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Fish 4u

4010 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 274-0113
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Well I think this is definitely the most helpful aquarium store in Utah. The staff has exceptional knowledge about all things aquarium related. I have both freshwater and saltwate...


Kind of scary, well messy lets say but pretty good stuff. Chris is nice and knows fish that's for sure. I like them now and again but its not a place that I would frequent but for...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/9/2013

BEWARE- To start I wanted a salt water set up. Going to Fish 4 U was the only store close to my house and I had high hopes that the employees could help me get everything I needed for a setup after the one I bought on KSL was a POS. First off I spent over $3k on the tank, stand, sump and lights. Being a beginner in the saltwater fish world and was told they are very hard to keep maintained I went in with high hopes their knowledge in the matter would make this a breeze. WRONG. They sold me a fresh water aquarium tank with a sump refugium that hangs over the side of the tank. Bulk head fitting was cracked in the first kit we got, took it back and owner said there was no way that it could have cracked. Told him that we didnt crack it, it was already cracked in the box. Finally replaced part after a lecture from the owner of how impossible that was. Sold me a light knowing that it was going underneath a hood to the setup. Light melted. Went in and talked to the owner and he said he could not take it back but could give me a 80% refund?? So they dont back up anything that they sell on equipment. Another problem I had was the light for the sump went out a week after I bought it and when I took it back in the box they asked me for the receipt and he said ""ya these have a problem with going out for no reason, they're not good lights"" and had to call the owner to ask if they could replace it. Really? Your selling things that you know are defective? Now let me just say this has all happened in the course of 3 months, everyone there knew who I was and what my setup needs were I mean I was in there ALOT. If I am spending over $3k in a day for a setup not to mention fish, rocks, food and chemicals on top of that dont you think you could honor my purchases by replacing things that melt, malfunction or break on your sale? I am soo upset that I am being sold freshwater setup items for saltwater needs. This sump hose has leaked all over the floor after a second replacement of the bulk head fitting was replaced. \r \r DO NOT SHOP HERE. If you want quality equipment and knowledgable salesmen go somewhere else. No one in the store is on the same page as far as care and maintenance goes. They have completely jaded me by selling me cheap equipment that ruined my experience, more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/29/2012

constantly wrong, trying to set people up for failure, taking the cheapest way out. please i advise if you shop here you have a great understanding of what you need and how to do it because they don't know anything. Very uneducated staff. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

Fish 4 U has over 7,000 gallons of independently running aquariums! more

GARBAGE, complete garbage 5/15/2012

Went in to Fish 4 U wanting to buy Copepods for my saltwater tank. There was a long haired hippie guy who was helpful and seemed to know what he was talking about. The girl at the register was garbage. First she tried to charge me full price for a container that had 50% dead copepods (CLEARLY dead. No movement whatsoever sitting on the bottom in the form of a cloud). I asked for 3$ worth of ghost shrimp that I paid for and once I was home I had 5 shrimp in the bag. They also had a porcupine puffer that was beat up they placed it in a tank full of triggers with the price of 47.99! even though this poor fish had NO fins anymore due to the triggers nipping. They didnt work on the price at all they even tried to upsale the medicine to me also. Then they recommended that I buy all these chemicals (Not calcium, or anything beneficial for my reef tank) but, methylane blue and quick cure for my REEF tank. I have been in the hobby for YEARS and the only chemicals I use are tap water conditioner and calcium. They told me UV sterilizers and garlic alone would NOT help my ich. less than 2 weeks later I have NO Ich in my tank. Never recommend to anyone they are garbage. Horrible pricing. Besides the hippie horrible customer service. more

a lttle scary 12/30/2011

Kind of scary, well messy lets say but pretty good stuff. Chris is nice and knows fish that's for sure. I like them now and again but its not a place that I would frequent but for that ""great deal"" you might just find it. more

