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Fitness Usa

39333 Van Dyke Ave
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
(586) 939-8000
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Fitness USA is now like a Curves on steroids. Newly remodeled lobby offers a co-ed cardio workout area and tanning booths 7 days a week. Still have the full service workout facili...


First of all i have been a member here for about 16 years.. and back at that time you paid a one time fee and that was it. I think it was around $800 in total for a lifetime memb...

Place is a hole in the wall with small-minded staff 11/19/2010

Place is a cesspool and breeding ground for developing fungus disorders on your skin. Staff is incompetent, immature. Equipment is from the late 70's and and pool area is rarely, if ever, maintained. Beware...owner would be better off hiring monkeys and paying them in bananas to get at least some respect and dignity pumped into this place. Never in my life have I come across such a low-level of human functioning and moral behavior as is witnessed with these parasites. more

AVOID Fitness USA!! 5/3/2010

I would avoid Fitness USA at all costs. And by costs, I mean quite literally. First of all, all I wanted to really do is join for the kickboxing class. I got roped into a contract paying $40 for over two years! What is my membership status after all that money? Well, I can't go there (even after all that initial money) without paying the $10 month-to-month. When I tried to end it, they said I couldn't. Also, because it was a loan, it was reporting to my credit! Pros: End of my contract Cons: Pushy sales, er ""fitness coaches"" and terrible contracts more


Fitness USA is a Joke. If you sign up for a membership here you WILL NOT be able to get out of it NO MATTER WHAT. We had a membership and moved and I lost my job and can no longer afford the payments and are unable to go to the gym--BUT they WILL not cancel it because we are still within the 25 miles of a new location. Tell me who is going to drive 25 min or more one way to the gym. So basically we have to pay for 10 months of a service we cannot use. The sales guy told us when we sign up it is easy to get out of if you move--wrong. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I hope this company shuts down!! They are not there for their customers---only there for your money!!! I can't even believe they are still able to stay in business with their horrible business practices. Someone needs to really look into this company and reveal their evil practices----if someone would have told me what i know now I would never have signed up for a contract here. Shame on you Fitness USA---Shame on you!! Pros: cheap Cons: contract--you will never get out of unless you DIE more


I joined the Royal Oak facility on Woodward Avenue. I It did not take me long to realize that Fitness USA was a horrible experience. I wanted to try the gym experience to see if I would like it. The advertised price,19.99 a month, no contracts, pay as you go, sounded like a good deal. I could try it for a month and it would not cost me much. It turns out there are lots of start-up fees and a contract to sign. Even though I made it clear to the lady who signed me up that this was a trial basis, she checked the box that automatically takes money form my checking account every month. So I had to write a letter to Fitness USA headquarters and have this changed. I never got help in running the machines. There is a twenty minute limit on many machines even though I was paying extra to use all the equipment. Staff ignored me except when they had a promotion. Then one staff member followed me around trying to get me to agree to sign friends up at a discount. The fitness center was not working for me; I was bored and I hated the rude staff, so I went in to cancel. I couldn't do that. I was a member, so I had to let a staff member fill out a form for me. I said, ?No way, Just write my name, my membership number and the word 'cancelled.'? ?We don't do it that way,? said the staff member.? She smiled but did not start writing. I have no idea what she was waiting for. Perhaps if she delayed long enough another month would pass and I would have to pay for another month of membership. Then the manager came and told me to be patient. ?There is no call for rudeness,? she said. ?You are a member and you will fill out the proper paperwork.? Good. Then just let me write ?I cancel.? ?We have to do the paperwork."" I walked out. I was a customer at this place, but all they were interested in was my money and how many of my friends they could sucker into opening a ?membership.? Since when do customers have to fill out paperwork to quit a store that provides shoddy services? Pros: None Cons: Poor customer service more

Fitness USA Sterling Heights 6/17/2009

First of all i have been a member here for about 16 years.. and back at that time you paid a one time fee and that was it. I think it was around $800 in total for a lifetime membership. Actually, that is pretty good, considering Ballys has membership dues, and renewal dues. So I have had this membership for quite some time now and it has been paid off for over 14 yrs.. not bad! I am disturbed to hear about all the other fees that are now associated with peoples memberships Pros: women only Cons: LISTEN UP!! more

