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Fitness Usa

656 Frandor Ave
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 351-0200
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I love Fitness USA. The staff is so friendly and I absolutely LOVE their Personal Training. I kept working out out on my own but never made any progress. Then last year, I deci...


It's obvious by all of the poor reviews that this place lies to it's customers to get them to sign on the dotted line and then changes the rules. Having been a member for m...

Poor place to spend your money 12/17/2010

It's obvious by all of the poor reviews that this place lies to it's customers to get them to sign on the dotted line and then changes the rules. Having been a member for many years and not having to deal with paying for my membership at today' s inflated prices, they seem to have forgotten that my contract stated no additional fees or dues...PERIOD!! Just got my annual letter crying about the cost of upkeep and so on and so forth. Frandor fitness has been missing 40lb. dumbbells and 65lb. dumbbells for more than 10 months. The steam room either doesn't work or doesn't get hot, the whirlpool blows fuses hourly, tiles are broken, the showers need work, and the list goes on. Kelli, the new GM or whatever she thinks she is, is a joke. You tell her about the items that are either broken or missing and she then proceeds to argue with you about those items. A brown nosing BIT** that is not customer friendly to say the least. Take your money and go someplace else. Anywhere but here. more

A Great Place To Workout! 12/15/2010

I love Fitness USA. The staff is so friendly and I absolutely LOVE their Personal Training. I kept working out out on my own but never made any progress. Then last year, I decided to get a personal trainer. Wow ... what a difference. I was more dedicated to my workout and my trainer made my workouts fun. I looked great for my big birthday bash in Vegas. Plus I've been able to keep off the weight. Thanks Fitness USA! more

Liars, Uncaring, unethical 2/17/2010

So I wish that I had read REVIEWS before finial giving into the daily phone calls to come check them out for free. After 3 months of being called at least once a day and being promised at least 2 free wks up to a year of membership I thought I'd give it a try if they would leave me alone. When you arrive they seem like they are SO HAPPY you are there. Visit with you act like they really care about what is important to you. After your trial (which is that DAY ONLY) they then go back to harassing you about a contract. Not only do they want you to sign they want your spouse and friends. Once they've got you- you will never hear from them again, unless you want to cancel. This has been a nightmare for me. I cannot say enough BAD and NEGATIVE things about this company. If you want to join a gym-pick anyone but this one. Or if you have the room start buying equipment and make a home gym, you'll know it's clean, and working correctly. Pros: NONE- unless you like being lied to & having money taken Cons: Harrass you, mislead you, more

Liars, WILL trick you into an unfair contract 6/24/2009

These people lie to you, charge you when you are not supposed to be charged, and change or even create FALSE contracts.\r The managers and supervisors will not reason with you, corporate will not help you, and they will go as far as to harrass you.\r I would NEVER recommend this business. Pros: none, unless you enjoy your money being falsely taken Cons: Bad business, very deceitful, UNAMERICAN more

Lie, cheat, and steal.... that's Fitness USA's model 5/6/2009

This place is unbelievable, and a year after my saga ended, I still get sick thinking about how unethical this company is and how I was treated. They will lie to you to get you to sign that contract, and then make up their own rules. I have a lawyer in my family that was helping me with this, and they still refused to let me out of my contract even though the law was on my side. After months of fighting I finally got out of the contract but I will never get back the money I wasted or time I spent trying to reason with these a**hole lunatics. Unless you are POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE you will not be moving anywhere in the next three years, don't join this gym!!! Actually, don't join this gym for any reason- the trainers have NO interest in helping you once you've signed the contract, and you might even get an eye infection like I did! Yuck! Cons: Fraudulent inducement, disease more

Great trainers 5/28/2008

These women were great at motivating me, I got in shape fast too, and stayed that way. They have tanning too, which I use all the time because it's one low price for using it the whole month. Pros: Trainers Cons: stream room was broke more

FRAUD 2/25/2008

Anyone who has a membership here will get screwed. it is a 30 month contract that they dont tell you about, contact better business burea. Dont go here, the YMCA is much better Pros: nice guy talks you into contract Cons: contract unfair, more

