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First Edition - 14 Reviews - 4108 Bell Blvd., Bayside, NY - Seafood Restaurants Reviews - Phone (718) 428-8522

First Edition

4108 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361
(718) 428-8522
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The food and drinks are great with a nice, fun bar menu. The t.v.'s are always up and running - lots and lots of sports. Great location on Bell Boulevard, next to train! I high...


I'm surprised that people still come here on football Sundays. The TV's there are small, old, and poor in pic quality. Most sports bars have changed to flat screen TV's receiving ...

Poor video, absent management, no competent video person 9/24/2009

Went there in 8/09 to see a Giants-Bears pre-season game, which they had assured me would be on the large screens and have sound. The game was on a number of sets all right; they all had a bad picture and they would NOT turn on the sound because the kids were playing the jukebox. "Is this a sportsbar or not," I asked? Well, nobody was there to adjust the sound or clear up the pictures. The fries were served cold and stiff, the hamburger burned. I won't be going back. The owners apparently let the waitresses run the place and they are too involved with their friends. Pros: lots of tvs; you can sit close Cons: almost all tvs have poor picture, no sound more

Horrible service, filthy restaurant 6/13/2009

The food is mediocre...the wings are what everyone goes there for but the place is filthy, the entire restaurant is sticky, you will see a roa ch once in a while. I used to work there and there were ro aches and mi ce in the kitchen ALL the time. The waitresses think they are entitled to tip without giving any service besides bringing the food to the table. IF you don't tip what they feel is good, they WILL say something to you. 0 stars, although the wings are good, they are cooked in a filthy kitchen,.....DO NOT GO THERE! Pros: awesome wings (no one will dispute this) Cons: Dirty, rude, nasty, roac hes, old TV's more

good and bad 4/2/2009

the food is give and take, ( forget the burgers) but the waitress' are the worst. they try sometimes to do the job, but i dunno, is there a waitress school somewhere they can attend?. sunday football is a good time, me and wife both give high marks for that. occasionally thereis a good collection of scumbags at the bar but usually a nice mix. Pros: good place for football Cons: worst waitress' in the world more

No Improvements made in Years - Hey, why mess with a "winning" formula? 1/5/2009

I'm surprised that people still come here on football Sundays. The TV's there are small, old, and poor in pic quality. Most sports bars have changed to flat screen TV's receiving HD broadcasts. Not FIrst Edition. Also, this place is the first bar that serves Blue Moon beer without a slice of orange. Not that I'm a Blue Moon drinker, but I've seen a couple there, more than once, bought an orange from next door and had the bartender cut it up so the Blue Moon can be properly served. Does it affect the bottom line that much for the bar to spend a dollar or 2 on oranges? It's not like this place have to outlay the cash to spend on flat screen TV's. When it comes to class (or whatever little bit of class attributable to sports bars), this place has none. Pros: The beers are not expensive Cons: Refusal to serve Blue Moon with slice of orange; refusal to install flat screen TV's more

viol 2007 10/5/2008

FIRST EDITION 4108 BELL BOULEVARD, QUEENS 11361 718-428-8522 Violation points: 22 Inspection Date: 11/08/2007 Violations were cited in the following area(s) and those requiring immediate action were addressed. Sanitary Violations 1.) Non-food contact surface improperly constructed. Unacceptable material used. Non-food contact surface or equipment improperly maintained. 2.) Evidence of r oaches or live r oaches present in facility's food and/or non-food areas. Disclaimer: As a result of an inspection, the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene may issue violations to the establishment. Owners have the opportunity to dispute these violations at the Department's Administrative Tribunal, except when there are only general violations that result in fewer than 14 points. In these instances the violations must be corrected, but are not heard at the Administrative Tribunal. The information presented here may reflect inspections that have not yet been adjudicated. (Before January 18, 2006, this web site listed only the number of points assigned to a restaurant inspection, if there were only general violations totaling no more than 14 points. For inspection results posted on or after January 18, 2006, all points and violations are listed.) Pros: none Cons: the r word says it all more

Worst Place EVER!! 12/10/2007

I worked at this bar for a few years and believe me when I tell you it is a rip off!! I have to admit the wings are good, but only when the oil is clean which is very rare. Being that Sundays are big days during football the oil is not changed until Monday morning which means all of Sundays wings are cooked in dirty oil. Besides that the TVs are out-dated, the ceiling tiles are falling down, and there are things infesting the lower level around the bar area, but don't worry the dim lights will make it less noticeable to customers. The half price food special has many unstated rules. At half price you need to purchase one drink per person, which could be a soda, but watch out sodas are as much as the beers and they do not offer free re-fills! The turnover for waitresses is so high that the chance of you getting a waitress that knows what is going on it a long shot! The management is horrible as well, but they are never there to help anyway the best you will get is the so-called bar manager that most likely has only been there a month or so. The place is a disaster and in my opinion NO ONE should ever eat there!! Pros: Good Wings Cons: Dirty more

Not going again. 8/30/2007

I went here on a Friday night for the first time & I am never going ever again. The service was horrible. Our waitress was awful. We waited for 30+ mins for food & there weren't even enough plates for us!! When we asked for our check, the waitress gave it to us 20 mins later. Awful place. Pros: Nothing. Cons: Service more

