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Fifth Third Asset Management - 8 Reviews - 38 Fountain Sq Plz, Cincinnati, OH - General Management Consultants & Services Reviews - Phone (513) 579-5203

Fifth Third Asset Management

38 Fountain Sq Plz
Cincinnati, OH 45263
(513) 579-5203
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All reviews seem negative


I have been with 5/3 since 1999 when I was just 16. I have had multiple accounts, credit cards and car loans with them over the years. I was 4 days late on a credit card payment t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/2/2013

Your mortgage department sends escrow statements showing I owe a shortage every year. You send it long after I receive my payment book and the months payment is due!!! Bad business folks!!! I am still waiting on info to pay my mortgage online. That hes been on going for over a year. Do you read these comments? I have and it does not look good. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/18/2013

Uh-oh, after reading the disgusted comments about fifth, third bank I do not want this bank. I just bought a car and this is the bank they gave me now I am thinking I want to stay with Capital one. I have had great customer service with Capital One for 3 years now. \r I tried to go online just to find an address to send the payments to and I could not find one single address, except for branch locations. What does that tell you?\r \r I even asked the dealership to finance through Capital One, but I am not sure how they picked 53bank.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2012

This is Shane & Linda L. We are writing a buyer beware letter concerning a vehicle financed thru Fifth-Third Bank. In March 2011 we purchased a Nissan Titan financed thru Fifth-Third Bank. Everything was fine until we had a death in the family on August 5, 2012. Since then we have been completely disgusted with the treatment we have received from this bank. We called the bank prior to the payment being due we told them that it was going to be late and when it was going to be paid, mind you, not going over 30 days. The customer rep said that would be fine and thanked us for the call. As soon as the truck payment was 10 days late we started receiving calls from the bank. They were being demanding, wanting to know personal details of why we were late. We told them that we made arrangements and they told us that was not good enough and that they needed to know why we were late and when the next payment was going to be made. All my payments have been made and here we are, November 12, and they are calling me as I am typing this letter. This is very comical, considering that I called them on November 1 and advised them that we traded the truck off and that we had done so because of their behavior and that we would never do business with them again. And to show how bad it was, just from November 6 to today, November 12, they have called us 21 times, including while I was typing this letter. In the end we are paying a little higher rate because we didn?t have the truck for very long and will pay a little more money for a year newer truck but it is all worth it to get away from this bank. Buyer Beware! more

I have been with 5/3 since 1999 when I 5/31/2012

I have been with 5/3 since 1999 when I was just 16. I have had multiple accounts, credit cards and car loans with them over the years. I was 4 days late on a credit card payment that I forgot to send prior to vacation in Feburary of this year 2012. I was checking my accounts online when I noticed that my credit card statement was not available to view online. I called and was informed that my credit card had been revoked by 5/3 bank the day before. I was completely baffled and shocked. I didnt even know what questions to ask and was treated like I was a dumb child. The answer I got from a supervisor in the customer service department was that I had 1 late payment in February (which was paid in full-late fee and all) and that I had negative items on my credit report and was therefore a liability to the bank. I was also told that i didnt need to be notified by 5/3. I checked my credit report immediately (all 3) and had not 1 negative item on any of them! I read a gentlemans review---and agree---SHAME ON YOU FIFTH THIRD, SHAME ON YOU! I was so upset I couldnt keep from crying out of angry and sadness at being treated so badly! more

Robbing customers left and right 4/26/2012

Can't rate them in anyway...maybe a minus 99 will do. I overnighted a payoff check on Sat April 21st 2012. USPS tracking shows that the package was delivered on Mon 23rd. I just got a call from the collections dept this morning claiming that I owe them this and that amount. They couldn't help me track the check when I told them about it, I then called customer service and they told that it takes 3 business days for them to post a check after it has been received.....really?? I then asked for a current payoff and humans are not allowed to provide that info except an automated machine. Now it looks like I will have to send another check to cover difference between my first check and the accummilated interest. This bank sucks, sucks, sucks and I truly hate their mode of operation. more


