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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar - 211 Reviews - 4322 Boy Scout Blvd., Tampa, FL - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (925) 287-0297
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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

4322 Boy Scout Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33607
(925) 287-0297
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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar - Tampa, FL
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar - Tampa, FL
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar - Tampa, FL


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When I go out to eat, I expect to pay a lot for my meal. I also expect to get a lot of food for that money. I'm a bit of a foodie and only want the best. Well, this place did deli...


What seemed to be an upscale, fancy steakhouse, turned out disappointing. The kitchen at Fleming's is exposed to the guests. After 15min, I wished I wasn't sitting ""in the kitche...

Great Place!! 7/26/2011

When I go out to eat, I expect to pay a lot for my meal. I also expect to get a lot of food for that money. I'm a bit of a foodie and only want the best. Well, this place did deliver a great meal that I really enjoyed, only the portion was so small that I left feeling hungry still. The price wasn't worth the meal. However, the ambiance is very nice. more

Wonderful Steak, Terrible Lobster! 6/18/2011

We went to Flemings at the Domain on Saturday evening June 18, 2011. The atmosphere was nice. The waitress was attentive. The manager was nowhere to be seen. I ordered the special of the night, two 4 oz fillet mignon and a lobster. The fillet mignon was very tasty and very enjoyable. The lobster was a disgrace. It was covered with mayonnaise, barely edible. The three asparagus was tougher than rubber. I was expecting the manager to come over to ask how everything was, but after spending more than $352 for the dinner for the 6 of us, the manager never came. My conclusion? It's not worth it. more

Not just another slab of Orange County meat... 4/6/2011

Who doesn?t love a good steak (I mean other than vegetarians) and an extensive collection of truly delicious wine?! There are few fine dining restaurants that have a menu both sophisticated and simple enough to appeal to most any palette. Fleming?s is that restaurant. Located at Newport Fashion Island, it is a lovely restaurant that offers both bone-in filets (a scrumptious and marbled filet that makes your mouth sink in and smile) and a wine list that will make your Sommelier alter-ego swirl and sip with glee. Yes, glee. There are a few menu must-haves: Bone-in filet, Fleming?s potatoes - for those ?not counting calories? days, baked potato (no, really, it?s AMAZING), wedge salad, calamari (trick is to order it EXTRA crispy), BBQ glazed salmon, cr?me br?l?e, and the bread. Yes, the bread. Unfortunately, here is where I inform you I only drink red wine (sorry Chardonnay lovers). The selection of wine I have had the pleasure of indulging in while there: Belle Glos Pinot Noir, Justin Isosceles, Duckhorn Merlot, and Pride Cabernet. With over a hundred wines by the glass, Fleming?s offers a unique dining experience that gives you a reason to go out and an opportunity to enjoy a dinner worth your time (and money). For more, visit: atasteofdawn on the web... Written by Dawn Garcia more

My 2nd Love :) 11/30/2010

I Love this place the service has always been perfect and the food Amazing. By far one of the best steak houses in AZ. (we always go to scottsdale or the one closer in Phx) The side dishes are by themselves could be a meal. (you have to order them septate but it is beyond worth it. Mash potatos /yummy). Every time we have been here its been an outstanding experience. I took my bf here to see if he approved of the steak very picky with sort of thing and he loved it. Now this is our annversery place.. they always make you feel extra spcial if you come in for an event.( The little gift of truffles tehy give iyou is amazeing) This year when we went for out anniversary i order something i didnt care for (im beyond very picky) it was my fault for bad choosing the kitchen did ever thing i asked. but the waiter took it back and got me something i wanted and then the manger took it off the check for us.. which he didnt have to do at all ! they servers and everybody working here are very nice to be around. the atmosphere is beautiful romantic and laid back. It is more of a classy place so you dress nice. i like getting dressed up though. As some other reviews have stated it is expensive but you get what you pay for. everythings cooked right. the flavor is the best. portions are good get aged steak.. and for a once or twice a year this place is perfect to make you taste buds sizzle. out of all the restaurants we have been in AZ this in the only one one of use havent had complantes for :) more