Worst Place Ever 2/8/2007

I'm glad its not just my friends and I who had a bad experience here. Not only did we have a bad experience last week, but we decided to give it another shot tonight, cuz we've been going here since way back. Tonight, I was shock cuz the waitress said I could not eat here because I'm from CT and I had an out of state license. I could not believe what I was hearing, we were not even ordering alcholic drinks, and I am way past the age of 21. I spoke to the manager Eric, who was very rude, and he was like yes its right, if your not from New York, you can not eat here. Even after I told him I've been coming here for years. Apparently they had this rule for a year now, which is weird cuz I ate there last week and did not have a problem. On top of that who says you can make up your own rules, print it out and laminate it and say thats our policy. So thats basically saying if own a restaurant and wanted to discrimate from a certain race, i can. What BS. I am never coming here again. Pros: None that I can think of anymore Cons: If your not from new york, you cant eat here after 10, when the specials start. more

felt like i got robbed 12/11/2006

horrible service. waited 1 hour to be seated. dirty looks by bartender with glasses.. got there around 1am. (during the half price food special) got a beer. and ordered 30 wings. ate the wings. (thinking it was half price) the lady told us afterwards its 10 wings per 1 beer. (even though it wasnt located ANYWHERE on the menu. felt like we got mugged. we didnt get get 10 wings half off either. i guess thats what u get when your a race of different color. Pros: there are none Cons: felt like they keep eyeing us. more

Worst Place Ever - Same thing happened to me 12/11/2006

SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. I was there the other night after 10pm when they have 1/2 price special for certain foods when purchasing a drink while paying cash (you don't get charged the full tax when paying cash or it might be just on certain items). My friend and I ordered 30 wings and 1 beer, he had water because he was the designated driver . (Cops like to hang outside in unmarked vehicles waiting for exiting patrons and follow you to see if you drive, we've been pulled over after exiting First Edition Bistro then heading over to the 7-11 on the corner then as we pulled away we were immediately pulled over and asked "where you coming from?" [They knew where we were coming from.] My friend was administered a breathalizer which he passed). Then the old lady with glasses wearing foot locker t-shirt, charged us full price saying it's 1/2 off per 10 wings per 1 drink. She gave us an attitude because my friend ordered water. (She brought 2 straws, wtf?) Not only that 10 of the 30 wings wasn't given at the 1/2 price like she should have done according to this "new rule". So I paided with credit card instead of paying cash so they wouldn't be able to hide any income if that's what they're trying to do. We called back the next day and they said there's no 1/2 off per 10 wings per 1 drink, it should of been 1/2 regardless of the number of wings ordered as long as it was ordered 30 at once, not 10 then another 20 in which case you'd need a 2nd drink to make the 2nd order of 20 wings 1/2 off And sometimes when your bill comes out to.. lets say $15.32 and you give them a $20, they'll give you back only $4 dollars in change (this has happened over 2 times since i've been going there for the past 6 years, but it could be a localized event based on who's serving you. While some waitresses will ask you for a new drink every 5 minutes). I believe i'm LEGALLY owed every single penny until i decide what to tip you. I'm going back there when hell freezes over. Pros: waitress once told me to get the bottle instead of tap because of the taste Cons: cops waiting outside targeting certain people, smelly restroom next to back seating more

Great food and drink - nice location! 9/11/2006

The food and drinks are great with a nice, fun bar menu. The t.v.'s are always up and running - lots and lots of sports. Great location on Bell Boulevard, next to train! I highly recommend a visit to the First Edition. I mostly frequent the place in the fall and winter for my sporting events. Check it out ----------- Pros: fun, exciting place with great food and drinks Cons: parking is a drag, take the train if you can more

best sports bar restaurant in Queens 9/9/2006

Love this place.....their wings are the best around hands down.....1/2 price food specials after 10 pm are the real deal....never saw a place with so many TV's...service is ok...drinks reasonable.... Pros: 1/2 price food specials...wings...burgers Cons: needs a fresh look more

you get what you expect 3/22/2006

I'm a semi-regular at this bar. The decor is extremely tacky, but you get used to it...the drinks are decently cheap ($3 domestics/pint)...but it's the food that keeps my friends and I coming back. After 10pm, almost everything on their menu is at half-price! Burgers, pizza, wings, etc. Nothing will blow you away, but it's good filling bar food. The sweet potato fries w/ranch sauce are especially tasty. As far as sports go, there are mini LCD TVs for nearly every table in the back; unfortunately, most of them are fuzzy or broken...but a decent atmosphere on big sport nights. The service is hit or miss. Sometimes you'll get an attentive waitress, but often times you'll have to hail one down like a cab. Service is friendly though...So, overall it's a decent place to go with your boys for some cheap food/drinks and sports. Pros: Cheap Cons: Decor, Service, No girls more

best sports bar restaurant in Queens 10/4/2005

The previous review must have been written by one of their competitors or a bitter ex-employee ! This place is cool.....TV's everywhere including many "personal flat TV's ...and the menu has everything from pizza/pasta to burgers/wings/ribs to wraps/sandwiches...the food is fine more
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