Shame on you Fifth Third Bank!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the Lincoln Village Fifth Third branch at 5055 West Broad St, Columbus Ohio 43228 on Friday March 30,2012 at just before 9:00AM to make a credit card payment. I was going to use the drive-thru, but shortly after 9:00AM the CLOSED SIGN for the drive thru is still lit up. The lobby was unlocked and open. I entered the bank and handed the teller, Stephanie Thompson, my transaction and made the comment that they might want to turn the OPEN sign on for the drive thru. She told me that the sign was on for OPEN. I commenced to tell her it was not open shortly after 9:00AM and that is why I came into the lobby. She then began to tell me that the drive thru was open for service at ""9:01AM"". I told her what I thought about not opening on time and she told me ""YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COME TO THIS BRANCH WE HAVE OTHER BRANCHES"". Then she continued to tell me they do not open a 8:00AM at the drive thru window because they stay open until 6:00PM. As I was walking out of the bank a bank employee by the name of ROB ZIEMKIEWICZ approched me to tell me that when I am in the bank I am to talk in a tone that can not be heard by anyone in the bank. I ask him for his name and he told me he would give me one of his cards to following him bank to his office. I told him he could bring the card to me and he did. Then ROB ZIEMKIEWICZ TOLD ME THAT HE IS TELLING ME TO LEAVE THE BANK AND TO NEVER RETURN. At the same time he took his HAND AND PUSHED ME OUT THE FRONT DOOR with his security person behind him and telling me.......I AM NOT GOING TO TELL AGAIN TO LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a 63 Year old man and do not like poor to bad service. I have never been treated with such disrespect as a customer.........It is obvious to me that FIFTH THIRD BANK does not respect a customer as most employees are trained by their supervisors and the actions of the employees are a direct result of how they have been trained.............FIFTH THIRD BANK DOES NOT NEED MY BUSINESS NOR ARE THEY DESERVING OF ANYONES BUSINESS. If they treat a 63 year old customer with this level of respect then they will treat anyone this same way.............Again it was the LINCOLN VILLAGE BRANCH at 5055 W BROAD STREET, COLUMBUS OHIO 43228 and the employees were STEMPANIE THOMPSON and ROB ZIEMBIEWICZ( rob you should never put your hands on a could be criminally charged with a crime and you and your employeer could be sued in civil court for your actions.........SHAME ON YOU ROB ZIEMBIEWICZ) more

Do NOT get a car loan with Fifth Third 2/9/2012

If I could give zero points I would. Bottom line, if you get a new car make sure that the dealership does not go through this bank for your loan - you will regret it. I have had several car loans over the years - mostly with Ford Credit (which is wonderful) but I when I bought my most recent car the dealership went through Fifth Third and it has been an absolute nightmare. As soon as I can I am trading this car (I've only had it six months) just so I can get financing through a different bank. more


I had financial trouble in the fall of 2010. I asked Fifth Third for a loan modification since my credit line is attached to my house. They were unable to modify the loan which means my monthly payments were not lowered but they have it on paper as a modification loan.I am paying the same amount as I always have. I did not get a statement after I straightened things out so they called me 2 days after the payment was due because I forgot about it. I immediately paid them and have been making monthly payments without a statement for over a year. I called every customer service # that anyone gave me and was transferred constantly. No one could help me. I even called the regional manager who gave me yet another 800# to call. No one was allowed to give info or they didn't have it due to security reasons. I finally went to the bank in person but was told I can NEVER get another statement again! Not only that, one of the many 800#'s I called said my payment was $112.00 which I was never informed of. I would recommend banking with Bank of America before Fifth Third. At least I got results with BOA and not transferred from # to #. more

Policy of Evil 10/3/2011

I work at a used car dealership that has been in business for 29 years. A customer traded in his vehicle to us and it had a payoff at Fifth Third Bank. We wanted the title as soon as possible, and the customer had the 10 day payoff amount, so I sent a CASHIER'S CHECK overnight via UPS to their national headquarters at 5050 Kingsley Drive in Ohio 45263. I included a PRE-PAID return UPS envelope to send us the title back, along with a signed release form from the customer. UPS verified that they received the check on September 28th. On October 3rd, I called the 800-972-3030 and waited on hold for 30 minutes before a hurried woman answered. She looked up the customer's information and told me she'd need to contact the title department and put me on hold for another 20 minutes. Then another woman answered and told me she refused to help me unless I had the customer's SSN or account number and that the woman before shouldn't have helped me at all. I called the customer, got his SSN, and called Fifth Third back. I waited on hold another 20 minutes before I got through again. Once I gave the customer's SSN, I was told I was calling the wrong number and the wrong department. They gave me another number to call: 877-812-0490. I called them and waited on hold for a brief 10 minutes before another woman answered, Ethel. She told me it was their policy to hold the title for 10 business days before releasing it and that she couldn't tell me anything more unless I faxed her a signed authorization release from the customer. Lucky for me, I had one, and I faxed it right away. I called back and waited another 10 minutes before I reached Ethel again, who told she didn't actually get the fax I sent, it went somewhere else, and I would have to wait till tomorrow to call her to get any information. WHY DOES IT TAKE TWO WEEKS (10 BUSINESS DAYS) TO PUT A TITLE IN A PRE-PAID ENVELOPE AND SEND IT TO THE MAIL ROOM? I work with banks, credit unions, and finance companies from across the county. I have never been so mistreated and witnessed such unprofessional and rude behavior in my life. Does Fifth Third just have a general policy of evil or what? more

Fifth Third Bank fast to reposses your car 3/16/2011

I inadvertently missed my February car payment. Next thing I know I am getting a call from a collection agency although, technically, I wasn't even late. They took my March payment and applied it to February (the one I missed) and I had until March 20th to make my March payment. I had been paying on this loan for 5 years and never missed a payment - but be a little late on one - completely by accident and WHAM! the repossessors are lining up in my driveway - what a crock! I am calling my local bank right now to get my loan moved out of big bank, corporate America to someone more personal. more

Don Coleman 4/23/2009

The bank has no idea what it is doing. I have a car loan with them and they tell me my late charges are applied to the principal not the late charges so by the time I am ready to pay off my loan I will owe a lot of late charges.\r Pros: nothing Cons: WORST BANK AROUND more
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