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Florentine Gardens

5955 Hollywood Blvd (at North Gower Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 468-8873
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Okay so i have been to Florentine like about 10 times maybe more, this is how it works-if you don't talk to any girls if you're a guy or dance or kiss or whatever that has to do w...


this club was alright. i went here for my friends birthday and sadly her party ended shortly cause evryone wanted to get out of there. the dj was blah. he didnt have a variety.

blah! 12/16/2010

this club was alright. i went here for my friends birthday and sadly her party ended shortly cause evryone wanted to get out of there. the dj was blah. he didnt have a variety. more

Horrible Club 7/29/2010

This place is absolute garbage. I went there on a friday and i will never go there again. 75% of the people in this club are men so for a second i thought i was in a gay club. The venue is dirty and the walls are torn up. I even saw a rat running through the bar. Don't even get me started with the music. The DJs suck. The club should at least spend decent money for a DJ but sadly they don't. Now i know why no girls want to hang out there. I asked for my money back but the head security guard just forced me to leave when i asked. Do yourself a favor and find a better club than this. Pros: Good Location Cons: Everything else more

This place is the "it spot" 2/17/2010

Okay so i have been to Florentine like about 10 times maybe more, this is how it works-if you don't talk to any girls if you're a guy or dance or kiss or whatever that has to do with a girl you will be one of the many that say "oh it sucked", it's not all about girls, dance your butt off and i promise you will like this place, okay i also don't relate to most of you guys because i get in for free i don't pay parking and i don't smoke and drink, this club is not ghetto, and it is not lonely trussst mee, every time i go there is 300+ people, once 11 p.m hits it starts getting good, this club is perfect if your 18-25, but yet again not everyone is the same, if you're a shy person that doesn't dance, doesn't talk to girls, likes pushing your luck with securities DON'T GO PLEASE, oh and that goes to all the stuck up girls that are there sometimes, oh and i also forgot to mention the gorgeous go-go dancers!!! just go check it out for yourself so you can write one of these reviews!! Pros: best environment, hot girls, dj milton is the best! Cons: girls that act too hard to get, not clubs fault!! more

Good Looking Crowd 9/30/2009

Nice energy and vibe more

Ok let me give you the Honest truth.... 7/26/2009

I went to Florentine Gardens 2 nites ago 4 the 1st time. I had a really good time. the club is ALWAYS 18+ and its free 4 EVERYONE b4 10pm. the bouncers werent rude. (they jus want u 2 have on the right kinda shoes (guys) and want u 2 have ur shirt tucked in....they jus were doing there job (keeping a single file line,controlling noise level etc) The DJ was really good. lots of hiphop music was played (major plus). the only reason i didnt give it 5 stars was because the last hour of the nite ALL house music was being played (ugh!) but other than that i cant complain. there are sooo many girls to dance with. the dance floor is huge! i recommend this venue to any1 who enjoys dancing to hiphop and top 40 hits. ***guys** make sure u wear DRESS shoes.. and have a collard shirt on that is tucked into your pants. I will be returning to the gardens very soon. its awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: free for EVERYONE b4 10pm,pretty good dj,LOTS of females Cons: $20 parking more

cool spot 5/3/2009

very cool place lots of girls good music. i went with a group of friends and we all had a good time mos def will go back and recommend. Pros: lots of dancing lots of girls Cons: line more

Surprisingly Good Club 4/18/2009

I've been a few times and it's always really fun and the people dancing around us all had a great vibe. There were times where the men in the club get creepy and follow the girl groups but that can be fixed with guy friends. I never pay for parking since i always park on the street, it doesn't hurt to walk half a block. I'm also guessing they changed security lately because they didn't hassle us at all, just some extra searching on the men, but no problems. The music is great to dance to and up to date but when it starts getting near closing time the music switches to older music. Overall great club atmosphere and fun people. Just don't spend more than you need to. Pros: good music, big dance floor Cons: music gets bad towards the end, crowded restrooms more