Food is wonderful, but wow it's loud in there! 11/6/2010

photo Great steak, but not the place for a romantic evening by THEIslandGirl, Washington DC (3 reviews) November 06, 2010 Just got back from an evening at Fleming's where we celebrated my birthday. We knew it was pricey, but as this was a special occasion and we are wine lovers, we thought we would give it a try. Wonderful staff at Fleming's......hostesses were very friendly,....everyone we encountered was there to please the customer. Food was amazing with the exception of one dish...we pretty much loved everything from the appetizers to the dessert. I asked for a rare steak and unlike some places that feel they need to question your judgment on whether or not you really *understand* WHAT a rare steak is, Fleming's figures you get it and serve you what you ask for....seriously, my steak was showed to the flame! :) It was fork tender and wonderfully delicious! Hubby had lamb chops that were cooked to perfection. The only thing I was sorry we ordered was the Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese. Not quite sure why this dish had such rave reviews because it was like amped up box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Maybe the people in this restaurant were used to their mom making that for them when they were a kid, I don't know but I will say that this is the one dish I would like to give the chef a lesson in how to prepare because I make killer mac and cheese and this one to me was runny and not casserole like at all. Lesson learned. We were very happy with the other elements of the meal, the wine, cocktails, desserts and definitely the friendly staff. We were expecting something different when it came to the atmosphere. We figured there would be celebrations, but I can't remember the last time that I dined somewhere of this caliber that was so LOUD! You could barely hear yourself think. I had to ask our wonderful server several times to repeat himself. For the price of the meal, I was really expecting something special when it comes to what I think of as atmosphere. We dine at Carrabbas on occasion and I can't ever say it has ever been that loud in a run of the mill chain restaurant. Seriously, do people know what a normal tone of voice is anymore? Would we go back....we might think about it on a weeknight as I think it might be a tad better, but never on another weekend night. For the money we spent, we certainly expected much more in the ambiance department. I must agree with nefretari2 on a point she made....we dined there for my birthday and were seated behind the bar....why would someone celebrating an event be seated near the kitchen or near the bar? more

Don't bother 10/28/2010

I am a real Flemings fan, been to locations from Tampa to Knoxville to Omaha and several in between. more

Hit and Miss 10/16/2010

My husband and I went to Fleming's for an anniversary dinner. I made the hostess aware of this occasion when making the reservations, and our server was aware of this since he asked how long we had been married. I mention this because, even knowing this was a romantic occasion, we were seated in a booth next to the kitchen (and apparently the area where they noisily polish the silverware) and along the walkway in and out of the kitchen and to the restrooms. It was extremely noisy. So much so, that we wound up sending texts to each other during the meal because we couldn't hear what the other person was saying. So, I've complained about the seating, now on to the food. My husband had the shrimp cocktail. It was standard cold, shelled shrimp with cocktail sauce, just plated nicely instead of being served in a martini glass. I had the Cajun Barbecue Shrimp. I thought this was well done, though I wouldn't call the flavor barbecue. Our salads were standard fare, he had the wedge salad and I had the caesar. There was a bit of an odd aftertaste to the caesar dressing. It was a very fresh, green flavor, almost like cilantro. It was strange since you don't expect that flavor in what is usually a mellow dressing. For our main course we each had the filet. His was 12 oz, mine was 6 oz lite filet. He had his prepared medium-well Oscar style. Mine was medium-well with a medeira sauce. My filet came with Flemings potatoes which are essentially au gratin potatoes. What I could taste of them were pretty good, but they were so overcooked I couldn't cut through the cheese topping. Our steaks weren't properly prepared, but were edible. We both asked for medium-well. Mine was closer to medium, but acceptable and his, though larger, somehow was cooked more thoroughly at well done. He said his was tough thanks to being overcooked. We had the roasted garlic mashed potatoes, which weren't spectacular and had the consistency of instant potatoes. We also had the creamed corn. It tasted good, but the corn was overcooked and slightly mushy. It would have been nice if there were a little crunch to the kernels. It was almost like they used canned corn. The best part of the meal was the chocolate lava cake at the end. I do have to say our server was very attentive even though he seemed to be covering quite a few tables that evening. I think one of the bigger disappointments was that knowing it was our anniversary, we weren't ""gifted"" with desert. This tends to be something that all the other similar restaurants in the area do, but apparently not Flemings. While I certainly don't expect a free desert, I can't seem to understand why I was even asked if we were celebrating a special event if we weren't going to be shown any special treatment. At the least they could have given us a table in a quieter corner. I'm sorry to say I wouldn't recommend Fleming's to anyone else with so many other steak restaurants in the area that provide more intimate settings, and better prepared food. more

