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Five Seasons Healing- Acupuncture, Herbs & Doula Services - 27 Reviews - 80 E 11th St 211, New York, NY - Acupuncture Clinics Reviews - Phone (917) 538-5755

Five Seasons Healing- Acupuncture, Herbs & Doula Services

80 E 11th St 211 (at Broadway)
New York, NY 10003
(917) 538-5755
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Five Seasons Healing- Acupuncture, Herbs & Doula Services - New York, NY
Five Seasons Healing- Acupuncture, Herbs & Doula Services - New York, NY
Five Seasons Healing- Acupuncture, Herbs & Doula Services - New York, NY
Five Seasons Healing- Acupuncture, Herbs & Doula Services - New York, NY


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Sharon is a deeply empathetic and gifted healer. I went to Sharon with acute insomnia and anxiety, accompanied by a terrible case of creepy-crawly itching. Perhaps like many peopl...


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Healing from the inside out. 5/17/2011

Sharon is a deeply empathetic and gifted healer. I went to Sharon with acute insomnia and anxiety, accompanied by a terrible case of creepy-crawly itching. Perhaps like many people who consult an acupuncturist, I had sought help from my regular doctor, as well as a psychiatrist, and the drugs they prescribed actually made me feel worse. At my first meeting with Sharon, I was nothing short of completely overwhelmed by the symptoms I was experiencing. After listening carefully to my history of symptoms, she assured me that what I was experiencing was nothing out of the ordinary in terms of what she is used to seeing and treating. She gave me full confidence that she could help me, which she did. I felt significant relief the day after my first acupuncture session and, along with the Chinese herbs she prescribed, after a month of treatment, I felt better than I had in a long time. When you come from a place of such deep suffering and fear, and someone is able to offer you not just relief, but also a new perspective on your mind and body, it is impossible not to be affected by the healer and the healer?s tools. Sharon listens to your concerns attentively and uses her impressive wealth of knowledge to alleviate your pain, and she does so with enormous compassion. She works not only on your immediate symptoms to bring relief as soon as possible, but simultaneously works on finding and treating the source of your symptoms so that you can maintain your health. I am forever grateful to Sharon ? and to TCM ? for helping me to get well, and will continue to see her to maintain good health. more

Highly Recommended 5/17/2011

I have worked with Sharon for the past year and would highly recommend her, and have in fact sent several patients her way! I came to her first looking to help regulate my menstrual cycle and to aid in fertility as my partner and I planned to try to get pregnant a few months later. Sharon subsequently treated me through our insemination attempts, skillfully encouraging timely ovulation, and a healthy embryo implantation. Once I actually became pregnant, she treated me throughout my first trimester and into my second (where I happily am now) easing fatigue and nausea, and helping maintain my early pregnancy. Oh, and along the way she cured my sciatica! Her expertise with acupuncture and herbs is amazing. Her compassion and healing presence are truly a rare find. As a patient, it's not often that you feel so seen, heard and cared for. She's a gem. more

Mom to be! 5/17/2011

In just four sessions with Sharon I felt almost complete relief from the pain of TMJ, within 8 sessions I could sense the way I dealt with stress changing and within 12 sessions I was pregnant. I was hooked! Sadly the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and over the next 3-6 months Sharon focused our treatments on emotional and physical healing as well as making sure my body was in optimal condition to carry a pregnancy to full term. After six months I was feeling much better physically and emotionally and my husband and I were ready to start trying for our family again. One of Sharon's colleagues suggested at my annual gynecological visit I ask to be swabbed for any "hidden infections." Lo and behold I tested positive for ureaplasma a very common infection for women with chronic UTI's which I had been plagued with my whole life. With one antibiotic pill I was pregnant my next cycle! I credit Sharon's combination of eastern practice and awareness and inclusion of western medicine with being 6 weeks away from birthing my first child. Acupuncture analyzes everything that is going on in your life, not just the one symptom you come in with. Sharon uses this information to diagnose and treat appropriately while not discounting what treatments your western practitioner may be prescribing. If I still lived in NYC I would continue to see Sharon, as would my husband and soon to be son. She is truly a gift. more

Thank you, Sharon! 5/17/2011

I am so happy to announce that our baby was born at midnight on January 18th. His arrival was totally possible because of Sharon's support over the last year plus. I cannot thank her enough for making our family a possibility after my PCOS diagnosis. more

Turning Breech Baby at 36.5 weeks 5/17/2011

Thank you so much for your fine expertise and guidance! I am grateful! It was reassuring to be in your care and I am enthused to continue acupuncture therapy again soon post delivery. more

Suffered from Alopecia 11/4/2009

My hair has almost all come back, and I'm feeling so much better. Everyday I realize how lucky I was to have the support that I had throughout the past two years. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and support. Not only are you a skilled and knowledgeable acupuncturist, but you are extremely caring and compassionate. I was so lucky to have found you. more