Fitness USA Sterling Heights 1/27/2009

Went to Fitness USA last night. Am currently a member at Lifetime Fitness. Place was small and seemed crouded but also seemed more user friendly than Lifetime. Met a woman named Amy who was not pushy. Although there were a few others that certainly thought the hard sell would work on me. I am concerned about a comment someone else had posted regarding the type of membership and that there is nothing in writing that specifies what each membership includes. The jury is still out with me. more

I would give them a zero star 1/15/2009

Joined this gym 5 months back. They don't have contracts, it is a month to month agreement and they use this ""no contract"" thing as their weapon when they change their policies evrytime you go in. They wont sign any paper, dont have a document outlining the facilities available for different memeberships. On top of all, staff is misbehaved and harassing. Lisa Shephard (the manager at Royal oak location) was about to choke me when I asked her to explain the sudden chage in membership dues. Phew..keep away frem them, if you ask a little more, they start barking rudely. Will never return to this gym. Pros: no pros at all Cons: staff unfriendly and disrespectful more

Just Joined 3 months ago. 1/1/2009

I've been a member at some other female only gyms and I visited a Ballys once. I joined this gym a few motnhs ago because I wanted a no contract, easy place to work out. I would reccomend it to anyone like myself who wants a no frills, but fun place to work out. It's nice having all ladies, but at the same time it's a real gym. Too bad it can't be the same but open 7 days a week. This is a good gym and if you don't know what you're doing the staff is pretty friendly to show you. Pros: no contract, low monthly, good atmosphere, friendly Cons: smaller, designated workout days more

Rude, Pushy Staff 9/5/2008

Basically, I stopped by because I was considering a membership. Instantly, they required my name and phone number on a sheet of paper. I was given a 2 minute tour by one of the employees., and brought into a room to go over the rates. The manager busted in the room and was instantly pushing for me to sign up right away. I said that I would like to come in on a day where I could actually see the pool facilities (it was a male day, so I couldn't go in there) and see how busy the place would be at the times I would normally be coming in. He said that what I saw in the picture (a small picture of half of the pool area, with 8 girls in bikinis lying around) was exactly what it was, and that seeing it wasn't going to make a difference in my opinion, he'd heard people say the same thing a million times before. He said that female days were admittedly busier, but if I only signed up right now, then I wouldn't have to mess with paperwork when I came in and I could start right away. I insisted that I would, in fact, need to come in another day before I decided. He said that I would need to ask for the same employee who assisted me, because this employee works on commision, you know, and that is what earns him money and feeds his family at home. Needless to say, I was completely turned off by this rude and aggresive way of trying to obtain my business. There was not even at attempt at trying to make me feel comfortable or catering to my needs, and I hadn't even signed up yet!! more

Not as trendy, but a place where middle aged can go and be comfortable! 12/6/2007

After being a LIFETIME member I came back to Fitness USA to take advantage of my Lifetime membership I owned. Pros: free trainers if you need it, aerobics Cons: contracts more

Shafted by Fitness USA - make your voice heard!!! 11/13/2007

For those of you who have had a terrible experience during your membership or getting out of your membership with Fitness USA, file a complaint with the b b b. Just go to their website and it is very easy to file a complaint. Surprisingly, Fitness USA is recommended by the b b b which needs to change!!! Their billing practices and membership charges and completely outrageous and oppressive to the ordinary consumer. They snatch you in with lies about how you will have a personal trainer - but that ""personal trainer"" is merely a salesperson. Don't let this company continue to get away with this. more

Buyer beware! 9/8/2007

I am a Lifetime Member of over 20 years, when I can afford to or have the time to I join other clubs with roomier class areas and professional personal trainers. The personal trainers at Fitness USA are salespeople. Once you join they circle you as you work out and try to give you guest cards to bring people in. If you go at a busy time for a class you have to watch to not bump into equipment or other members using equipment. I was told by an employee years ago not to use the whirlpool because the old ladies that hang out in it have weak bladders. I was talked into signing up a friend recently and when I balked because of the 3 day cancellation the salesperson assured me that if the gift wasn't wanted she'd let me out of the contract. Stupid me! This was after telling me 3 times not to bring her in 2 days later, but to wait a half month for her birthday, they'd let me out if my friend didn't want it! Oh well, just to warn others. Cons: Pushy salespeople, no childcare more

