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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse - 46 Reviews - 20 S 400 W 2020, Salt Lake City, UT - Steak Houses Reviews - Phone (801) 355-3704

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse

20 S 400 W 2020
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 355-3704
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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse - Salt Lake City, UT


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I love this place, I hate snobby trendy places that don't have real class, Flemings does. Our waiter even made my picky husband happy by butterfly cutting and cooking his steak to...


If you've been to Flemings in other cities then pass on SLC The service was adequate at best and the kitchen wasn't that good. The green beens were over cooked and the carrots w...

Not upto par 8/4/2011

If you've been to Flemings in other cities then pass on SLC The service was adequate at best and the kitchen wasn't that good. The green beens were over cooked and the carrots were under cooked. We ordered two steaks, both cooked the same way, had to send one back for being under cooked Neither the staff nor the management came by to see if the steaks were properly cooked the second time more

New is not Better 9/11/2009

We are longtime patrons of Fleming's but will not be frequenting the establishment too often now. Michael is missed and Susan is a snot. She really has no people skills. The place is too pricey for what you get. The wine list is just so-so\r A good bottle of wine shouldn't cost a weeks pay Pros: lava cake Cons: need to be a millionare more

don't bother 8/4/2009

that Fleming's gets such high marks speaks to SLC's gastronomic immaturity. the service was adequate, if not obtrusive. the food was average--the salads contained lettuce with brown edges, the sides were average at best, and the steaks weren't too different from what you might find at Outback. I will give it another try before writing it off completely, but Fleming's is nothing special. Pros: convenient location Cons: food, service more

Not Going Back 1/31/2009

This was our third time at Flemings. We had thought it was rather pricey the first two times, but the impeccable service and interesting tastes and presentation had retained our business. However, last night will be the last time we visit Flemings. It appears they have changed chefs and, possibly, management.\r \r Our food last night turned out to be not nearly as good as the food we could get at the Outback. It was greasy. It was lackluster. The filet mignon was cooked right, but was quite dry and without flavor. The Cesar salad was pathetic - drowned in heavy dressing with inedible, grease-soaked, tough croutons.\r The asparagus was almost inedible - with dry tips and slick with grease!! Actually the greasiness of the food was very HIspanic in presentation.\r \r The clincher was the server who seemed to have been better suited to working at Dennys. Gone was the special treatment, the caring and impecable butler-type presentation we had experienced on our two prior visits that seemed to help justify the price. No, our server last night was something you'd expect at a diner. When she cleared the table of food particles on two separate occasions (with her fingers no less!) she left conspicious bits of food on the white tablecloth which we ended up having to clear ourselves. \r \r In short, Flemings has significantly dropped in quality and presentation, making it a poor value - a one-star restaurant with 5-star prices. We will not return.\r \r Pros: Good ambience, good presentation of food Cons: Price, service, quality of food more

wow are you kidding 11/19/2008

I love steak and i love to take my wife to nice good restaurants but after reading all the great reviews and finally going to this restaurant i was very dissapointed. dont get me wrong the food was good but not any better that a ruby river or a barbeque in my back yard. I dont mind paying these prices for a great meal but come on. i think for the money carvers is your best bet or even drive up the road to ruby river and save the money. Pros: nice place Cons: nothing special more

Excellent Filet Mignon 11/13/2008

My guest and I both ordered the filet mignon and we weren't disappointed. We were seated promptly and our waitress was very pleasant and attentive. Other reviews complained about how their meat was cooked. If you pay attention to the guide that is in the menu, you get your meat cooked the way you like it. If you order based on the ""typical"" scale, your meat will probably be cooked less than you like (i.e. medium rare in most restaurants leaves a little pink....medium rare at Fleming's leaves some red). The taste of the food was excellent. The restaurant is pricey though. Sides are not included with the meat, so it is easy to ring up a tab that is over $100. That does not include the wine. Pros: Great taste, great service Cons: Pricey, noisy if you are going for the romantic ambience more

Best Steak in town 7/9/2008

I love this place, I hate snobby trendy places that don't have real class, Flemings does. Our waiter even made my picky husband happy by butterfly cutting and cooking his steak to death, all with a smile on his face and not a bit of attitude. I love the garlic mash and the creme brulee is the best I've had anywhere using vanilla bean. Quality ingredients, posh enough for anyone and a wonderful bar. more

Way too pricey for the product. 3/20/2008

My wife and I went to Fleming's in South Gate about a year ago (2006). The food was OK, the steak was good, but not above expectations. However, the prices were ridiculous. The price was about average for a good steak house, except at Fleming's, that included only the meat, nothing else. By the time you pay $7.50 for a baked potatoe, then extra for a drink and a salad, you are looking at a $120.00 dinner. I did not think it was worth it. Other places have steaks just as juicy and tender and guess what, salad and sides are included in the price. We tried Ruth Cris's also and was similarly disappointed. Same thing as Fleming's, overpriced. Unless you have money to throw away, look elsewhere. Pros: no wait for a table Cons: too expensive for an American restaurant more