Great place for fertility help! 11/4/2009

At age 39 my husband and I began trying for our second child, with no success. We turned to medical techniques and went straight to very aggressive IVF treatments. Although my ?numbers were good? (hormone levels within normal range) and I produced large numbers of eggs, unfortunately we endured the heartache and anguish of 3 failed IVF treatments. I did a lot of research and learned that acupuncture was thought to help IVF, although to be honest I was at a point of giving up hope. A friend referred me to Sharon Yeung. One thing I was surprised by was that Sharon gave me a diagnosis and did not just chalk it up to being too old. Sharon told me she thought I could have a baby naturally without IVF, which was hard to imagine given the dismal results I had thus far achieved. She started me on Chinese Medicine and treatments. After my 3rd IVF failure, I was ready to switch to a different IVF clinic for one last IVF and had started looking into adoption. After 13 months of trying and the 3rd failure, and one more natural try which I thought had failed, I went to Sharon?s office in complete despair. She gave me some advice which I was too upset to listen to, told me not to give up and that perhaps I was pregnant. To be honest I took a pregnancy test just to call and tell her that I got another negative, well somehow I guess she knew and no one was more surprised and elated that I when the word ?Pregnant? flashed across the screen. Sharon turned out to be right after all, I was able to get pregnant naturally and delivered my beautiful, healthy baby girl at age 41. I continued to see Sharon and Marie as well throughout the pregnancy and am forever grateful for their help in helping me achieve my incredible miracle. My only wish is that I had discovered Sharon before I even did one IVF but I think Sharon would tell me that it was all part of the journey I needed to go through. Choice of treatment is a very personal decision, however I would encourage anyone going through infertility to work with Sharon as I believe that I would not have my sweet and amazing baby without her help, knowledge and support. more

Sharon is a wonderful Practitioner 2/2/2009

After returning from a vacation in Belize, I developed a condition that, over time, began to attack my nervous system. Many doctors visits and several tests yielded no diagnosis or treatment for tingling in my fingers, toes, and nose, twitching in my face, and general weakness. I sought treatment from Sharon after feeling frustrated by the lack of help I was getting from western practitioners while my condition continued to worsen. more

Thorough and Comprehensive! 2/1/2009

I first came to see Sharon in 2008. I had a number of health problems including allergies, insomnia, and high levels of stress and anxiety from my work situation. I often found myself lying awake at night unable to sleep. It seemed that the less sleep I got, the more other health problems began to arise. However, I did not want to have to take sleeping or other medications to get through this difficult time in my life. Eastern medicine seemed like my last chance. When I first came to see Sharon, she took a very thorough initial evaluation, asking lots of questions about my general health and history. The whole process was so comprehensive---very different from other doctors I have been to before. Sharon quickly determined that certain systems in my body, like digestion, were in a sense "victims" of my stress and anxiety. She first worked to get those back in check by administering weekly acupuncture treatments and then herbal medicine. Sharon worked closely with me until I felt like my old self again. She is very knowledgeable and really looks at the body as a whole. She is also an extremely caring and compassionate practitioner. I would highly recommend her to others! more

Dedicated Bedside Manner, Commitment to Follow Up 12/29/2008

As someone who studies the impact and efficacy of health care providers, I was surprised to realize how little attention I paid to the quality of my own health care. That is, until I met Sharon Yeung. From the moment we met, I understood what a dynamic and productive relationship with a health provider can be. Her dedication to the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is evident in her bedside manner, the clarity of her diagnoses, and her commitment to follow up. more

Back to my old self! 12/22/2008

\r \r I first came to see Sharon in 2004 after doing several open-water swims, including one around Manhattan (in the East and Hudson Rivers) and the Boston Harbor. I wasn't feeling myself, but there was nothing my western doctor could find that was causing my malaise. Within weeks of seeing Sharon I was back to my old self, full of energy, and waking up rested and ready to go, but my love for acupuncture and Chinese medicine had barely begun. I have continued to see Sharon regularly over the last 3 years for preventative healthcare and my life-long pursuit of general wellbeing and happiness! Whether it's the aches and pains of too much swimming, the stress of law school and now my legal work, the winter blues, or just a moment to relax in the middle of New York City, I cherish my time under Sharon's care and thank her for all she gives me.\r \r Nikki D., Two-time Olympic Swimmer and Human Rights Lawyer\r New York, NY\r more

Finally Getting Things Done! 12/7/2008

As a 31 year-old man recently diagnosed with ADHD, I was desperate to find a treatment to help my focus and concentration without going on medication. Thankfully, visiting Sharon Yeung has helped me find a solution. She has prescribed a combined treatment of weekly acupuncture with daily Chinese herbal supplements and I'm very satisfied with the way that I'm feeling, concentrating and GETTING THINGS DONE! Furthermore her ability to help me set goals, and think of manageable ways to achieve them has made the treatment even more successful. more

Helped my 8 month old Sleep! 12/4/2008

I am indebted to Sharon Yeung for helping to get my 8-month-old baby sleeping like she should! After just one treatment, my daughter has gone from waking up every hour (sometimes less) to sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches, which is exactly what I would expect as she is still nursing through the night. I have gone from being a miserable, exhausted, and frustrated mess to feeling rested and energetic. Now I can give all the time and attention I want to my baby and her older brother. Sharon also was my doula for my daughter's birth, and that experience also was absolutely incredible. Sharon is patient, thoughtful, insightful, and funny. I cannot say enough about the benefits of acupuncture to the health of the entire family. more

