary (which just so happened to be the restaurant's fourth anniversary - so cool!) and the evening was nothing short of magical. Our waiter, Scott, was very friendly and charming. He was also so knowledgeable about the wine offerings that he gave me flashbacks to the sweet old sommelier at my neighborhood bistro when I lived in Dijon. That sommelier must have been three times older, but Scott could easily have gone toe to toe with him. And at the end of the night, he even wrote out all the wines he had suggested, along with the associated courses, to help us remember later on. My husband LOVED his appetizer (poached egg with house-made bacon), which Scott paired with a 2003 Vallformosa ""Primum Vitae"" Riserva. I wish I'd been able to photograph my husband's face when he took his first bite, but if you've seen the end of Ratatouille, you can probably imagine. After that, we shared a roasted beet and mozzarella salad. I'm not usually one for beets, but I'd never tried them like this before. And paired with the mozzarella (which they make in-house) and a glass of the Clendenen Pinot Noir... I have to admit: I kind of fell in love with beets that night. Our entrees, naturally, were fantastic. I got the vegetable gnocchi, which was the best I'd ever had. Just perfectly executed. The gnocchi were small and had the perfect texture, and they came with a surprising, diverse array of fall vegetables. There was also this beautiful, delicate latticework of Parmesan over the top, which was so fine it was like lace. I even loved the white wine (Joseph Drouhin) that Scott suggested to go along with it, even though I'm usually a much bigger fan of reds. My husband got the filet, and let's just say I'm glad he restrained himself and didn't lick the plate clean. I could tell he wanted to. Especially when, halfway through the dish, he leaned over and said, ""I feel like I didn't even know what good food tasted like until now."" And I didn't even think to be offended by that - partially because he does the most of the cooking at home (ha!) but mostly just because I was also so overwhelmed by how great my own dish was. We finished the night with the apple terrine for dessert, which was delicious. The flavors were complex and so well-balanced, with a great variety of textures. I'm a dessert buff myself, and this was easily one of my favorites ever. It was also reasonably light, in the sense that we had already eaten so much food and we couldn't have handled any sort of rich chocolate bomb! So thank you to Flyte for the ideal rehearsal dinner, and for the perfect first anniversary. Our Flyte nights were fabulous bookends to a fabulous first year of marriage! more

I had to try after reading the Nashville Scene's Best Of 10/13/2010

Being new to Nashville I have been trying to find a place like Flyte World Dining and Wine. Being from the west coast, I am so excited to have found this place. The food is FABULOUS! The service is impeccable and nice to look at. Wine pairings are cheap in comparison to what I'm used to, but the wines themselves are unique, interesting and very good compared to most wine lists I have seen. Oh and the desserts...OMG! You just have to try them. I see why Flyte won so many awards in the Scene. Keep up the great work and congratulations on your awards. You deserve more! more

