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Fluid Ink Tattoos - 18 Reviews - 597 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul, MN - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (651) 287-0966

Fluid Ink Tattoos

597 Snelling Ave N
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 287-0966
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Fluid Ink Tattoos - Saint Paul, MN
Fluid Ink Tattoos - Saint Paul, MN
Fluid Ink Tattoos - Saint Paul, MN
Fluid Ink Tattoos - Saint Paul, MN


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I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now and finally figured out exactly what I wanted. I live close to the location and had heard good things about it. After ...


I set up an appointment for a consultation with Chad. I had been planning a tattoo for nearly the past year to commemorate my 5 years as a vegetarian/vegan, and I was really exci...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2013

I went here with a general idea of what I wanted for two tattoos and Chad made them into the perfect tattoos (my first ones by the way). He's extremely creative, personable and nice. \r I'm going back for my third :-) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/26/2013

I had started getting a tattoo from another place, leaving there with just the outline. I was not happy with at all! Looked around for another shop stopped at fluid ink and got a consult from Nik. I am so glad I did he made me not regret what I started even not finished yet it looks amazing.. Great staff very friendly. I would reccomend anyone to stop in.... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/20/2012

Chad with Fluid Ink is awesome, I can not say enough about him. All the staff seems really friendly and that will always bring me back, great customer service. First and foremost, I went in for a tattoo consultation to update a 10 yr old tattoo on my ankle that was poorly done. Chad took out a sharpy marker and started drawing on my ankle and foot, came up with a great design. I was so excited and wanted to come back asap, He came in on Sunday to get it done for me. On top of that me and my daughter both went in and had are nose pierced about a month later, Chad is always wonderful to work with and explains step by step what he is doing just so you understand the process. I have been at 3 other tattoo places and by far Chad at Fluid Ink has come out on top. He will be my go to guy. Chad is the man! more

Fantastoramalicious 8/14/2012

I've been to Fluid Ink a couple times to have insertions done or piercings checked out, and several of my friends have been pierced/tattooed here. Today I had both of my nipples pierced, and it was a great experience! I have seven piercings from 4 different shops, but Fluid Ink is hands-down the best of the bunch.\r \r The shop is clean, organized and welcoming (and also has a great selection of unique jewelry). I haven't gotten tattoos here, so I don't know what their rates are, but as far as their piercings go, the prices are totally reasonable - not too high or too low. Everyone I've spoken with at Fluid Ink has been very helpful and friendly - none of that crappy ""If you don't have a face full of metal or a full back piece, get out of here"" kind of attitude that you get at some places.\r \r Chad did my piercings today, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Like I said, I've been to three other piercers, and I'm not about to let just anybody pierce my nipples. I figured getting my nipples done wouldn't be like getting my ears or lip done, because of the pain and the removal-of-clothing factors (turns out I was right). I wanted a piercer who I felt I could trust to do the job right and who made me feel comfortable, and Chad fits that to a T. He's knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional. You can tell that he truly enjoys what he does and cares about his customers.\r \r I've finally found a shop I want to come back to. I'm planning more piercings, and I'll definitely go to Fluid Ink for every one. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2012

Amazing experience! I came in to the shop on a Friday last minute. Of course Chad was booked, but he still took the time to come out and talk to me about what I was thinking for a tattoo. I showed him the idea and he said to e-mail him and he would have something drawn up by Sunday. \r I e-mailed him my idea and showed up on Sunday. Under the consent form was the hand drafted concept of the tattoo. We then discussed it and then he went further into asking me what shading I wanted and showed me some ideas he had. It was great to just go step by step with the actual artist. \r The tattoo process itself was great. We literally just BS'd about anything we could think of, and we had a few good laughs. \r Chad finished it up with awesome results. \r I will come back to this shop for all my future tattoos, I highly recommend you go in and check it out. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/6/2012

Chad was beyond great with my custom tribal, done free hand. Cool guy, great shop with cool people workign there. I won't go anywhere else. more

Great Experience 7/29/2011

I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now and finally figured out exactly what I wanted. I live close to the location and had heard good things about it. After finally getting enough money I called on a Friday afternoon and asked to schedule an appointment. They were super flexible and I got in 2 hours later. I told Nic what I wanted and he drew it out perfectly. I was in and out in just around an hour and I love my tattoo. I am very happy with the friendly service and the laid back chill atmosphere. He explained to me how everything was going to work and how to take care of it after I take off the wrap. I definitely recommend this for anyone thinking to get just a simple tattoo or an elaborate tattoo. more