Tremendous Childbirth Doula 10/6/2008

I am writing to express our deep appreciation for your support as the doula assisting the birth of our daughter. more

Living healthier... 10/6/2008

Working with Sharon helped me learn to listen to and understand my body in a new way. She worked with me to solve an ongoing condition that had become part of my daily life. Thanks to her gentle approach, I am now living healthier and feel much more connected to my own well being. KS more

Better Digestion, Better Sleep, Better Quality of Life 10/6/2008

I first went to see Sharon Yeung from reading about her in New York Magazine and; since I had always been interested in acupuncture, decided to see her for a consultation. I found Sharon to be extremely thorough and caring; and when discussing my medical history, felt I should give acupuncture a try for conditions I was resigned to enduring for the rest of my life, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Insomnia, as well as heavy nosebleeds. I had never experienced acupuncture before and was quite surprised that I didn?t doze more

Sharon Yeung changed my life 4/11/2008

Simply put, Sharon Yeung has changed my life. For several years I more

Best treatment for insomnia! 9/23/2007

I came to Sharon over a year and a half ago with chronic insomnia, and though I was using prescription sleep aids regularly, I still rarely slept through the night. Unlike the many other doctors I have seen for my insomnia, Sharon did not ask me to shape my life around my treatments, but rather, took tremendous care to work with me to integrate my treatments into my life. When I started acupuncture, I was afraid that I would become reliant on my treatments, as I had on my prescribed medications, but after three months, when I took a break from treatments to test this theory, I found that my quality of sleep was still vastly improved. I now see Sharon on a "maintenance" treatment plan, and with her help, I continue to see a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. Over the past year and a half, Sharon has helped me to sleep through a stressful job transition, an apartment search, and innumerable small crisis that would have previously kept me tossing and turning for weeks on end! more

amazing childbirth doula and acupuncturist! 9/5/2007

As an acupuncturist and doula, Sharon Yeung played an invaluable role in assisting me with the birth of my first child. She met with me and my husband a few weeks prior to ascertain what kind of birth we were envisioning (I had hoped for a natural birth) and how best she might assist. Sharon gave me a routine acupuncture induction treatment in my 38th week to help prepare my body for labor, which started 5 days later. Once labor started, she was available immediately for advice by phone and soon arrived at our home to assist. Her combined skills, as well as her calm and nurturing presence, were invaluable to me and my husband. Throughout the 24 or so hours of my labor, Sharon was right there with me, giving acupuncture treatments for pain and nausea, suggesting different positions to keep me comfortable, applying counter-pressure during contractions, making sure I stayed nourished and hydrated, guiding me with deep breathing and generally just being a wonderful emotional support. Sharon has an innate ability to make timely and helpful suggestions without putting on pressure or being too overbearing. She teamed up very well with my husband (and later, with the midwife and nurses at the hospital) to keep labor progressing smoothly. I found that having a doula to assist with labor removed the worry of uncertainty. I was fortunate to be able to have the natural birth I had envisioned, due in no small part to having a trained professional there to judge where I was in the process and keep things calm, allowing me to concentrate on the task at hand. Beyond this, I would highly recommend Sharon as a doula because of her empathetic nature as well her tireless work ethic, at every moment assessing the situation and determining how best to be of help. If I have another child I sincerely hope that Sharon can be with me during the labor and birth! Pros: professional, available, and invaluable more

A true gift for healing. 7/13/2007

It is not often that I am motivated to write a testimonial, but in this case I thought it important to write about the care and concern I received and the improvement I made while seeing Sharon as a patient over a three month period. When I first saw Sharon, I had several complaints (IBS, acid reflux, anxiety) and a general feeling of malaise. I am delighted to say, in that time, under Sharon?s care, I made significant improvement and turned the corner on the path to recovery. I felt more balanced, healthy, strong, vibrant and happy. I regained ?myself?. What also impressed me so much about Sharon was her compassion, dedication, warmth and personal touch. She made you feel as if you were her only client. Always on top of your condition, Sharon spent a good amount of time discussing your issues, symptoms, concerns and feelings prior to each treatment. She also was quick to respond by phone or email to answer any questions or follow up when necessary. Sharon Yeung is a practitioner who excels in her profession. She brings an holistic perspective in caring for her patients and a true gift for healing. more
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Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner uses acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine and Qi Gong exercise to promote health in her clients.

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  • At Five Seasons Healing, Sharon Yeung is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and childbirth doula. She received advanced clinical training in hospitals throughout China in gynecology, pediatrics and classical herbal medicine and has worked in the obstetrics, oncology and neurological & orthopedic rehabilitation departments at Lutheran Medical Center. Sharon recognizes the distinct needs of kids, teens and adults and uses the tools of Chinese medicine-acupuncture, herbs, massage, exercise, lifestyle and nutritional counseling-to restore harmony and balance to their lives.

    With the proper guidance and nurture, the body can heal itself. Sharon helps each person tap into this vast resource.


  • Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner uses acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine and Qi Gong exercise to promote health in her clients.

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