Worst Meals Ever....the food was awful. 10/11/2010

We went to Flyte to celebrate a birthday and an Anniversary with 8 friends on October 9, 2010. We all travel for business, all over the world and eat out at least 2 times a week...the group agreed that the meal at Flyte was by far the worst and most tasteless meal we have ever experienced. We each ordered different items from the menu and every course was, in a word, simply awful. Clearly the Executive Chef, Ashley Quick, does not know what the hell he is doing in the kitchen. We can not figure out how he would serve such a dogs breakfast. Here is what we had: Appetizers- Georgia Quail ($10) - no flavor, small portion, truly was an unseasoned awful mess. Eden Farm crispy Ham Hock Terrine ($12) - smelled awful, tasted awful Pork Pate ($13) - This was so bad that nobody at the table could take more than one taste of it. We left most of it on the plate and had to ask the waiter to ""please remove it""! The waiter knew it was bad and never asked us once how the food tasted...he knew better. We all agreed that it probably came from a can of Mighty Dog. Roasted Duck Breast ($14)...this was the best...edible...but just...and really tasteless. Soup - (really really awful) Pumpkin ($6)....luke warm and tasteless....Good God...Does the Chef even taste what he sends out? Clearly not. Mushroom ($6)....luke warm and tasteless Parsnip Veloute ($6)....luke warm and tasteless. Salad - (limp wilted and simply bad) Goat Cheese and Arugula ($9) (Goodness....could not be eaten) Ceasar ($9) - 4 small pieces of limp romaine lettuce......Yuck...but...the montasio sponge ""crouton"" was pretty good. Entrees (Good Lord....the Chef needs to have his license revoked for serving this) Seared Scallops ($28) - All three were Greasy, fishy, and all and all unedible Painted Hills Filet ($33) - How do you screw up a filet? We could not figure it out...but wow!...Even the safe option was bad. do you screw up 4 super thin slices of a filet......bad meat? Wedge Oak Farm ""Red Ranger"" chicken ($27)....What the hell was that? Did you stop off at Costco frozen foods? Good God....surely the Chef feels bad about serving this mess. Truly nasty. Vegetable Gnocchi ($20)....actually...this had a bit a flavor so....we all had a bite just to try something that was not completely awful. Of course the portion was so small we could only each take a tiny bite. On the positive side... the Wine was good ($90) Star Lane 2005 Cab. Thank God for the wine and the wonderful company of our friends. So there you have it. The worst meal we have ever experienced at any restaurant. The food was awful, the prices high (Total bill was $850), and the so. Just one point on the service....the waiters know not to ask how the food is or even question why we are not eating the super small portions on our plates. Last but not least, even the water was bad. No ice in our glasses and it was room temperature. That's bad when a restaurant can't even serve water . We ended the evening with me profusely apologizing to our friends since I was the one who picked out the restaurant. Save your money and go anywhere but Flyte while you are in Nashville. more

Disappointed in service 9/15/2010

We had dinner last night, for the first time, @ Flyte with good friends. We loved the ambience and thought the food was good. Our waiter, Scott, was not very friendly nor attentive. He did not tell us about the appetizer special that was not on the menu.....we overheard him telling the couple at the adjoining table (he seemed to know them) about the special. Our friends ordered iced tea and specifically asked for artificial sweeter....he had to be asked four different times for the sweetener. Their ice in the tea totally melted and they had to ask for more ice. Their iced tea was served in a French press and their tea tasted like coffee. In a nutshell, he was very attentive to the couple that he knew while ignoring us. We were left waiting for long periods of time. We were only offered coffee after the dessert course was completed. more

Not worth the hype 5/30/2010

When I say they are trying to hard to be creative, it's easiest to describe by the difference between Flyte and Watermark. At Watermark, the menu has a graceful logic. It consists of simple ingredients that just make sense, once plated they need no explanation because they are what they seem and are exquisite. At Flyte, the ingredients are exotic, foraged, and rare. they tasted fine, but needed some explanation as to why they were there - why they were paired together. We were treated to an amuse bouche of chilled broccoli cream soup and complementary champagne for our anniversary. The soup was fine, sweet and creamy, bit left a strange aftertaste that was not quite so pleasant. We started our meal with an appetizer -- pork belly with a fried green tomato. Both were good, not great, and the tomato lacked the delicateness of many ""lesser"" restaurants. The fact that for $12 we received a single slice of tomato and a 1 inch cube of bacon fat (ooops pork belly) left me wondering if our meal would be a full serving. One usually expects an appetizer to be sharable without splitting a serving. Our entree's were also good but not great. I had the filet, served with a vegetable medley of fingerling potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms a onions. The beef lacked any beefiness, especially considering that it was supposed to be locally grown pasture raised beef - usually marked by a robust flavor. This beef, while cooked perfectly and quite tender, lacked flavor of any sort. Even after brushing the sauce on the plate, there was very little to taste. The vegetables were better, although a tin serving with 3-4 of each - broccoli spears, fingerling potatoes, onions, and mushrooms. My wife's plate of salmon was better. The fish was cooked nicely, although the salmon she made earlier int eh week had more flavor and better. The fried polenta was delicious and I got in trouble for sampling more of it than I was offered. The collards were good as well. Not overcooked like so many meat and three's. The other vegetables, including fern-heads, were good but the fern-heads didn't belong and seemed as if the chef had been waiting for an opportunity to serve them and finally settled on this plate. I won't say we were disappointed, but we weren't blown away either - especially for the money. Compared to Watermark, Saffire, and Red Pony it doesn't really earn the right to charge the prices it does. Pros: Good food, good service Cons: extremely small portions, trying to hard to be creative more

