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First Federal Credit Control - 11 Reviews - 24700 Chagrin Blvd Ste 205, Beachwood, OH - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (216) 763-2581

First Federal Credit Control

24700 Chagrin Blvd Ste 205
Beachwood, OH 44122
(216) 763-2581
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We were initially ripped off by people representing themselves as a phone company. They were RELIANTCOMMUNICATIONS.US and their service -- for which we paid $250.00 to start -- di...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/13/2012

First Federal Credit Control? This is not the name on the ""official"" letters they keep sending me about a debt I don't owe. Despite demanding legal documentation to show the amount I owe & every detail surrounding it, I've yet to receive any real legal proof. It's been Barb, Sue, Jackie, Daphne, & Brittney who I have spoken with & attempted several times to have an intelligent, professional, respectful conversation. However, respect, intelligence, and professionalism are not three words these ladies whish to represent. they are rude, offensive, and abrasive and dodge every question I ask.\r \r Sue claims to be the head of the dept, and all claim to be the legal department & the collections department. Barb told me she would have the legal department put all of the documents together. She had just tole me she was the legal department when I demanded to speak with them. She changed her titile to ""repensting both collections and legal."" She got very angry when I pointed out she had lied and was not a lawyer as she had claimed. She said that I would get legal doc's within a week & would clearly show that I really do have an account with them reflecting a yacht! It is not my debt, yet it is on my credit report. I have been told on several occasions that if I fail to make payments in full or set up a payment arrangement within 2 weeks that I will be taken to court, they will win, & will proceed to garnish my wages! THEY HAVE NO PROOF!It's been a year since the threats started, still no proof of the amount I owe, still continuing to threaten me. What is going on?\r \r I now have an attorney who is rectifying the situation for me. I know that it is more money out of my pocket, but a bankruptcy lawyer knows the law and knows they are liars. The attorney made more progress with them in one day than I have in a year. I highly recommend anyone dealing with unsupported claims from them seek help, it is worth it and they have to take it off of your credit report if you tell your attorney you want this to be done! more

This outfit is trying to force us to pay more to sham co. 3/27/2012

We were initially ripped off by people representing themselves as a phone company. They were RELIANTCOMMUNICATIONS.US and their service -- for which we paid $250.00 to start -- didn't work 2 weeks. When it went out, we called them and were ignored. MCI had to step in and restore our long distance. We didn't receive any bills at all until we got one showing we'd been turned over to collections for an amount just over $130.00! We tried to call the Collections Agency and they were evasive, rude and extremely unprofessional. A real collections agency would allow you to file a complaint: these people are only there to damage the original customer's credit. This is a two fold scam and people need to protect themselves from this agency calling themselves First Federal Credit Control. Their number is 800-486-5500. more


This company contacted me a few years ago regarding an account. I contacted them and asked for proof - at which their reply was.....we have it here and you owe it. I spoke with Barb Crane....the most rude and uncooperative person I've ever had the misfortune to speak with. I asked her that if indeed I did owe the bill, would a full settlement amount work to pay immediately or payment plans. She said absolutely no settlement and full payment now. I said nothing until I have proof. About 6 months later, I received a letter of termination on the account which upon reading, I took as it being that the collection action was terminated. A few months after that, my dear friend Barb called again for collection. I told her I had a letter of termination on the collection and she told me that was a mistake and I needed to pay in full - NOW. It's been 2 years and I still get a notice about twice a year that I owe. No proof, no payment. more

Fair Credit Reporting Act and Attorney General CONTACT THEM 11/10/2010

When it comes to Collection Agencies they are under stric regulations by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to not taunt, degrade or refuse documentation to debtors. I would advise to let them know you are reporting them to your State Attorney General (contact the Consumer division) and advise them to Cease and Desist. They are mandated to provide good service and send documentation when a debtor disputes. You can fight back and even win money! more

Absolute Criminals 1/29/2010

Found a 400.00 charge from these idiots but they will not produce any documentation as to what is for and I have never heard of the company ffcc says filed it\r True dirtsucking a--bags . they know it is cheaper to pay it than pay a lawyer to fight it !!!!!!!! Pros: NONE!!!! Cons: Criminal Conduct, false reporting more


I ran my credit report just to see what is on it and found a $100 (like many of you on here) debt. When I called the company I owed, they said I did not owe anything. So I disputed it and apparantly, was confirmed BY FIRST FEDERAL that it was owed. Of course I don't want anything negative on my credit report so I called FFCC and asked them to provide a bill since the company that hired them was telling me I owed nothing. ""Paula"" told me they could not do this because it ""would be to much work"". I was unable to supply a complete sentance after that, I was constantly interrupted . . . They asked me when I could take care of it, I told them immediately when I confirm that I owe it. The conversation was completely downhill after that, telling me this was from 2004 and they had called me a total of 3 times in 5 years and sent me 2 notices. Are you serious? I didn't even live at my address then. I had to leave a message when I first called and left my work # and my cell #. then when I called back yet again (b/c I couldn't talk to ""Paula"" she was the rudest person I have EVER met) they put me through to ""Rita"" who stated they left several messages for me on my cell phone. I said no you haven't, she said ""yes we have I'm looking at it now"" I told her I just gave ""Paula"" that number! Liars! Everyone told me DO NOT PAY it until I receive a bill showing proof. But I agree with another writer on here, $100 bill on my credit will not hurt me. Screw them, they get a percentage of what I pay for the fee, they WILL not make a dime off me after treating me the way they did. I'm calling BBB and whomever else I can to report them. I didn't even go into everything they said to me, just trust me. IF you are a business, you will lose money hiring them as your collector b/c of how they treat people! Pros: NONE! Cons: ISN'TGOING TO MAKE ME PAY MY BILL ANY FASTER, SLOWER PROBABL more

