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First Christian Church


415 N Mill St
Festus, MO 63028

(636) 937-3416
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First Christian Church - Festus, MO
First Christian Church - Festus, MO
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What a difference a day makes! If you haven't been to this Church recently, please try it now. All of the issues that have been listed on here (including the minister) have been...


i hope that the people of this church will wake up and see what has become of this church. Its sad to see a once lively church become uncaring and unfriendly not so much there me...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/4/2012

Wow, I just came upon this section and after reading the pastor's comments which seemed a bit out-of-sorts, I continued reading and have read through all the comments here. Just one observation ""Pastor."" These good people are offering their experiences and opinions of your church and for some reason you feel the need to argue with their ""opinions"" on here as did others in your congregation and for this you are already in the wrong and took yourself down a few notches in my book. more

I am the new pastor of the sad little church 5/3/2012

I am the new pastor of First Christian in Festus. I have some observations for all of you. Matthew 15:10-19 Luke 11:44-46 John 8:7 While I appreciate all of your concern for the theological and Biblical integrity of the congregation, it is not your place to judge, God judges. Period. While I affirm your right to an opinion, most of what I am reading here does not come across as opinion. It comes across as authoritative and I am curious who granted you the authority to judge any congregation, or the beliefs of any other Christian. Believe it or not, you do not have a moral obligation to warn the rest of the world that a particular congregation doesn't match your set of religious beliefs. If you don't like what you see, move on. At First Christian we worship a God of grace, not condemnation. more

Sad little church 3/25/2012

I have to agree with the other reveiwers. The reviews seemed harsh to me and I live very close to this church so I decided to give it a try. It definitely wasn't for me. more

what a strange little church 1/19/2012

recently moved to the area and decided to give this church a try. I should have known better when i first pulled in the parking lot, first of all the church did not look like a chruch, to me it looked like ae library. Second their were only 7 cars in the parking lot and third no full time minister, not even an interm minister to preech. Very sad they had some person speaking on ways to tithe to the church with 12 people at the most why worry about tithing. Due us all a favor. lock the doors and turn out the lights. God will any way at the rate this church is going. more

concerning doctrine 1/18/2012

I think this church has forgotten that the Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired and is God's revelation of Himself to man. It is a perfect treasure of divine instruction. It has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter. Therefore, all Scripture is totally true and trustworthy. It reveals the principles by which God judges us, and therefore is, and will remain to the end of the world, the true center of Christian union, and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and religious opinions should be tried. All Scripture is a testimony to Christ, who is Himself the focus of divine revelation. more

out there 1/18/2012

i recently attended with my daughter one sunday, 20 people in the congregation, no minister and the sermon was a story about a lost dog. The elders seemed intocated. Needless to say we wont be going back. Why cant someone shut this place down! more

Strange doctrine 1/17/2012

I have been reading these reviews and it is reminiscent of about a year ago when I tried this church and found a bizarre woman preaching who had horribly distorted doctrine and was preaching it from the pulpit. I had heard there were changes so I gave it a try. Well, the players changed but the fact remains the same, which is that this is a weird place that really has nothing at all to do with the Jesus of the Bible or the Bible at all for that matter. The so called ?pastor? misquoted Scripture twice during a weird version of a sermon and it was clear from her words that she has no clue what Biblical doctrine means. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Also, the Bible says that nothing is to be subtracted or added to its content and it is clear that this pastor and the congregation are not familiar with this truth. This is happening in many churches today actually and I suppose it is evidence of the great falling away spoken about in the Bible. more

wheres the minister 1/4/2012

how does this church continue to operate without a minister? The congregation needs to realize these people are false prophets and lock those doors at once. more

Try this Church now 8/19/2010

What a difference a day makes! If you haven't been to this Church recently, please try it now. All of the issues that have been listed on here (including the minister) have been addressed. The interim minister that is there now is truly wonderful! He is an honest to goodness blessing. His sermons are so engaging and spiritually uplifting. You will not be sorry if you come and check it out. I couldn't agree more with a lot of the comments on the previous minister, but absolutely love the changes that have taken place. more