Excellent food, great wine, perfect atmosphere 1/17/2010

Went to Flyte for Nashville Originals Restaurant Week with a couple friends. I had only been there for drinks and have to say was very impressed with the food. I had the filet mignon which was superb and cooked to perfection. It was like butter. And the vegetables on the side had a lot of flavor. Roasted potatoes, asparagus and mushrooms. I had the squash soup which had a nice rich flavor and was very satisfying. And the shining finish was the desert. It was an orange sorbet with a caramel creme and cocoa nibs and pears and it was amazing! I never would have thought to combine all those flavors, but it was so light decadent, and not too rich. Heavenly. Not only was the food great, but the service was excellent, very prompt, friendly and informative. The atmosphere at Flyte is great too. Whether for dinner or drinks with friends, it's very warm and inviting. They have a great wine selection and I've never been disappointed. Will definitely have to go back for another dinner and try some of their other dishes. They all sounded delicious! more

Wonderful Food. Unique atmosphere. 1/16/2010

I decided to take my mother and sister, visiting from out of town, to a place that would offer a great experience and Flyte did not disappoint. Let me start with the atmosphere. Flyte is located in an industrial part of town. So I really like the mild neo-industrial feel of the pipes inside the restraint. What could have been an over powering look was superbly tempered with excellent artwork and interior design. As would be expected, we were immediately greeted warming and our table was ready at the time reserved. We decided that we would go for the full dining experience and order the Flyte three course experience. Appetizer's, I do not recall what my sister ordered but my mother and I both ordered their Eggplant (the name escapes me) and I was completely taken off guard by the taste. The presentation was wonder, as I would have expected, but the almost delicate mix of flavors had a sweetness and pep unique among anything I have had the pleasure to taste. Salads and soups. While I was not wowed with the salads or soups to the level that I was with the Eggplant, I was not disappointed. The parsnip soup that my wife ordered was not like any parsnip soup I have had. I was a delightful and savory experience. I was surprised to see Cod on the menu in a restaurant of such class and as such decided I would give it a try. It was prepared with a very Asian score of flavors with a mix of the Fish, a broth, and an unusual leafy like vegetable I am unfamiliar with. My first bite was not anything breath taking but as soon as I added the complete mix of ingredients (broth and all) I was delighted with the experience. Flyte Staff: As mentioned earlier I was impressed with the treatment. They were courteous, very friendly, even jovial at times. Our waiter was prompt and always available. And we never had our water glasses less than half full. I even had the opportunity to visit briefly with one of the owners. Most importantly, my mother and sister both loved the experience. They commented on it many times and will be taking this away as one of their best memories of Nashville. Pros: Tantalizing Taste. Facinating Presentation. Cons: A little longer than expected for the main course arrival. more

Save your money (and time!) 1/14/2010

Attended Nashville originals with a fair sized group. We arrived just before 7. It took about 20 minutes before our order was taken. Our appetizers arrived at 8:30!!! The Parsnip soup was so rich I could barely eat it. The filet arrived after 9:00. Cooked perfectly and presented nicely, but certainly not worth 2 hours. Finally, desert came around 09:30. By the time we left I was livid. Nashville originals should be their chance to make an impression on new clients and they certainly did. Under no circumstances will I be going back. Though the food was slightly better than average, considering my time investment, I should have probably given them a check at the end of the night. Pros: Presentation was nice. Cons: Presentation was NOT 3 hrs nice. more