Best tattooshop in the Twin Cities 2/21/2011

When planning my first tattoo, I was advised to call around and schedule a consult to see if I feel comfortable in the shop with the artist. I've been driving past Fluid Ink as long as it's been at it's location, so it was my first call. I walked into the shop. It was clean and neat. I don't frequent shops with piercing displays and black walls, yet I felt comfortable. I met with Nic with nothing more than the phrase I wanted and a whole lot of 'don't wants'. After a lot of vague statements by me, Nic made a perfect rough draft with the lettering I wanted and the perfect size. I was sold. When I returned in a week, it was ready. As a newbie, I was a little nervous due to all the unknowns. Nic warned me I picked a sensitive spot. Showed me all the tools, and had my lay down on the table. Super fast work. I was out in an hour. He told me all about the healing process. I've been getting compliments ever since definitely going back to him for my next one. more

3 tattoo's and 1 piercing later 1/12/2011

I have been to Fluid Ink ever since I first wanted a tattoo and looked around elsewhere but always was drawn back to their friendly and comfortable atmosphere. They are laid back, professional and sterile. I got 2 tattoo's with an artist named Sarah who is no longer there. My most recent tattoo was done by Lolo, he is simply amazing and after consulting with him I knew he was who I wanted to work with. I am extremely pleased with how he worked with what I wanted and the contours of the location to place things in the most flattering way possible. He also did some freehand work following the contours. I highly reccomend him if you want a very personalized piece of art. I am planning on calling up tomorrow to schedule a consult on my next tattoo. more

Happy 12/28/2010

Dear Mr/Ms Disappointed-\r I love this place---been there twice for a tattoo with Lolo and no regrets. Great customer experience, as I expected and 2 seriously fantastic tattoos. \r Love,\r Very Happy Girl\r PS-let me know when you start eating meat! more

Disappointed 8/21/2010

I set up an appointment for a consultation with Chad. I had been planning a tattoo for nearly the past year to commemorate my 5 years as a vegetarian/vegan, and I was really excited. After meeting Chad, who initially seemed very cool and chill, I told him that I was vegan and that was the reason for the tattoo. That is all I said, and he went into this long rant that began with, ""Honey, you are the total opposite of me!"" He proceeded to talk about how he ate a steak sandwich during the movie ""Food, Inc."" and how he grew up on a farm and killing animals was normal to him. This rant went on for a long time before he finally asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted a small farm animal, a piglet, with text underneath. After asking me how to spell ""Earthlings"" 3 or 4 times, he wrote the phrase out under a drawing of a pig, and I said that's what I wanted. However, then he said, ""If you are going to do this, you should go all out."" I let him know that's really all I wanted, something small, and it has to be easily concealed due to the nature of my work. Every time I said anything, he looked at me as though I had asked for an obscenity to be tattooed across my face or something. He said he had an idea and grabbed a pad of paper, which made me feel better because I thought maybe he was going to be helpful. He then scribbled something I couldn't decipher, and said I should get a pig with broccoli around it, with a banner underneath, in addition to the text. I said I didn't really want broccoli tattooed on me to which he smirked, ""You won't get broccoli tattooed on you...but you'll get a pig?!"" Finally, I had had enough and walked out, telling him I did not like his condescending attitude and that I would be going elsewhere. He did say, ""Wait,"" but honestly, I was done. I should note that I have never walked out of any business before. My friends and family were shocked when I told them because it takes A LOT to bother me. Chad's attitude and rudeness completely turned me off of this place though. All I wanted was a tattoo, not to have someone judge me. more

Love it :) 11/9/2009

My best friend lives near the shop and one random night my and my partner decided to stop in, felt comfortable, Nik is totally cool and nice, I knew this place is chill. I got my first tattoo and I love it a week later my partner gets tatted as well, I want to say the place is clean,lovely chill easy going and the artists are friendly cool and not tool's like other shops andwhat I love it is affordable and great quality great artists. I'm plannin in getting my big tattoo there again and very happy with the outcome. You guys rock love it and you'll be seeing me soon in the future thanks a bunch :D more

Really great spot for piercings 10/22/2009

When I turned 18 I wanted to get an industrial piercing. I did some internet sleuthing for a shop close to me, and ended up in a tattoo shop that recommended I check out Fluid. It was a great idea. Scot met with me and told me that the piercing I wanted would be impossible for my ear, by proceeded to give me 10 other ones he could do. I ended up getting one of them and left with ideas for three more. Six piercings later, I'm still going there and I don't regret it. Scot is nice, funny, professional, very concerned with hygiene, and explains everything that's happening every step of the way. Pros: really chill staff, professional Cons: nothing more

Amazing artists, cool people! 7/29/2009

This shop is amazing I went and checked out a bunch in the Saint Paul area and this is the one that looked the cleanest and was the most comfortable! They have screens if you want more privacy, unlike most of the others I visited. Everyone I met that worked there is super nice! Lolo did my tattoo for me and its my 1st so needless to say I was extremely nervous! Especially since its a giant dragon that takes up half of my back! He explained and answered all my questions even while tattooing and was perfectly fine with my friend, mom, and boyfriend being there to distract me and even had fun chatting while he was working! He drew out the piece for me and really listened to everything I wanted and we just seemed 100% on the same track from the beginning! Needless to say everyone I know I have recommended to at least check out the shop! My boyfriend will hopefully be getting his 3rd tattoo from an artist there in the coming months! Amazing for my 1st time experience! Way better then what I thought it could ever be! Pros: Everything else Cons: Appointment didn't always start exactly on time more