Improvements. 7/20/2007

I've been a LifeTime member and Ballys members.. but I had a LT membership here. Came back i nthe last 6 months to the SH location and really liked what I saw. The trainers have improved a lot. they areknowledgeable and helpful. I have had a lot of great help from them. The cardio zone and longer hours gives the place more room for members too. If you want a motivating place to work out, this is your place. I am actually proud to be a fitness member here and I am glad I have a lifetime one. Even though people might have bad experiences, they should use common sense too! Pros: Trainers, classes, motivation Cons: childcare. more

dont go there 6/7/2007

when i signed up for fitness usa i did not know what i was getting myself into. i got to the lincoln park one but signed up at the taylor one. the taylor F-USA is nothing but a rude, careless staff, and when i signed up they said i would get unlimited cardiovascular(where you can come in on anyday) and tanning booth. i got neither one of those, so im pretty much paying over $40/ month for a basic membership. so i stopped going because i wark alot and dont have much time to go, plus i dont like the place. i was paying the membership anyways just to keep th NCC off my back. then today i tried all day to cancel the membership and its pretty much IMPOSSIBLE. the lady from NCC said i could get a form and fill it out to send to NCC. when i asked the instructor at F-USA when i was paying my bill she said im liable upon signing (in other words 'no way, jose'). so i called fitness usa headquarters and the lady said i could write a letter to headquarters stating why i want to cancel, but she said it will probably be denied because they dont cancel because of lack of use. so once you sign up to fitness usa you are pretty much locked in until you pay $1200+. i feel like i signed my soul to the devil and theres no way out. im paying 40 a month for nothing Pros: sauna/pool/good equipment Cons: horrible staff / customer service / a scam more

some lows mostly high!!! 2/8/2007

Smaller than some places. The wet area is okay but the people who are there are usually okay. Busy from 6-8 but still, good atmosphere and NO GYM SNOBS!! the workers here are great. It is overally, a very motivating place. Pros: Seperate men// ladies days, tanning, FREE training, lifetime memberships Cons: Parking Lot, Locations more

recently Improved 11/24/2005

Fitness USA is now like a Curves on steroids. Newly remodeled lobby offers a co-ed cardio workout area and tanning booths 7 days a week. Still have the full service workout facilities, swimming pool, whirlpool and saunas with alternating days for women and men. Now open at 6am...about time! Pros: low prices, Tanning, open Sunday more

3rd example 11/10/2005

embership- Basically, you've signed yourself up for a membership on credit (and you can't just cancel something youve purchased on credit). It's difficult to cancel a membership once you've passed the 3 days grace period. Unless you move to a city that does not have a Fitness USA Supercenter, you won't be able to cancel-no matter how dissatisfied you are, not to mention if youre having financial difficulties, or medical problems. The staff takes little time going over details, and pressures you into signing up with ""special"" one-time rates. If you want in, just think of it as a $1200+ investment you will have to pay off come hell or high water. Trying to contact corporate is a joke, mail gets diverted to some PO box in the Detroit metro, and if you have any problems you are shunted over to a collections company that specially works with FitnessUSS. (F) Cons: Everything more

Serious about fitness? Look elsewhere 11/28/2004

If you're serious about fitness I don't recommend FitnessUSA. For starters the gym's hours cater to seniors and housewives. If you have a job with strange or long hours, good luck getting in a workout. Most of the members seem to have no concept of gym etiquette. I'm thankful that I'm not the one who signed up and paid for this membership, as I would be utterly annoyed. I only go here because the membership is paid for and I can't afford to go anywhere else. I should also include that the staff isn't very knowledgeable. They seem to teach the same workout plan to everyone, regardless of their fitness level. I probably know more about fitness and training than they do. Pros: cheap membership Cons: , Not enough cardio, Unprofessional staff more
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  • Convenient local gym where budget-conscious fitness buffs can jump on the treadmill, lift weights and even swim a couple laps.

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