My Friend 1/18/2010

I have yet to attend this church, but at the urging of my life partner I will make the necessary donations this congregation requires. Brian changed my life, I want to live a perfect life and be exactly like Jesus Christ, just like this new empowing inspiration he has become to inside of me. Money is no object. As a new couple in the community we would like to welcome the First Christian Church of Festus as a family, hoping they will accept us. Pros: roast beef and soggy bun Cons: karma is real more

misleading the public 11/22/2009

Shame on this church for being very misleading in a recent newspaper article. They stated that they were going to be open on a certain saturday for some type of fund raiser. I drove by there to see becuase i was going to help contribute, But after reading these comments on citysearch im glad i didnt. I drove by this church at the time stated and know one was there. Bad community service. Cons: is not there more

small congregation 10/27/2009

I recently visited this church and was highly dissapointed. I felt that the minister did not really have the call to preech. It seemed to me that when she was preeching she was reading it it from a script rather than having it come from the heart. This told me that she was not really familar with the bible. I use to come here along time ago and will pray that the minister and congregation will become the church it once was. May god bless you and your minsiter. I truly hope that you will find your way! I did however enjoy the open communion although i felt like some of the people were just going through the motions and not beleiving with what the minsiter was saying. Pros: very small Cons: different beliefs more

Concerned 10/3/2009

I remember when they dropped my friend from their prayer list (reference the member's comment below), and it hurt him and his family so deeply. Even though this family had decided to leave for very important reasons (sermons that violated Scripture) they didn't tell the pastor or the church members this, but rather took the high ground saying they felt led to move to another church. This family was treated very rudely and without compassion, and this is a family in great need of prayer due to the father's life threatening medical condition. There is simply no excuse for anyone who claims Christianity to act this way. They have shown more concern over the negative comments posted on this site than they did this man's critically poor health. Cons: Poor Understanding of Scripture more

a small minded church 9/22/2009

I had a friend who went to this church. It is sad to see what it has become. I can see clearly now why they left after reading some of your members and minsiters own comments. Just because someone leaves your congregation is no reason why you should drop his or her name from the prayer list. to me that is very unchristian and uncarring. This church had proved that they do not care about the community or people for that matter. You better wake up and get rid of that so called minister before she destroy's this church any further. Your congregation is so unfirendly no wonder people feel like an outsider when they came to visit. I recently came to a sermon a coupple of weeks ago to see for myself and i know now why i will not be coming back. Remeber we are all god's children weather we go to your church are any church. May the lord wake up this ciongregation Cons: does not know the meaning of being a christian more

an uncaring church 9/1/2009

I hope and pray that the members of this church will come to really know jesus christ one day. It sounds like after reading some of these member's own reviews on certain subjects is that they are taking gods words and using them to justify what they want to believe including the minister. I have never seen a minsiter so low has to get on an opinion website and give herself 5 stars and react to peoples own opinions. We all have to pray that this congregation will wake up and see what is really happening to this church. It is very sad to see so many of these members including the minister mesinterpetting the bible. I would hate to be your church on judgement day. Cons: very misleading more

does not know trhe community 8/16/2009

My name is mr. faulkner, i recently wrote a comment on this churches review. There member stated that i do not exsist. That shows you how well they no the area. They really must be hurting to attack peoples reviews on an opinion website. Remember god is watching everything your church does. Cons: does not teach the gospel more

praying for this little church 8/11/2009

i pray for this little church every day. It seems to me after coming across this site looking for a new church this one had alot of reviews. im sorry to say most of them are bad. It seems to me after reading some of these reviews this church has lost the holy spirit. You should obey god words and only gods words not those of your minister. It sounds like this strange lady only wants you to accept her word over jesus christ. Remember god knows all and sees all. . Do not listen to this minister and her strange ideas anymore. If she keeps teaching other religions besides christianity you cannot call this a true christian church. I pray for this minsiter and your congregation that you will really come to know god and have him in your heart. there is only one god and its not your minister. Cons: not really understanding the bible and god more

once a good church 8/9/2009

i hope that the people of this church will wake up and see what has become of this church. Its sad to see a once lively church become uncaring and unfriendly not so much there members but there clergie. I think with the right leadership this church could become the church it once was. Its not to late to make these changes/ remeber this is gods house, not your minsiters. more

what a minister! 8/8/2009

what type of a minister goes onto cityseach and gives herself 5 stars and a glowing review. It is obvious that she is so desperate for members that she has to advertise on an opinon website. This right here tells me all i need to know about how strange and misleading this church really is! If i worked in an establishment and had several bad comments from alot of people i would try to learn from them and not be so low to go on and give myself five stars to make me look good. You cant blame a few individuals for getting a bad reputation. Blame yoursel Cons: strange little preacher more

A welcoming and hospitable church 8/7/2009

The negative reviews published in the last few months of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Festus, Missouri, seem to all be coming from a small group of people. These could be a few who left last year because their authority to run things their way was called into question by the rest of the church. We are a congregation led church and believe in including everyone in the decision making. To those who left, this democratic, open leadership, was not acceptable. Pros: Preching that applies Biblical truths to current times. more
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