Florentine Gardens 3/26/2009

Florentine Gardens is the place to bring a female! She is gonna be impressed you know about such a spot. more

horrible club from parking to stepping in 3/14/2009

this is my day at florentin I arrive at the parking lot expecting to pay basic price $7-10 but it was $20 not even valet "damn" I felt rip off I said to myself ok Im already here oh well, I went to the line waited 20-30 minutes another $15 to get in thats pretty over price. What do I see when I get behind the doors ,bunch of girls dancing together right away im thinking is going to be one those days ladies called :"ladies night out sorry", when you ask them to dance, so I still feel very good but, my wallet is getting thinner by the minute though, so I go to the bar area and buy a $9 drink thats average price for a drink in clubs, so I begin to look for girls to get my dance off, and what happends every damn girl said "girls night out sorry", one of them even said im exosted wtf I just laugh, what a terrible night this is my last time my shoes steps into this club dont bother lol "I even ask the ugly ones too" even the ugly ones said this lol oh well go clubbers Pros: security is kool Cons: old ladies and they go in groups "ladies night out" more

Rocked from 1985-1992!! 5/2/2008

I hear a LOT of complaints about "being too hood-rat/latino." Wow! I wonder what world these people live in! Get over it, what clubs are NOT all hood-rat and/or latino in America nowadays?? I love latin women and asian women and was born and raised in L.A. for 42 years! I remember partying @ The Fabulous Florentine Gardens back in it's heyday, 1985-1992!! I have not been back since. I relocated out of the State (thank God) and am now living near Reno, Nevada for the past 3 years. I must admt however I met some pretty "hot chicks" in the day @ The Gardens! Even had my heart broken a couple of times big time! The hot latina chicks were way seductive and polite to dance with and wine and dine. The music was da BOMB back then with MUCH hip-hop, Gangsta Rap, some 80's, techno and punk and some rock. Ah yes, I remember da dayz. Being a white guy and being born and raised in L.A. County all my life then moving to So. Orange County (Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach) I just couldn't wait to escape to the Florentine Gardens when things were the way they were meant to be. Drinks have ALWAYS been expensive and parking has ALWAYS been a pain in the butt. And Security can be all attitude no doubt - but what Security isn't? Bottom line: I would have HIGHLY recommended the Gardens on Fri and Sat night's - especialy Sat p.m. JUST WISH THEY STAYED OPEN LONGER THAN 2 A.M.!!! No one even goes till after 11:00 and that only give ya 2.5-3.0 hours to party!!! Not good! Sure miss the latin young ladies and asian chicks! Wow!! Being ex-Air Force (Military) and stationed in Austin, Texas from 1981-1985 - I really miss Florentine Gardens and just hope they are NOT allowing "homeless" people in now! So sad to hear the many comments/complaints of the lack of dress code, compromise of integrity and high cost of this place. This place was paid for a LONG TIME AGO!!! Where are all the funds going?? Sound system and dance floor size, quality was awesome!!! Pros: Exciting Place to Be from 1985-1992!!! Cons: Very Hood-Rat, Arrogant Security, Parking Problems and Very Expensive!! more

Boring. 4/13/2008

This club was empty from 9pm-10pm. The only good thing was that the entrance was free. There is way too much hip hop and it seemed like there were 3 reggeaton songs. I mean latino 96.3 was there, i figured maybe now theyll play reggeaton but wouldnt you know that did not happen. Enjoy the 4$ water bottles. Pros: Free entrance. Cons: Same type of music no variety. more



Shady thieving parking service 11/18/2007

I went this last Saturday with friends and we turned into their parking lot to find a spot. There were no spots and so I asked one of the parking service employees why they were letting people in to park when there were no spaces left. He said to not worry about it and that they would park the car for us if we just leave the keys in the ignition. Apparently they were telling a lot of people this and we thought it was valet service. We came back after clubbing and started to leave when I reached to turn on my mp3 player to listen to tunes and I realized it wasn't plugged in to the radio anymore. I figured it must have dropped somewhere so I decided to plug in my friend's iPod and realized it wasn't there either! There is no way a person could see the iPod and mp3 player from outside; only someone sitting inside the car could see them, so I knew one of the parking service guys who parked the car stole them. We turned around went to tell the manager of Florentine Garden's parking lot about the ordeal. While I was talking to him, a man came up to him and told him that his camera had been stolen from his car. The manager said this had never happened before, but I find it very odd that at least two cars had items stolen from them. The other man called the police while I talked to the other two parking service employees who were still there. My friend pulled me aside and told me when the cops had been called, she saw the manager lock his car and just stand there right next to it. Who would do that unless there was something to hide? I approached the manager and he got in his car and started to leave. I told him he had to stay until the police arrived to make a report and he got flustered and took off anyway. I KNOW the manager had something to do with the theft but I don't know how long Florentine Gardens has been getting away with this. They make you believe they are a valet service and then they steal your stuff. Boycott Florentine Gardens and boycott their parking lot! Pros: NONE Cons: Decieving shady employees more

wasn't bad at all 10/9/2007

I wen't there thinking that it was going to be lame b/c I had heard from some one that it wasn't quite what it used to be. I was pleasn'tly supprised the music was good, great dancing, and it was reasonably priced. I would recomend trying it out for yourself. its actually a really nice club. Plus there starting to bring in some really hott new pop and hiphop artists on sundays. I think they're starting to liven up the club again. more