EJones4411 is a liar and an old employee that used to work there!, and was let go! 3/13/2008

Susan Shrum is an amazing operating partner that does not have a mean bone in her! I am a Magnum Member, what they call me there, (VIP) and she has always been great. I promise you that if you go there, you will be greated by an amazing staff and friendly manager! P.S. the food is Fantastic! Pros: Great Managers Cons: Hard to get a reservation if you dont plan ahead. more

I love this place! 2/22/2008

I arrived at Fleming's a little late for our reservation and they were very gracious and sat us promptly. Our service was outstanding and the food was incredible. We had a visit from the manager Susan and she was absolutely wonderful and friendly. She sent over a complimentary dessert for our visit which was a decadent chocolate Lava cake. Yum! This has been one of the best experiences we have had in a long time! Pros: Service, Management ,Food more

Great Food, Questionable Service 2/14/2008

I have been to Flemings a few times and the first time was absolutely delicious. Wonderful food, wine, and service. The second and third time we went with family and the service was absolutely terrible. There were times where we didn't see our server for 20 minutes, some of our orders were wrong, and when we'd ask for the right order, the server looked at us like we were being so inconvenient. I have since been to Spencer's and Ruth's Chris and have decided that I'm sticking with those two (especially R.C.) from here on out. The prices are all pretty comparable and ordering is A La Carte at each place, so if you are going to spend the money, you might as well get the best service and steaks that you can! Pros: Great food & Atmosphere Cons: Service more

Flemingsrocks must work for Flemings 1/23/2008

I do not appreciate being called a liar. I have worked in the restaurant industry in the past but never at Flemings. Of course Susan would be great to a VIP of her restaurant, if I dined at Flemings enough to be a VIP I'm sure she would kiss up to me as well. Unfortunately, I am not a frequent diner and she was very rude to my wife and I. I never said she was mean, I said she was rude. Maybe we caught her on a bad night, to us she was rude and the server made it apparent that she did not treat her employees very well. As a manager of a service related business you should always treat your guests well even if you are having a bad day, Susan treated us very poorly and we will never return to her restaurant.\r I am leaving my original review below so people can read about our bad experience at Flemings.\r \r We showed up for our fourth anniversary and were greeted by very nice and informative hostesses. Our waiter showed up and offered us wine and appetizers. The server was great and very helpful. We ordered steaks and they came out late and very overcooked. The server was helpful and apologetic. Then the manager came over. We had been to Flemings in the past and the General Manager, Michael, I believe, was very nice and helpful. This time they had a new manager, I think her name is Susan, she was really rude to us and made us feel like it was our fault that the steaks were overcooked. We could not believe how rude she was. We mentioned it to our server and he told us that the whole staff was miserable because of this new manager. We could feel it when we walked into the restaurant that the staff did not want to be there. It is too bad that they brought in a new manager because Flemings used to be a great place to dine. We have had great experiences there in the past, but we will not go back as long as this new manager is still there. Pros: Usually good steaks, sides, and service Cons: Rude Manager more

Ryan is good 11/24/2007

We are from NC and searched on the internet for a good steak restaurant. We had an excellent meal at Flemings. We loved the atmosphere, the wait staff (especially Ryan!) and the wine selection was good to excellent. The prices were reasonable for the quality of food and service. Try it out. You won't be sorry!! more

Impressive 10/8/2007

I have been to Fleming's a few times with my husband, and always enjoy myself. Recently however I took an old friend to dinner there and we not only enjoyed ourselves, but were thoroughly impressed. After making an effort to make sure we got a table we liked our server was right there to help us with whatever we needed, including a great wine recommendation, something fun i hadnt tried. I could tell my friend was really impressed by the servers knowledge of wine and how amazing the food was. The night was perfect, and we felt pampered the whole time, perfect for our girls night out. After dinner we moved to the bar to finish visiting over a few more drinks and were treated equally as well. I cant wait to bring my other friends here and impress them! Pros: wine knowledge of servers, quick and attentive service, amiable hostess Cons: getting there more

Finally Good Service! 9/7/2007

We dined at Flemings for our anniversary and they made it outstanding. We get frustrated everywhere we go because it seems like no one cares about good service. When we made the reservation the girl was super nice and even asked us if it was a special occasion. I asked why she needed to know and she said it was so that we would receive a free dessert! The server was really friendly and helped us figure out a great combo of steak and wine since we are newer to drinking wine. They had so many choices by the glass so we could each get our own combination. The food was timed really well, not too fast, not too slow. We felt really special and had a great time. Pros: Friendly staff, great food, lots of selection in wine Cons: a little noisy more