Fitness USA Downriver Metro Area 2/21/2008

This company plain and simple NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN BY FRAUD INVESTIGATORS. They falsify the contracts they give you a set price then all of a sudden double comes out of your account. You can never get a hold of anyone at the main office, but always get voice mail and no person. I called for a months straight. WHen I signed up for Fitness USA the only reason I did because they altered and changed the contract because I told them I did not want to be stuck in a contract if I had to move out of state for my job. They said okay. I am moving back out west. I submitted paperwork to them showing proof of residency, the ownership of my home, bills, bank statements, cell phone bills, etc. I got a second letter stating that they would not honor a mortgage or ownership of a house only a lease agreement for rent. Hello Fitness USA not everyone in America rents..but they own homes. I finally got through to some crazy woman who keeps wanting to avoid me at all cost. At this time I will see what response I get back from them. If I do not I have contacted a lawyer and 7 Action News for an investigation.\r \r THIS COMPANY IS PURE FRAUD. RUN FAR FAR AWAY FROM THEM..UNLESS YOU ARE RICH AND HAVE THE MONEY TO BE MILKED, GO FOR IT!\r \r THEY TOO TOLD ME I COULD SIGN MY SPOUSE UP FOR AN EXTRA $15.00. HOWEVER THAT WAS ANOTHER TRICK....$33.00 A MONTH FOR 3 YEARS. \r \r SO NOW WE ARE MOVING AND ARE HAVING TO PAY FOR A MEMBERSHIP WE CANNOT USE BECAUSE WE ARE NOT IN MICHIGAN, INDIANA OR CALIFORNIA. Pros: nothing positive about this company, unless you want to feel ripped off Cons: the whole package, the fraud, the bad staff and scamming your pocket book more

Fraudulent Contract 8/14/2007

I recently went to Fitnesss USA to get a membership and then changed my mind two days later. When I went back up to Fitness, the manager was highly upset and would not refund the contract. The contract clearly states that you have 3 business days to resind the contract. My objective for the day is to call their corporate office to get this contract terminated. If this does not work, I will be calling my lawyer because I do have a 3 day grace period and they are not honoring this. I feel that this is a fraud and I know that others out there feel the same way about this contract. I was never told that this was a 30 month contract until I got home and read it. more

Deceitful Employees and Unethical Company 7/6/2007

First of all, do not believe anything ""Doug Anderson"" says about Fitness USA. He is an associate for the company and has posted false, deceitful reviews. Just click on his user name you will see that he has posted similar positive, yet phony reviews for various Fitness USA locations. \r \r Now, this gym offers several memberships. The most popular one they offer is a 30 month gym membership. They are never set on their prices and fees, and also try to throw different numbers at you to make the gym seem less expensive than it really is. Often times they will tell you than you can easily cancel if you move away. They even told me to lie about my salery on the contract so that it appeared I make more than I really do. Thus, if I had financial difficulties, they could use the contract against me. Nevertheless, I signed up for 30 months at a monthly fee of $ 40. Luckily, you are allowed 3 days to cancel the contract or else odds are you will end up paying roughly $ 1200 over the course of 2.5 years. My roommate was not so lucky and he is trying to get out to the scam. He signed his ""soul to the devil"" for $ 1200.\r \r If you are a student at MSU and plan on moving after graduation, DO NOT sign up for this gym. They will make making canceling very hard, if not impossible. Their coporate offiice will not help you in cancelling, and may even yell at you for thinking about it, like they did to my roommate. Also, if you are an MSU student, use the IM gyms on campus since they are cheaper, bigger, and cleaner. O and don't plan on seeing the opposite gender at Fitness USA. That is because they restrict the gym to either men or women, depending on the day of the week. \r \r Look for another gym and save yourself emotional and financial suffering. Pros: The trainers Cons: high costs, bad hours, tiny gym, and inability to sign up short term more

Best value in town 9/17/2006

The trainers are great at motivating... Got in shape fast. i ike the sauna and pools too! gotta try it out for yourself with afree day pass. Pros: Trainers Cons: gets busy after work more
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