Come at 10:30, no line (Fridays). 10/5/2007

i went at a night when it was advertised and geared toward Latinos. There were so many single people with whom to dance, which was really cool. The music tended to focus on crappy rap and hip/hop, when there definitely could have been much MORE reggaeton, merengue, salsa, 80s, etc. People are dressed fine/normal; I didn't have a complex about what people were wearing. I was just there to dance. People were respectful; they didn't try to grind or freak on you and everyone (guys, i don't know about girls) was polite. Si quiere reggaeton, hip/hop, cumbia, etc. tiene que ir a Florentine Gardens. Pros: Many people to dance with; hot guys; places to sit Cons: too much crappy rap that you can't dance to!!! more

Eighties relic 8/25/2007

Florentine Gardens was an LA institution. Right off the 101, you couldn't miss it. Unfortunately, it's heyday was in the 80s. In the 90s it became a club for commuters from East LA and the Valley and lost it's hip, glam touch. more

And winner for awesome art in the ugliest place is... 12/29/2006

Okay, i must confess that I didn't go to dance or to flirt. I went to go stare at the artwork... pretty groovy. The music was blah-ish, but if you were drunk, inexperienced and/or hyper as hell, have fun... I dont know what's wrong with people and why they expect that the atmosphere HAS TO BE THERE WHEN I GET THERE... screw that! make your own damn atmosphere.... run around without clothes or something, but make the most of it, damnit. Which is what i did and i had fun...but i have fun anywhere i go.. so... sorry, guys.. not much help with me, eh? Pros: Plenty of room to make desmadre (wink wink) Cons: Big, goony security dudes that won't let you make it more

This place is a relic of the past, not what it use to be. 8/4/2006

Don't waste your time and money going here. This place died back in 2001. It was one of the biggest scenes during the mid and late 90's. The biggest crowd and the finest girls would go here. That was then. Now the crowd is gheto and so is much of the music they play. It's sad to see it like this. I went countless times to Florentinde Gardens back in the day and I remember thinking to myself that the good times would last forever. I was wrong. To make more money, they started losening the dress code standards back in 2000, then it just went down hill from there. As you can imagine every gheto person that wasn't allowed in before started flooding this club. The age group seems really off since you have older people (35-45), trying to relive some good times and really young people (18-19 yr olds) checking out this venue for the first time. Not to many mid 20 ladies. :( But, honestly the best looking crowd back when this club was still good, me and my friends would come all the way from North San Diego County, to just club there. Only Peppers Night Club (now Camachos haven't been there yet) and the Stock Exchange (now also gheto) could top Florentine Gardens back then. Pros: Big dance floor. Cons: NOT WHAT IT USE TO BE!! SO SAD TO SEE IT SO GHEYTO! more

Don't EVer Go 4/17/2006

FLorentine gardens was such a disappointment. It's a nice club, it has potential but the dj was terrible. not only did he not know how to spin but he played OLD songs. the crowd consists of maybe 50, it's so sad to see what has become of a once "it" spot. Pros: good space Cons: bad dj, expensive, lonely more

User review by cynthiz 3/17/2006

I can honestly say that I was NOT impressed by this club. The music was ok, but the crowd was not. There was and still are lots of people who create a bad atmosphere. Pros: Music Cons: People more
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  • Once a 1930s Hollywood dinner theater and a staple for Tinseltown glam, this old-school joint has made its comeback as a megaclub where the town's legal teens can groove the night away. Not only does the club provide a hangout spot for the under-21 crowd, but it also hosts a number of concerts on its spotlight-lit stage. When the stage isn't packed with performers, a light show blasts over the sea of bodies dancing and watching the music videos on the giant plasma screens. Hip-hop, techno and Top 40 rule the DJ booth and there's a large outdoor smoking patio, complete with seating and a view of Hollywood Boulevard.

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