You've got to be kidding me! 5/7/2009

Ugh, icky. This place, besides being in a scary neighborhood, is full of a bunch of scary people, or ""artists,"" as they call themselves. Chad did a drawing for me which literally, looked like it was drawn by a child, it was done with pastels, ( maybe?) I wanted a black and grey image. A complete and utter fail and bad judgement call on my part. I was initially attracted to the decor of the shop, but inside it is really dark. The bathroom was painted by someone who doesn't even work there anymore, (I aksed), too much testosterone, I wanted a tattoo, not a new boyfriend. Gross. Pros: No waiting Cons: Untalented/unqualified Artists/dark/scary more


I have 3 tattoos all of which I got at Fluid Ink. Benny is my artist. He does a great job. He takes his time, draws what you want done, and is very nice guy. I will only let him tattoo me. Everyother Tattoo shop I have been to, makes me feel uncomfortable. This is definitely a chill place that is very fun and professional. Pros: Good tattoos, good artists, good prices! Cons: no cons more

Awesome tattoo shop! 4/9/2009

I just got a tattoo at Fluid Ink and I highly recommend this place. It was a great experience overall and I'm so glad I went to Fluid Ink rather than settling for any old tattoo place! I walked in and was greeted by Scot who was very friendly and answered my questions. After deciding on the tattoo I wanted, Chad answered any other questions I had and was very friendly and personable. He helped to pick an artist that would be best for the tattoo I wanted. I had never been there before so his help in answering my questions was really appreciated. LoLo did my tattoo and did an amazing job! I love it! He was nice, funny, and put me at ease through the whole process. Overall, I highly recommend this tattoo shop. The price wasn't outrageous like some places try to charge and the atmosphere of the shop is very friendly, welcoming, laid-back yet professional, and very clean. I will absolutely be going back there for any further tattoos or piercings I get in the future! Pros: Very clean, well maintained shop. Excellent artists. more

Chill shop with gr8 artists 10/23/2008

fluid ink is a really great shop with awsome artists. Ive been to alot of tatu shops with snobby stuck up greedy artists who act like their gods gift to the earth. FLUID INK IS NOT THAT TYPE OF SHOP! finnally a shop with talent and great attitudes. benny being my artist of choice can put up with my pickyness for desighn and redrew a tatu for me for an hour understanding that tatus are a lifetime comittiment and wasnt acting like it was a hassle to help me out. everyone there treats their jobs with respect and thats rare to find. the tatus are well priced and good quality. Also for the lngst time i said id nvr change my piercing shop from saint sab- but after meeting scott and seeing how cool and fun and very talented he was i changed my tune and felt really comfortable going there!!! love the shop and should b stopping in soon again! Pros: awsme artists,clean,comfortable, well priced Cons: In st. paul! but worth the drive more

solid 7/25/2008

My first experience at Fluid Ink was with Sara. I was looking for my first-ever tattoo, and very excited. As tattoos are permanent I was sure to check around first. I went to a number of different shops (Xoel at Grand Tattoo, St. Sabrina's, Steady, etc) before I chose an artist. In the end, I liked Sara's sketch best, but I did not like Sara. I looked around some more to see if I could find someone that I liked both as an artist and as a person. I didn't have much luck, so I went back to Sarah. \r \r For a while my tattoo looked great. The details were phenominal and I was incredibly pleased. I went back to get it colored. I asked for a wash, but what I ended up with was a full color (Sara was very stubborn). Soon the details began to fade, no matter how careful I was in the sun, etc.\r \r I soon found myself wanting another tattoo, and migrated back to Fluid Ink. I found that I really liked the rest of the staff, so I'd give them another try. As it turns out, Sara no longer works there. The owner of the shop, however, asked to see the tattoo Sara did for me. He agreed about the details and how they were disappearing, and offered to redo the entire thing (both color, outline, and shading) for free! I was shocked, but he claimed that he wanted to uphold the integrity of the shop - even if the artist was gone.\r \r Needless to say, my skin is Fluid Ink's forever. Any shop that will honor the tattoo without the artist is a place I'm willing to revisit. Pros: relaxed, talented, cool decour (see the bathroom!) Cons: small space, minimal privacy more

Excellent art work! 6/16/2008

I went in with absolutely no idea what I was looking for (tat-virgin). The guys were all friendly and helpful, and they really put me at ease. Benny did a great job, and it's healing like it should. I'm already thinking about what my next tat will be... Pros: awesome and clean place - good variety of piercing products. Cons: none. more
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