Flemings - Disappointed 9/27/2010

Took my wife to Flemings (first time for both of us) to celebrate her birthday. She ordered a small filet, cooked medium. Usually, in most steakhouses, they come around and ask you to cut into your steak to make sure it is cooked right. They did not but I asked my wife to do it and when she did, it was well done. Flagged down the waiter, still don't know his name, and he immediately took it back. In the meantime, she helped me with my strip which was cooked correctly. About10 minutes later, the manager brought out her filet, cooked medium and apologized. more

Fleming's in Newport Beach 7/22/2010

At Fleming’s when you order a steak rare (as you should) it’s going to come gently seared. It’s going... more

Fleming's in Irvine 6/28/2010

If you want a mouthwatering steak in Orange County, you go to Fleming?s. It?s something I?ve learned over the past few months. Forget Ruth?s Chris, with their sizzling butter steaks. Blech. If you want a steak that is uncomplicated, that stands on its own merits, that doesn?t need to hide behind a sauce or gimmick, then you go to Fleming?s. As you step into the perpetually-busy steakhouse, the first thing you?ll notice is that it?s dim. Very dim. The place is full of people and the steady thrum of diners-in-ecstasy ebbs and flows in the soft light. Your eyes adjust, and as you glance around, waiting for a hostess to seat you, you start to realize why the place is always so packed. Briskly polite servers weave expertly through the throng of people, and present scalding-hot plates of the most beautiful ruby-red meat you?ve ever seen. At Fleming?s when you order a steak rare (as you should) it?s going to come gently seared. It?s going to have a light, delicate crust, and the inside is deep pink, like a good piece of seared tuna. When you cut into this steak, whether it?s New York strip, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, or whatever, you?ll notice that it doesn?t look like typical beef. There are no fibers here. I feel like I know how to cook a flavorful, tender steak, and there are always the natural fibers of the beef! The steaks at Fleming?s are of such quality and aged so perfectly, that the soft warm pink inside is just completely smooth. That means it?s going to be the most tender peace of meat you?ve had. The sides are served family style, and accompany the steak nicely. Fleming?s potatoes are the signature side, and come sliced thin, with cheese and the essence of jalapeno. These aren?t hot or spicy, but you can just pick up the hint of flavor there. The other side we tried for this meal was awesome: saut?ed green beans and mushrooms. My family likes our vegetables a little ?al dente? ? a bit crispy, even after cooking. That?s exactly what we got with this side. The beans were crispy and still bright green, practically popping out of the dish. The mushrooms were moist and earthy, very good, with a hint of olive oil in the background. I Couldn?t get enough of those mushrooms. All of this goodness is framed beautifully by Fleming?s kickass wine list. My dad and I enjoyed a velvety Merlot (mom went with a Chardonnay) with dinner that seemed to bring out the best in everything, including the boysenberry jam that came with the cheesecake at the end. One last suggestion: if you can, try and get seating in the small, private dining room downstairs. It?s much more intimate and quiet. Through a side-door and down a hidden flight of stairs, you?d never even know it was down there, but being surrounded by bottles of expensive wine on the walls is rustic-feeling, and with the private little bar tucked into the corner, it?s a charming and cozy space. more

Just dont like the place 4/10/2010

We have tried to like Flemings but just can't get there for some reason. The first time we ate there we felt that the service was simply too fast. If we are eating out and paying top dollar we do not want to feel rushed. The second time we paced the meal by not ordering the main until we had completed the starter and that helped. Food is good but not spectacular. The starters seem over worked, for example the tomatoes and mozzarella was drenched in balsamic dressing where only a little would have served. The steaks are ok but again not as good as what we would get at another well known steak house in town. Just can't get there but with all the choices in town maybe it is just a personal preference. Pros: Nice decor, fast service Cons: Food overly worked, touristy feel, service needs pacing more

Impeccable service, High-quality food 3/1/2010

To whom it may concern, My wife and I have recently had the delightful experience of dining at your restaurant in The Woodlands, Texas. We had reservations for the dining room this past Valentine's Day. From the moment we walked into the door we were treated to the best dining experience we have ever had together! I have traveled to many countries and have rarely received this high level of service, to memory. The door greeter was genuinely courteous. The hostess ""Cori"" was kind, professional, and demonstrated manners uncommon of her generation. Our high-caliber waiter for the evening was ""Bryan"", whom demonstrated patience and impeccable attention to detail without nagging or hovering. This top-notch service highlighted the dining room's ambiance and our tasty meals. You can go just about anywhere for a fancy dinner but very few places for a good memory. Too often are the staff not recognized for a ""job well-done"". Fleming's in the Woodlands, especially Cori and Bryan , deserve it! Pros: Service, Menu, Ambiance, Location Cons: Drink costs, Parking availability, Location more