Totally underwhelmed by the experience 1/11/2010

We were genuinely excited about the opportunity to eat at Flyte. We had heard great things about it, but left incredibly disappointed and about $200 lighter... The service was terrible. We waited nearly 15 minutes to be acknowledged by the server. He cleared drinks that were not yet empty, didn't ask us if we'd like to start with a cocktail, would disappear for long stretches of time, and was generally rude. The food was pretty blah, especially for the price. The white bean hummus had no flavor, and the entire antipasti concept was under-executed. We had the pork belly appetizer, which was delicious, but only for the first couple of bites. The salads were under-seasoned (I tried the flyte and they were all basically the same in flavor). The main courses were okay. The lamb was excellent, but the presentation was too precious. The scallops were almost underdone and the accompaniments were not very complementary. We have eaten at many fine dining establishments, and would rate this at the very bottom of those experiences. I wish we had gone to Park Cafe or Margot instead. As parents of small children, our opportunities are few and far between to have a leisurely dinner out. What a wasted evening. Not to mention the price. Way too expensive! Pros: interesting wine list Cons: poor service, overly expensive, mediocre food, bad location more

Don't eat here 1/9/2010

Some friends and I planned to meet in the bar to enjoy happy hour and a casual bite to eat. We have eaten in the bar a couple times before and it's usually fine. Upon arrival, the bar room was completely empty except for a couple seated at the counter. They would not let our party of five sit in the bar and instead made us sit in the dining room. We were seated in an empty dining room and we even asked if we could take advantage of one happy hour drink. The waiter said no, took our drink order and did not return for one hour and ten minutes. He never even brought one of my friends her glass of wine in ALL this time. He never asked if we wanted something to eat, no offer of an appetizer. We considered asking for our check at this point, but stuck it out, only to receive a very small dinner at a very high price. I left having salad, a very ugly crunch eggplant tater tot with dried up sauce on the plate, and one drink for $60, and came home and had to eat as I was starving.The waiter never visited the table after the initial drink order as kitchen staff brought our food and no one asked if we needed anything else. Apparently, in this economy, we were lured to the dining room to spend more money, rather than the quick drink we wanted to have in the completely empty bar. If the food had been good and the waiter been waiting, it would have been fine. He only had one other table, so I can't understand what the problem was. Save your money. Pros: you have the place to yourself Cons: overpriced, extremely slow service, unattractive food more

Great atmosphere & Food 12/17/2009

Flyte is definitely one of Nashville's best restaurants. Our office has become such fans we hosted our Christmas Party there recently and it was fantastic. The food is phenomenal (the menu is seasonal but their Seared Scallops are divine) and they also have an impressive wine list so it's a great place to hang and have a drink. Flyte has a great atmosphere and a really friendly and courteous wait staff that is just stellar in every way. Whether it's a special occasion or just a romantic date night, Flyte can't be beat! Pros: Fantastic Scallops - Seasonal Menu more

Food was inedible 9/17/2009

We were looking forward to trying Flyte based upon all of the great reviews here. It was incredibly disappointing. Although the atmosphere was lovely, and the service was decent- the food was absolutely awful. We tried their buffalo chicken spring rolls (which the waiter informed us was their signature dish)- and they were inedible- way way way too salty and greasy. Also, the tapas offerings were sub par. In their defense, they did remove the items that we couldn't eat from our bill, but we won't be going back. Pros: very nice environment and good service Cons: horrible food more

Marvelous Experience 7/28/2009

Our dinner at Flyte was a particularly remarkable experience. It was our first time there, and we were impressed by the space. We started with a couple of flights of wine and selections from the antipasti menus. In a word - awesome. The wine list is broad and imaginative, and the chorizo, hummus, capicola and lavash were delicious. We both ordered a halibut entre and found it delightful. As marvelous as the food and was, the service actually outshone the fare. The staff are exceptionally friendly, professional and knowledgeable, but they really went above and beyond the call of duty in handling a wine order mix-up that was mostly my fault in a very gracious and professional manner. Pros: Awesome food & wine, even better service more
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