Extremely Rude People, Unprofessionsl 9/29/2009

I recieved a notice in the mail when after 90 days my account from UHMP was sent to this company for collection. I question ""Jackie"" as to why my account was sent to them because my last converstation witht the Dr's office was waiting to see if the payment I could make to them would be sufficient. She said that she didn't have any notes on the account, they did not recieve them from the Dr's office. She claimed that she would contact the Dr's office and get the notes to see where the account was going and asked me what I could pay. Two days later ""Jackie"" called me back asking if I had contacted the Dr's office and found out what was going on with my account. I explained to her what her conversation was with me and if she had made any documentation within her system as to what she said. She informed me that she would contact the Dr's office immeadiately and call me back. When she called back she insisted that the Dr would accept $100 payment. I expalined to her that the $25 payment was all I could afford at this time. She then insisted that she could come down to $50. I started thinking that no converstaion with the Dr's office took place. I stood firm with her. She then said that I could go ahead and send those payments but it would be my responsibilty to keep track of what I have sent. That they would no send any reciept of payment. I told her that I would not be sending anything to her company without a reciept of payment. After much heated discussion and her saying that it is not her companies policy to send receipts under $50 and threatening for my credit to be imapcted, I let her know that I would be contacting the Attorney General's office and the Better Business Burea. I encourage anyone with dealings with this company to do the same. There are Ohio and Federal guidelines that these places need to follow. Don't let them bully you!!! more

Bad people , Psychotic, Ignorant, Just evil 5/21/2009

Called on my own 2 wks ago and made arrangements for payment plan. Marked on my calender and fully intend to pay. So this really wacked out Jackie person calls 2 wks later and says she will be off work on the date of my first agreed upon scheduled payment so why dont I pay her now on the phone instead or give her my cc number and shell do it later on the date agreed upon. SO I say well I thought you werent gonna be there and so she says well she would do it the following day. So I said OK then call me on that day. WHOA she almost lost her cookies right there. IT was the end of her world cause she would have to call me again. Poor baby.. Asked to speak to her boss and she wouldnt allow it. What an unprofessional person especially since I was living up to my end perfectly. UGH !!! some people. Pros: absolutely none Cons: Talks alot , Doesnt listen at all, very mean and nasty more

Rudest Reps I have ever spoken to, there should be a law against this behavior 11/26/2008

My husband received a call from this company for a bill owed to a neurologist. He told me that the rep that contacted him was rude and made every attempt to be-little him.She even went so far as to tell him she could see the equity in our home and suggested he take out a loan. After hearing how he was treatedI took it upon myself to call her back and ask her to no longer contact him and she can deal with me directly. I told her that if she noticed the bill was for a neurologist and my husband has a brain tumor. Instead of showing any human reaction she stated that she could tell that he was upset over there conversation and that is why she backed off, and if he was upset at her calling imagine what he would feel like if her client called him. At this point my emotions kicked into overdrive,expressing to her that her term""backed off"" is only used when refering to a dog.I also advised her that she would only have used this term or if she felt she were a threat to him. I also advised her after being a fraud inverstigator for 7 years I am very aware of the systems that creditors and collection agencys have access to and Lexis Nexis or any other system does not provide info on the equity in our home. After Debra C.repeatedly put me on hold as a form of discipline(stating that if I didnt change my tone she would put me back on hold) I requested her manager. Which she stated she would gladly transfer me.He was just as unprofessional as her. As I explain my reason for requesting to speak to him he said ""uh hum"" twice before I finished my 1st sentance. I told him I was aware of his sarcasim &attempt to pascify me.I told him that I am awareof the process of collections and if I wanted I could just file bankruptcy and the amount that they paid the client for this acct and itwould be their lose.DO NOT LET THIS COMPANY GET BY WITH THIS BEHAVIOR AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT IS WHAT THEY ARE PAID FOR AND THEY ARE STEPPING OVER THE LINE more

Unprofessional customer service rep. 8/15/2008

I had a conversation today with Jan. She was without a doubt the rudest, most unprofessional person I've ever delt with! This was my first experience talking to a debt collector, but if her goal was to get me to pay the bill then she was a complete failure. She made assumptions about my financial status, saying things like, ""It's only a $100 bill. That's not a lot of money."" I was so fed up with her demeanor and disrespectful tone, that I hung up on her. That bill has now been moved to the bottom of the pile and I might just ""forget"" to pay it for another two years! Cons: Rude and unprofessional employees more

horrible customer service. 6/8/2008

They put negative information on credit reports. I have never even recieved any statments or other communication from them. They state that they cannot find the accounts but will not remove them from my credit. They are also very rude to talk to. Cons: rude more

worse customer service 4/10/2008

This is a company who must hire extremely disatisfied people. I have never had a bill collector call my house and laugh, ridicule, and call me names! What kind of gall do you need to do something like that? Bill collecting is a simple matter, you call, request money and either get it or not. Do you think making fun of someones financial situation is going to make them pay you first? At this point I have made it a point to pay every bill in the world but this one. It may be petty- but I don't think $100 is going to destroy my credit, seriously. They just had to be human to get the money. Cons: horrible customer service. more
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