mediocre, overpriced food, good service 2/12/2010

When a restaurant has 4 pages of wine selections and 2 pages of food, you know what the emphasis will be. The wine selection may appeal to some, but we wanted a superior meal. No such luck. Salads first. There are four, none of them unusual. The Flemings salad we got to share had stale croutons, a giant glazed nut, two spinach leaves and a bunch of iceberg lettuce -- with craisins. House dressing: lemon vinagerette? A double sour dressing on a sweet salad? We declined and got another on the side. Onward. There were only two steaks on the menu. My small fillet mignon was nicely cooked but not exceptionally tender. Worse, it was over-salted. My husband ordered the ""oscar"" topping.-- a $15 addition of crabmeat with cheese and two exceedingly skinny asparagus spears. It barely covered his steak. He liked it but agreed that it was not worth the excessive price. For that he should have had an extra entree! We tried a valentines velvet cake for dessert. Cold, gummy cake with cream cheese frosting and two second class white-topped strawberries dipped in a bit of chocolate. Again, very underwhelming. We will not go back. Pros: good wait staff Cons: limited, unimaginative menu more

Great place! 2/3/2010

I recently stopped by for the happy hour I'd heard so much about. It was awesome. The food is great, the drinks are great, and contrary to the previous review, the service was awesome. Even though they were pretty busy, I never had an empty glass and it was always served with a smile. This is a place that I am going to frequent for sure. Pros: great food and happy hour more

Serious Issues with this place 2/2/2010

I have gone to happy hour and had dinner at this location at least a dozen times since they opened and last night will be the last time I go there. Pros: Cheap happy hour Cons: Burgers are horrible, service stinks, attitude of bartenders more

What a nice experience it was ! 2/1/2010

My wife and I wanted a nice dinner out, it was suggested that we try Fleming's. We are very happy we did, the steak was prepared perfect, just like ordered it, the side dishes were also very good.. bluecheese mash potatoes.. oh yeah. we shall be back ! Pros: Good cuts of meat/ prepared very well Cons: Parking is a pain... if you don't use the valet more

Does the Schwan Man Stop here? 1/24/2010

The service was lovely. I just it hate it when the nice guy has to bring out something so disappointing.. but this steak was grizzled and tough ..I apologise to the bus boy who had to pick up my napkin with the gross bits in it. Mommy's fillet looked like shriveled up truffle bulbs I guess when you order ""the special"" you don't get prime.My sister who will now agrees to eat non mammal flesh..picked at her tuna and declared it gooshy. It was not sushi it was just not cooked through. Dad's steak was ok it was cooked right...but just OK is not what I was looking for. BUT the service was fabulous. Pros: nice service more

Amazing Filet 12/9/2009

This is one of my favorites for celebrations and romantic dinners. I love a nice Filet with a glass of Moet. The cost is somewhat pricey but you get what you pay for. Pros: Best Filet Cons: $ more

Great High-End Steak House 12/7/2009

Came here for a family dinner 5-6 years back as a ""supposed to be as good as Ruth's Chris"" type deal. To start, the decor is nice, but it's a little OVER-CROWDED... they are really pushing the fire code with regards to how many tables they fit in an area... we got stuck in a private room with the doors open... not good seating. The food was average at best.. 3 stars based on that. Went again a year later b/c we couldn't get into the aforementioned Ruth's Chris (yes, I do like that place)... this time, I couldn't have had a different experience... probably the best steak / meal I've had in my meager existence. I had the Filet Mignon. Why get anything else? That one meal actually got me off the RC kick, and on a pretty consistent Flemings run. Of course the place never delivered at the same level... but still very good, and MUCH better than Morton's. Big fan of the Flemings potato... and the mac & Cheese. Pros: Flemmings Potato!! oh yea, and the steaks Cons: Don't come for Father's Day & get the Filet Mignon Benedict more

Best Steak i've had in years! 12/7/2009

if u want a great steak, this is the place. went there for my birthday last week. had trouble find it, but it was worth the effort. Pros: Best more
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  • Fleming's Tampa, FL is an ongoing celebration of exceptional steak and wine. We are located across from the International Plaza and Bay Street in Westshore, just a few miles from Downtown Tampa.


  • Known for thick steaks and award-winning wine collection, this stylish spot satisfies serious carnivores and oenophiles alike. The space is handsome yet not stuffy like more traditional...

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