The Best Aquarium Store in Utah than I've seen in 15 Years 10/9/2011

Well I think this is definitely the most helpful aquarium store in Utah. The staff has exceptional knowledge about all things aquarium related. I have both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and this is the only place I know of that every aquarium in the store is independently running so the livestock is the healthiest that I've seen around. I've been into aquariums for over 30 years and I decided to post this because I'am calling you out ""fishman"". Your the only liar here, it is physically impossible to have 0 Nitrates on any fishtank over 6-8 weeks old. You are an idiot ""fishman"" you obviously don't even understand the most basic thing in fishkeeping ... ""The Nitrogen Cycle"" look it up before you start posting your keyboard warrior skills. And as for phosphates in Fish 4 U's RO water, thats just another Lie by ""fishman"". I use their water weekly for 15 years now and have never detected Phosphate, it just doesn't exist in our tap water here in SLC because of the fact that most of our water comes out of mines filtered by a entire mountain. So hats off to the crew at FISH 4 U your the best around and dont change a thing cause my fish love you. Thanks for always putting the animals first and abusive people in their place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more


I have bought fish and supplies from Fish 4 U for about 6 years. Most of the time I had decent service and ok prices. Well I came to find out recently that they are LIARS!!!!! I have had freshwater tanks for about 15 years and saltwater for about 6 years. Well recently I purchased some saltwater fish from them and one of the fish just was not right from the start. The fish died the very next day, so I took the fish in and brought a sample of my water for them to check. Well they proceeded to test my water and the results were ""you killed your fish because your Nitrate levels are deathly high and this is off and this is off."" The owner/lady began to tell me this about ten times in front of other customers ""you killed your fish, we did not sell you a sick fish, and here is what you need to buy ($$$$$) to get your tank where it should be. I though wow, I checked my water a couple days ago, I wonder what happened. So I went straight home and checked all of the water levels, that Fish 4 U said were off. ALL of my levels were perfect. Nitrate = 0 Nitrite= 0 Ammonia = 0. So I then thought, I wonder if they must have just made a mistake in testing my waters, but it still left a sour taste in my mouth. About two weeks later I purchased 21 (freshwater) fish from them and 2 of the fish died. I took them back to the store, because their policy says if your fish dies in 7 days we will replace. So this time I took in straight R.O. water. Well guess what? According to them my ammonia levels were deadly and my phosphate levels were way high and they said this is caused by over feeding and that I was wrong and killed the fish again. ****Well I have news for you Fish 4 U. The water you checked was straight R.O (Reverse Osmosis Water), which has nothing in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fish 4 u is not for U, they are for U when they want your money$$$$, but when they sell you a sick fish u are a fish killer because U don more

Best fish store 9/24/2011

I have been going to this fish store for years. They know their stuff and will not sell you something that's not right for your tank just to make a buck. They spend a lot of time with you talking to you about your tank. Great selection and the best customer service of any fish store I have ever been too. Great prices too. more

Best Fish Store In Town 3/8/2011

Fish 4 U is the best fish store in the Salt Lake area. They have quality fish and good selection, and best of all they employ people who actually know what they are talking about! Last week I went to check out a store I hadn't been to before. I won't say their name, but it was a fancy place in Sandy, UT. The selection there was ok, but not any better than Fish 4 U, despite being at least 4x as big a store. But the employees didn't know anything, and didn't care at all about helping you with your aquarium. Fish 4 U and the people who work there are the best. You guys are awesome! more

Quality local fish shop 7/27/2009

Very personable experience and the employees seem to share your interest in fish and aquarium supplies. The owner has some of the fish set aside as her own with a ""not for sale!"" sign listed. Many fish there are unique that I haven't seen in the other shops I've been in. I'm always happy doing business there. Pros: Friendly staff with the knowledge to help ur aquarium needs. Cons: Small staff even though they can get busy at times. more

this store rocks 2/24/2009

we are referred to as one employee says her ""favorite customer"" . Pros: i have bought salt / freshwater / plants never had a problem l/ always healthy Cons: thy do get busy and there is only four employees more

Fish-4-U 6/26/2006

I love this store, I have been going there for years. It is a nice little local shop with a big variety of fish and accessories. The people are always nice and very helpful, and your dog is welcome in the store with you. I love this place! Pros: local- no chain store, these people know everything about fish, unlike the teenagers at Petsmart Cons: can get a little busy more
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