Wine Lizst Brewhaha for Naught 7/4/2007

We were excited to finally try Fleming's. We arrived the night of a playoff game and just missed the pre-game rush. The snooty & hopelessly clueless hostesses sent us to the bar (?) even though the place was nearly empty. The bonus was that they serve bleu cheese-stuffed green olives in several martinis---request if they don't come with your drink, they're THAT good. We were seated and commenced to peruse the famously huge wine list. I read & read & read & read....where were the GREAT wines? I asked our attentive waitress if they had a sommelier? She took the wine list form my hands and began perusing it??? It dawned on me she hadn't a clue as to what a sommelier was, so I asked for the wine steward. Yikes! We're off to a flying start! The manager came over, informed us he had put the wine list together, had a billion years experience with the Market Street Group (what does that say?). He was so pleasant. I told him what I wanted in a wine. He offered a 3 glass tasting. They arrived and I tasted. One red needed another 5 years in the bottle, another was 2 seconds away from being vinegar, the third was OK, but nothing better than Gallo Hearty Burgundy, which, BTW. is a great table wine. I was astounded that a place this high-falutin' has such a krapoola wine list. The champagnes are uniformly uninspired and non-vintage at top vintage prices. Very few great vintage wines by the bottle, let alone the glass. The food was great steakhouse fare. Our steaks were perfectly cooked, and the sides were big enough for four to share. You could get a steak and 2 sides and be done with it as the steaks are big and perfectly aged. They taste like you think a steak should, none of the awful cottony texture. I'd love them to get a great wine list, and yes, it IS possible in Utah, dump the snotty twits at the front desk, and drop the prices a tad. You'd still keep out the screaming kids and 'boofay' fans, but have a place more of us could regularly patronize. Pros: Bleu cheese stuffed olives, perfect steaks, best mac 'n' cheese in town Cons: bloated wine list, none of which are really great, clueless hostesses with attitude more

Too Pricey ... 4/17/2007

I think the environment was nice, the waitor and waitress are nice too but the thing is the food is too PRICEEY but not worth the money. The portion was too small and the pricey is too expensive, I felt regret when I came there. I prefer go to other cheaper places. Should not recommended for people who was poor :D Pros: Nice Environment! Cons: TOOO PRICEY more

True ""melt in your mouth"" steak 9/9/2006

We just had our anniversary dinner at Flemmings. The entire wait staff was professional, and took amazing care of our every need. We sat near the wait station, so it was a little noisey, but that was easily overlooked. I had the fillet (perfectly med-rare), and my first bite made me close my eyes and moan. It was truly a melt in your mouth steak. My wife had the scallops, and said that they may have been the best she has ever eaten. The wine I chose wasn't the absoulute best that it could have been... but that was probably just my selection. (I didn't say anything about it.) After dinner, the chef sent over a creme brulett (sp?) because of our anniversary, which was a diet killer. We had an excellent evening. One that will be remembered. Pros: Great Food, Great Atmosphere Cons: Little bit noisey more

worth the wait...and the price tag 6/30/2006

The first time I went to Fleming's was for an anniversary, and I was suitably impressed. The hostessess could certainly be improved upon, as they seem to forget that they are the ones serving the customers, and not the other way around, but the waiter made up for it. Although it was a busy night close to Valentine's Day, our waiter was attentive and helpful. The food took a while to get to our table, but when it arrived it was worth the wait. The steak was cooked exactly to our specifications, and the buttery, slightly garlicky taste was perfect. Neither of us could finish our steaks, though, so we still have not tried dessert. Pros: excellent steaks, beautiful restaurant Cons: hostesses...argh. more

1st time 2/14/2006

Great experience. Excellent food. We had the artichoke appetizer. Best I've ever had. Portions are overwhelming. I had the filet mignon cooked med. well, but should've asked for med. It was such a good cut of meat, it didn't need the extra time on the fire. But that was entirely my fault. the rib-eye was even better. We had the mashed potatoes and asparagus on the side. Both were great. The service was great. We were seated on time and the waiter was prompt. Prices are a little high on the sides and mixed drinks, but that is expected for fine dining. Will eat there again in a heartbeat. Pros: food is excellent, service was great, nice atmosphere Cons: too $$ mixed drinks, portions are extreme more
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  • Fleming's Salt Lake City, UT is an ongoing celebration of exceptional steak and wine. We are located Downtown SLC at the Gateway Mall, near Temple Square and a short distance from the SLC Airport.


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    With a decor of dark wood, leather upholstery and soft lighting, this clubby steakhouse has a warm, upscale feel. The menu's focus is prime beef (aged up to four weeks), from...

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